Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snowy week

Thursday, 12/30--slept in; bagged Thursday run. Will run later.

Wednesday 12/29--5 miles--lots of street. Worked .5 day.

Tuesday 12/28--4 --macadam. snow everywhere. Went to work. .5 day.

Mon 12/27--took off I think.

Sun 12/26--Penn Oaks run: out-lift-and-back. 9 miles. 7:30 out; 7:00 back. Snow storm.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

12/25/10--Merry Christmas. Hmm. Thinking about taking the day off.

12/24/10--I thought I'd do a pick-up reps workout: 8x400

warmed up 1.0 mile

goal pace: 72 for #s 1,3,4,6,7; 65 for #s 2,5,8 with 200m/1:45 rest (100 walk/100 jog)in-between runs. I started with a 73 and then realized that today it would not be. I decided to do what I thought about doing in the first place: 300s (53s and 48s) with the same 200 me/1:45 rest. My runs: 49,53,53,49,52,52,48. Then I did 7 100s to compensate for doing the 300s instead of 400s. The 100s were in 15.8, 15.8, 14.8, 14.8, 13.7, 13.6, 12.9. The first two (15s) were supposed to be my current 800 pace; the next two (14s) were supposed to be my 800 goal pace; the next two (13s) were supposed to be my current 400 pace; the last one (12.9) was supposed to be my goal 400s pace. I was disappointed with not being able to do the 400s, but understood that perhaps I was asking too much of my body since I had not eaten anything and had done 7.9 the previous day.

Cooled down 1.1 mile
I need some speed work, and I need to cut back on my recovery.

It was 25 degrees!
Like last week, I arrived at the country club late. Once I got to the top of the slight incline over the first .1 mi I saw the crew...about 2 minutes ahead of me. Like last week, it would take some effort to catch up. I could feel that I was inching closer to the pack as the first miles passed. At about the 3.8 mile mark, I caught up with them. Then I downshifted the pace. At the 4-mile mark, I was at 27:20. (Last week I was at 27:10.) I held a good pace going up the Barkley Friends hill and saw 53:00+ as I made the turn onto Ashbridge. 7.9 in 57:40. First half of the run was 6:50 pace; the second half was about 7:45. The second half of the run was really comfy-cozy.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You're getting very sleepy.

12/22/10--took off. tired. You're getting very sleepy.

12/21/10--8 Shiloh hills. 62,60,61,60,59,60,58,55. Very windy!

12/20/10-dropped car off and headed back 3.4 miles at 7:20 pace.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

There's something humbling

12/19--jogged with my wife for about 2 miles or so, then headed to Penn Oaks at 7:20 mile pace. Lifted. Ran home (4.3) in 31:20, or about 6:50 mile pace.

I set out to do Sit 'n Kick Reps at 5x (400m @ 66 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 30) jog 1200m btw sets. This would be the start of an affair towards 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest :30 . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets. 6.8 miles, including 1 mi+ warm-up and 1 mi+ cool down.

Actual: I made my way to the Westtown track. It was about 35 degrees. I warmed up 1mile or so and stretched pretty well. My runs were 67/32, 67/32, 67/32, and 65/32. I just can't seem to hit the 30-second 200 whenever I do this workout. Feeling slower, I opted to transform my last set of 400/200 (600 meters in all) into 6 100s, which were 14,14,14,13,13,13.

I kept to about 30 seconds or so between the 400s and 200s. My 1200 jog-rest was between 8:00 and 8:45, which is a positive considering my rest for this workout this time last year was around 10 minutes or so and earlier this year 9 minutes or so. The runs were slower, but the recovery was shorter. I just hope this pays off. I did not feel particularly strong or fast during this workout. That's why I chose to do those get some pickup going. There's something humbling about having to push myself to run a 13-second 100.

12/17--took off

Thursday, December 16, 2010

They obliged

Thursday, 12/16/10
It was 20 degrees!
Arrived at the country club late. Once I got to the top of the slight inclinde over the first .1 mi I saw the crew...well ahead of me. I knew it would take some effort to catch up. As the first few miles unfolded, I could feel that I was inching closer to the pack, which by mile 3 looked to be separating a bit. At mile 4, I looked down and saw that I was at 27:10. Unfortunately for me, I looked down at the wrong time (as I was marking a sharp turn) and wiped out, having hit a patch of ice. I gathered myself and tried to establish my sub-7:00 pace again. I passed a few people at the 5-mile mark and then a couple more at the 6-mile mark. I caught up to the folks at the front during the 7th mile. I was tiring a bit and my hands were freezing, but the artificial warmers helped a lot. I dragged myself up the Barkley Friends hill and saw 50:45 before making the turn onto Ashbridge. I noted that this was my pr on this course by happenstance. With less than .25 to go, John suggested that he and Jen push me to a pr. They obliged. 7.9 in 54:05 (I deducted 10 seconds for the fall.) About 6:50/mile.

Wednesday, 12/15/10--3.25 miles/XC course+. Easy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My hands were burning!

Tuesday, 12/14--hills. 20 degrees, plus 30-40 mph wind gusts. Single digits wind chill. Ouch. Sore hamstring. Warmed up 1.7 (14 min), stretched (7 min) did 8 hills on Shiloh (21 min), cooled down 1.7 (15 min). About a 1-hour workout. Runs were: 60,58,60,60,60,59,60,57. Not quite as strong as last week's hills, but this was okay given the temp and the wind.

Monday, 12/13--4.4 recovery Rustin-plus loop. 17:15/16:30-->33:15. Quite cold. Sore left hamstring.

Sunday, 12/12--first meet--Glen Mills. Got there too early (a little after 9). Should've gotten there at 9:30 or so. Did not run until about 10:45. Should've eaten a little more breakfast.Didn't sleep well. Got up at 6ish. I put down 2:10 as my seed time. That was my goal. The day was mild but rather wet from the heavy raid over the last couple of days.

"Lane 6"--first person, front line...up....There were four up on the front line. There were 5 on the back line. I got out fairly aggressively and beat everyone to the cone. I heard 31/32 at the 200. I was running relaxed. I heard 64/65 at the 400. I wanted to hold pace, so I ran a little harder on the back stretch. I heard 1:37 at the 600. I was still in the lead. On the back stretch, I felt a challenge coming on. The guy came along side me. I assumed he was going to fade, but he kicked into another gear and passed me. I went to my arms as I was going into the final turn. I then saw Dave Brown on my shoulder. With about 60 to go, he passed me. I came to a near jog during the last 5 meters; I did not run through the finish. I ran 2:11 mid FAT. Dave ran 2:10-high. The winner ran 2:10-mid.

I felt pretty good afterwards. I finished the race and began cooling down before the next heat could begin.

My splits: 31/32, 64/65(33), 1:37/1:38(33), 2:11(33). An even race. Now, I just have to drop each 200 by 1 second by early January and then a second after than by early February and then a half-second after that by early March. Ambitious, I know.

Saturday, 12/11--warmed up 1.25 mi, stretched, did 110 strides on the practice football field at 800 race pace (15s/16s), cooled down .75 mi.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah.

Saturday, 12/11/10--today I plan to warm up, stretch well, and do some 150s in preparation for tomorrow's meet.

Friday, 12/10/10--same as Wednesday. 25:00. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Thursday, 12/9/10--7.9 WC Country, usual Thursday run. 28:20/56:30 (28:10)

Wednesday, 12/8/10--3.25--the XC course-plus a little. Easy 25:15.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beginning of hills

Tuesday, December 7, 2010: 30 degrees and windy. Like this time last year, I decided to try my luck at some hills. Warmed up 1.7 in about 14 minutes. Stretched for about 5 minutes. Jogged down to Street Road and began my hills. The hill is .185 mi (or about 300 m). Ran up; jogged down. Wound up doing 8 (compared to 6 last year, each about 1 minute). My runs were: 61,60,60,59,59,59,58,55. Took exactly 20 minutes. This felt pretty good. I wasn't straining! Cooled down 1.7 miles in about 15 minutes.
Total: about 6.3-6.4 miles.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Now let's see.

It has been a week since I've posted. Wow! Now let's see.

12/5/10--Sunday. Penn Oaks run. 4.5 miles there--32:50; en route home--31:35.

12/4/10--Saturday. I was supposed to do 2 sets of negative split intervals of 300, 500, and 400 with 100 walk/100 jog (2:15) in-between repeats and 1200 jog in-between sets.
300 (33/15=:48); 500 (68/15=1:23); 400 (51/15=:66). I really thought I could handle this workout, so I was a little disappointed. My runs were: 31/15 (46), 69/17 (1:26), stopped at the 300 mark; (33/15=48), 500 (68/16=1:24), 400 (51/15=:66). 4.5miles

12/3/10--Friday. Took off

12/2/10--Thursday. 7.9 miles. 27:55/56:50.

12/1/10--Wednesday. 4.4 miles

11/30/10--Tuesday. 400-200 jog--200--400 jog (5 sets). 80,38; 75,37; 72,36; 71,35; 70,35. 6 miles.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

but i was able to rebound

11/28/10--I started to do my usual trek to Penn Oaks, but I bagged it, managing only 2.2 miles, a Rustin loop-plus. I decided that I didn't want to burn 90 minutes when I knew my family wanted to spend some additional time with family before the week started again. I wound up throwing the football with my son and then son and daughter, and then we took a drive around Unionville. What beautiful country roads peppered with horse farms. The estates weren't bad either.

11/27/10--My plan was to do Russian intervals: 5x (3x300m @ 48 w/100m jog at 30-sec) Jog 800m between sets. However, I realized that such a workout was too ambitious for someone who is still trying to get rid of the soreness from Thursday's football game. I also realized that 30 seconds' rest, even under the best of circumstances, would be impossible. So, I decided to do 5x (2x300m @ 48 w/100m walk at 75-sec). I ran 49, 49; 49, 49; 49, 48; 48, 48; 48, 46. I suffered a crisis of confidence early in the workout but I was able to rebound. The next time I try this I'll either do sets of 3 300s with the same amount of rest (75 sec) or I'll do sets of 2 300s with less rest time (e.g., 60 sec). Overall, I felt pretty good about the workout.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm sore

11/26/10--I'm sore! I ran a stretch-my-legs-out 4.4 mile/2 Rustin loop plus. 16:55 for loop 1; 15:55 for loop 2. 32:50.

11/25/10--played football with several families in Havertown. This tradition is one my family has been brought in on these last three Thanksgiving Days. There was brief snow showers, sleet, and rain; thus, it was very slippery. I fell on the ground on every other play. I need better cleats; my indoor soccer ones are for the birds. I'm sore!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

should I do the Turkey Trot?

11/24/10--easy 3.8 in 28:20.

longer run, then football tomorrow. Or should I do the Turkey Trot?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I overslept. A coincidence?

Tuesday, 11/23/10

Today, I overslept and did not make it to Henderson for my Tuesday workout. What a bummer! I got up at 5:50 or so. I checked last year's report and learned that I did the exact same thing on this day last year! A coincidence?

I decided to do a fartlek, much like the ones I didlate summer. I began with a 5 min/.6 mi warm up, heading towards the start of the Rustin XC course. I did my standard 15-30-45-60 sec with an equal amount of jog in-between. I kept this pattern for 4.65 miles, covering the distance in 33 minutes. I figure my runs were at 6:15 min pace and my jogs were at 8:15 min pace. I cooled down .6, for a total of 5.85 miles. I felt pretty tired going over the rolling hills in the early morning.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Boy was I!

Monday, 11/22/10--took off.

Sunday, 11/21/10--Long way to Penn Oaks. Tired, heavy legs! 34:40 en route to PO; lifted; 34:00 en route home.

Saturday, 11/20/10
Went to Westtown School to do Sit 'n Kick Reps. It was about 45 degrees and slighly windy. The ideal/goal is 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets. Being able to do this as written sets me up to run 2:00 or better. Since this was my first Sit 'n Kick Reps workout in months and since I know I am in deperate need of speedwork, I figured that I would be a few seconds off pace. Boy was I! I knew from the first rep that it was going to be a long workout, even if I planned to take a minute between the 400s and 200s despite the preferred 30 seconds. My 1200 jogs in between hovered just under 9:00. My runs were:
65,NT because I felt my calf tighten. I stretched for a moment, then strided the 200.

The last two reps give me something to work from: hope.

With the warm-up (1.05) and cool down (1.05), I covered about 6.8 miles

Total mileage: 11/14-11/20--34 miles

I think i am better off than I was this time last year. NOTE:
On 11/22/09, exactly 1 year ago, I did the same exact workout on Westtown's track. It was about 55 degrees. That day, I did 150s instead of the 200s. My runs were 67/25; 66/24; 65/24; 65/25; 64/27. I kept to 30 seconds between the 400s and 150s. My 1200 jog rest was just under 10 minutes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

an anemic attempt

Thursday, 11/18/10--made it to WC Country Club on time...finally. After the first two miles, it became evident that the group was going to split into distinct groups, string-out, or both. I found myself with Jen and a couple of others at the three mile mark. We hit 4 miles in 28:30 or so. After an anemic attempt at "the hill," I finished up the 7.9 miles solo in 56:30.

Wednesday, 11/17/10--ran to Stillman's to get my car. Took roundabout way for 4.6 miles. 34:30.

27.25 miles thus far this week (11/14-11/18)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I could have run harder.


Today at Henderson the workout was 600, 100 jog, 200, 300 jog—5 sets. I ran the workout with Bob Rimkis, who eventually bailed out due to a sore hamstring. I could have run with Ed et al., but Bob and I had this notion, if only implicit, that they would not respect the recovery (read: they run the recoveries too quickly.).
2:05; 40
2:00; 38
2:00; 38
1:57; 37
1:54; 35

I did the last set and a half solo.

Overall, this workout was fine and was not as taxing as it could’ve been. I could have run harder.

5.75 miles

Monday, November 15, 2010

I need some speed work

Sunday, 11.14.10

took long way to Penn Oaks
4.5 in 33:55
took same route back home
4.5 in 32:30

9.0 miles

Saturday, 11.13.10

Pick-up reps workout: 8x400
warm up 1.0 mile
goal pace: 70 for #s 1,3,4,6,7; 63 for #s 2,5,8 with 400 jog rest of 3:00 in-between runs
My runs: 69,66,71,70,66,69,70,63
cool down 1.1 mile
I need some speed work, and I need to cut back on my recovery.

11/7-11/13--34.3 miles

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh well

Friday, 11.12.10
easy 4.4 in 33:30 (loop 1 in 17:20 (about 7:50 pace), loop 2 in 16:10 (about 7:20 pace)) Oh well

Thursday, 11.11.10

got to Borough late for 7.9
group had about a 2-min headstart
spend the first 5 miles of so catching up
hit mile 4 at 28:20
saw people peel off the group as the run progressed
caught up and there were just 2 guys left
the last 2 miles were slow
the hill was slow
finished in 58:10

Wednesday, 11.10.10

3 miles easy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

we fell off

Tuesday, 11/9/10--workout was 800 run, 100 jog, 300 run, 400 jog (4 sets). The 800s were supposed to be a bit slower than 5K pace, and the 300s were supposed to be 5K pace or a little faster.
My runs:
2:51, 60 (2:51--5:42 mile pace)
2:48, 60 (2:48--5:36 mile pace)
2:43, 60 (2:43--5:26 mile pace)
2:36, 55 (2:36--5:12 mile pace)

Bob Rimpkis and I started with Ed, Jen, et al. but we fell off after the first 800 because they weren't "respecting the recovery." In other words, they were doing the recovery too fast. Before you knew it, the were 50, then 100, then 150, then 200 meters ahead of us.

I felt okay during the workout, but I didn't feel as strong as I should. That has been the case over the last 2-3 weeks. Perhaps I need to start taking off the Monday before the Tuesday interval workout.

Monday, 11/8/10--XC course running...lead legs. 1.5 miles

Sunday, 11/7/10--XC course running...used portions of the Rustin Run course...5.5 miles; 40 minutes

Saturday, 11/6/10--Was on Swarthmore College's campus this weekend for a meeting of the Alumni Council. Ran about the campus. 40 minutes, 5.25 miles.

10/31-11/6--29.3 miles

Friday, November 5, 2010

pulling back

Friday, 11/5/10-took off

Thursday, 11/4/10--7.9 miles in WC Borough. 57:45.

Wednesday, 11/3/10--3 miles. 22:30

I've been pulling back some.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to renew or refuel, whichever's first

Tuesday, 11/2/10--Henderson. Ladder: 1200-800-400-400-800-1200.

Monday, 11/1/10--3.1 in about 23:30

Sunday, 10/31/10--5.5 in 33:35

Saturday, 10/30/10--CHS Hall of Fame 5K. 18:09.
My family and I arrived at Wilson Park at about 8:10 for the 9 AM race. It was cool and in the 40s. I began my warm-up at 8:20, a little later than I had planned. We ran the first .25 mi as a family. Then my son and I ran another mile before stretching. I followed my usual routine; I didn't warm up quite as extensively as I had discussed in a previous entry. With 10 minutes before the gun, we headed back to the pavilion adjacent the start. Many more people had shown up by then, although by most measures, this 5K race is a modest one.

I lined up with my daughter at the front of the pack. The gun went off. The first part of the race is slightly uphill, then slightly downhill. There were three guys in front of me from the start. I decided to let them get some distance on me, but not too much. I heard the mile shout-out at 5:22, 5:23. I was pretty much on pace; I was hoping for 5:20. The leader must've hit 5:15; the two after him probably came across in 5:18.

As we made the turnaround, I lost a little ground but rebounded. Heading up the hill and appraoching the 2-mile mark, I felt myself inch closer to the two guys closest to me. I passed them going up the hill. I then figured I'd eat away at the lead of the leader. I came within about 75 meters, but then he took off and left me in lah-lah land. As I made the twists and turns over the last .75 of the course, I realized that I would be second and have to settle for a slow time. I came upon the 3 mile mark and then the word "finish," except the finish line was more than 100 meters later. As it turns out, the course was actually 3.17. So my 18:09 translates into about 17:45-17:50, which still a ways off of the sub-17:00 campaign I thought I had forged.

Time to renew or refuel, whichever's first!

10/24-10/30--18.5 miles

Friday, October 29, 2010


Friday, 10/29--1.1 mile

Thursday, 10/28--took off

Wednesday, 10/27--4.4 in 33:30. Two Rustin + loops.

Tuesday, 10/26--went to Henderson. Did my own light workout of 200s, 3 at 5K pace, 3 at 2 secs faster, and then 3 at 4 secs faster.

Monday, October 25, 2010

not designed to cause undue fatigue

Sunday, 10/24/10

3 X 3 X 4 (3 SETS OF 3 X 400M)
Run 3 x 400m repeats at your goal 5K pace with 100m jog between. Jog 400m after the third repetition and before starting the second set. Example: For a 17:00 5K (5:28 per mile), the goal would be 82 seconds per 400m.
My runs: 81,82,81

Run 3 x 400m repeats at 2-3 seconds faster per 400m than your goal 5K pace with 200m jog between. Jog 400m after the third repetition before the final set. Example: For a 17:00 5K (5:28 per mile), the goal would be 79-80 seconds per 400m.
My runs:80,79,79

Run 3 x 400m repeats at 4-6 seconds faster per 400m than your goal 5K pace with 400m jog between each repetition. Example: For a 17:00 5K (5:28 per mile), the goal would be 76-78 seconds per 400m.
My runs:75,76,76

This easy-moderate workout left me feeling refreshed. The slight pace increases in sets two and three helped me prepare for the increasing effort level required as I pass through miles 1 and 2 of the 5K.

While the pace increased with each set, the recovery interval between each repeat also increased. This workout was not designed to cause undue fatigue. Adding the longer recovery intervals as the pace increases kept the stress level to a minimum.

Saturday, 10/23/10-
Penn Oaks Run-For the third or fourth week in a row, I took an alternate route to get to Penn Oaks. The trip to PO--4.5 miles--took 33:30, or about 7:26/mile. The trip home was 31:50, or 7:04/mile. Felt pretty good. 9.0 miles

10/17-10/23--42.5 miles

Friday, October 22, 2010

I have been doing some thinking

Friday, 10-22-10--

Simple 2.2 mile run in 17:25 to get the legs awake.

On tap for Saturday--9 mile run (to and from PO, circuitous route.)

On tap for Sunday--

3 X 3 X 4 (3 SETS OF 3 X 400M)
This first workout is performed five to six days before your race. Here's how it flows:


Run 3 x 400m repeats at your goal 5K pace with 100m jog between. Jog 400m after the third repetition and before starting the second set.

Example: For a 17:00 5K (5:28 per mile), the goal would be 82 seconds per 400m.


Run 3 x 400m repeats at 2-3 seconds faster per 400m than your goal 5K pace with 200m jog between. Jog 400m after the third repetition before the final set.

Example: For a 17:00 5K (5:28 per mile), the goal would be 79-80 seconds per 400m.


Run 3 x 400m repeats at 4-6 seconds faster per 400m than your goal 5K pace with 400m jog between each repetition.

Example: For a 17:00 5K (5:28 per mile), the goal would be 76-78 seconds per 400m.

"This workout accomplishes much, yet leaves you refreshed and excited to race. The first set helps you dial in race pace from the start, something that will be important come race day. The slight pace increases in sets two and three help the mind and the body prepare for the increasing effort level required as you pass through miles 1 and 2 of the 5K.

"While the pace is increasing with each set, you'll notice that the recovery interval between each repeat is also increasing. This workout is not designed to cause undue fatigue. Adding the longer recovery intervals as the pace increases keeps the stress level to a minimum. After all, you are running fast only for just over 2 miles so the total volume is very tolerable."

I have been doing some thinking. One thing that I may need to work on in the race prep routine is warming up, particularly before a 5K. While I warm up and stretch fairly well, I do not spend a whole lot of time keeping my heart and breathing elevated. Fearing that I will expend too much energy, I normally go into relaxation mode within minutes of the race, but perhaps I let my body get too relaxed. I do my share of strides and run-outs, but maybe they aren't enough.

In the near future, I will try a low to moderate jog of 10-15 minutes 45 minutes before the race, followed by 10 minutes of stretching. I will then do several pick-ups at race pace and even 6-8 x100 meter strides. I will then stretch some more, don my racing flats, and jog a bit more. With a few minutes to go--even at the start line--I will do a few high knees, jumps, etc. to keep my heart rate up, make my oxygen circulate, and stay warm.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

try to catch up


Like last week, I got a bit of a later start, but made my way to the Borough from home for my last in a series of 5 Thursday 5 AM long runs. Today's was 12.8.

Mile 1-7:45; I hate that hill!
Mile 2-15:15
Mile 3-23:15 (30 secs off last week's pace)
Mile 3.85-29:40 (40 secs off last week's pace)
Mile 4.85-37:00 (30 secs off last week's pace) Arrived and they were already gone!
Mile 8.85-64:30 (1 minute ahead of last week's pace) I guess I picked up the pace to try to catch up, which I wasn't able to do.
Mile 9.85-71:45 (55 secs ahead of last week's pace)
Mile 10.85-79:15 (45 seconds ahead of last week's pace)
Mile 12.85-93:30 (1 minute ahead of last week's pace)

7:16/mile pace

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ease into the workout

Wednesday, 10/20-4 in 31:30. relaxed

On Tuesday, 10/19, I did 6x800 with a 200 jog in-between each at Henderson in the mist and drizzle. The group was much smaller today. While the workout started slowly, it picked up and I was pleased. I wasn’t finished stretching, so I joined group 1 on its second 800. (Bob decided to run on his own; I think he wanted to do faster 800s with longer recovery.) I led this one in 2:53. Ed did the next one, a 2:47. I followed with a 2:47 as well. Ed then said he’d bring it down a couple of seconds, so we ran 2:44. My fifth one, Ed’s last, was in 2:35. I asked Ed to join me on at the second lap of my last one. He obliged, and I ran 2:30.
Run 1: 2:53: 41/44/44/44 (85/88)
Run 2: 2:47: 41/42/42/42 (83/84)
Run 3: 2:47: 39/42/43/43 (81/86)
Run 4: 2:44: 40/41/41/42 (81/83)
Run 5: 2:35: 37/39/39/40 (76/79)
Run 6: 2:30: 36/39/39/36 (75/75)

We usually ease into the workout, which works to my benefit, but I’d like to ease into such a workout with 2:50, then work my way down, dropping 1 second per 200. It would look like: 2:50, 2:46, 2:42, 2:38, 2:34, 2:30. Eventually, I’d like to do: 2:45, 2:41, 2:37, 2:33, 2:29, 2:25.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

more than just a banana for breakfast

Sunday, 10/17/10--Like last week, I took a circuitous route to get to Penn Oaks. I took part of the Rustin-plus loop and came out at the south entrance. Felt pretty good. 9.0 miles

October 16, 2010--

Today I decided to forgo a tempo run and opted instead for 5x1000 on the cross country course across the street from my house. The time was noonish, and I had just gotten home from my daughter's soccer game in Harleysville. Admittedly, my legs did not feel fresh and I was concerned about the tightness in my left hamstring, a problem area for me historically. I would be, after all, negotiating a somewhat hilly, grassy terrain. I figured I'd take full recovery (about 3:30) between each one. My goal pace was 3:15, 10 seconds faster than my goal pace.

1000 #1: 3:25
1000 #2: 3:12
1000 #3: 3:17
1000 #4: 3:12
1000 #5: 3:10

The average amounted to 3:15+. The last one nearly broke me, as I had little left. I guess I should have eaten more than just a banana for breakfast. Lesson learned?!

10/10-10/16--37.25 miles

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm getting my base

Thursday, 10/14/10--

Got a bit of a later start, but made my way to the Borough from home for my fourth in a series of 5 Thursday 5 AM long runs. Today's was 12.8.

Mile 1-7:45; I hate having to go up that hill!
Mile 2-15:15
Mile 3-22:55
Mile 3.85-29:00
Mile 4.85-36:30
Mile 8.85-65:30
Mile 9.85-72:40
Mile 10.85-80:00
Mile 12.85-94:30

I felt pretty good, particularly during the last few miles. I'm getting my base.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I cannot even remember!

Wednesday, 10/13/10--relaxed 4.4 miles in 34:40 (17:55/16:45)

Tuesday, 10/12/10--For the first time in a month, I had a poorer showing than expected at the Tuesday morning workout. It all started when I realized while driving that I hadn't brought my racing flats; I was wearing what sometimes feels like clunkers (despite their heavy price tag in the $100s). So, I began the psych-myself-out contest. I lost. The workout was 1600, jog 200, 800, jog 200 (2 sets). Kevin called for us to begin thw workout and I hadn't even finsihed stretching. So, I joined the group with 1200 to go. I wound up running about 4:18 for the 3-lapper. Realizing today was an off day, I told the guys that I'd planned to do 1200s and 600s. What a cop out! I ran 4:18, 1:55, 4:10, and 1:50. Total, including warm up and cool down: 5 miles

Monday, 10/11/10-I cannot even remember!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The lingering question

Sunday, 10/10/10--Today I took a circuitous route to get to Penn Oaks. I took part of the Rustin-plus loop and came out at the south entrance. The trip to PO--4.5 miles--took 33:40, or 7:28/mile. The trip home 32:20, or 7:11/mile. Felt pretty good. 9.0 miles

Saturday, 10/9/10--The plan: run to Westtown School (2 mile warm-up) to do 8x400 at 15 seconds faster than my desired 5K pace. My desired 5K pace is 82 seconds/400, which amounts to 17:00. That meant that my 400s were supposed to be in 67 secs...with a 400 jog-rest of 3:00. My runs were: 67,69,68,69,67,68,68,65. The average was 67/68. Granted, I struggled after the seventh one and wasn't sure I could do it. But a 65 shows me that I can. The lingering question is whether I can convert such a workout into a 17:00 5K. I cooled down with a 2-mile run back home. Total: 8 miles.


Friday, 10/8/10--easy run--4 miles @ 7:40 pace.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Felt pretty good overall

Thursday, 10/7--12.85 miles. It was a rather cool 50 degrees today. I had my jacket and long pants on. My hands were a bit chilly.

Jogged into town to meet crew at WC Country Club. Got there in time to meet them. The run to the point was 4.85 and 37:10. The next four miles were covered in 29:10. That's 66:20 at the 8.85 mile mark. It took me an additional 28:40 for the last 4 miles. The total time was 95 minutes.
at mile 1-7:40
at mile 2-15:15 (7:35)
at mile 3-23:05 (7:50)
at mile 3.85-29:30
at mile 4.85-37:10 (7:40)--COUNTRY CLUB; first 4.85 miles at 7:40 pace)
at mile 8.85-66:20 (four mile chunk 29:10--7:18 pace for this 4-mile stretch of running with the crew)
at mile 9.85-73:25 (7:05)
at mile 12.85--95:00 (three-mile chunk 21:35--7:12 pace for this 3-mile stretch; 28:40 for the last four miles for 7:10 pace)

1st 4.85 miles--7:40 pace
next 4 miles--7:18 pace
last 4 miles--7:10 pace

Overall pace: 7:24/mile

Felt pretty good overall. I did not really push the last mile. I have two more of these 95-minute runs on the docket.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Easy does it.

Wed, 10/6/10--did an 3.7 in 29:00. Easy 7:50 pace. Per my schedule over the next three weeks, I was supposed to do 6-6.5 miles, but I was running a bit late. Oh well. Long run tomorrow. Easy does it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The fall is upon us

Tuesday, 10/5--The fall is upon us. Wet, Windy, Colder. Henderson. 4 x 1200. 5K pace. 200 jog in-between.
Run 1--4:35 (46 sec/200; 6:06/mile pace. 18:55 5K pace.)
Run 2--4:13 (42+ sec/200; 5:37/mile pace. 17:25 5K pace.)
Run 3--4:11 (42 sec/200; 5:35/mile pace. 17:19 5K pace)
Run 4--4:03 (40 sec/200; 5:24/mile pace. 16:44 5K pace)

Average run--4:16 (42+ sec/200; 5:41. 17:39 5K pace)

On 8/31/10, the workout was 4x1200 at or below 5K pace.with a 200 jog rest That morn, everyone agreed to take the easy...6 minute pace. We thought we'd do in 45 seconds per 200, and then drop a second per 200 for the other 1200s.
Trial 1: 4:31 (~45s)
Trial 2: 4:23 (~44s)
Trial 3: 4:17 (~43s)
Trial 4: 3:58 (~39s)--

Today's workout was probably a bit stronger (maybe by an average of 2-3 seconds), particularly given the condition.

I have to get these 1200s down by 5-10 seconds and soon.

Monday, 10/4--Wet. Rainy. I did a short, easy 3.1 mile run in exactly the same time my daughter completed her Kennett 5K last spring--25:16.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Was it John?

Sunday, 10/3/10--Penn Oaks run.

Ran with wife to .9 mi mark. She cut into the pask and I kept straight.
Began fartlek running at mile mark. Figured I'd do so for next 2 miles.
Covered next 2 miles in 13:45, fartlek style.
Lifted at PO.
Jogged first .3 on way back home.
Ran fartlek style over next two miles in 13:15
Jogged last mile home.

6.6 miles

Saturday, 10/2/10--

Today I agreed to meet up with newcomers to the club. Conestoga was the site. One guy, a 2008 Penn grad who had participated in Penn's running club, showed up. We chatted for a bit, then decided on a workout. He seemed open but somewhat cautious about being able to do the whole workout since he is just getting back into running. I shared several workout options, and he decided on 400 run, 200 jog, 200 run, 1200 jog (5 sets). He said his last real competitive experience in running was when he was a student at the Haverford School. When I asked him the kind of pace he could run, I knew I would have to modify the workout for myself by tacking on distance to the repeats and shortening my jogs to 100 and 1100 meters, respectively. He said he could manage about 76 sec 400 and 36 sec 200s. Since this pace was several seconds from what I'd usually do, I figured that I could run with him but do 500s instead of 400s, passing the 400 in 75s, and 300s instead of 200s, passing the 200 mark in 35. I hit the 500 mark in 1:33, and the 300 mark in :52.

The newcomer managed 3 of the 5 sets. So, I decided that my last two sets as intended--the 400s would be in :64 and the 200s I'd still do 200 jog between them and a 1200 jog between sets. 4th set: 400 was 65, followed by a 31 sec 200. 5th set: 400 in 64, 200 in 30. The guy was kind enough to join me for my in-between jogs. For a goal of 2:00 in the 800, the 400s should be in :64, and the 200s should be in :28. Technically, the break in-between the 400 and 200 should be either a 100 jog or a very brief rest of :30 or so. Scary indeed. I'd need spikes on the run :28. I'm also nervous about trying to run that fast for fear of a hamstring event.

Like the warm up, we did a mile cool down.

Today's experience reminded me of how tough it is to get back into shape when you've been away so long. I remember struggling to keep myself motivated. Talk about tough. I am just fortunate that I was able to overcome the hurdles. I am hopeful that I can convert my motivation into performance.

It's amazing how one can spend two hours working out with someone and forget his name just like that. Was it John?

Miles for week 9/26-10/2: 30 miles (loss of long run day due to weather)

Friday, October 1, 2010

a clean air act

Friday, 10/1--The fall is in the air...literally. It was great breathing the clean air this morning. The air was made crisper by the torrential downpour that the area weathered over the last two days. I took off Wednesday and wasn't able to run Thursday due to the pouring rain. Today I decided to do my out-and-back route into town. The roughly 7.7 miles felt great, even easy, despite all the splashing and resulting swamp feet.

Mile 1--7:55. The first mile is always the worst, partly because a good bit is uphill and my legs are still trying to awaken.
Hit mile 2 in 15:25 (7:30). I am awake now.
Hit mile 3 in 22:55 (7:30). I'm in my groove.
Hit mile 4 in 30:10 (7:05). (Corner of N. Penn and E. Chestnut) Until now, I thought the 4 mile mark was .05 sooner. Oh well. That's what happens when you remeasure!
I hit the "mailbox marker" (about the 4.7 mile mark) in 35:10 (5:00). For the record, the 5 mile mark is at the tire place just beyond E.Nields.
Mailbox marker over next mile 43:50 (7:40) 2 miles to go. The 6 mile mark is just beyond the house-turned business with the huge garages...right before Applegate.
Next mile--50:00 (7:10). Mile 7 is just beyond the new house on Oakborne.
Last mile--56:35 (6:35). Home: 7.7 miles! 7:20/21 pace.

Ahh--what a clean air act.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the more determined I am

Tuesday, 9/28--the workout was 6x800 with a 200 jog in-between. It was a humid 75 degrees with 25+mph wind swirling. This made for a mess of a workout. I felt like I was working too hard for the measly 2:53, 2:50, 2:47, 2:44, 2:42, and 2:40. We all agreed that it each repeat felt 5 seconds faster! I led the 4th but, but suffered a crisis of confidence during the 5th one with all the negative self-talk I do. I got my act together and dropped a comfortable 6th run. These runs were about the pace of the (5) 1000s we did last week.

I read Kev Forde's blog report on the 5th Avenue mile. He duked it out with some heavy competition in the 40-49 year old category. He took fourth and was beaten by fellow teammate and champ of all champ Nick Berra. Kev--4:27; Nick--4:22. Kev--46 years old; Nick--41. Amazing. I am proud to call them my Greater Phila Track Club teammates. The more I read about these guys the more determined I am to break 2:00 in the 800 and 4:40 in the mile. I haven't really raced the mile since 9th grade, I think. I have to translate determination into serious, intense, successful workouts, though.

I hope we go after the 4x800 over 40 world record again this December. I just hope everyone's healthy for our try in 2011. I WILL be on that team!

Monday, 9/27--easy 2.2 in 17:45.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

91 minutes and 30 seconds

Sunday, 9/26--Penn Oaks run--out and back. I jogged out to lift for 20-25 minutes and ran back. Out to PO in 25:45; back home in 24:35. I haven't done this in some time, perhaps 2 months ago. Total mileage 6.6

Saturday, 9/25--went to Westtown School's track. Warmed up a bit over a mile. Did 10x400 with 400 jog-rest. Goal pace was :70; recovery at between 2:40-2:50. Runs were: 70,71,72,71,71,71,71,71,68,63 for an average of 70. Cooled down 1.1. Total mileage: about 7 miles

39.5 miles this week. (as of 9/25)

Friday, 9/24--easy 3.8 miles in 28:30.

Thursday, 9/23--about 13 miles. Jogged into town to meet crew at WC Country Club. Got there a little late this time. I saw the crew pass by before I could get to the corner, much less make the turn to the actual start of the run. run wound up being about .2 shy of 13. I hit the 4.85 mark in about 37. I hit the 8.75 mark in 63 minutes. I got home in 1:31:30 (91 minutes and 30 seconds). I have to do the math, but this appears to be about 7:09 pace for the 12.8 miles. Can this be right? I've measured the course and it looks right. Also the run did feel harder than last week's.

UPDATE, 9/27--As it turns out, the 12.8 was actually 12.5! That's what happens when you measure as opposed to estimate. Oh well. It was too good to be true. Mile pace just increased by 10 seconds to 7:19. That's still pretty good.

If I actually get myself to the Country Club in time, I'd be able to tack on an additional .2 for 12.7 miles.

Wednesday, 9/22--took off

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me versus my hamstring.

Tuesday, 9/21. Today at Henderson we got the standard 5K workout: 5x1000 at 5K pace with a 200 meter jog in-between. I got there a tad early so that I could get a couple of extra minutes of stretching in since my hamstring is not 100%. My runs were: 3:36, 3:26, 3:31, 3:27, 3:16. We took turns leading these. I led the fourth, which was probably my most comfortable run. I went out a little hard (my first 200 was :35) and had to slow up. Even though my hamstring felt sore, this workout was a good one. For perspective, on 9/7/10 we did 5x1000 and ran 3:47, 3:38, 3:30, 3:28, 3:23. The average was 3:33, which is 6 seconds slower than today's average. My pace for my most recent 5K race was 3:33, or 5:44/mile. My average 1K for the workout was 3:27. Does that mean I can run this pace in my next 5K? That would be 17:15! I'd actually like to get down to 3:20 pace so that I can break 17:00 (5:28/mile). I felt good about being able to keep up with Scott Burns, who ran 16:45 at Teri's run on 9/10. That's a good sign. We'll see. Me versus my hamstring...and the course, of course.

Monday, 9/20--easy 3.75 in 28:45. My left hamstring is bothering me. It's sore and tight. I hope I didn't overdo it this past week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Needless to say

Total mileage for the week: 41.

Saturday, 9/18--got together with Justin at about 6:30 AM because I had to travel to Lancaster for an AM soccer game...followed by an alumni function/obligation at Swarthmore, beginning at noon. Needless to say, it was a busy morning.

Anyway, Justin and I planned to do:
800 in 2:40 (followed by 400 jog)
2x400 in :75 (followed by 400 jog)
4x200 in :32 (followed by 200 jog)
2x400 in :70 (followed by 400 jog)
800 in 2:30

My runs: 2:37,75,75,32,32,32,32,69,69,2:25.

Friday, 9/17/10--dropped my car off and jogged home. Easy pace. 3.4 miles in 26:00.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's go back...and spring forward

Thursday, 9/16--I did it! I decided I would join my Thursday crew in town, not by driving to our meeting place to do our customary 8 miles, but by running there. I ran to our meeting place from home, did half of the 8 mile route, then ran back home. My grand total: about 12.55 miles (a record for me; my farthest had been 10 or 11) in 91:30. It felt good and to think I was crazy enough to do this 5 AM. I will try these for the next few weeks. I want to avoid injury, though.

UPDATE: 9/27--As it turns out, the 12.55 miles was actually 12.2 miles! The pace 7:30/mile. Oh well. It was too good to be true.

Wednesday, 9/15--alas, a day off. Mom's birthday.

Tuesday, 9/14--met up with the massive crew at Henderson for 3 x 1 mile with a 200 jog in-between. My runs were 5:56, 5:38, and 5:31. I eased into the workout, but need to make the first run a bit faster. Ideally, a next time I'll go 5:45, 5:35, 5:25. The good thing is that I felt refreshed afterwards, which is how you should feel after such a workout. Crazy to think that Scott Burns ran his last one in 5:21 and Joe Breslin ran his in 5:26. Joe is 50! Wow! I guess that makes me a slacker.

My 5K last week was a sign that I am rounding into shape, but it's also a sign that I need work...mentally.

My plan was to run 3:30/1K. My fitness level indicated that this was in reach. I wanted to run in the neighborhood of 17:30, but I ran 17:45, mostly because of mental errors. I ran the first mile in sub-5:30, but then my back started bothering me, and then the demons smelled blood. Together there was disaster on the horizon. I hit the halfway mark at about 8:30 or so. I talked myself out of stopping at the 2-mile mark. I felt myself losing ground and, along with it, confidence. A few runners breezed by me. I then said to myself that I wanted to finish, that I needed to finish. I then hung on to the guy who had been hitched to me most of the race. He dropped me with about a half mile to go. Then a woman and I went stride for stride for about a quarter mile, until I decided I wanted the win over her. With less than 200 meters to go, I outkicked her.

Monday, September 13, 2010

full report later

Monday, 9/13--easy 3.8 in 28:30.

Sunday, 9/12--fartlek. 5 min/.6 mile warm up; 31:30 coverage of 4.6+ miles; 5 mile/.6 cool down. 5.8 miles

Saturday, 9/11--recovery run of 5.1 miles.

Friday, 9/10--Teri's Run. 17:45 (full report later)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

not much here

Thursday, 9/9--mile and stretch. Not much here.

Tomorrow: Teri's Run in D'town. Goal: break 18:00.
Ideal: 3:30/K

Other: 3:35/K

Other: avg of 3:35/K


Wednesday, 9/8--easy 3.8 mile run--29:00.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

come out

Today at Henderson we did 5x1000 with a 200 meter jog-rest after each. I was pleased to see that my buddy Justin decided to join us--his first time out with the crew. He joined group 1. He learned that the recovery between the runs is swift, sometimes too swift for my blood. On this day, however, I hung in there. In fact, I felt tired but refreshed, not dead, afterwards. That's a good sign. Our runs were 3:47, 3:38, 3:30 (?), 3:28, 3:23. The last time the Henderson crew had this workout was 8/17/10, but on that early morning we did a swift 6 1000s: 3:36, 3:40, 3:32, 3:29, 3:29, 3:30. I have to imagine that I can run this pace for the 5K.

Overall I felt good about the workout, and my body feels pretty good too. I hope Justin continues to come out.

Historical perspective--On March 31, 2009, the Henderson crew did 5x1000, beginning at 3:45 and working our way down. We had 400 meter jog/rest, not 200 like today's. Times were 3:46; 3:45; 3:34; 3:33; 3:32.

Monday, 9/6/10--easy 4.4 (17:45--1st 2.2; 16:15--2nd 2.2)--34:00, followed by stretching.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A refreshing workout.


Today, I decided to do a fartlek, much like the ones I've been doing. I began with a 5 min/.6 mi warm up, heading towards the start of the Rustin xc course. I did my standard 15-30-45-60 sec with an equal amount of jog in-between. I kept this pattern for 4.65 miles, covering the distance in 32 minutes (or was it 31:00?). I figure my runs were at 6 min pace and my jogs were at 8 min pace. I cooled down .6, for a total of 5.85 miles. I felt pretty good considering yesterday's workout of 9.1 miles.

9/4/10--Cooler, 70ish, a little windy.

Got together with Justin at 8ish for a ladder. This workout puts me at 41.2 miles for the week, Sun 8/29 to Sat 9/4.

We jogged to Westtown School (2.25), stretched, and then began our workout:

400--37s/200 for 74s
800--41s/200 for 2:44
1000--43s/200 for 3:35
1600--45s/200 for 6:00
600--39s/200 for 1:57
400--37s/200 for 74s

We hit the times dead on for the most part. I think we ran 75 for the first 400, 2:45 for the 800, 3:36 for the 1000, 5:59 for the mile, and 34 for the 200. Jogged 400 after each repeat.

A refreshing workout.

Cooled down with jog back to my house: 2.25.

2.25 warm up +3.1 in interval + 1.5 in-between repeats + 2.25 cool down = 9.1 miles

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Got there late today.

Got there late today.

7.9 mile route in 57:55

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Easy run

About 75 degrees. Did easy run of 4.4 miles this morning.

4:05/8:05/15:52/17:25 (loop 1 17:25)--7:55 pace
20:55/24:45/32:10/33:40 (loop 2 16:15)--7:23 pace

avg: 7:39 pace

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


On the docket for this weekend: 45 min fartlek and 8x600...80s with a 200 jog/1:45 rest.

And finished comfortably.

Tuesday, 8/31--overslept! My clock read 5:27. Realizing that I usually leave the house for my workout at West Chester Henderson at no later than 5:35, I jumped out of bed. I gave myself massive head rush. I threw on my shorts and fumbled around in the dark for my watch and socks. I then grabbed the pants my wife left out for me to iron (I do the ironing; she makes the lunches!), and figured I'd just iron my stuff post-workout. I put on the coffee while I ironed. I finished the pants, grabbed a couple of sips of coffee, and headed out at about 5:40--five or so minutes later than usual. I warmed up as usual and tried to stretch as efficiently as I could. The workout, Kevin announced, was 4x1200 with a 200 jog rest. He said do the 1200 at or below 5K pace. Everyone agreed to take the easy...6 minute pace. We thought we'd do in 45 seconds per 200, and then drop a second per 200 for the other 1200s.
Trial 1: 4:31 (~45s)
Trial 2: 4:23 (~44s)
Trial 3: 4:17 (~43s)
Trial 4: 3:58 (~39s)--the pace of the 1000s I did on Sunday.

I found myself lagging in the rear of the pack for the first two 1200s, although I was running comfortably. I would begin to pull even with 100 to go. On the 4th one, the group separated a bit, with four runners starting early to avoid getting in the way of oncoming runners. The rest of us then began. I was in the rear. I was a little boxed in until the straightaway. I then felt comfortable that, even though I was 20 meters behind, I was going at the right pace. At the 550 mark, I picked up my pace and found myself within 15 meters of the 5-man sub-pack. At the 800 mark, I was within 10 meters. With 200 to go, I relaxed and got my knees up and finished comfortably. I was pleased since I had a raucous beginning to the day and was able to pull through the workout. I also handled the rest well.

Monday, 8/30--easy 4.4 miles in 34:45.

warmed up 1.25
stretched well
5x1000 on Rustin's XC course, like I did a couple of weeks ago with Justin and DJ. Target pace: 3:20 with 3:40 recovery...for an even 7 min.
trial 1: 3:28
trial 2: 3:18
trial 3: 3:15
trial 4: 3:14
trial 5: 3:22
...for an average of 3:19+.

This was a tough workout after all the lifting the day before, but it felt good to run, on average, my target time.

Just to think: I did even more heavy lifting after the workout as I attempted to clean out our crawl space!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Out of time

Looks I will not be able to workout today. Got up early at 5:45 to help a friend move into his new home. Now I am sitting in the barbershop with my son waiting for our turn. These barbers see 12 other people waiting for a cut; this is not a good day to spend 45 minutes cutting someone's hair. Be exacting another day, gentlemen! Looks like it could be at least another 2 hours before it's our turn. What a waste of a day. We're supposed to head to New Hope this afternoon.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A wee bit

Friday, 8/27/10--

Did an easy 4.4 in 33:35 (17:25/16:05) and stretched a wee bit.
4:00 (.5)
8:00 (1.0)
15:50 (2.0)
17:25 (2.2)
21:05 (2.7)
24:55 (3.2)
32:05 (4.2)
33:35 (4.4)

On tap tomorrow is probably a fartlek (5 min .6 warm up/45 min 6.3/5 min .6 cool down = 7.5 mi) in the early AM since I am helping a good friend move in the AM. If he needs me in the PM instead, I'll probably do a 5 x 1000 on the XC course. Target pace: 3:20 with equal break time.

28.8 mile thus far this week. If I count tomorrow, I'd be at about 36 for the week, Sun to Sat. Perhaps I should be doing a wee bit more to reach 40.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More mileage

Wed, 8/25/10

Even though I got up early, the time just slipped away, and before you knew it I had little time to get my run on. I wound up doing just 3.7 or so in 28:45. Yes, I knew today was supposed to be easy. I do need to add more mileage, as the last month has been kind of low.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gathering myself

Friday, 8/20

dropped car off and jogged home for a total of 3.4 miles in 25:30.

Saturday, 8/21

Running late. Had to go to Penn for a seminar. Wound up doing a short fartlek. 5:00 jog (.6) to mark. Covered XC course (3.15) in 21:20. 5:00 min jog back home. Sun, 8/15-Sat, 8/21--> 37 miles

Sunday, 8/22
Had to go to Penn, but did not need to show up until 10ish. Was able to get in workout of 10x400 in the rain, which was sometimes pretty heavy.

Goal pace was :77 with a 200 jog/rest (1:25). I hit the first in :78. The second one was :76. The next five were :75. I then decided to do the last three a little faster, provided I walked the 200s in-between. The 8th 400 was in :69. The last two were :68 and :67.

Monday, 8/23
Not much time. Running really late. Did only 2.2 miles.

Tuesday, 8/24
Henderson. The workout was 1600, jog 200, 800, 1600, jog 200, 800. This workout proved harder than I thought. The top group exceeded the agreed upon pace. I fell off the pace slightly on the second 1600. Instead of jogging the 200 between the second 1600 and second 800, I walked. My back was bothering me. Honestly. Anyway my runs were 5:42, 2:48, 5:38, 2:38. I joined the group on its second lap of the 800, pushing them I guess. I am still gathering myself. Give me time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Her name was Alejandro Barrientos

Thursday, 8/19/10--

Met up with the crew in the Borough to do our staple 7.9 miles. I got there a minute late and had to catch up to the group, which was at the top of the hill by the time I started running. I caught them at about the 1.5 mile mark. The run felt nice at a comfortable 67 degrees. Coolness felt good against bare chest...the little things in life, you know. 28:30 at the 4 mile mark; finished in 57:20. Felt strong at the big hill; was relaxed, not labored and had good leg lift. Good, comfortable conversation-level run. Someone brought up Penn Relays and the 1989 or 1990 victory WC Henderson took home in the Championship of America 4x400. We talked about the John Muir HS team (mid 90s, circa '97) that featured the great Obea Moore and Phila Central HS, which featured Williams Reed (mid 80s, circa '87). They both were great hopes but fell from the scene at the end of high school. What a waste! I talked about my days of coaching several teams that ran in Championship of America races, particularly my girls DMR and 4x800s. Glory days. I sadly recalled when my anchor leg of the DMR collapsed during her last lap, trying deperately to give it her all. She gave it her heart when her legs and arms failed her. She gave it her spirit. The team that beat us broke the national record that day with its 4:44 anchor. We had a lead of several seconds going into the anchor leg, and I knew we needed at least that to win. My anchor's best was 5:05, but I knew she could run faster. She was so nervous about going up against the anchor for the other team, San Lorenzo Valley (CA), who was the top miler and 2-miler and the near-top 800 meter runner in the US. Her name was Alejandro Barrientos. It is a race I can still visualize some 10.5 years later! I still remember the commentator say, "San Lorenzo Valley is on pace to challenge the national record." Soon after he sais that, my 800 meter run came along side theirs and eventually overtook her on the back stretch. I could not have beamed with more pride. We were in the lead going into the anchor leg of the DMR Championship of American at Penn Relays. Here is how the race played out:

1200 meter leg--Us: 3:41.9; them: 3:42+
400 meter leg--Us: :57.9; them: 57.6
800 meter leg--Us: 2:13.7; them: 2:17.9
1600 meter leg--Us: ran about 5:30 (67/2:22/3:43--); them: 4:44

2000 Penn Relays Distance Medley Relay Championship of America

The next day my runer who had succomb to sickness and fallen to the track the day before could not compete in the 4x800 Championship of America. So I put in a substitute, who did the job as best she could but was admittedly 5-7 seconds slower. We would get a distant fourth that year, having come into the finals with the second best time. Given the times of the three teams ahead of us, we would have gotten a close fourth (rather than a distant on) or a neck-n-neck third had my fallen run competed.

Wednesday, 8/18/10--Short-n-easy 3.8 in 28:50.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I feel like I'm coming out of the fog

It's been a while since I've recorded what I've been up to. Here's the short version.

Tuesday, 8/17/10--6AM 6x1000 at WC Henderson with crew.
Monday, 8/16/10--solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00
Sunday, 8/15/10--6x600 solo at Westtown School in rain
Saturday, 8/14/10--fartlek with DJ (6 min/40 min/6 min)
Friday, 8/13/10--took off
Thursday, 8/12/10--5:45 AM 7.9, 58:00 WC Borough run with crew
Wednesday, 8/11/10-- solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00
Tuesday, 8/10/10--6AM ladder (2000-1600-1200-800) at WC Henderson with crew.
Monday, 8/9/10--solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00
Sunday, 8/8/10--fartlek with DJ (6 min/~32 min/2 min)
Saturday, 8/7/10--10x400 at Downingtown East with DJ, Steve and Justin.

Here's the longer version.

Tuesday, 8/17/10--6AM 6x1000 at WC Henderson with crew.
Today I began with a mile warm-up and stretching (of course). I wasn't able to stretch as well in the 5 minutes I had before the workout began. Kevin K. assigned us 5-6x1000 (I did 6) with a 200 meter jog in-between. The first four felt pretty relaxed. My breathing was good. I began to labor ever so slightly during the fifth one. I hung on for the sixth one. Overall, I was very pleased that I handled the short recovery well and made it through. My runs were 3:36, 3:40, 3:32, 3:29, 3:29, 3:30. Cool down: 1.1 mi. Mileage: 6.3 miles

Monday, 8/16/10--solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00. Legs were slightly heavy, but otherwise this easy pace was so forgiving. Mileage: 3.8

Sunday, 8/15/10--6x600 solo at Westtown School in rain. Warmed up 2.0 miles. Ran a pretty good workout. Did 400 jog rest in 2:55 between 600s, which were 1:56, 1:55, 1:54, 1:54, 1:54, 1:50. Went through 400 at 75-76. My idea was to go 36, 38, 40 for the 200s in the first five 600s and to do the 200s in 36, 37, 38 for the last 600s. 2 mile cool down. Mileage: 7.5 miles

Saturday, 8/14/10--fartlek with DJ (6 min/40 min/6 min). My daughter has the Ridley soccer tourney in the AM. It went long, but the girls eked out a championship! We began the workout at 7:00 PM or so. Started with 6 min jog (.6 mi) to start of XC course. Did course in reverse. 15ses run-15sec jog, 30s run-30s jog, 45s run-45s jog, 60s run-60s jog, and then all over again. Covered 3 loops of XC course (about 4.7), plus a loop around the adjacent, lower field and two additional loops around the upper practice football field (an aditional .6 or so) in just under 40 min. DJ did much better than he did with last week's fartlek. Total "speed play" 5.3/40 min. Cooled down with .6 mi jog home. Mileage: 6.5 miles.

Sunday, 8/8-Saturday, 8/14--32.5 miles

Friday, 8/13/10--took off. Whew!

Thursday, 8/12/10--5:45 AM 7.9, 58:00 WC Borough run with crew. First half of run was swifter (~28:20 at 4 miles) than the second half (3.9 in 29:40). Nice conversation pace. I still hate the big hill! Mileage: 7.9

Wednesday, 8/11/10-- solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00. Mom said there'd be days like this! Mileage: 3.8

Tuesday, 8/10/10--6AM ladder (2000-1600-1200-800 with 200 meter jog-rest) at WC Henderson with crew. Overall, I was very pleased that I handled the short recovery well and made it through. My runs were
2000-7:35 (44-45s); 200 jog rest
1600--5:50 (43-44s); 200 jog rest
1200--4:12 (42-43s); 200 jog rest
800--2:40 (40s)
I feel like I'm coming out of the fog! I had a good workout, keeping my pace and not laboring as much.
Cooled down 1 mile. Mileage: 5.85

Monday, 8/9/10--solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00. Mileage: 3.8

Sunday, 8/8/10--fartlek with DJ (6 min/~33 min/1 min). Began with 6 min jog (.6 mi) to start of XC course. Did course in reverse. 15s run-15s jog, 30s run-30 s jog, 45s run-45s jog, 60s run-60s jog, and then all over again. Covered about 2.5 times around the XC course (3.9). DJ struggled, so we had to stop the run shy of our goal. Maybe yesterday was too much for him. Cooled down .1. Mileage: 4.6

Saturday, 8/7/10--10x400 at Downingtown East with DJ, Steve and Justin. Close to 90 degrees/humid. Jogged from Justin's house to track 2.0 miles. We decided to do the 400s in about 8-0 with a 400m jog-rest of 2:45. The rest was good for me but proved a bit more challenging for the guys than I had anticipated; they did keep it under 3:00, though. The workout felt good since I wasn't pressed. We took turns leading. DJ, Steve and Justin wound up doing 9. I think Steve stepped out of number 6, Justin number 7, DJ number 8. I did all 10. My runs were: 76, 77, 78, 78, 78, 78, 78, 78, 76, 74. Cool down with 2.0 mile back to Justin's house. Mileage: 8.7

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tomorrow's a new day

Took off this morning. Tomorrow's a new day. On tap: 2 mile warm up, 10x400 with 400 jog interval, 2 mile cool down. 2-mile pace for 400s, maybe mile. I'm shooting for 75s.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm having major problems.

On Tuesday, I tried to run a 5K race at Westtown, but I could not manage to finish. First, I am a true head case as of late. Second, my lower back tightened up terribly. Third, gastrointestinal distress! I was on pace for about 18:30 on what is a rather tough course (especially for me!), but I just fell apart after the first mile. I stopped at about 1.3, waited for my son who was about :45 seconds or behind me, and then continued to run with him. I tried to push him, but had to stop with about .4 to go. I was very uncomfortable. I was having major problems. After a brief cool down, I drove home and hid from myself. I need an intervention, perhaps a divine one! 4 miles.

On Wednesday, I ran 5 miles or so. Preoccupied with the previous evening's shenanigans at Westtown, I tried to take an old path from our neighborhood to Westtown to face my demons. Unfortunately, the path was pretty overgrown and the bridge across the creek was no more. I wound up jumping across the creek through several inches of water, only to find the brush too thick for me (I was shirtless!). I turned around and did the rest of the run on the Rustin XC course. Needles to say, I still had some unfinished business with which to contend. Early in the evening I returned to Westtown by car and did the course...just to get it out of my system. I took it relatively easy and ran 22:00. This made about 8 for the day.

Today, I did a rather sorry 7.9 in WC Borough. I was running at 7:11 pace but then felt weak and sick during the last 3.9 miles, so much so I had to stop...more than once. My stomach was in knots--gastrointestinal, you know. Yuck! Do I have food poisoning? I struggled to finish in 58:00.

29.8 miles as of Thursday AM.
Friday--4.4 easy or take off
Saturday--6 miles
That would put me at about 36-40.5 for the week, Sunday 8/1 through Saturday 8/7.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Speed Play

Today I did an easy 4.4 in 34:55. Tomorrow I am likely going to do a 5K/tempo.

Yesterday, my son and I did a fartlek: we began with 7:30 of light jogging (warm up), moved into the "speed play," and then ended with about the same amount of light jogging (cool down) for a total of about 46 minutes. The fartlek pattern was systematic, not random, and done over a combination of rolling hills and black top. We ran 15 secs, jogged 15 secs, ran 30 secs, jogged 30, ran 45 secs, jogged 45 secs, ran 60 secs, jogged 60 secs, then started with 15 secs again. We used the Rustin Run course, starting at 7:30 and finishing at 30:00 or so but then added the field hockey field for the remaining minutes. The actual speed play portion of the run was 30 minutes. Both the running and jogging could've been more aggressive. fartlek was moderate for me, but proved a bit challenging for my son. This was about 5.25-5.5 miles.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This felt good

Yesterday I did 5x1000 with my son and Justin, a friend. The 1000s could've been done around the block (~965m). But I chose to do them on the grass using the first 1K of the XC course across the street. The 1000m mark, incidentally, is adjacent to my house; the first 1000 ends at the very top of the hill at the telephone pole at Plumly/Shiloh. We could have simply done each 1K of the XC course, but we decided to do an out and back pattern, doing the first 1K in the opposite direction for #s 2 and 4. The target: 3:40/1K w/3:40 recovery. I hit 3:37, 3:28, 3:30, 3:23 and 3:27, for an average of 3:29. We wound up taking about 4:00 rest. The ones going in the opposite direction were a bit easier; even though the terrain was still rolling, the run seemed to have a downward trend in elevation. Justin hit 3:37, 3:28, 3:40, 3:40, 3:40. DJ managed 3:39, 3:36, 3:58, 3:50, 3:53. I guess my pace made for a 17:25. This felt good. Warmed up 1.25. Cooled down 1.85. Total: about 6.1 miles.

Total for the week: Sun-Sat: 37 miles

Friday, July 30, 2010


Friday, 7/29--easy 4.4 in 34:40. 71 degrees. Alas!

Thinking of a 35 minute fartlek tomorrow with my son. I have to whip him into some shape!

Thursday, 7/28--7.9 run in 58:15 with WC crew. Very humid!

Wednesday, 7/27--easy 4.4 in 34:00.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have to get there and get a taste of it.

This morning there were a lot of people at Henderson. I guess the 68 degree weather helped somewhat. I did 6x600 with a 200 meter jog. The workout was actually 7x800 but I was still stretching when the crew started the first 600. I hung back off the first group, losing meters during the recovery...but not too many. (I trailed by no more than 50 meters at any one time.) I stuck with 2:06s, running 42 seconds per 200, except for the last one, which I ran in 2:00, or 40 seconds per 200. My 200 jogs were probably 90 seconds. This was essentially the pace of those ahead of me. I'd like to get all the 600s down to 2:00. 5 miles.

16.8 miles since Saturday.

This morning I heard about the outstanding performances of my teammates at Nationals via Bob Rimkis, who did well himself. Shout-outs to you all: Kevin, Bob, Chuck, Nick, Sean, Cheryl and others. You all did a spectacular job. What I've heard--1:56, 2:02, 2:11, 2:13, 2:36, 4:04, 4:14, 15:36, 1:07, record in the 2K steeplechase, etc. I am so envious that I was not healthy enough to [get into sufficient shape to complete the winter season and] join you. Maybe next year. I am so inspired by what you all have accomplished! Your level of intensity is beyond belief. I have to get there and get a taste of it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I think I could have run faster

Today, I did a recovery run: 6.6, or 3 Rustin loops.

loop 1--17:30 (about 8:00 pace)
loop 2--34:00 (16:30, or 7:30 pace)
loop 3--48:55 (15:25, or 7:00 pace)

The run felt good. I hadn't really planned to run as hard, not that it's THAT hard. I had planned to run 8:30 pace to start, then 8:00 for the first loop, then 7:30 for the third loop. I felt pretty good from the beginning on this 69 degree morning, so I just went with it.

Yesterday, my family and I made the trek to York, PA for the Keystone Games for the masters day of T & F competition. I ran the open 800. Overall, I was disappointed with the turnout. The meet was empty, to say the least. I thought there was a time when the Keystone Games were relatively popular, but perhaps they have fallen out of least the track portion. I cannot speak to the other sponsored sports. The youth race days were fuller but not anything to write home about.

I had a good warm up on this balmy, 93 degree day. After a mile or so, I found shade and stretched pretty well. The meet was running about 40 minutes ahead of schedule on account of there being so few athletes. There was basically a short break after each event! In looking at the competition, I figured my 800 would be a time trial at best. I relaxed at the starting line and told myself to try to run an even race, which is what I did. I took the lead from the get-go. My son called 31-32 at the 200. I just tried to keep that pace and to run smooth...without pressing. At the 600 mark, I heard 1:38, 1:39. Based on how I felt, I think I hit the 400 in 65. I finished at 2:12, really lifting my knees and relaxing during the first 90 meters of the last 100. The last 10 meters, I sort of trailed off. My splits were 31-high, 33-low, 33-mid, 33-high. It was hardly my fastest, but it did feel good. I would consider it an even, pedestrian race, if you can call it a race: I believe I won by 14 seconds. Again, I'd like to think about it as a time trial. If there was a 2:12 runner in the race, I think I could have sipped below 2:10. If there was a 2:00, I think I could have run 2 seconds faster per 200.

Once I finished, I immediately had a brief conversation with the second finished and then I jogged a mile (about 5 laps) on the infield. I knew I felt pretty good because it is unusual for me to finish an 800 and virtually break into a mile jog, especially in 90+ degree heat and humidity. Total for the day: 2.7

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We'll see

Wednesday, 7/21/10--ran 3.5 miles

Thursday, 7/22/10--ran 9.25-9.5 in 71:00 with crew. Went to the preserve. Challenging course.

Friday, 7/23/10--took off.

28 miles for the week.

Saturday, 7/24/10--warmed up and ran 4x200 at race pace (31-32) to get my legs together for tomorrow's 800m race. We'll see. 2.5 miles

Total: Sun-Sat-->30.5

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back home

Tuesday, 7/20-tired legs. 6.6 in 49:10.

Monday, 7/19-4.4 mi recovery run.

Sunday, 7/18-4) Pick-up reps: 8 x 400m @ 70 w/3-min Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 65.
69,67,69,69,65,71,69,64. This workout was rather tough for me. Not a good sign. Total: 4 miles

The week at Disney

Despite being at Disney from 7/10-7/17, I managed to get in a few morning runs, several with my son, for a total of about 38 miles or so. I took advantage of the flat Florida landscape, although the humidity took advantage of me.

Saturday-7/17-took off
Friday-7/16-5.25 recovery run
Thursday-7/15-(6).75 repeats (w/3 min break) on a paved trail with my son: 5:10, 5:05, 4:55, 4:55, 4:50, 4:45. Total--about 6.3 mi.
Wednesday-7/14-a hard, solo 6.6 in 42:50
Tuesday-7/13-6.6 with my son
Monday-7/12-6.75 with my son
Sunday-7/11-6.75 with my son

Friday, July 9, 2010

Disney, the happiest place on Earth

I took off yesterday.

Today I figured I'd try an interval workout. I usually don't like doing interval workouts early in the morning since my legs feel asleep and I feel weaker due to my insufficient energy level and an empty stomach. I feel especially vulnerable when I ask my body to do anything beyond 200 meters at 6 AM under these conditions. Anyway, I wanted to give it a shot since I took off yesterday and will not run tomorrow (My family and I have a 6 AM flight to Florida--Disney--tomorrow morning, which means we need to be up and out early to get to the airport by 4ish). I decided to do 400s and 200s. They were nothing to write home about, especially the first sets, but I am glad I did them since I am thinking about entering the 800 at Keystone Games, which are in a couple of weeks.

mile warm up
Set 1
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

Set 2
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

Set 3
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

Set 4
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

Set 5
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

1200 cool down

6.75 miles

Admittedly, I should have runs sets 1-3 like I ran sets 4 and 5. I hope to be able to do some base work (40-45 miles) in Florida. I really should install a long run (10-12 miles) and/or a fartlek.

Sunday-6 (45 min)
Monday-7 (52)
Tuesday-8 (60)
Wednesday-6 (45)
Thursday-7 (52)
Friday-8 (60)

As my wife has said, anything is possible at Disney, the happiest place on Earth.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Henderson out and back.

Henderson out and back recovery run-->7.8 miles, 58:30. It was a humid 84 degrees, and I felt pretty sluggish. I may take off tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a concept! Anti-head case.

Today I was determined to make it through the workout, even if it wasn't the strongest pace in the world. I decided I was sick of being a head case! The workout was 3x1 mile with a 200 meter jog rest. I let the today's top group go before me, and I ran by myself. First mile: 1:35, 3:07,--, 6:20. Second mile: 1:31, 3:04, --, 6:10. I felt the top two guys within meters of me when I began my third mile. I decided to let them push me. My first lap was in 1:27. I was 2:52 at the 800. I let them pass me on the third lap (their fourth). I wound up running 5:45. I made it through the workout, even if I did so in a pedestrian manner. The good thing is that I was able to handle the short recovery. I didn't stop running. What a concept! Anti-head case. 5.2 miles

Monday, July 5, 2010

Circuitous route

Today I wound up taking a circuitous route of 4.5 miles to Penn Oaks. This took 34:00, or about 7:33 pace. I lifted a bit and then took the same route back home. This took 33:00, or about 7:20 pace. Despite the fact that I ran at 9:15 AM, boy was it blazin'. 9.0 miles.

It's been another week...

Sunday, 7/4--failed attempt at a 5K. Stopped at 1.6 mile mark in 9:00. Didn't have a good warm up. Got to the race late. Mental problem. Altogether-4.5 miles.

Saturday, 7/3--6.5 miles in Phila. up Walnut and then along Schuylkill River

It's been another week since I've written. Let's do a week in review. 44.3 miles
Friday, 7/2--5.5 miles in Phila. up Walnut and then along Schuylkill River

Thursday, 7/1--7.9 miles, then 2.2 miles with wife. 10.1 miles

Wednesday, 6/30--6.6 miles

Tuesday, 6/29--4.5 miles. Dropped off my car. Ran to gym from dealership to lift, then ran home. Had planned to do a 5K. Jogged around 1 mile, then decided Nah.

Monday, 6/28--7.8 miles

Sunday, 6/27--on track. 2x800 in 2:30 with 6 min, 1 lap walk rest. 2x600 in 1:45 with 6 min, 1 lap rest. 2x400 in 65 with 6 min, 1 lap rest. 4.25 miles

Saturday, 6/26--Henderson out and back-->7.8 miles

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today I come clean.

On Monday I sketched out the week's plan. Today I come clean.

I wound up not running Tuesday because I did do a morning workout because of the 5K race at Westtown School, which I assume was cancelled due to the weather.
Thursday--joined up with a 12-member crew in WC Borough for 8 miles or so in 56:30. The route was a new one for me. It seemed like we went for longer than 8 miles, not necessarily because of the challenge of the run but because it seemed like we were at the rim of West Chester area.
Friday--6.6 (3 Rustin loops) in 48:55. My legs felt a little heavy.
.5 mi-4:03
2.0-15:40 (7:35)
2.2-17:15--loop #1
3.2-24:50 (7:30 from 2.2)
4.2-32:05 (7:15 from 3.2)
4.4-33:35--Loop #2 (16:20)
5.4-40:45 (7:10 from 4.4)
6.4-47:35 (6:50 from 5.4)
6.6--48:55--Loop #3 (15:20)

That puts me at 40.7 miles for the week. I didn't reach my goal of 45 miles on account of Tuesday's mishap, but at least this is my second week in a row 40 miles. There's always next week, right?

I am supposed to help a friend move tomorrow morning, but I will try to get in a run beforehand. I'd like to leave something in the tank for a short distance track workout on Sunday. We'll see. I haven't done one in over 5 weeks! Maybe I could do
moderate pick-up reps--8x 400m @ 75 w/2-minute interval and #s 2,5,8 @ 68. My usual would have been 8x 400m @ 70 w/2-minute interval and #s 2,5,8 @ 63. I am a little nervous because I haven't done anything this fast (not that this is fast) and I haven't been stretching as much because I am afraid to get reinjured. There...I came clean.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Now if I can only

I have been so busy lately that not only am I writing far less frequently, I am simply reporting what I did and much less about how I felt and where I am mentally. I am hoping to reignite my blog this summer.

So far this week:

Saturday, 6/19--7.8 Henderson run
Sunday, 6/20-3.2
Monday--7.3 new route (down to Street Road, down to rte 352, uphill to Johnny's Way, across to main entrance to Westtown School, down to Street Road, across to Shiloh, up to Plumly) 55:20; 7:35 pace.

The plan for the rest of this week:
Tuesday--may do a 5K at Westtown School (5, including warm up and cool down)
Thursday--WC Borough run--7.9

I am going for 45 miles this week. If only I could 1) be tougher during track workouts, 2) get some speedwork in, and 3) do my distance runs with more speed and intensity. And what about those stretching habits? If I could only do better with stretching. Hard-headed. My legs are still less flexible, given my pull in my left hamstring and weakness in my right.

Last week, I eclipsed the 40 mile mark...I think for the first time ever!

Saturday, 6/12--7.8 (Henderson out and back)
Sunday, 6/13--7.8 (Henderson out and back)
Monday, 6/14 --1.8 easy
Tuesday, 6/15--workout at Henderson 4.5--run 1200/jog 200/run 400/jog 400. Did 2 of the 3 sets with warm up and cool down. Did not feel strong.
Wednesday, 6/16--Penn Oaks run 6.6
Thursday, 6/17--6.6
Friday, 6/18--5.0


Monday, June 14, 2010

Pushing the mileage some

Last week, I ran 35 miles. This week, I am going for 40.

Saturday--7.8 (Henderson out and back)
Sunday--7.8 (Henderson out and back)
Monday--1.7 easy
Tuesday--Plan: workout 5.0
Wednesday--Plan: Penn Oaks run 6.6
Thursday--Plan: Borough run? 7.9
Friday--Plan: 4.4

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I guess I'm just a fool.

It has been over two weeks since I've blogged and more than three weeks since I pulled my hamstring.

I've tried not to be down and out, but I'm not a happy camper. I've lost all my sharpness (not that I had much) and am not in good racing form. Life goes on, though.

Last week I tried to maintain my mileage (I did about 25-30), but this week I've tried to step up my mileage. My mileage goal for the week is 35. Let's see what that looks like:
Sat 6/5--4.5 (did a 5K--Rustin Run; I took second. 18:00-something)
Sun 6/6--4.4
Mon 6/7--4.0
Tues 6/8--7.8 miles/58:55 (ran to Henderson, went around the block, and back home)
Wed 6/9--3.3/3.3 (6.6) ran to Penn Oaks and lifted and ran back home
Thurs 6/10--took off
Fri 6/11--plan: 7.8

My goal for next week is 40. There is one problem, though: I'm being hard-headed--I am not supposed to be doing much on account of my hamstring and here I am trying to increase my mileage. I guess I'm just a fool.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That may be a bit ambitious

I took last Friday and the weekend off, owing to my pulled hamstring. In the process, I tacked on a few pounds! Can you believe it? Anyway, yesterday I jogged just under 2 miles and today I ran close to 4.5...albeit slowly. I am hoping to be full stride by week's end. That may be a bit ambitious.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here I am again...on the injury list

Thursday, 5/20--I attempted a distance run in town this morning. (I saw that the group was not there, but I also saw Keven Kelly pass the country club heading down New St. I gave "chase" and was a minute behind him. A mile and a half into this hilly run I felt my hamstring begin to act up, so I headed back to my car. I got home and did what I thought was some light stretching. Then, there was the pop and the screech that accompanied it. Here I am again...on the injury list...again...for perhaps the sixth or seventh time this calendar year. Arrrggghhh

Wed, 5/19/10--The workout today was to be relatively quick and moderate. 2x300 in 47, 2x200 in 29, and 2x150 in 21 with 75 second between each repeat and 800 meter jog between each set. I hit my times, but I pulled up in the last 25 meters of my first 150 as I felt my hamstring. I stopped there and cooled down.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It could've been worse.

Tuesday, 5/18/10-

Went to Henderson. Raining and cool. Got there late. Warmed up 1.15 miles. Stretched as everyone else prepared to do the workout: 3x1 mile with 400 jog in-between. Hopped into the 2nd one. Did 1200 in 4:15. Slow-jogged 400 and stretched leg. Did 3rd mile in 5:35. Cooled down 1200. The workout was not great. It could've been worse.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I listened to my body

On Tap--
Tomorrow: distance workout at Henderson. Probably 1000s or 1200s.
Wednesday: 2x 300m @:47—2x 200m @:29—2x 150m @:21 w/60sec interval btw each // jog 800 btw sets

Monday, 5/17/10-
3 Rustin loops.
.5 mi-4:00
2.0-15:40 (7:40)
2.2-17:20--loop #1
3.2-24:50 (7:30 from 2.2)
4.2-31:50 (7:00 from 3.2)
4.4-33:20--Loop #2 (16:00)
5.4-40:25 (7:05 from 4.4)
6.4-46:55 (6:30 from 5.4)
6.6--48:15--Loop #3 (14:55)

Sunday, 5/16/10--Plan was to go to D'town East HS and do 16 150s--4 in 25, 4 in 23, 4 in 21, and 4 in 19 with 90 seconds between each repeat and 3 minuted between each set. I warmed up mile and stretched well. First set: 24,25,25,24; 22,23,23,22; 20,21,21,20; 19,19 STOPPED! My left hamstring tightened up and I listened to my body. I cooled down a mile and called it a day. The next time I do this workout, I'd like to do 1 of 3 things: do 16 but start with 24 and work my way down to 18; do 16 in the same fashion as above but with 1 minute between each repeat and 2 minutes between each set; or do 12 starting with 22 and working my way down to 18...with 1 minute's rest between each repeat and 2 minutes between each set.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Week in Review

Since I have not had the time to blog this week, I figured I'd just summarize the week.

Today my daughter is running a 5K in Kennett Square as part of a girls running club at her school. I will be her pacing partner. Beforehand, I will try to run a couple of miles to get my week's total to 30.

Friday, May 14: just 2.2 (16:30)

Thursday, May 13: 6.2. Met with crew in WC Borough. Tried a different route...and went through East Bradford to the Preserves, where John L. and I cut back to head back to the Borough. 23:00 to the Preserves and 24:30 heading back. The hills coming back were a bear.

Wednesday, May 12: 3x300, followed by 3x200. The 300s were supposed to be in :45 and the 200s were supposed to be in :30. I was supposed to walk 100 and then jog 400 between the 300s for a full recovery of 4:00. I was supposed to walk a 200 after each 200 for a 2:00 recovery. I did the same workout this time last year (49,46,46;29,29,29). I wound up doing 47,46,46;29,28,28. As always, warmed up 1.1 mile but only had time to cool down in .35.

Tuesday, May 11: We were supposed to do 1200 a bit slower than 5K pace, jog 100, then do a 400 in faster than 5K pace. I did 1200 (4:28), skipped the 400, 1200 (4:25), skipped 400, 1000 (trying to pace Kevin in 3:18), then 400 in :80. Warmed up 1.15, cooled down the same.

Monday, May 12: 4.4 miles.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Penn Relays Debacle in review

Now that I have a moment, I can reflect, in brief, on my Penn Relays experience. I did not have a good Penn Relays. By admission, I was not prepared to run well. I cramped up despite receiving a massage 7 AM the morning of the race. While at Penn, I could feel my quads tighten and quiver as I ascended and descended the stadium stairs. I felt decent during the warm-up but I could tell that I was not 100%. When we were called to the paddock area, I did not expect that we'd be lined up for nearly 40 minutes. Given the overcast, it was getting a bit chilly. Unlike last year, the official mercifully divided our race into two sections of about 9 each. Our team--Darryl, TJ, Dennis and me--would be in the second one. TJ led off and we were trailing as I took the baton in third to last, I believe. Unlike last year, when I got the baton I felt flat and not particularly excited or myself. I kept saying to myself, "don't pull a muscle, don't get hurt." I guess that refrain occurs in the mind of those coming off any sidelining injury. I handed the baton to Darryl, knowing I hadn't run well. Half-jokingly, I said that I was about 2 seconds off last year's 53.1 split. When Chuck gave me my split, I was correct. I knew I had run slow but not by 2.5 seconds! I felt some solace when I learned that another timer had me in 54.8 or 9, as opposed to Chuck's 55.6. How could I have sucked that badly? It's a race I'd like to forget, but one I won't or can't! What a Penn Relays debacle. Thank goodness Saturday's scintillating performances of Usain Bolt, Latavia Thomas, Cheltenham's 4x400 in 3:13, et al.


May 9, 2010--Penn Oaks run. 24:50 (7:35, 15:20, 22:40)/23:15 (6:55,--, 16:20@2.3).

May 8, 2010--Sit 'n Kick Reps at Westtown School.
5 x (400 in :64, 200 in :28, 100 walk in 1:00, and 1200 jog in 9:00).

May 7, 2010--lifting.

May 6, 2010--7.9 in :58:45

May 5, 2010--12x200 (3 sets: 34,33,32). 34,34,34; 33,33,34; 32,32,32

May 4, 2010--6x800.

May 3, 2010--don't remember1

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stopping is en vogue?

Sunday, 5/2/10--Hot and humid. 85 degrees; close to 90 would be the high. Penn Oaks run. 24:27 en route to PO; 23:30 pace on way home. Due to the humidity and my listening to my body, I stopped at 2.3 mark at 16:42 with mile to go. I walked a few minutes and finished up. Stopping is en vogue now?

Saturday, 5/1/10--Hot. 85 degrees; 90 would be the high. Tried to do 8x400 with a 200 meter walk (2:30)-- #s 1,3,4,6,7 in 70 and 2,5,and 8 in 63. The first four were largely successful: 70,64,70,69. I got to the fifth one and lost my confidence. I wound up running just 250 (in 38). Realizing I was running late for an engagement, I tried to do another one and lost my faculties again, stopping at the 300 in :47, which was on pace for the :63 I was supposed to run. So, all in all, this was an unsuccessful workout.

Friday, 4/30/10--4.4 miles-2 Rustin+ loops. 17:10, 33:00.

Thursday, 4/29/10--7.9 in WC Borough. Got there a few minutes after the crew left. Saw them a quarter mile or more away. 28:40 at 4 mile mark. Finished up in 57:43. Weak big hill.

Wednesday, 4/28/10--took off.

Tuesday, 4/27/10--5x1000 with 400 jog rest. First one I did was a partial one; I started late and did about 650. 3:55, 3:55, 3:53, 3:39

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tuesday, 4/27/10--workout at WC Henderson.

Monday, 4/26/10--2 Rustin loops: 4.4 miles (17:20/16:10=33:30).

Sunday, 4/25/10--Penn Oaks run: 3.3 out, lift and back. 24:33/23:27. 6.6 total

Saturday, 4/24/10--After the horrifics yesterday, I took off today.

Friday, 4/23/10--Penn Relays report coming soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"If not you, then who?"

Today, the plan was 3x200 and 3x150 (accelerations). I hit :27 and :28. I stopped at the 100 mark on the 3rd 200 (:13/:14) because my left calf starting acting up again. For this reason, I did only 2 19 and 20. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I tried to get an appointment with sports masseuse but I had not such luck. I am now wondering whether I should take tomorrow off or just jog. I just don;t quite feel sharp. So much for splitting 53.1 like last year. We'll see. I have to be positive. Like I sometimes say, "If not you, then who?"
1.1 warm-up and cool down.

Yesterday, Tuesday 4/20/10, I did 3x300 just to get my legs going a bit. Goal pace was :45. I did: 44, :46, and :45. 1.1 warm-up and cool down.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Muzzy Run and working out the kinks

In order to work out the kinks, today I did a recovery run of 5 miles.
1.0-8:00 (4:05)
2.0-16:00 (8:00)
4.2-32:55 (7:35 mile)
4.4-34:25 (15:50--Rustin loop 2)

About 7:45 mile pace.

Yesterday, 4/18/10

I did my first 5K of the year--the Terry Muzzy Run, a memorial run for a man whom I didn't know but who gave his all to the kids of Downingtown High School West and East Campuses.

My son and I got to the Struble Trail at about 7:30 for the 8:00 start. It was quite cool--38 degrees or so but sunny. We were able to warm up right away since we were pre-registered and has already received our numbers and t-shirts, a 5K fundraising staple. We ran about a 1/2 mile into the trail and back for a total of a 1-mile warm-up. We stretched for a bit while we chatted. My wife and daughter showed up and before you knew it we were at the line ready to go. Despite the cool temp, I ran in shorts and my Ches County Running Store shirt, but I had my favorite, though worn out, UnderArmor gloves. At the siren, I led the run, figuring that my goal was to run an even race and take it easy a bit, knowing this was my first race in a while following recent injuries. I tried not to be too mindful of my injuries and such. Running very relaxed, I hit the first mile in 6:05, the second mile in 12:05, and finished in 18:50 or so. Not a fast time, but I felt good, leading wire to wire and without paining myself. Incidentally, I wondered whether the course was long. As it turns out, it was long by .1. That said, my 3.1 time was probably about 18:20, with mile splits of about 5:55. This pales in comparison to last year's 17:16, but that's okay. Last year, I had two guys who pulled me along to the time. It was a fun, low pressure race. I cooled down about .3 mile immediately after the race, as I had a 9:00 engagement (Alumni Council session) in Swarthmore.

After my 9-11:30 session at Swarthmore, I dashed to my daughter's soccer game in Chadds Ford area. I had baton practice for Penn Relays in Northeast Phila at 2:00, so I left her game immediately after it concluded at 1:10, then got to NE Phila at about 2:10. I cannot believe I made that trek in an hour! Unfortunately, when I arrived only Chuck and newcomer to the relay, TJ, were there. I was a little disappointed as I had burned rubber to be on time, feeling badly that I was 10 minutes late, only to find that others were missing. Chuck, TJ and I chatted for a while, then warm-up a mile and stretched. Chuck also placed some calls to get the other cats there! The other guys finally arrived. TJ and I were able to do some drill as we waited for the guys to warm up.

We finally got started with some handoffs after deciding the relay order for Penn. I would run second, TJ would run first, Daryll would run third and another guy (newcomer) whose name escapes me would run fourth. TJ and I did several handoffs, before Daryll and I practiced. We set up multiple passing configurations. I'd say I received the baton 6 times and gave it 6 times. We cooled down and had a brief meeting to review some logistics.

About 6 miles today. Long day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sunday, 4/18/10--5K in an hour and a half. Will report on this later.

Saturday, 4/17/10--2 miles or so on Swarthmore College's campus.

Friday, 4/16/10--ran 3x200 with a 200m walk and 200 meter jog (4 min) in-between, followed by 3x150 (build-ups) with a 250m walk in-between. I did the 200s in 28s and the 150s in 21,19, and 20 seconds. The 150s were supposed to be progressive: 7-8s for the 1st 50, 6-7 for the 2nd, and 5-6 for the 3rd. Same workout this time last year.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

when the legs are still sleepy

Thursday, 4/15/10--Went to Westtown School. Warmed up 1.1 mile. On tap was 4x300 in :45 with a 5 minute break (250 walk/250 jog). My runs were 46,46,45,44. Cooled down 1.1 mile. This workout does not compare as favorably to last year's on this date, but it was okay. (According to my blog, I ran a slow first 300 (48/49) and 43/44 for the remaining ones.) I felt like I needed to press harder than usual to hit the times. Admittedly, I do these workouts in the early hours of the morning when the legs are still sleepy!

Wednesday, 4/14/10--Took off.

Tuesday, 4/13/10--Went to Henderson to join the crew for the first time in a while. Warmed up 1 mile. The workout was 3 sets of 4x400 with a 100 jog between each 400 and a 500 jog between each set. I hung back with a slower group for most of the workout. I ran all of them in around 1:30. Pedestrian, I know. When it appeared that I would be lapped by the top group, I waited for those runners and joined them on their numbers 11 and 12 (my numbers 10 and 11). I hopped in with them to run my last two in 77. Cooled down 1 mile.

Monday, April 12, 2010

To be honest

Today I simply did the 4.4 route (2 Rustin loops) in about 7:30 pace--33:15.

On Sunday, I did my usual Penn Oaks run--24:49 en route there, lifted, 23:35 en route home. 6.6 miles. To be honest, the weather was more memorable than the run.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I was able to make it through

For the first time in a while, I was able to make it through an interval workout intact. Admittedly, the workout wasn't that taxing, bit it was enough to bolster my confidence that I am on the right path. I warmed up 1.25 miles, stretch pretty well, did some light drills, then proceeded to do my 6 200s in 30 with a 200 walk (3 minutes), then cooled down 1 mile. My 200s were 28-low, 28-high, 29-low, 29-low, 28-high, and 28-low. This is the first 200 meter workout I've done in ages, and it felt pretty good, despite the fact that I was unable to run these as relaxed as I would've liked.

This afternoon I also did a mile or so warming up with my kids, who were about to do a 5K. My 10-year old daughter ran 26:14, and my son ran 19:55; he was greatly disappointed, to say the least. Then again, he really hasn't gotten himself into appropriate shape.

Tomorrow I will likely run to Penn Oaks to lift.

These are the times that try men's souls.

I wound up having to take it very easy this week on account of my calf. I did 4.4 miles on each of Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday, I did only 2.2 miles. I had planned to get in much more distance and two solid interval workouts on these days. I am hoping to hit the track momentarily for what I hope will be a good, injury free workout. I was thinking of some 200s or a couple of 450s followed by a few 200s. I find that I am afraid to run fast or far for risk of further injury. These are the times that try men's souls.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tipping the scale

Took off again. Calf is rather sore still. I feel like time is ticking away and I'm tipping the any number of ways. Hoping to be able to run tomorrow. All blog and no run makes for a dull Delvin.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Maybe the track workout did me in.

I can feel it. My calf muscle is being a pain once again...literally. I am trying to be patient. Maybe I did overdo it last week running a week straight. Maybe it was too much too fast. Maybe the track workout did me in.

Hoping for the best.

It's Monday morning, and I took the morning off. I'm sitting here doing hot/cold therapy on my leg. It feels a bit sore again. What a bummer. Hoping for the best.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'll be okay.

Today, I wound up doing an easy 4.4 (in 34:00), as I felt my calf and hamstring tighten a little. I stretched well afterwards. I'll be okay.

Trying to get myself back together

It's been another week since I last posted. Coming back from a calf injury, here's my quick and dirty run-down for the last seven days:
Today--I've yet to run, but I plan to do 6.6.
Yesterday (Saturday)--warm-up 1 mile; stretch; workout: run 400, then walk to 150 mark in 45 sec or so, then run 150, then jog 1200; cool down 1000. I did 4 sets and not the usual five and did a shorter cool down because I was running short on time. I've definitely need to get my leg turnover back, as I did not feel sharp or remotely fast. It was one of those workouts where you feel you're going faster than you actually are...until you look at the watch and realize that you were well off pace. Anyway, my runs were: 67,25; 66,25; 65,24; 64,23. The last set was the only one that met the standard.
Friday--6.3 miles in 47 minutes in Baltimore (Inner Harbor). Then, lifted in fitness center in hotel.
Thursday--6.0 miles in 45 minutes near St. Mary's City in MD.
Wednesday--5.9 miles around Rustin. 2 full loops. Cut left just before mile mark into third loop. Crossed grass driveway and up main road to Shiloh and back home.
Tuesday--warm-up mile. 5x.5 mi on treadmill. Lift in-between repeats. Cool down mile.
Monday--2.2 miles

As one can see, I am trying to get myself back together.

I am inspired by the magical performances of my Greater Phila Track Club teammates: Kevin, Chuck, Nick, Scott, Bob, and Cheryl, just to name a few. They are amazing. Their 800s: Kevin (46)--2:04; Chuck (50)--2:17; Nick (41)--1:56; Scott (45)--2:02; Bob (43)--2:00; Cheryl (50)--2:33. Who wouldn't be amazed? Great work!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

try to deal with the aftermath

It's been about a week since my last post. My calf injury still lingers, but today I caught a glimpse of healing. Unlike a few days ago when I tried to run only to fail a mile or so into it, today I was able to run to Penn Oaks, lift, and run back...and at my normal pace. I did feel the leg, especially during the last 2/10 of a mile, and I felt a little flat-footed, but I did finish the run.
En route to PO:
half-mile: 3:50
mile: 7:35
2 mile: 15:10
3 mile: 22:25
3.3 mile: 24:35

En route to home:
.2: 1:16
mile: 7:05
"the tree": 9:32
Street Rd: 16:45
2.8: 20:15
3.1: 22:30
3.3: 23:50

Overall, the run felt pretty normal, outside the calf problem. The could mean that I have lost too much in terms of conditioning.

I did a cold-hot leg therapy session afterwards to try to deal with the aftermath of the run. I have to remember not to push myself--my calf--too much, particularly since the other calf has to overcompensate.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The awful taste of defeat is enough

The awful taste of defeat is enough to make one vomit. It's over, my season that campaign to hit 2:00. Despite an early season 2:02, with the exception of a few days here and there, the vast majority of the last 10 weeks have been characterized by poor performances, injuries, and shotty workouts. Actually, this last year I've been prone to injury: first there was the hamstring, then the plantar fasciitis, then the near-ruptured achilles, then the broken finger, then the nerve issue in the hip, and finally the strained calf. Perhaps there should be a warning sign for those of us nearing "that" age: BEWARE: if you intend to stay fit and competitive it's gonna mean an injury every time you turn around.

I have gained 7 pounds this week alone! My metabolism even smells the blood in the water! It looks like I will be starting all over again because this injury may take more time than I had imagined. The awful taste of defeat is enough to make one vomit.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looks like my season is coming to a halt

Looks like my season is coming to a halt! I thought I'd do a track workout today and just couldn't. I did a 400 in 65, passed on my 150, jogged 800 and tried another 400. I got to the 200 mark in :31 and cramped up. I then went home and tried to do some jogging. After .75 I knew my attempt had come to an end. I just finished icing a very sore--perhaps torn--calf. I will phone my last resort, a masseuse who specializes in running injuries who is supposed to be very good. Arrrgghhh

Friday, March 19, 2010

being injured sucks!

I ran this morning, tight calf and all. Because I was favoring my left calf, I wound up making my right calf tight as well. I only did 4.4 miles--two of what I call Rustin loops.
3:55 (.5)
7:55 (1)
15:35 (2)
17:10 (1-2.2 mile loop)
20:45 (1.7)
31:45 (4.2)
33:10 (4.4)

I will try to massage my leg tonight so that I can see if I am ready for a track workout tomorrow. Overall, though, being injured sucks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This really stinks.

It's terrible being injured. My calf has sidelined me for the last few days. I made an attempt to do the Tuesday morning workout @ Henderson of 5x1000 with a 200 meter jog. I could only make it to the 650 mark of the second 1000 (I was a little late and was stretching during the first 1000) and to the 850 of the fourth one. My calf cramped badly and I've been nursing it ever since. I've gotten a massage, used heating pads, gone through finger fulls of icy hot and analgesic gels, and I am not feeling confident that I will be ready by next week, given my third straight day off. This weekend will be it--do or die. That's why I haven's been doing ANYTHING. I am feeling guilty, though, because I should be in the gym lifting. Maybe I will go this evening. This really stinks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

This morning was indeed dark!

This morning was indeed dark! I forgot about the impact of daylight savings on early morning! I warmed up 1 mile, stretched and attempted to do 10x100. My goal was to simply to get up on my toes and achieve a relaxed sprint, which I haven't done in quite a long time. The first 5 were to be in :14-:15; the second five were to be 12-13. The reason I say attempted is because my left calf cramped up on my ninth run, so I called it quits. First five runs: 15-low, 14-mid, 14-low, 14-low, 14-low; second five: 12-high, 13-low, 13-low, 14-cramp...

Hopefully, if I do this again next week I will have no issues with my legs. My goal then will be high :13s for set 1 and :12s for set 2.