Monday, August 31, 2009

Longer solo run

Monday, 8/31/09--first day of school for the kids. Short run--2.2--in 17:08.

Sunday, 8/30/09--7.5 miles: Ran Rustin loop--2.2 miles. Ran first part of a second Rusting the start of XC course. That was an additional 1.3 for a 3.5 total thus far. Ran the XC course for an additional 3.15 miles. 6.65 miles thus far. Completed the rest of the Rustin loop from the end of the XC course for an additional .85 mile. Grand total of 7.5 miles in 57:40. 7:41/mile pace. Wish I had fgelt stronger. This was my longest solo run in months. Of course I've done the 7.9 mile from WC Country Club with a group, but I haven't run beyond 6.6 miles alone in quite some time. And even my 6.6es in last last few months have not been continuous; they've been to Penn Oaks and back with a "lift rest" in-between.

Saturday, 8/29/09--took off. Went to Hershey Park!

Friday, August 28, 2009

This week has been a blur

This week has been a blur. At least the good thing is I ran 60.4 miles in the last two weeks, 25.6 in the last 7 days and 34.8 the 7 days before. I will start clocking my miles again.

Friday, 8/28/09--Michael Jackson's b-day! RIP, K of P. I was running late and ran 1 2.2 loop in 17:30.

Thursday, 8/27/09--I confused the day and did not have enough time to make it to WC Country Club to meet the guys for the 7.9 mile run. So, instead I ran two 1.85 loops for a simple 3.7 in 29:30. Same feeling as yesterday.

Wednesday, 8/26/09--I ran to Penn Oaks to lift and ran back for 6.6. Pace was easy (26:30 there, 25:30 on the way back). As a result, I should have felt better.

Tuesday, 8/25/09--Went to Henderson where a 3-mile tempo run awaited me. Given that I had just completed one yesterday, I was not enthused. Perhaps that's why I bombed! I warmed up 1.1 mile. I ran the first mile in 6:20, then stopped at the 1.5mile mark at 9:30. I waited a few minutes, then ran a 6:00 mile. I felt sluggish and couldn't keep up. I cooled down a mile. Total: 4.6 miles.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tempo run #1

Today I did a 31-minute tempo run on Rustin's site, using the 1.85 loop. I began with a 10-minute jog and then picked up the pace, trying to maintain and accelerate over a 10-minute period. I cooled down 11 minutes for a 4.1-mile total. Overall, I felt pretty good.

Fartlek style

Sunday--lots of yard work, a little biking to get to nearby courts for tennis, but otherwise I took off.

Saturday--did a 35-minute fartlek. I ran about .6 to get to the start of Rustin's new XC course. That was about 6 minutes (warm-up). The fartlek wasn't particularly fast, but it was challenging enough, especially considering I haven't done one in at least 6 months. I covered the 3.1 mile course--fartlek style--in 23:00. Each of two loops was about 11:30. I ended with a .6 mile/6-minute run back home (cool down).

Friday--dropped off my car, ran across the road to Penn Oaks to lift, and ran back home. Easy pace of about 8 minutes/mile. 3.3 in 26:20.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Humidity, I guess

Today I ran with the Thursday crew and did the same 7.9er. There were only three of us today, compared to the usual 5-10. And one of the guys peeled away at the 4.5 mile mark. We ran slower than we did the last two weeks (61:00+, or about 7:45/mile pace). It was very humid--worse than last Thursday--and we took the last mile incredibly easy. During the run, I felt a little heavy. I did go out to a Mexican restaurant last night and ate a lot. (I'm an average of 4-5 pounds heavier this summer.) I felt like I was struggling a bit here and there--the humdity, I guess. Too much talking? After the run, I felt pretty good. I was barely winded, a good sign.

I look forward next Tuesday's intervals and next Thursday's 7.9.

Wondering whether I'll take off tomorrow or run or bike to Penn Oaks to lift and back.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Easy Run

Today was an easy run of about 3.1 miles/25 minutes, about 8:20 pace. My legs were a little heavy, even sleepy, but I felt good otherwise. I was supposed to do an easy 30 minutes (3.75 or so), but I was running late. Looking forward to my 60-minute, 8-mile, 5:45 AM run tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Trying to get back into a groove

I went to Henderson today for what I knew would be another challenging least for me--4X1600@ 10K pace with a 200 meter jog-rest. Like last week, Kevin said the repeats should be at 10K pace, but I think we wound up running faster than that. At this point in my training, it felt like 5K pace, sorry to say. I skipped the first one, as I decided to devote more time to stretching my Achilles. My runs were 5:58, 5:57, 5:53, with 800 meter splits of 2:59, 2:58, and 2:59, respectively.

In the middle of the second one, I told myself that I could tackle this workout, despite what has been a crisis of confidence.

Like last week, I do wonder whether I would have been able to make it through the whole workout had I run the first 1600. Overall, I was pretty pleased with my effort.

Warm up 1.3
Workout 3.3
Cool down 1.0
TOTAL 5.6 miles

Starting tomorrow I will try to get myself back on a regimen.

Monday--do 30 minute tempo run
Tuesday--do interval training @ Henderson
Wednesday--run 30 minutes easy, bike to and from Penn Oaks to lift, or take off
Thursday--do long run (about 60 minutes) in WC Borough
Friday--run 30 minutes easy, bike to and from Penn Oaks to lift, or take off, depending on what I did on Wednesday
Saturday--do 30 minute fartlek
Sunday--run to Penn Oaks (lifting)--out and back easy--6.6 total

Monday, August 17, 2009

Big Apple filled me up

Monday--easy 3.7 in 29:45. Today my Achilles felt a bit sore. I was still and could not get the traction I wanted. The easy 29:45 should have felt easier than it did.

Sunday--Central Park. 7.5 or so miles. We spent Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon in NYC. I got a chance to run in Central Park, leaving the hotel on 43rd and 7th and making my work to 59th. What a blessing it was! It was inspiring to see so many people running, biking and just plain exercising or being active. I ran about 31 minutes into the park and 28 minutes back to the hotel. Incidentally, many of the streets were blocked off due to the half-marathon through Times Square. Now that would've been something: visiting NYC and just hopping into my first half-marathon. Maybe next time!

Saturday--easy 3.7 in 28:30 just before heading to the Big Apple.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Simple, easy run

Simple, easy run this morning--1.9 in 14:30--since I was running late. I felt the humidity less since I was without a shirt (in the 68 degree temp)!

This puts me at 25 miles for the week, a summer high! Too bad for me this would have been a low mileage week months ago.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I could get used to this

Yesterday I just lifted--hopped in my car, headed to Penn Oaks, and just lifted for about 20 minutes.

Today, however, I ran with the Thursday crew and did the same 7.9er. We ran a minute slower than we did last week (60:00+, or about 7:38/mile), even though it felt faster to me. Chalk it up to the humidity, I guess. I felt pretty comfortable during the run, hanging back a little, running ahead a little, conversing more than usual.

I look forward to doing another 7.9 next Thursday. I could get used to this.

Wondering whether I'll take off tomorrow, do a track workout or run to Penn Oaks to lift and back.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

He's back...I think

I went to Henderson today for what I knew would be a challenging least for me--5x1200 @ 10K pace with a 200 meter jog-rest. Admittedly, Kevin said it should be at 10K pace, but I think we wound up running faster than 10K pace for most of the people there. 4:21-4:26 anyone? Seems more like a 5K pace! I skipped the first one, opting for a more thorough stretch of my Achilles instead. My runs were 4:26, 4:25, 4:24, 4:21, with 800 meter splits of 2:59, 2:58, 2:57, and 2:56 respectively. Chop those splits in half and there you'd have the 400 meter splits.

Once I had finished the second one, I told myself that I could do it, despite having not run with so little recovery in a while. I just have to do that every time.

I do wonder whether I would have been able to make it through the whole workout had I run the first 1200. In the end, I was pretty pleased with my effort. And I am not hurting at the moment! He's back...I think

Monday, August 10, 2009

And onward I go

I ran this morning...2 1.87-mile loops for about 3.75 miles total in 28:30 (14:45; 13:45). I need to get my mind back in order. Onward I go.

I took off Sunday. I had an initial change of heart, but then bagged it.

Saturday I decided to redeem myself. I took my son to the track, figuring I'd do 4x1600, and he'd do the first 1000 or 1200 with me. He chose 1000s. I ran the first in 6:00, the second in 5:59, the third in 5:54, and the fourth in 5:35. I took no more than 7:00 in-between each. I had planned for 6, but the walk around the track took longer than expected. A lot of rest, I know, but I deperately needed a successful workout. All repeats were run in very even splits: 3:00/3:00; 2:59/3:00; 2:57/2:57; 2:45/2:50. DJ ran a couple of seconds ahead of me, hitting the 800 in 2:58, then 2:57, and then 2:54. He stopped 250 meters into the fourth one due to Achilles pain. Sound familiar? Now it's rubbing off on my son.

Friday was awful. I talked myself into running the mile in the last open meet of the season sponsored by Chester County Running Store. I initially said that I'd pace my son and run somewhere in the 5:20 range. My son said I should just run my own race. Too bad for me I put down a 5:00 seed time and wound up in a different heat than he. A 5:00 mile should be light work for me, but it wasn't. I just didn't feel it; I was flat and awful from the start of the race. I found myself off pace within the first 400 meters. I was supposed to git :70 with ease, but I hit :72and felt off-base. So, like a chump, I stopped 700 meters into the about 2:10 or so. I actually thought about stopping at the 600! I was embarassed at first. But then I realized that it was better to bow out of the race than to continue onward, run a bad time, and injure myself further. It just wasn't worth it...and it has to be.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I went the distance

Yesterday, I made my way to the West Chester Country Club. There were only a few of us. I felt a little off kilter initially, falling back here and there and having to make up ground. But then I got into my groove. I kept pace and killed the two major hills in the last mile or so. I ran 59:15 for the 7.9. Overall, I was pleased, gaving not gone that distance since May, I believe. I will be out there next Thursday.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He returns...or does he?

Yesterday I made my way to Henderson's track at 5:45 AM to meet the distance crew I have been running with. By the time I got there, just about everyone was stretching and getting ready for the 3x1600 w/ 200 jog-recovery workout. Upon my arrival someone shouted out "He returns!" to which I replied "He rises from the dead!" even if no one heard me.

I warmed up a mile as they began their first 1600m repeat. There looked to be about 25 or so people, strung out within various groups/levels. As I stretched, I timed the first group and saw that Kevin ran the first mile in 5:47 and the remainder of the top group hit between 6:02 and 6:04. The other groups had various times, ranging up into the 7-, and 8-minute marks. I continued stretching, figuring that I would hop into the first group the next time they came in my direction. I stepped in with 1000m to go. The pace was stronger; the mile was just under 6:00. My 1000m was 3:40. I jogged the 200 with them and then began what was for them the last mile. Someone (can't remember the woman's name) said she wanted to pick up and pace hoped no one would mind. I remember hitting 2:52 at the 800 meter mark. I wound up stopping to stretch my Achilles at about the 950m mark at 3:19. In all honesty, I was also winded! I saw them finish the mile, and then I finished mine in 5:38. I cooled down a mile and thought about days past when I was able to do 3x1600. It was never an easy workout, but I was able to do it with respectfully. I also realized that my pride got in the way during this workout. What I should have done was hopped in with a group running an easier (think slower) pace so that I could have completed the entire last mile without stopping. How foolish was I!

I actually considered running the 5K series at Westtown School last evening, but then realized that I would be asking my body to do too much too soon. Instead I watched my son run his best time on the course on a humid evening. I was proud and hope that he realizes that with even better conditioning he could do well when he officially begins high school XC later this month.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The tide is turning

I have done 34 miles over the past 10 days, two of which I took off.

This morning I did another 4.4 miles/2 Rustin loops.

4:24 Half
8:20 Mile
16:02 2 mile
17:40 2.2 (1 loop)
21:10 2.7
25:10 3.2 (7:30)
32:10 (14:30) 4.2 (7:00)
33:29 (15:49) 4.4

7:36 pace

Yesterday, my son and I did a Penn Oaks run.
On way there
4:15 Half
8:05 Mile
16:00 2 mile
23:12 3.0
25:22 3.3
On way back home
1:30 .2
7:20 Mile
17:07 Street Rd/Westbourne
20:30 2.8 Creamery Rd
23:57 3.3

The tide is turning. I am still obviously weakened by my nagging foot injuries. this accounts for my having to put forth additional effort to do what I used to be able to do easily. What is encouraging for me, though, is the fact that my son is getting stronger and more in-shape. He was pushing (more like pulling) me onward during our run. We were supposed to go for about an 8 minute mile pace on the way there and about a 7:45 pace on the way back. Instead we ran 7:41 pace on the way to Penn Oaks and 7:15 on the way back home. In think he was testing his old man, dead set on going faster, and he did it more easily than I had anticipated. I told him that he should be his old man this fall in the 5K. (It may take him more time to beat me in shorter race distances.) He asked me if I were crazy. I told him that he would do it. The 17:16 I ran in the spring I will not hit again for some time to come.

With a current best in the low 20:00, hopefully he'll run 19:00-range as a freshman, 18:00- as a sophomore, 17:00- as a junior, and 16:00- as a senior.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feeling hopeless

Saturday 8/1/09--took the day off!

Friday 7/31/09--
I ran after work today. I decided on 2 Rustin loops/4.4 miles. I did not feel particularly strong. 34:00. I am coming to the realization that I may have to start all over because of my injuries.

Thursday (7/30/09)night at Westtown School's track did not go as planned. I warmed up and stretched, feeling progressively better. I had planned to do 3x400 in roughly 60 seconds, with a 10-minutes recovery. After I hit the first 200 of the first 400 in :32, I knew that the planned would be botched. I felt like crap as I hit the 400 mark in nearly :68. I couldn't believe it. I was demoralized and felt like I should go home! Instead, I joined a guy who was in the process of running a 12K in 6:30 pace. Realizing I would be unable to stick with him, I opted to "help" him (help myself is not like it!) by keeping him on pace every other 800 meters. So, I ran an 800, rested an 800, ran an 800, rested an 800, etc. I wound up doing 5 800s within a range of 3:10-3:20. I sucked up the track and went home feeling like I was hopeless.