Tuesday, May 25, 2010

That may be a bit ambitious

I took last Friday and the weekend off, owing to my pulled hamstring. In the process, I tacked on a few pounds! Can you believe it? Anyway, yesterday I jogged just under 2 miles and today I ran close to 4.5...albeit slowly. I am hoping to be full stride by week's end. That may be a bit ambitious.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here I am again...on the injury list

Thursday, 5/20--I attempted a distance run in town this morning. (I saw that the group was not there, but I also saw Keven Kelly pass the country club heading down New St. I gave "chase" and was a minute behind him. A mile and a half into this hilly run I felt my hamstring begin to act up, so I headed back to my car. I got home and did what I thought was some light stretching. Then, there was the pop and the screech that accompanied it. Here I am again...on the injury list...again...for perhaps the sixth or seventh time this calendar year. Arrrggghhh

Wed, 5/19/10--The workout today was to be relatively quick and moderate. 2x300 in 47, 2x200 in 29, and 2x150 in 21 with 75 second between each repeat and 800 meter jog between each set. I hit my times, but I pulled up in the last 25 meters of my first 150 as I felt my hamstring. I stopped there and cooled down.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It could've been worse.

Tuesday, 5/18/10-

Went to Henderson. Raining and cool. Got there late. Warmed up 1.15 miles. Stretched as everyone else prepared to do the workout: 3x1 mile with 400 jog in-between. Hopped into the 2nd one. Did 1200 in 4:15. Slow-jogged 400 and stretched leg. Did 3rd mile in 5:35. Cooled down 1200. The workout was not great. It could've been worse.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I listened to my body

On Tap--
Tomorrow: distance workout at Henderson. Probably 1000s or 1200s.
Wednesday: 2x 300m @:47—2x 200m @:29—2x 150m @:21 w/60sec interval btw each // jog 800 btw sets

Monday, 5/17/10-
3 Rustin loops.
.5 mi-4:00
2.0-15:40 (7:40)
2.2-17:20--loop #1
3.2-24:50 (7:30 from 2.2)
4.2-31:50 (7:00 from 3.2)
4.4-33:20--Loop #2 (16:00)
5.4-40:25 (7:05 from 4.4)
6.4-46:55 (6:30 from 5.4)
6.6--48:15--Loop #3 (14:55)

Sunday, 5/16/10--Plan was to go to D'town East HS and do 16 150s--4 in 25, 4 in 23, 4 in 21, and 4 in 19 with 90 seconds between each repeat and 3 minuted between each set. I warmed up mile and stretched well. First set: 24,25,25,24; 22,23,23,22; 20,21,21,20; 19,19 STOPPED! My left hamstring tightened up and I listened to my body. I cooled down a mile and called it a day. The next time I do this workout, I'd like to do 1 of 3 things: do 16 but start with 24 and work my way down to 18; do 16 in the same fashion as above but with 1 minute between each repeat and 2 minutes between each set; or do 12 starting with 22 and working my way down to 18...with 1 minute's rest between each repeat and 2 minutes between each set.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Week in Review

Since I have not had the time to blog this week, I figured I'd just summarize the week.

Today my daughter is running a 5K in Kennett Square as part of a girls running club at her school. I will be her pacing partner. Beforehand, I will try to run a couple of miles to get my week's total to 30.

Friday, May 14: just 2.2 (16:30)

Thursday, May 13: 6.2. Met with crew in WC Borough. Tried a different route...and went through East Bradford to the Preserves, where John L. and I cut back to head back to the Borough. 23:00 to the Preserves and 24:30 heading back. The hills coming back were a bear.

Wednesday, May 12: 3x300, followed by 3x200. The 300s were supposed to be in :45 and the 200s were supposed to be in :30. I was supposed to walk 100 and then jog 400 between the 300s for a full recovery of 4:00. I was supposed to walk a 200 after each 200 for a 2:00 recovery. I did the same workout this time last year (49,46,46;29,29,29). I wound up doing 47,46,46;29,28,28. As always, warmed up 1.1 mile but only had time to cool down in .35.

Tuesday, May 11: We were supposed to do 1200 a bit slower than 5K pace, jog 100, then do a 400 in faster than 5K pace. I did 1200 (4:28), skipped the 400, 1200 (4:25), skipped 400, 1000 (trying to pace Kevin in 3:18), then 400 in :80. Warmed up 1.15, cooled down the same.

Monday, May 12: 4.4 miles.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Penn Relays Debacle in review

Now that I have a moment, I can reflect, in brief, on my Penn Relays experience. I did not have a good Penn Relays. By admission, I was not prepared to run well. I cramped up despite receiving a massage 7 AM the morning of the race. While at Penn, I could feel my quads tighten and quiver as I ascended and descended the stadium stairs. I felt decent during the warm-up but I could tell that I was not 100%. When we were called to the paddock area, I did not expect that we'd be lined up for nearly 40 minutes. Given the overcast, it was getting a bit chilly. Unlike last year, the official mercifully divided our race into two sections of about 9 each. Our team--Darryl, TJ, Dennis and me--would be in the second one. TJ led off and we were trailing as I took the baton in third to last, I believe. Unlike last year, when I got the baton I felt flat and not particularly excited or myself. I kept saying to myself, "don't pull a muscle, don't get hurt." I guess that refrain occurs in the mind of those coming off any sidelining injury. I handed the baton to Darryl, knowing I hadn't run well. Half-jokingly, I said that I was about 2 seconds off last year's 53.1 split. When Chuck gave me my split, I was correct. I knew I had run slow but not by 2.5 seconds! I felt some solace when I learned that another timer had me in 54.8 or 9, as opposed to Chuck's 55.6. How could I have sucked that badly? It's a race I'd like to forget, but one I won't or can't! What a Penn Relays debacle. Thank goodness Saturday's scintillating performances of Usain Bolt, Latavia Thomas, Cheltenham's 4x400 in 3:13, et al.


May 9, 2010--Penn Oaks run. 24:50 (7:35, 15:20, 22:40)/23:15 (6:55,--, 16:20@2.3).

May 8, 2010--Sit 'n Kick Reps at Westtown School.
5 x (400 in :64, 200 in :28, 100 walk in 1:00, and 1200 jog in 9:00).

May 7, 2010--lifting.

May 6, 2010--7.9 in :58:45

May 5, 2010--12x200 (3 sets: 34,33,32). 34,34,34; 33,33,34; 32,32,32

May 4, 2010--6x800.

May 3, 2010--don't remember1

Monday, May 3, 2010

Stopping is en vogue?

Sunday, 5/2/10--Hot and humid. 85 degrees; close to 90 would be the high. Penn Oaks run. 24:27 en route to PO; 23:30 pace on way home. Due to the humidity and my listening to my body, I stopped at 2.3 mark at 16:42 with mile to go. I walked a few minutes and finished up. Stopping is en vogue now?

Saturday, 5/1/10--Hot. 85 degrees; 90 would be the high. Tried to do 8x400 with a 200 meter walk (2:30)-- #s 1,3,4,6,7 in 70 and 2,5,and 8 in 63. The first four were largely successful: 70,64,70,69. I got to the fifth one and lost my confidence. I wound up running just 250 (in 38). Realizing I was running late for an engagement, I tried to do another one and lost my faculties again, stopping at the 300 in :47, which was on pace for the :63 I was supposed to run. So, all in all, this was an unsuccessful workout.

Friday, 4/30/10--4.4 miles-2 Rustin+ loops. 17:10, 33:00.

Thursday, 4/29/10--7.9 in WC Borough. Got there a few minutes after the crew left. Saw them a quarter mile or more away. 28:40 at 4 mile mark. Finished up in 57:43. Weak big hill.

Wednesday, 4/28/10--took off.

Tuesday, 4/27/10--5x1000 with 400 jog rest. First one I did was a partial one; I started late and did about 650. 3:55, 3:55, 3:53, 3:39