Saturday, October 31, 2015

not feeling this workout

Saturday, 10/31-Went to the Y for a little action.  Bumped into one of my old admin assistants, Eileen Campbell.  Great to see her.

Easy mile at 7:50
Chatted with Eileen
Easy mile at 7:40
Lifted upper body
Easy mile at 7:58
Lifted upper body
Easy mile at 7:40

Friday, 10/30-took off

Thursday, 10/29-arrived for the 5:40 AM run late.  The group had more than a solid minute on me as they did the normal route in reverse.  As it turned out, the workout was 2-mile tempo run, followed by 8x30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy.  I was not feeling this workout, with my ankles hurting me and my achilles tight.  My tempo run pace was only about 6:45.

Wednesday, 10/28-ran just a couple of miles.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I should have done three more 1000s

Tuesday, 10/27--Henderson at 5:35A.  Cool enough for long tights and sleeves.  Workout was 3x1000 with a 200 meter recovery for beginning group and people who plan to run the Philly half-marathon this weekend, 5x1000 with a 200m recovery for the moderate group, and 8x1000 for the advanced group.  I took the 5x1000 with a 200 meter recovery, which wound up being 75 seconds.  This workout was not my best 5x1000 by a long short, but it felt pretty good once my achilles warmed up.   My runs were: 3:41, 3:43, 3:37, 3:37, 3:31 for an average of about 3:38.  My average should be about 10 seconds faster, or I should have done threemore 1000s.  I could have done two more after taking off the 6th, but I needed to head home.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

when I'm tired

Sunday, 10/25-

Met with with Bruce et al. at Radnor HS at 8:00ish for a workout. 

Did Neg-split reps 2x (300m-500-400 w/neg-split last 100m). Goal for 2:00 800m runner: @ :32+14 (=:46 300m) . . . 66+14 (=1:20 500m) . . . 48+14 (=62 400m) 2-min btw reps/jog 1200 btw sets.

My goal was :33+15 (=:48 300m) . . . 68+15 (=1:23 500m) . . .50+15 (=65 400m) 3-min btw reps/jog 1200 btw sets.

The workout was ok...

Set 1: 32+15 (=:47 300m); 33/68+17 (=1:25 500m); 33/51+16 (=67 400m)

Set 2: 33+15 (=:48 200m); 33/68+16 (=1:24 500m); 33/50+15 (=65 300m)

Overall, the second set was better than the first one!

I need to work on my turnover when I'm tired.  If I am going to take 3 minutes' rest, then my times have to be the target times outlined in the original workout.  If I cut back to 2 minutes' rest, then I'll be okay with the times I ran least for now. 
Saturday, 10/24-When I got back from Ohio, I ran an easy 3.2M in 24:30.

Friday, 10/23-took off

Thursday, October 22, 2015

and change

Thursday, 10/22--The 5:40 AM workout, beginning at the WC Country Club, was to do 8x60 seconds hard/60 second regular (within the context of the training run).  We started the workout 11:00 into the run.  I stayed within 150 meters of Scott Burns, Ed McConnell, etc.  I reached Sharples Works complex/apartment building at 26:00.  I reached the 4M in just over 27:00.  I ran with the guys for the next 3/4 of a mile and then turned off at my usual point.  I headed back to the parking lot to finish up in 51:00 and change.

Wednesday, 10/21-about 5.2M in 40:15 at 6:05 AM.

Tuesday, 10/20-took the day off

Monday, 10/19-Knowing that I would be picking up my daughter from the airport after midnight and that I would unlikely work out Tuesday morning, I went to the Y.  Did a mile, stretched, lifted.

Monday, October 19, 2015

I think I could shave

10/18-Sunday.  Met up with Bruce and Duncan at 8:00AM at Radnor for a workout.  I figured we could do a "pick up reps" workout.  As designed for a 2:00 800m high school runner, the workout is 8x400 with 90 seconds rest.  400 #s 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are supposed to be 70 seconds, while 400 #s 2, 5 and 8 are supposed to be in 64.  Since I knew I didn't have the guns to do this workout as designed and time was of the essence, I made an important modification.  I turned the 400s to 300s.  I wanted #s 1,3,4,6, and 7 to be in 52.5 seconds, or 17.5 seconds per 100 meter.  The faster 300s I wanted to be in 48, or 16 seconds per 100.  We'd take three minutes' rest.  

300: 34/52-high
300: 31/49-low
300: 34/51-high
300: 34/51-mid
300: 31/48-high  
300: 34/51-mid
300: 33/51-low
300: 31/48-low

My ankles were a bit sore afterwards, but altogether this moderate workout felt pretty good.  I think I could shave off a second per repeat or a minute between runs.

10/17-Saturday.  Drove to Ohio and back to pick up and bring home my son from college.  Dead legs.

10/16-Friday.  Took day off.

10/15-Thursday.  Skipped the run on account of dropping off my daughter.  Ankles bothering me.  Worked out with the JV girls tennis team in afternoon.  Oodles of fun!

10/14-Wednesday.  Anticipating my Thursday 5 AM trip to the airport to drop off my daughter, I wound up going to the Y at 7PM for a workout.  This was the first I can recall ever working out at night.   My idea was to run 6:00 (about .85M) at 7:00/mile pace, alternating between the donut track and the treadmill, taking four minutes to lift (upper body) between runs.

I did five sets, ending with a pretty speedy last run on the treadmill.  I held the speed at 6:00 for the first two minutes, then changed it to 5:30 for the next two minutes, then shifted it to 5:00 for the last two minutes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

running by my lonesome

Wednesday, 10/14/15-took off.  Too much to do.

Tuesday, 10/13/15-Got to WC Henderson HS at 5:35 AM or so for the 5:50 AM workout, which was 3 x 2400 meters with a 400 meter jog/rest between runs.  OMG!  I wasn't feeling well still and I knew that 2400m would be a stretch, so I decided to do 2000 meters instead.

7:31-began with the top group, but lost ground with every lap.  As I finished, they were about 100 meters ahead of me.
7:30-sort of running by my lonesome.
7:12--joined the top group again 400 meters into their 2400m.  1:26, 2:54, 4:21, 5:47, 7:12.

Monday, October 12, 2015

felt good.

Monday, 10/12-took off.  In Connecticut visiting Wesleyan University.

Sunday, 10/11.  Met up with Bruce, Duncan and a few others at Radnor HS for a workout.  We got a bit of a late start, in part because of the lacrosse games on campus.  Bruce wanted to do shorter stuff, so we tried our luck at a modified sit 'n kick workout (400 + 200 or 150).  He preferred a target pace of 70 for the 400s.  Bruce wanted to start out easy to avoid a shock to the body, though.  We therefore did the first 400 in 1:20.  We walked a lap, then began in earnest.

#2: 70 400; 21 150
#3: 67 (we bagged the 150, knowing we were already running late)
#4: 66
#5: 61 (Bruce at 63)

This workout felt good.

We jogged 800 between 400s for a 7:00 rest.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Not feeling well

Thursday-Yuck.  Went into the town to join the crew of crazies.  The workout, beginning about 10:30 into the run, was 16 x 30 seconds on (hard), 30 seconds off (easy).  This amounted to about 15:30 of effort.  We started at about S. Brandywine and Juniper, which was about 1.6M/10:30 into the run.  I could've ended at E. Chestnut and Plum Alley in about 26:00, but I kept going to N. Penn for 26:30.

Wednesday-Y. sets sets of 6:00 of running at 7:00 pace/4 min of lifting.  Sickly.

Tuesday-Henderson in early AM (workout at 5:50).  Three workouts to choose from: 4x800 with 200 meter jog, 6x800 with 200 meter jog, or 8x800 with 200 meter jog.  Tried to do the advanced workout.  Wound up doing 4 800s, taking off #5, and doing the last 3 800s, for a total of 7.

2:55, 2:55, 2:55, 2:55, 2:50, 2:50, 2:35.  Not feeling well still.

Monday-took off

Sunday-Michele's Miles
Arrived in plenty of time to warm up.
Was 48 degrees or so when we arrived.  Very windy.
Warmed up a bit more than a mile.
Stretched in the field house.
Went to and from the track area.
Windy day and a little soggy still.
Got out well, leading the first 200m.
Guy pulled up beside me.  Stayed together as we neared the mile.
Reached the mile in 5:30.
Two guys passed me, one being one of my students, JC.
Hung within 20m of the guys number quarter mile.
I then started feeling bad.  Weak.
Hit mile 2 in 11:45, more than 30 seconds slower than last year.
Lost significant ground over mile 2.
Was about 50 meters behind the student at the tennis courts, 100 meters behind runner 2, and 150 meters behind runner 1.
Couldn't cut the distance over the final 325 meters.
Ran 18:35.  Sucked!  Evidently, I was pretty sick and still am.  I knew something was awry.

Friday, October 2, 2015

moderately easy

Fri-took off

Thursday-met up with the crew in town; would up doing a moderately easy 5M, the first four of which were at 7:15 mile pace.  The actual workout was a four-mile tempo, beginning less than a mile (about .75M) into the run at New Street and Miner.

Wednesday-took off