Wednesday, November 29, 2017

15 min: 4 machines, 2 leg and 2 upper body

Wed, 11/29-

Drove to the Y (5:50 AM arrival)  Did about 3M (22:30) around the neighborhood, and then headed into the gym for a little lifting (15 min: 4 machines, 2 leg and 2 upper body).

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Russian meddling

Tues, 11/28-

Arrived at Pingry at 6AM to do a track workout.  The real version of "Russian" intervals consists of 5 x (3x300m @ 48 with a 30-second/100m jog-rest between runs and an 800m jog/rest between sets.)  This means 5 sets of 3 300s in 48 seconds, with 30 seconds' rest between runs and an 800 meter jog between sets!  OMG.   

On this 28-degree morning, I decided to do 200s instead of 300s.  My plan was to take exactly 60 seconds between runs and jog the 800 between sets in 6:00.  My goal is to build towards the original workout described above.  With my goal being 32s for the 200s, here's what I managed:

Set 1: 33-low, 60 sec rest, 32-high, 60 sec rest, 32-high  
Set 2: 35-low, 60 sec rest, 31-high, 60 sec rest, 32-mid
Set 3: 32-high, 60 sec rest, 31-high, 60 sec rest, 32-low
Set 4: 31-high, 60 sec rest, 32-low, 60 sec rest, 31-high
Set 5: 30-high, 60 sec rest, 30-mid, 60 sec rest, 30-mid

Hopefully, this Russian meddling will lead to medaling at nationals!  Haha!

Mon, 11/27-Went to the Hillsborough YMCA at 6:00 AM for a little lifting.

Sun, 11/16-Did 3.8M on the canal trail in 28:40.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Saturday, 11/25/17

Went to Hillsborough High School to do Sit 'n Kick Reps. It was about 45 degrees and slighly windy. The ideal/goal is 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets. Being able to do this as written sets me up to run about 2:00 in the 800m.  Since this was my first Sit 'n Kick Reps workout in months and since I know I am in deperate need of speedwork, I figured that I would be a few seconds off pace. Boy was I! I knew from the first rep that it was going to be a long workout, even if I planned to take two minutes between the 400s and 200s despite the preferred 30 seconds. My 1200 jogs in between hovered at 9:00. My runs were: 

63-high, 28-high

The last two reps give me something to work from: hope.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Bye, bye, 5K season. It's time to transition to indoor track.

Fri, 11/24-Ran 2M on Amwell Rd and headed to the Somerset County YMCA for a little lifting.  Bye, bye, 5K season.  It's time to transition to indoor track.

Thurs, 11/23-Somerville Turkey Trot. I arrived a bit after 8:00 AM on this 30-degree morning.  After getting my bib number, I jogged the course, at least most of it (2.3/2.4M).  I then stretched a bit, but not too much.  Icy Hot was helpful, as were my long tights, gloves, and hat.  The race went off promptly, 600+ of us in tow.  I tried not to go out like gangbusters, especially since the first third of the first mile was uphill.  I didn't want to blow out my legs!  A half-mile in, I found myself among the top 10 runners.  I stayed with two other guys over miles 1 and 2.  We traded positions once or twice, reaching the mile mark at 5:35/5:40.  With a mile to go, I tried not to wane.  In fact, I took a slight hill pretty aggressively to gap a runner right off my shoulder.    It was then that decided two other runners were within reach.  "Do I wait, or do I have enough in the tank to take them now with 800 meters to go?" was what I wondered.  I pushed past one and then the other.  Making a left onto Main Street, I saw there was another runner in view.  I closed the gap between us from 100 meters to probably 75, as we bent towards the finish on Veterans Memorial Drive.  I covered the 3.18M course in 18:29 (5:48 pace) for seventh place overall, first in my age group.  The winning time of 16:51 was impressive, as was a close second in 16:53.

I passed the 5K mark in sub-18!

Wed, 11/22-off

Tues, 11/21-30 min run, easy.

Mon, 11/20-took off

Sun, 11/19-Went to the canal and ran 45:15 over 6.4M (24:00/21:15).  The pace out was 7:30; the pace back was 6:38.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

20 x 1 min

Sat, 11/18-On tap today was 20x1 min on a shallow hill, with a walk-back-down recovery.  I made my way to Colonial Park for this effort, using the stretch of land adjacent to parking lot C.  I was happy to see that it met the criteria.  Other than the animal crap everywhere, mostly from deer, the setting was pretty good for this wet, 40-degree workout.

For the first seven, I covered 300 meters in 60 sec.
For the second seven, I covered 300m in 60 sec.  (I kept going to 310 for a total of 62 sec.)
For the last six, I covered 310m in 60 sec. (I kept going to 320m for a total of 62 sec.)

Fri, 11/17-Rest

Thurs, 11/16-I was supposed to do a 30-min run.  Wound up going 26 min (3.3M), as I was running late.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

delightful run

Wed, 11/15-I enjoyed a delightful run this morning.  Instead of running on the mountain that is my neighborhood, I ventured downhill at 5:30 AM to Woodfield Park on Amwell Rd where I parked.  At about 5:40 AM ran through the park and made my way to Beckman Rd, which I took to Triangle Road.  I went down Triangle Rd for a couple of miles before turning around and heading back to Woodfield Park at about 6:30 AM.  I arrived back home at about 6:40 AM.  Total: 6.55M.  Total time: 50:15.  Pace/mile: 7:40.  While the run was supposed to be 60 minutes, 50 minutes worked out just fine!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A few weeks back

Tues, 11/14-On this 28-degree morning, I made my way to Pingry's slightly icy track to do three (3) sets of four (4) 300s, with 100 meter jog recovery (1:00) between efforts and 3:00 between sets.  The pace was supposed to be 3K.  

Set 1: 59, 59, 60, 59 (5:18/mile pace)
Set 2: 56, 56, 57, 56 (5:05-:15/mile pace)
Set 3: 53, 54, 53, 51 (4:35-4:45/mile pace)

My workout marks were like the one I accomplished a few weeks back:

Set 1: 66, 60, 60, 59 (5:18-:22/mile pace)
Set 2: 56, 56, 57, 56 (5:05-:15/mile pace)
Set 3: 53, 52, 51, 53 (4:35-4:45/mile pace)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Rain can be a drag!

Mon, 11/13-

Today's workout was supposed to be 30-min easy.  At a bit after 6:00 this morning, I ran down the road 1.9M (to the kennel), turned around at 14:45, and headed back to finish up in 28:55 (14:10).  Rain can be a drag!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

back to the origin

Sun, 11/12-The tree guys were coming today, son I needed to get in a short long run.  I was actually scheduled to go 75 min today, but it wasn't in the cards.  Instead I went 6.6M in 49:25 (3.3M/26:00/7:53 pace down and 3.3M/23:35/7:06 pace back).

Sat, 11/11-I was supposed to do 16x1 min on a shallow uphill, with a walk back down for recovery between efforts.  I was running late.  Knowing I needed to head to a conference 45-min away, I did 10x1 min uphill, but at least I jogged back to the origin!  I wound up using a stretch of road just outside my house.

Fri, 11/10-off

Thurs, 11/9-Did a steady 30 min on Hillsborough HS's track, followed by 10x200.

The 30 min was more like 30:15, as I covered a full 4M...on the track. (8:10, 7:50, 7:15, 7:00)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

down the road again

Wednesday, 11/7-

Ran down the road again 1.9M, turned around at 14:40, and headed back to finish up in 28:50 (14:10).


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

if I could pass

Tues, 11/7-

On this 37-degree morning, I went to Pingry to do 10 min at 10K pace, 10 min active rest, and 10 min 10K pace again (to see if I could pass my original 10K distance).  I warmed up a mile (no stretching) and a half-mile cool down.

I covered 2,630 meters over the first 10 min (6:07 pace).  I hit the 400 in 1:28, the 800 in 3:03, the mile in 6:07....
I jogged a little on the track and a little in the field house for a total of 10 min
I hit the track again, this time covering 2,750 meters in 10 min (5:51 pace).  I hit the 400 in 1:23, the 800 in 2:52, the mile in 5:47....

Monday, November 6, 2017

Twenty-four laps dragged

Mon, 11/6-took off

Sun, 11/5-Made my way around town looking for possible running routes.

Went to park 1, ran for 13:00, or about 1.5M.
Went to park 2, ran for 5:00, or about .6M
Went to Sourland Mountain, ran for a total of 3:00, or .4M
Hopped onto the canal path and took it down 3.6M (28:25, or 7:54/mile pace) and back (25:35, or 7:07/mile pace) for 7.2M in 54:00

Sat, 11/4-Went to Hillsborough HS for Pick-up reps: 8x 400m @ 77 w/2:00 rest and #s 2,5,8 @ 69 instead of 8x 400m @ 70 w/90-sec Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 63.  I figured I'd add 10% to the target times of 70 and 63.

effort 1: 76
effort 2: 70
effort 3: 77
effort 4: 77
effort 5: 70
effort 6: 76
effort 7: 76
effort 8: 65


Fri, 11/3-took off

Thurs, 11/2-Since I (read: my wife) was feeling a little uncomfortable running in the pitch black on the mountain, I took my legs to Hillsborough HS.  I was supposed to do 60 minutes steady, but I swapped out the plan for a little "up and down action."  I ran three miles around the track at 8:00 pace, a fourth mile in 6:25 (was supposed to be 10K pace, but was too slow), a fifth mile in 8:00, and a sixth mile in 5:55 (was supposed to be 5K pace, but was too slow).  Twenty-four laps dragged!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017



I was supposed to run 6-8M today (45:00-60:00).  Did 5.2M on Zion Rd instead.  Left driveway and went just about to Long Hill and back...twice.  About 1.3M each way.

38:20, or 7:22/mile pace