Tuesday, September 29, 2015

string of guys


Went to WC Henderson.  Humid and about 75 degrees.  The advanced workout was 2 x 3200m with a 400 meter jog between the two.  Oh boy!  I pulled up the rear of an ever-increasing six-person string of guys.  Manion and John Callaghan managed 11:30, Steve and another person were in the 11:40s, and I hit 12:00.  After a 400 rest, I wasn't quite ready to start.  Rather than do the intermediate workout of 3200 meters, 400 jog and 800 meters, I decided to run 2 x 1200.  I tagged along behind the top group for each one.  I did the group's 400-1600 meter stretch and their 2000-3200 meter stretch.  I hit two (2) 4:28s.

Monday, September 28, 2015

came straight up Shiloh

Monday, 9/28-

Easy 4.6/4.7M in 38:05.  Used my 5.7M route, except I for the last stretch as opposed to making a left at Dunning/school entrance sign.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Took it easy....

Sunday, 9/27-Went to the Y with V.

Took it easy....
Mile on donut-7:30
Mile on treadmill-7:57
Mile on donut-6:57
Mile on treadmill-7:58

I felt a little flat and more winded than expected

Saturday, 9/26-Met with with Chuck and Chuck at Westtown for a workout.  Chuck S. and I did the workout he proposed, 3x1000 and 3x500.  His target pace was 3:35 for the 1000s and 1:35 for the 500s.  There was equal rest period (i.e., the time of the run).  Chuck K. ran 3x800, 3x400, and a couple of 150s.  We ran behind Chuck on the 1000s.  Maintaining a good distance in front of us on his 800s (our 1000s), he ran about 2:33, 2:29, and 2:34.

My runs:
1000 #1: 37/80/2:03/2:45/3:26
1000 #2: 38/80/2:03/2:44/3:25
1000 #3: 38/79/2:01/2:41/3:21
500 #1: 36/73/1:32
500 #2: 36/74/1:32
500 #3: 36/72/1:30

Although I managed this workout okay, I felt a little flat and more winded than expected.

Chuck stayed within 2-4 seconds of me on each repeat.

Friday, 9/25-took off

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Creek to River: The last mile was likely my fastest.

Friday, 9/25-took off

Thursday, 9/24-Met up with the townies at 5:40 AM, got out of the car, and hopped right to running.  The workout was 12 x 45 seconds on/45 seconds off beginning at the "mark," which is about 1.7M into the tun.  We hit the mark at about 12:05.  I hung in there as best I could, losing ground on Scott, Manion, Ed, Steve, and John in successive 10-meter increments beginning after the second set.  I reached the 4M mark in just under 27:00.  John Lavin and I finished up together on the edges of the industrial area.  I followed my normal abbreviate 7.1M route and arrived at my car in 51:00.

Wednesday, 923-Ran an easy 5.7M at 6:00 AM.

Tuesday, 9/22-Went to WC Henderson at 5:35 AM for a workout, which was 3 x 2000m with a 400-meter jog between sets.

Set 1: went through the mile in 6:05, and finished up in 7:35.  400 rest about 2:15.
Set 2: went through the mile in 5:55, and finished up in 7:20.  Took 3:30 rest, missing the first 400 of the top group's third 2000 meters.
Set 3: 5:41 mile

Monday, 9/21-Went to the Y for the usual mile/lift sequence.

Sunday, 9/20-Competed in the 1st annual River to Creek Relay.  Met in Conshohocken and drove up to Harleysville.  Warmed up at 8:15. My teammates left at 8:40.

The route was 30+ miles.  We had men and women teams.

Leg #1 - 5.0 miles - Green Lane Park: Sue Delfidio, Delvin Dinkins
Leg #2 - 3.3 miles - Spring Mount Village: Rachel Wise, Anthony Pugliese
Leg #3 - 4.5 miles - Central Perkiomen Valley Park: Elaine Schmidt, Paul Patterson
Leg #4 - 5.0 miles - Collegeville: Nicole Danielewicz, Chuck Shields
Leg #5 - 7.3 miles - Oaks: Margaret Vido, Tim Harte
Leg #6 - 5.0 miles - Norristown: Traci Tempone, Dan Maaza

The great Paul Vandegrift was our driver!  It was awesome talking literature, teaching and school with him and Paul Patterson after the race.

I believe my leg was 5.16M; I remember seeing the marker on the ground.  I was pretty conservative, perhaps too, during the first portion on the race.  I found myself in 7th place after 3 miles.  I understood the pettiness of my sexism when I saw four women racing in front of me, one of whom was a GPTC member!  Two of them finished ahead of me, one of them barely.  They were flying.

I ran my leg in 31:30, handing the wristband off in 5th place.  The last mile was likely my fastest.  The total team time was 3:06 and change.  We raced at 6:13 pace, I believe.

It was a beautiful run.  The trail was shaded and attractive.

Saturday, 9/19-took off

Friday, 9/18-ran an easy 2.2M

Thursday, 9/17-Met up with the group at WC Country Club.  Did a reasonably easy 7.1M in 53:00.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Wednesday--easy 4.7M at 6 AM--40:00

Tuesday--left at 5:30 for WC Henderson HS for the 5:50 AM workout.

The workout was 800, mile, 800, mile, 800...with a 400 meter jog between runs
800: 2:53
mile: 5:53
800: 2:53
mile: I wound up skipping out of the first 1000; 1000 time was 3:35, 2:50 at 800 meter mark.
800: 2:35

The 400m rest period ranged between 2:10 and 2:30.  Crazy!

Monday, September 14, 2015

simply awesome


Easy workout at the Y.  Had planned to do 5 sets of mile/lift/stretch, but I arrived late.  I managed just 3 sets.

Running between 7:50 and 8:00 pace was simply awesome.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Easy does it


Easy 4.4M (2 Rustin-plus loops: 17:30, 16:09=33:39)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

8x800 workout compares favorably

On tap: 8x800 over rolling hills.  I did this same workout with Justin on 9/21/14.  

I began my warm up at about 8:20, stretched and began the workout at 8:40AM.  It was cool enough (about 63 degrees), but somewhat humid.  

The idea was to do 8x800 at a bit faster than my 5K goal pace of 17:30.  That meant my 800s had to be in about 2:40.  The rest was supposed to equal the running time, but I took EXACTLY 3:00 instead.  I used the XC course across the street from my house, with its rolling hills, to give my feet and knees a break from the pounding on track and street surfaces.  

The 800m distance was from the telephone pole at Plumly and Shiloh Roads to the very top/end of the stretch of corn fields that lead to the paved path....and then down the hill by another 25 meters.  I cut off the last 25 meters to run 775 meters.  The times below in parenthesis show the calibrated 800 meter times (i.e., I ADDED 5 seconds to my 775 meter times to account for the un-run 25 meters.)

I'd run from one end to the next, take my rest period, and run from that end back.  I started at the telephone pole at Plumly and Shiloh.

My runs were: 
2:43 (2:48 800)
2:41 (2:46 800) 
2:38 (2:43 800) 
2:40 (2:45 800) 
2:35 (2:40 800) 
2:36 (2:41 800) 
2:35 (2:40 800) 
2:29 (2:34 800)  

This series compares favorably to what I ran 9/21/14 with Justin.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Overall, I felt good.

Sept 8-Went to WC Henderson. The workout was 4-6 x 1000 meters with a 200 meter jog between runs.  I ran the first four, managing 1:00-1:15 between the first four.  I jumped into the 6th one with the top group.

1000 #1: 3:42
1000 #2: 3:42
1000 #3: 3:39
1000 # 4: 3:39
---(5:00 rest)
1000 # 5: 3:30

Overall, I felt good.  This was a slightly stronger series than the exact one this time last year.

Sept 7--went to the Y with V.  4 sets mile then lift.   Miles were between 7:50 (treadmill) and 7:30 (donut track).

Sept 6--did a very easy 5.7M with Justin.  We ran at 9:00/mile pace.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Good call on the workout, Chuck S.

Sat, 9/5-

Met up with Bruce, Chuck K., Chuck S., Duncan and a few of the Athena women (Julie, Mary, Carla) at Radnor HS at 8:00 to do 6x800.  The rest would be "the time run."  It was a warm but otherwise nice 70-75  degrees with light winds. 

The goal pace, establish by Chuck S., was 2:47/2:48, with an equal amount of rest.  Chuck K. did a lot of the heavy lifting on the first three, running 2:44 for the first and in the mid- and upper 2:30s for the second and third.  He'd back off on the remaining ones, opting for partials, running with the second group, and eventually tacking on a set of 150s. 

My runs were: 
2:43, and 

Good call on the workout, Chuck S.  This was a bit of a confidence boost.  I am inching closer to where I want to be.  I hope to be able to drop my times by five seconds per repeat within the next three weeks.  Alternatively, I'd like to be able to hit these times with less rest (e.g., 2:00 or even 200 meter jog).

Friday, September 4, 2015

I took a detour

Fri, 9/4: Took off today

Thurs, 9/3: Met up with the crew at the WC Co. Club for the 5:40 AM run.  13:00 into the run we started into the 5x (2:00 hard, 1:00 easy).   My legs were a bit dead, but I made it through.  Made it to the 4-mile mark in a pedestrian 29:00.  I took a detour to get back to my car by 6:35.

Wed, 9/2: Ran 6.6M (3 Rustin plus loops).  50:00.

Tues, 9/1: Went to WC Henderson for the 5:50 AM workout, which was 2000 meters, 1600 meters, 1200 meters, with a 400 meter jog in-between.  I ran with a solid second group, keeping the pace on the 2K and mile and finishing strong on the 1200.

2000: 7:20 (2:55, 5:55 (3:00), 7:20)
1600: 5:45 (2:50/2:55)
1200: 4:10 (2:50/1:20)