Tuesday, July 30, 2013

my effort was only passable

Tuesday, July 30--Met up with the crew at Henderson.  The track was closed, so we improvised: we used the block across the street to complete the workout of 3-4 x 1 mile.  A mile consisted of about 1.3 loops.  My runs were 6:10, 6:05, and 6:00.  Compared to Scott's 5:45, 5:35, 5:25, and 5:15, my effort was only passable.  My back is rather sore.

Monday, July 29--Took the day off.

Sunday, July 28--Did a 5.7M run, even though I had imagined that I would complete the entire 11.4M. While the temperature was not bad, the humidity was.  I covered the route in 42:26 (7:27 pace).

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The protocol

Saturday, 7/27-

I met up with Dave Richard at West Chester Henderson HS for a short track workout followed by hills.  After a good warm up, sufficient stretching and some strides, we were ready for the first part of the workout: 3 sets of 2 150s.  The protocol called for a 150, 250m jog (2:00), another 150, and then a 650m (8:00).  The rest was plentiful.  Our times: 20.5, 21.4; 19.4, 20.2; 19.7, 20.2.  I felt relaxed on all of these.  The rest certainly helped, as I am not accustomed to taking this much rest for this sort of workout.  In fact, I could've probably run a second faster for each repeat, given the rest.  Then again, I haven't done such a workout in a few weeks, so I would have been pressing my luck.

One thing in particular that impressed me was that Dave, at nearly 50, was sharp.  We were pretty much stride-for-stride on most of these repeats.  What's more, he was wearing training flats!  There is no reason why this man cannot run 55 or better over 400m.

After the track segment, we made our way by car to WCU's south campus for a couple of hills.  We walked to the bottom of the hill adjacent the newly furbished tennis courts.  I took my lead from Dave, who started at the macadam, me close behind, and made his way up the paved path, then onto the grass (left), over the road shoulder barrier, up to and across the soccer field, and finally up the sharp incline to the telephone pole.  I was tentative on this first one, running 54 seconds to Dave's probable 52.  However, the second hill felt better.  With my lug of keys in hand, I took the hills in a much more confident manner finishing less tired than the first and a second faster.

I wasn't dead was felt a little refreshed instead.

Friday, 7/26-

I went to the Y and did a little running and a little lifting: same 'ole, same 'ole.
3/4M- on the donut track: 5:00
upper body work
3/4M- on the donut track: 4:52
more upper body work

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I feel I may be making progress.

Thursday, 7/25-

Met up with about 15 at the country club for the customary 7.9M run.  The top group's plan was to run the middle 6 miles at marathon pace.  As it turns out, their pace ranged between 6:45 and 6:15.  Since I am well below that level of conditioning, I knew that I would not be able to hang with them after the first mile or so.  I did wind up reaching the 4M mark in 28:30 (7:07 pace) and the 7.9M mark, the finish, in 56:00 (7:05).  This means I covered the last 3.9M at 7:03 pace.  This was a tough run, but I feel I may be making progress.

Wednesday, 7/24-


Sunday, July 21, 2013

1000s anyone?

Sunday, 4/21--Today, after a good warm up, I did 4x1000 with Bruce and DJ.

We chose to do this workout in preparation for the Runner’s Pentathlon.  We used the first 1K of the XC course across the street.  As in the past, we decided to do an out and back pattern, running a 1000m, stopping, and then running the next 1000 in the opposite direction. The target: 3:30/1K w/4:30 recovery, for an even 8 minutes. I hit 3:39, 3:21, 3:21, and 3:14, for an average of 3:24.  In the past, I’ve done 5 of these with a shorted break.  I want to get back there.

The ones going in the opposite direction were a bit easier; even though the terrain was still rolling, the run seemed to have a downward trend in elevation.

Unfortunately, I realized that I cut the course a little shy.  Instead of starting at the 50-yard line of the practice soccer field, we started at the 18-yard line.  Thus, I need to add 5 seconds to each run: 3:44, 3:26, 3:26, and 3:20.  I am ready for the next notch!  Let’s do it, Bruce.

After cooling down, walking and hanging out for a few, Bruce and I played some tennis afterwards to round out the workout.  

44:00 with my son

Sat, 7/20—

I ran an easy 5.7M in 44:00 with my son.  I did first leg of the 11.4/11.5M run, which incorporates Goose Creek Park.  I look forward to being able to when the 42:00 will feel pedestrian and when I'll be able to run the loop twice, 11.4 M, in 80:00 or better like last year.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot and Humid week

Fri, 7/18--took the day off

Thurs, 7/18--I had a great run with a few EA XC runners and XC coach.  Great kids, great coach.  We took to the neighborhoods a bit and finished with a generous tour of the XC course.  It was great to run with these dedicated guys.  The 8 miles or so in just under 64 minutes were made more difficult by the heat.  The pedestrian pace helped a bit.

Wed, 7/17--Took the day off.

Tues, 7/16--Hot and humid.  90+ Went to the GA meet with the intention of running the 100, 400, and then 200.  Traffic drowned my plan, as I arrived too late to the 100.

The 400: I had a reasonably good warm up, although I was missing that pop in my legs.  I was assigned heat 2, lane 3.  There was one person to my inside and 3 to my outside: teammates Craig Strimel, Scott Landis, and Dave Richard.  I settled into my starting block with a plan to be aggressive in the first 100 meters and then pace off the field through the next 150 and then try to extend or just hold on for the final 150.  I think my plan went like clockwork.  I tried to stay relaxed over the last 100, keeping my hands open.  However, I broke down a bit and did not break the 55-second barrier, posting 55.23 FAT instead.

The 200: There was sufficient rest between the 400 and 200, but the heat was indeed oppressive.  I dragged myself over to the start of the 200, having not stretched since my 400.  When I heard that I'd be in heat 2, lane 3 again I knew it was my lucky day.  I hit the track and did a short sprint-out and a short stretch of high knees.  That was it.  I settled into my blocks, deciding not to practice any starts.  I noticed one guy to my inside (from Shore AC) and two to my outside: a teenager perhaps and Ray Parker.  I got out pretty well and made up the stagger on the younger at about the 50m mark.  I noted that Ray was out pretty quickly.  Coming into the straightaway I felt good, so I began to lift and relax...all the way to 24.85.

TNT's Junior Hyman was in heat 1 and would post an enviable 54-low.

Mon, 7/15--Took the day off.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I was glad I went

Sun, 7/14-Went to the Y with my wife.  At noon or so, I decided to warm up a mile (6:52) on the donut track.  I then stretched for a few minutes.  I ran another mile (6:36) and then stretched a bit more.  Afterwards, I hopped on the treadmill for a couple of minutes.  Then it was on to the weights.  I took to the upper body machines for a decent workout.

Sat, 7/13-Craig, Bruce (and his daughter), and I met at Haddon Township HS (NJ) for a moderate workout, knowing we are planning to race on Tuesday at Germantown Academy.

Fri, 7/12--I was running short on time so just decided to run the XC course at Rustin.  I covered the 3.15 distance in a pedestrian 24:00, 7:37 pace.

Thurs., 7/11-I met up with a group of about 20 in West Chester for the customary 5:40 AM 7.9M run.  Even though I have not been consistent with these runs, I was glad I went.   We began the run at a decent clip, reaching the 4M mark at 28:30 (7:08 pace).  We finished up in 58:10, covering the second half of the run in 29:40 (7:36 pace).  The overall pace: 7:22.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm struggling.

Wed, 7/10-- I had planned to run after work...on campus.  Unfortunately, I brought my workout clothing but forgot my sneakers.  Oh well!

Tues, 7/9--Meet at Germantown Academy.  I arrived after 6:00 and realized that I would not be able to warm up by competing in the 100.  This was just as well since I am concerned that sprint events might compromise my health: a pulled hamstring is the last thing I need.

So, I decided to greet a few teammates and then warm up.  Soon into my warm up the sky opened up and the rain came down and down hard.  From that moment on, the weather was unsettled.  While the temperature dropped comfortably, the sky kept opening and closing.  A rainbow was perhaps the highlight of the evening.  My 800 certainly wasn't.

I seeded myself at 2:05 and expected to run close to that.  However, I knew from my warm up that it would be unlikely.  I was tight, my stretching was ineffective, my stride pattern was off, and I had not pop in my step.  I was flat.

I was in the first heat in "lane" 5 of 7 or 8.  From the start, I injected myself into the rear of the pack, realizing that the top guys, the youngsters, had shot out quickly and would likely hit the 200 in 28 seconds.  I reached the 200 in 30 (I could see on the large score board) and found myself going stride for stride with my teammate Scott Landis.  Coming up the straightaway my legs felt heavy.  Bruce later told me I hit the 400 meters in 61, perhaps 61-high or 62-low.  I thought for a quick second about stopping.  Bad medicine.  I pressed on.  On the backstretch, I opened up a little bit and pulled even with whom I later learned was Millersville U. student Alex Cruz (future teammate).  I hit the 600m mark in 1:33 or so.  I passed Alex and then just imploded.  I struggled over the last 100, was passed by Alex, and slowed to 2:09.55.  This was my worst outdoor track 800m time in perhaps 3 years.  It stunk.  I have so much work to do and have considered shutting down my season.  It's clear that I'm having some challenges.  I'm struggling.

Mon, 7/8--I went to the Y and did a little lifting.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Today felt pretty darn good.

Sat, July 6--Went to the Y with my wife.  Did the usual--mile on donut track, lifting (upper body machines) for 4 min, mile on treadmill, lifting (upper body machines) for 4 min, mile on track, lifting (upper body machines) for 4 min, mile on treadmill.

mile on 16-lap per mile donut track: 6:55
lifting: shoulder, chest press
mile on treadmill: 6:53
lifting: fly, military press
mile on track: 6:23
lifting: dumbbells on weight bench, arm curls
mile on treadmill: 6:05

Today felt pretty darn good.

Home it is!

Fri, July 5--I dropped my daughter off at soccer practice (at EA) at about 4:00 and headed to CHS for a track workout.  I really wanted to do 400s or 600s, but on this 90 degree day, I figured this workout would prove a bit too difficult.  So, I decided on 400s.  Later in the workout I would downshift to 200s.

400--66 (my legs felt heavy)
400m walk/6:00 break
400m walk/6:00 break

I was struggling with the heat at this point, although there was a headwind on the backstretch.

I left CHS for EA, figuring I would hit the weight room for a few.  Noticing that there were just a few cars in the lot, I decided to head to the track for a few 200s.  I didn't want my good warm up to go to waste.

200m walk/3:00 break

Halfway through my rest and as I was nearing my backpack, something told me to check my phone for calls.  As soon as I did, my wife's name appeared on the screen.  She had been calling and so had my daughter.  It was time to pick her up.  No third 200 today.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cannot recall

Wednesday--did 6x150 on EA's track: 22,22,21,21,19,20.  Walked 200/jogged 50m in-between runs (3:00)

Tuesday--Meet at GA was canceled, so I decided to go Henderson for 4x1200 with a 200m jog.  Per the workout, I ended with a swift a 47 sec 300.

Monday--took off.

Sunday--went to Y for 3x1 mile + upper body lifting: 6:55 on donut track, 4:00 lifting, 6:50 on treadmill, 4:00 lifting, 6:30 on donut track, 4:00 lifting, .25M on treadmill.  Home.

Saturday--cannot recall