Sunday, January 31, 2010

I need to commit myself to another day

Sunday, 1/31/10--In just about an hour I will head to Glen Mills to run the 800 and to watch my daughter run the 200 and 400. I have realized, particularly after yesterday's practice, that I need to commit myself to another day of workouts. I'm simply not doing enough. One track workout a week is not enough. Also, I have't run to Penn Oaks is probably about a month. I'll see how things go today.

Saturday, 1/30/10--In preparation for meet on Sunday, I went to Westtown's track for a little workoutout. I warmed up 1.2, stretched pretty well, did 3 150s in :22 with a 250m jog in-between each, and then cooled down 1.1. Felt okay but not great!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The wagon

I have to say--I feel like I've fallen off the wagon. The last few weeks have been challenging, as my work has been demanding. I've had many evening meetings over the last few weeks, getting hom as late as 11:15 after a 16-hour day. And when work demands go up, the tendency is for other things like running to take a hit. I haven't blogged in nearly a week, my running--and mileage, in particular--has diminished, my energy level is down a bit. I guess I need a pick-me-upper.
The last week in review:
Today (Friday)--I didn't feel like running in the 20 degree weather, so I went to Penn Oaks, did 2 miles on the treadmill (15:40), life for the same length of time, then did two more miles (15:40).
Thursday--5.2 miles in Borough; 28:25 at 4 -mile mark.
Wednesday--lifted at Penn Oaks.
Tuesday--7, not 8, hills in Borough. Got there a bit late; stretched while everyone did the first one. 55,53,55,56,55,60,58.
Monday--I cannot even remember! Maybe it was 2 Rustin loops!
Sunday--5 400s w/800 meter jog in-between /@ D'town East HS. 66,65,65,64,62.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's been a week/weak

Saturday, 1/23/10--Today I had planned to do an interval workout but the cards just weren't in it for me. I thought I'd do a negative split workout: 2 x (300-500-400) with the last 100 of each in 15 seconds. 300: 32s @ 200+:15; 500: 67s @400+:15; and 400: 50s @300+15. The recovery would be 3 minutes between each repeat and 1200 between each set. I think I am capable of this, but I just felt tired and a little weak. I guess that happens when you have a demanding job and are getting a little older. After a warmed up a mile, I could sense that I wasn't "feelin' it" today. I did the first 300 in 48, but the last 100 was 16 seconds, which was the same pace as the first two; there was no negative split achieved. I then took 3 minutes and hopped into the 500. I hit the 200 in :33 (on pace) and hit the 400 at :67 and just felt myself struggle during the last 100. I stopped, acknowledged my failure, cooled down a bit and went home. Now I need a confidence booster workout.

It's been a week since I've written. That's a testament to how busy I've been this week. The cut and dried report:
Friday: 2 Rustin loops--4.4 in 32:15
Thursday: 7.9 in the Borough with the group in 59:55 (29:30 at 4.0). Good hill. Comfortable pace.
Wednesday: drove to Penn Oaks for quick lift
Tuesday: Hills in the Borough.
Monday: 1 Rustin loop--2.2
Sunday: took off

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Not great, but pretty darn okay

Saturday, 1/16/10--

workout: 8x400. #s 1,3,4,7 @ 70 and #s 2,5,8 @ 63.
Warmed up 1.1 miles. 10-minute stretch. Runs: 70,65,70,65,70,71,63. 200m walk, then 200 jog between each=4 min.

.5 mile cool down.

This was not great, but pretty darn okay.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yup--that's it.


Thursday, 1/14/10--showed up late at WC Country Club for 7.9 with crew. They had already left. 28:20 at 4 miles; 56:50 at 7.9. Run felt tougher...maybe because it's been a few weeks since I've done the full route. Yup--that's it.

Wednesday, 1/13/10--drove to Penn Oaks. Lifted.

Tuesday, 1/12/10--hills in the Borough. A bit of snow on the ground from dusting; a little slippery. Runs: 58,58,55,56,58,56,56,51. Stayed with top pair for first few; fell off by a bit for next few; pushed recovery between last two to start hill 15 meters behind. Overall--good job. With warm up and cool down, total mileage was around 5.5 miles.

Monday, 1/11/10--ran 5 miles in 38:15. 2 Rustin loops plus block (17:30, 34:00, 38:15)

Back to the race

I never did go into detail about last Sunday's 400 meter run. Seeding myself at 55.5, I was in lane 1 and in the heat after my 4 comrads', two of whom ran in the 55-range and two of whom ran in the 57-range. I started down and shot out fairly hard. I caught the guy in lane 2 within the first 50 or so, the guys in lanes 3, 5 and 6 within the first 100 or so. At the break (cones) I was in second behind the high schooler (I believe) in lane 4. At the 200, he held a 6-8 meter lead on me; I came across in about 26 seconds. He maintained that exact lead on me for the remainder of the race, as I finished up in 54.9 (55.14 FAT). I did some self-talking during the second lap, specifically at the 250m mark when I told myself to breathe and relax. I finished the race with no headache or headrush, and I was able to "jog the race off." I was pleased overall, considering my lack of speedwork.

I was delighted when later in the meet my daughter ran the 200. She hit 38 seconds in her first ever 200, indoor or outdoor. She ran in her everyday New Balance flats and blew away her heat, winning by a margin of 6 seconds. You go girl!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I remembered to breathe

Sunday, 1/10/10-ran 400 at U. of Delaware. Managed a 54.9 hand time, 55.14 FAT. I remembered to breathe and felt good down homestretch.

Saturday, 1/9/10--did 150 pick-ups in preparation for Sunday's meet. Felt good. 22,21,20. 2.5 miles, including warm-up and cool down.

Thursday and Friday, 1/7 and 1/8/10--took off. Felt good!

Wednesday, 1/6/10--made an attempt to follow the hills workout with 150s on the track. Bad move. I was flat and could manage on 2 23s, 2 24s and 1 22. Ouch.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This year I felt a little stronger

Tueday, 1/5/10--First hills day in the Borough. 1.0 mile warm-up. .17 miles/.27-.28 km, or 270-280-meters, hills (Biddle St.) and back down (8x--2.45 miles). Range: 53-56 seconds coming up him (56,56,54,53,54,55,55,56). About 2-min return to the bottom of hill. 1.65 mile cool down. Total: 5.1 miles

Last year--same workout: Tuesday, 1/6/09— 1.5 mile warm-up. 52-55 sec up. About 2-min return to the bottom of hill. 1.5 mile cool down. Total: 5.6 miles

Not sure if last year's times are accurate. This year I felt a little stronger and did much better going up and during the "speedy" recovery.

Tomorrow I may try some 150s--maybe 3x(5x150) just to get my legs running faster. Set 1: 22s, set 2: 21s, set 3:20s with 60 seconds in-between repeats and 800 meter jog between sets. We'll see.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Took a spill

Monday, 1/4/10--

Cold, windy and 20 degrees. Ran 4.4.
23:20 (Took a spill trying to look at my watch and make a sharp turn simultaneosly.)

Hills in the Borough tomorrow.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not quite as smooth

Later Sunday--Not quite smooth is right. I competed in a lackluster fashion today. I was far too leisurely during my run. Altough I won by a few seconds and was not really pushed, I still should have run faster. Okay--2:02/3 is asking for a lot, but I should have run somewhere in the 2:05-range. Admittedly, we weren't able to wear spikes and Swarthmore's track is just not very good. I could have run faster if there was a sub-2:05 runner in the race. The splits for my pedestrian 2:11 were 30, 63(33), 1:36(33+), 2:11(34+).

Sunday, 1/3/10--Currently 16 degrees! Today I will be heading down to my alma mater to compete in the 800. I am hoping for a smooth, even race. It would be nice to run :60/:62 for a 2:02/2:03. Given the track and the overall atmosphere, which pales in comparison to The Armory's, I would not be surprised if I run a couple of seconds slower than I did last week.

Saturday, 1/2/10--

In preparation for race day (Sunday), I just warmed up 1.5 miles on the Rustin loop. I stretched for a while, then did 5 x ~150 behind the stadium like I did last Saturday. The 150s, as one can tell (28,27,26,25,24), did not feel quite as smooth; it was 23 degrees and very windy! I cooled down ~1.2 miles. 3.2 miles total.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh well, gotta live a little.

Friday, 1/01/10--will probably take off today, despite the fact that I should burn the food and spirits from last night! Oh well, gotta live a little. Happy New Year!

Thursday, 12/31/09--ran to Penn Oaks with my son. Easy 3.3 mile, 25:55 en route there. Lifted for 20 minutes--upper body. 24:30 3.3, en route home.