Tuesday, April 26, 2016

relaxed, not frenetic

April 26, 2016-

Arrived at Westtown School's track at 5:45 AM for a short workout.  I warmed up, lubed up with Icy Hot, and then stretched well.  I was ready to go at 6:05 AM.

I wound up doing 2x100, 2x150, 1x100.

The 2x100 were supposed to serve as warmup for the 150s.  They were 13-mid, 12-high.  2:00 rest between....

The 2x150 were supposed to be fast but relaxed, not frenetic.  I think I accomplished that with my 18-high (18.9!) and 19-mid.  I don't ever remember being able to break 19 second in the early AM.

I did a relaxed 100 at 400m race pace (13-low) to cap off this brief workout.  13-low x 100 meters = 53 and change.   The 13-low is probably the speed of my third 100 within the 400-meter race.

first 100: 12.5
second 100: 12.5
third 100: 13.2
fourth 100: 15.0

Monday, April 25, 2016

In and out, I say!

April 25, 2016-

Arrived at the YMCA at 5:55 AM for a 20-minutes lifting workout.  In and out, I say!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My workout was a little flat

4/24/16-Met up with Bruce and Duncan at Radnor HS for a workout since I didn't really do a whole lot yesterday.

I decided I'd do a simple 3x 400 in 60 sec.  Bruce and Duncan would do 3x300, Bruce's target time being 45 seconds.  Bruce did well, as did Duncan.

My workout was a little flat, as I managed 61-mid, 60-low, and 60-mid.  I did not feel as strong as I should have felt.  I feel like I should able to do 5-6 of these in 60, given my sit 'n kick workout!  After Penn, I will do some strength work.

"Broken Calf"--Guest blogger:

4/23/16-Went to the Widener Invitational to run the 100 and 200.  Unfortunately, the meet ran behind, on account of a short circuit to the starter pistol and the timing system, I believe, in addition to having more competitors than seemingly anticipated.  I was in lane 7 of the 10th heat (of 14) of the 100.  I got a terrible start, as I was left I the blocks for sure.  By the time I got going, the race was over.  I managed a flaccid 12.35.

After waiting around for what seemed like forever, I checked in for the 200.  Even though I had a wonderful lane (5) in the 10th heat, I think, I wound up leaving.  The meet was already an hour behind, and I wanted to get home for some family time.  Oh well.

Fri, 4/22/16-Went to the track at 5:55 AM to warmup and do a few starts.

Thurs, 4/21/16-Went to the Y to lift.

Wed, 4/20/16-Went to the track at 5:35 AM for a set of 150s and 100s.  21.6, 21.0, 20.4; 13.5, 13.1, 12.8

Tues, 4/19/16-.Ran 3+M at 5:50 AM.

Mon, 4/18/16-Went to the Y to lift/run

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Essentially, they were all supposed to be fast.

Sun, 4/17/16-Despite competing in yesterday's meet, I decided to join the crew for the workout at Radnor HS.  

The workout was 3x100, 2x150, and 300.  Essentially, they were all supposed to be fast.

10:00 (Rob hit the john!)

Sat, 4/16/16-

Went to Widener's Chester Quarry Classic.  It's funny.  I inquired about the meet with Widener's coach before I knew it was for college athletes only.  The next thing I knew, the coach put me in the meet anyway.  I hadn't planned to compete, but then wound up accepting his invitation.  The meet was more competitive than the last one.  I was seeded last in the 200 and 400.

had a terrible 400 on account of poor mentality and wardrobe malfunction.  Solid 200.

New spikes--laces came undone just before the 200m mark, even with a double tie.  Bare foot swam around and almost came out. First time I wore the spikes...period.  They just arrived!  And I never run without socks.  I had lane 8, and there was no one in lane 7.  Just awful.  55.2!  

200: 24.59!

There's always next week! 

Friday, April 15, 2016

I'm about as close to 100% percent I can be.

Friday, 4/15/16--Took off.  I think I'm about as close to 100% percent I can be.

Thursday, 4/14/16

Went to Westtown School for a moderate sprint workout of 4x150, each one second faster than the other, and 2x100, the second a second faster than the first


Wednesday, 4/13/16-

Ran close to 5M in 39:15

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Felt reasonably comfortable.

Tues, 4/12-Arrived at WC Henderson HS at 5:40 AM for a 5:50AM workout.  I got there a bit late.  I did an 8:00 mile warmup with John Manion.  By the time we finished the group was getting directions from Kevin: 6x1000 for advanced group, 4x1000 for intermediate group, something else for beginners.  10K pace, I think.  200 meter jog between runs.

I started stretching while the group began, figuring I'd hop in after the first effort.

I hopped in and felt as flat as the character Flat Stanley.

I managed only about three at a pedestrian 6:00 pace before I felt uneasy about you-know-what!

Monday, 4/11-Running behind schedule, I did only 2.75M in 21:15.

Sun, 4/10-Went to Westtown School for a moderate sprint workout of 5x150, each one second faster than the other:


Felt reasonably comfortable.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

calves coming on hard

Sat. 4/9-

Went to the Y.  Did mile (7:00 on donut), stretch, mile (6:55 on treadmill), lift, mile (6:30 on donut) stretch.  Still feel my hamstrings, with calves coming on hard.  Bad.

Fri, 4/8-took off

Thurs, 4/7-did 2.2M

Wed., 4/6-took off

Tues., 4/5-took off

Monday, April 4, 2016


Monday, 4/4-Got up early to workout, but decided against it.

Sunday, 4/3-Met up with the crew (Chuck K., Chuck S., Duncan, Rob, Bruce, and John) at Radnor, despite 50 mile an hour winds and 39-degree temp.  The wind was so absurdly strong that I could barely do my warm-up laps.  We improvised the workout, deciding on 150s, the wind primarily to our backs.  

Run #1: Felt faster than the 24 seconds.  Can this be right?
Run #2: 23-low
Run #3: 22-low
Run #4: 21-low
Run #5: 20-low
Run #6: pulled up with about 15 meters to go.  HAMSTRING!

Saturday, 4/2-Went to the with with V.  Did mile (donut-7:15), lift, mile (treadmill-7:30), stretch, mile (donut-7:00), lift.
Friday, 4/1-back home.  Ran 5M around neighborhood and XC course.
Thursday, 3/31-in FL.  No running.  Hamstring.