Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ocean Blvd

6/30-Sat. Ran on Ocean Blvd. 4M in 28:30. 6/29-Fri. Took the day off. 6/28-Thurs. 4M Beach run w/ DJ. 30:00. 6/27-Wed. Ran around area surrounding hotel near NC State. 4.25M 30:30 6/26-Tues. Ran from hotel to Duke's campus. Ran around part of campus. 6.5M.

Monday, June 25, 2012

South Carolina-bound

6/25- went to YMCA and alternated running with lifting: 6:59 mile, 7 min of lifting, 6:29 mile, 7 min of lifting, and 5:59 mile. Running done on 16 laps-to-the-mile indoor track, 6/24--went on 5.9M w/ DJ. 41:00. South Carolina-bound.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

what the recipe demands

6/23/12--made my way to Germantown Academy to meet up with some of the guys (Chuck, John, Carl, Ray, Bruce, Phil, et al.).  There were 8 of us in all. 

I was thinking of one of the following:

I) 3 x 200m at 800m race pace with 3 minutes rest between reps and 6-minute walk (or 800m jog) after last rep. Then, complete 2-3 sets of (300m at 800m race pace, 2 minute rest, 200m at 400m race pace), with 6 minutes walk/jog between sets (Ex: 2:15 man runs 34ish for 200m reps, 50ish for 300m reps and 31-ish for 200m reps; 2:05 man runs 31ish for 200m reps, 46ish for 300 reps and 27ish for 200m reps)

II) Pick-up reps
8x 400m @ 10 seconds slower than 800m race pace w/3 minute rest and #s 2,5,8 @ goal pace of second lap of 800m race. (Ex. 2:05 800m runner: 71 sec for repeats 1,3,4,6,7 and 64 sec for repeats 2,5,8.)

III) The Breakdown.
- run hard 600, walk 400--
- run hard 500, walk 400
- run hard 400, walk 400
- run hard 300, walk 300
- run hard 200, walk 200
Recovery is “walk what you run” to a maximum of 400m:

6-5-4-3-2 Breakdown

The idea is to choose a 200 meter pace for the 600  (for example, 33 sec) based on your 400m race goal (for example, 56 seconds).  This means you run the 600 at 33 seconds per 200m pace. (The target time for the 600 would be 1:39.) Then, you run a 500 at 32 seconds per 200 pace.  Then, you hit the 400 62 seconds, or 31 seconds/200 pace (There is approximately a 6-sec differential between 400m target time in the workout and 400m race--hence 62 and 56.).  ...And so forth.  Each 200 meter segment is one second faster than the previous interval.  You can actually do this workout unassisted with a watch that beeps at every 200 meters interval with the desired target time.

You can do the 600 at 31 sec pace/200 if your 400 race goal is about 52, the 600 at 32 sec pace/200 if your 400 race goal is about 54, and so forth based on your respective 400 race goal (e.g., :58, :60, :62, :64).

200 meter split times

200 33 32 31 30 29 28 27
300 34 33 32 31 30 29 28
400 35 34 33 32 31 30 29
500 36 35 34 33 32 31 30
600 37 36 35 34 33 32 31

Target times

200 33 32 31 30 29 29 27
300 51 49.5 48 46.5 45 43.5 42
400 70 68 66 64 62 60 58
500 89 87.5 (1:29/1: 27) 85 (1:25) 82.5 (1:22) 80 (1:20) 77.5 (1:17) 75 (1:15)
600 111 108 (1:51/1:48) 105 (1:45) 102 (1:42) 99 (1:39) 96 (1:36) 93 (1:33)

Even though there was some interest in the first workout, we ultimately decided to do pick-up reps.  This would be my first interval workout since my hamstring injury two weeks ago.  I announced beforehand that we would cheat a little by lengthening the rest between 400s to 4 minutes, technically more than twice the allotted time.  What the hell, though; we're not in high school!  Given the additional rest, I thought I could be successful.  My goal then was 8x 400m @ 71 w/ #s 2,5,8 @ 64. 

I began with 1.25M warmup and some dynamic stretching, which I don't do as much.  I'm more of a static guy!  We then began in earnest at about 9:30.  I felt ready.

First run: 34/69; Phil was about 33/68
Second run: 30/64; Phil was about 29/62
Third run: 34/70: Phil was about 33/68
Fourth run: 34/69; Phil was about 33/68
Fifth run: 31/64; Phil was about 30/61
Sixth run: 34/69; Phil was about 33/68
Seventh run: 34/70; Phil was about 33/68
Eighth run: 30/63; Phil was about 29/60

I was rather pleased with this workout and even more pleased that I did not feel my hamstring tense up.  I did feel a little tentative at times and really should have made it a point to stay right on Phil's hip, but I didn't want to push it.  I really would like to be able to achieve these 400 times with three minutes' and then two minutes' rest, which is ultimately what the recipe demands. 

All is all, the guys felt good about this workout.

6/22/12--took off.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

overslept and missed

Thursday, 6/21/12--overslept and missed what would have been my first 8-mile run in the Borough in several months...since winter.  Wound up doing a lazy 3.5M in 27:35, or 7:53 pace.  I began the Rustin loop as usual and then picked up the Rustin Run course at the stadium.  Followed the course for about 1.4M.  Instead of cutting into the farmland I kept straight towards the retention pond and headed into the neighborhood for home.

Wed, 6/20/12--drove to the Y at 6:15 AM.  Ran a mile (16 laps around the indoor track) in 7:00, lifted for 5 min, ran a mile in 7;00 on the treadmill, lifted for 5 min, and then finished with a mile on the track in 6:30.  Played tennis in 90-something degree heat at 6 PM.  Finally beat Rich G.!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the satisfaction I so desperately need

When I showed up at WC Henderson HS at 5:45AM today, I thought that just maybe I would feel the bounce I needed to get myself back in gear.  It would never come.

I arrived later than usual.  As I jogged around the track gingerly, I heard someone mention that today was the mile time trial.  I then remember it was this time last year that I did a time trial, running close to 5:00.  I continued to jogged, knowing that I would not be ready by the time they hit the starting line.  Forget about the reality that my hamstring would prevent me from participating anyway.  It's funny how life works.  I hemmed and hawed about whether I should bring my racing flats with me to Henderson.  I opted against it, figuring that I would do little that would require them.  As it turned out, today would have otherwise been a good day to bring them.  However, bringing them would have seduced me into running the time trial for which I am not ready.  So, I just jogged and cheered on my fellow athletes, who are so dedicated to run hard at 6AM week in and week out!  John Manion and younger John would break 5:00, with the help of Scott Burns who was their rabbit through 3 laps.  John Callahan would run 5:10 or so, and Barry 5:22.  I am missing plenty others.  In fact, there were two heats: one for plus-6:00 and one for sub-6:00.

All I could do was watch and stretch tight, sluggish legs.  Afterwards the crew ran 4x200.  I tried one on my own and ran 40 seconds!  Holy crap!  I felt like I was going at 33-second pace!  I have lost more than a step; I have lost a staircase.  And my season is on the line.

I just hope the workout this Saturday brings me the satisfaction I so desperately need.
Played tennis in the evening against Rich G.  Had a good 1st set.  Bombed sets 2 and 3.

Monday, June 18, 2012

legs were tighter than i like

6/18/12--simple 4.4M run (2 Rustin loops)
17:11--2.2M (7:48 pace)
33:02 (15:51-7:12 pace)--4.4M

overall--7:30/mile pace

legs were tighter than i like

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We had a good run.

Saturday, 6/16--drove to the Y to lift (with my wife).  When I returned home, I went for a 6.6M run with my son.  We did 3 Rustin loops (6.6M), each 2.2M faster than the other.

Loop 1: 17:10 (3:55, 7:45(1M), 15:40 (2M), 17:10)--2.2M
Loop 2: 33:10 (16:00--2.2M)--4.4M
Loop 3: 48:10 (15:00--2.2M)--6.6M

We had a good run @ 7:17/mile pace

Friday, June 15, 2012

I need to be brave enough to stretch

Friday, 6/15-drove to the Y, ran a 7:00 mile, followed by 10 minutes of living, and then a 6:30 mile. Both miles were on the Y's 16-laps/mile indoor track. I need to get myself in order and br brave enough to stretch.


Thursday, 6/14--did two (2) Rustin loops for 4.4M.
4:10 .5
8:10  1.0M
16:10 (8:00) 2.0M
17:50  2.2M
20:35  2.7M
25:20 (7:30) 3.2M
32:20 (7:00) 4.2M
33:50  4.4M

Wednesday, 6/13--did 7:30 mile, lifted for 8-10 min, did 7:00 mile, lifted for 8-10 min, and then did 3:20 half-mile....all on indoor track 16 laps to the mile. Watch those turns.

I've been pretty aggressive with my rehab. I hope to be back full swing in two weeks!
I've been icing and jogging like crazy. As expected, I cannot extend my stride, and I need to be careful not to injury my other hamstring with a lopsided stride.
Sunday--did a mile in 13:00 pace

Monday--did 1.5 mile in 11:00 pace

Tuesday--did 2.2 mile in 9:00 pace

Wednesday--did 7:30 mile, lifted for 8-10 min, did 7:00 mile, lifted for 8-10 min, and then did 3:20 half-mile....all on indoor track 16 laps to the mile. Watch those turns.
I'm still careful, though.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Tuesday, 6/12--ran 2.2M in a sluggish 20:00.  Time to ice the hamstring.

Monday, 6/11--ran about 1.25M around the part of the school property

Sunday, 6/10--lifted at Y.  Jogged a slow mile on the indoor, 16-lap-to-the-mile track.

Monday, June 11, 2012

.., and then it happened...hoping for a miracle

Saturday, 6/9--I got up early and did a little work, figuring I could be productive.  I was so immersed in what I was doing that the time caught up to me and I wound up leaving for Widener for the Mid-Atlantic Champs 25 minutes later than expected.  I arrived at close to 10:00.  I had already completed my entry form, so I was able to pay, complete the seed card and be on my way.  My goal, as articulated some time ago, was to run the 100, 400, 200, and 4x100 at Widener, then make my way to the PA Distance Festival at Henderson for the 800.   The goal was to crack some barriers: break 12 in the 100, 53 in the 400, and 24 in the 200.  I hadn't thought a lot about the 4x100 barrier or for the 800.

My warm-up for the 100 wasn't remarkable.  I was initially pressed for time and then I realized that I was in good shape, largely because the meet officials decided not to run ahead of schedule.  I got myself into the groove for the 100, doing several starts and speed drills.  I was ready to rock and roll.  I was in lane 5 of heat 3 of the men's 100 in what appeared to be a nice field: Muhamed Ali, teammate Ross O'Neil, Charles Sawyer (TNT), and a few other guys (a couple of them with TNT) whose names escape me.  I got comfortable in my blocks and was off.  I drove out nicely and ran 12.14 for third place.  The winning time was 11.81.  I wanted to break 12, and technically I did--12.14 FAT is 11.9 HT!

One race down; a few to go.

I cooled down and was ready for the 400.

400--As soon as the gun went off, I felt a pull to my hamstring.  I grimmaced.  I kept on running in what I thought was would be a good race for me.  I kept telling myself that I'd be fine and that I should take the backstretch easy and I'd be okay by the 200.  However, I pulled up and off the track 160m-170m meters into the race.  I had pulled my hamstring.  That was the end of my campaign to run 5 events, much less break some barriers.  Stinks.  I spent the balance of the meet cheering on my teammates, icing and wallowing in self-pity.  (Perhaps I should have stuck to good old reliable: the 800. Kevin Forde did mention that he had hoped to lock up with me in a race.)

The 200m was the hardest event for me to watch.  I saw an empty lane 2, my lane, the lane from which I had planned to race to a sub-24.  Again, the heat was perfect.  It featured the same players from the 100, and I would've had lane 2.  I imagined myself, as a sat sidelined, taking the turn harder than usual and coming up on the hip of the runner in lane 3 and coming off the turn in a good position.  As it turned out, the guy who won the 100 won the 200. Junior from TNT would get second and break the 24-second barrier.  He and I had raced a couple of weeks ago, and I had won by .01.  This would have been a nice rematch.

I did eventually reach West Chester Henderson HS for the PA Distance Festival, but only to watch enviably.

I'm icing as we speak and am hoping for a miracle.

Friday-6/8-took off.

Thursday, 6/7--lifted only

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

someone had slugged me and now I'm just not myself

Wednesday, 6/6--the initial plan was to do 5x (2x300m @ 48 w/100m jog of 60-sec between the 300s)  and an 800m jog between sets.  As I warmed up and stretched, I knew this workout, which is doable even at 6AM, would not be.  What's more, when I began the first run I felt like crap.  On the one hand, I felt slow.  On the other hand, I was felt like I was pushing myself as if I were running 800 pace.  I ran 50 seconds! It truly sucked!  After walking the 100 in just under 2:30, I started my next 300 and finished in 49.  My legs felt flaccid, though, and my arms felt heavy, and my butt felt like crap.  I then agreed that I'd simply do 4x300, 4x200 and 4x100.  After my third 300 in 48, I settled for doing 4x300, 3x200, and 2x100.  I'd take 2:30 between each repeat.  After each 200, I'd walk 100m and then jog 100m.  Yeah, I cop-out, I know.  My fourth 300 was in 48.  The 200s stunk, too: 30, 31, 30.  My body felt like it was going at 27-second pace.  I guess I just felt sluggish, really sluggish.  Either that or someone had slugged me and now I'm just not myself!  The 100s were a little better.  I posted a 13.2 and a 12.9. 

So, in the end the 300s and 200s were 3 seconds slower, on average, given my effort; the 100s were about a second slower than expected. 

Let's just say that this workout did not inspire the confidence I was hoping for going into this weekend's Mid-Atlantic Championship (Widener) and PA Distance Festival (W.C. Henderson HS) meets.

Maybe it's stress and exhaustion!  Maybe I'm not in a good place mentally.  I had to fight my way through this rudimentary workout.  Argh!

Tuesday, 6/5--went to the track, warmed up and felt like crap.  Bagged the workout.  Went home.  stretched.  Sulked.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Back is killing me.

Monday, 6/4--drove to the Y to do some lifting.

Sunday, 6/3--did recovery run of 6.6M in 51:25 (7:47).  Back is killing me.  Massage, heat and ice!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

She was amazing

June 2, 2012

Today was my annual trek across the street to do the Rustin Run, even though I am not really in good shape for a 5K.  Unlike in previous years when the run was held in the morning, this year's event was scheduled for 4:30 in hopes that we would get more competitors.  This is a fundraiser for my son's XC team after all.  I had a good warm up. The 70 degree weather felt good, but the wind wasn't too friendly.  My back was hurting, and I figured I'd take the run fairly easy and run an even pace of 6:00 miles like I did last year.  I pretty much accomplished that for the first mile, running 6:04.  As my back started bothering me and my fitness level showed itself, I saw 12:30, and finished in 19:15.  I led the whole race and won.  But, the sad thing was not that there were two other runners within 20-30 seconds of me over the course of the race; the sad thing was that I ran this time even after the race course was adjusted (i.e., shortened by 70-80 meters), at my urging, so that it was 3.1M. An eighth grader was ahead of me during the first mile. He set a good pace for me. The award for winning the race was quite generous.

The highlight of the day for me was my seventh grade daughter's run.  She ran an amazing 22:41! That's 7:19 pace.  Her last 5K was in early November 2011 when she ran in the 25:00-26:00 range.  (She ran 25:15, I believe, at the Kennett Run when she was in fifth grade as part of the Girls on the Run program at her school.)  Considering she is not even in shape for a 5K, this was an excellent effort.  She told me she covered her first mile in 6:48.  Who knows?  We could be looking at a runner to be reckoned with in the future.