Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the more determined I am

Tuesday, 9/28--the workout was 6x800 with a 200 jog in-between. It was a humid 75 degrees with 25+mph wind swirling. This made for a mess of a workout. I felt like I was working too hard for the measly 2:53, 2:50, 2:47, 2:44, 2:42, and 2:40. We all agreed that it each repeat felt 5 seconds faster! I led the 4th but, but suffered a crisis of confidence during the 5th one with all the negative self-talk I do. I got my act together and dropped a comfortable 6th run. These runs were about the pace of the (5) 1000s we did last week.

I read Kev Forde's blog report on the 5th Avenue mile. He duked it out with some heavy competition in the 40-49 year old category. He took fourth and was beaten by fellow teammate and champ of all champ Nick Berra. Kev--4:27; Nick--4:22. Kev--46 years old; Nick--41. Amazing. I am proud to call them my Greater Phila Track Club teammates. The more I read about these guys the more determined I am to break 2:00 in the 800 and 4:40 in the mile. I haven't really raced the mile since 9th grade, I think. I have to translate determination into serious, intense, successful workouts, though.

I hope we go after the 4x800 over 40 world record again this December. I just hope everyone's healthy for our try in 2011. I WILL be on that team!

Monday, 9/27--easy 2.2 in 17:45.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

91 minutes and 30 seconds

Sunday, 9/26--Penn Oaks run--out and back. I jogged out to lift for 20-25 minutes and ran back. Out to PO in 25:45; back home in 24:35. I haven't done this in some time, perhaps 2 months ago. Total mileage 6.6

Saturday, 9/25--went to Westtown School's track. Warmed up a bit over a mile. Did 10x400 with 400 jog-rest. Goal pace was :70; recovery at between 2:40-2:50. Runs were: 70,71,72,71,71,71,71,71,68,63 for an average of 70. Cooled down 1.1. Total mileage: about 7 miles

39.5 miles this week. (as of 9/25)

Friday, 9/24--easy 3.8 miles in 28:30.

Thursday, 9/23--about 13 miles. Jogged into town to meet crew at WC Country Club. Got there a little late this time. I saw the crew pass by before I could get to the corner, much less make the turn to the actual start of the run. So...my run wound up being about .2 shy of 13. I hit the 4.85 mark in about 37. I hit the 8.75 mark in 63 minutes. I got home in 1:31:30 (91 minutes and 30 seconds). I have to do the math, but this appears to be about 7:09 pace for the 12.8 miles. Can this be right? I've measured the course and it looks right. Also the run did feel harder than last week's.

UPDATE, 9/27--As it turns out, the 12.8 was actually 12.5! That's what happens when you measure as opposed to estimate. Oh well. It was too good to be true. Mile pace just increased by 10 seconds to 7:19. That's still pretty good.

If I actually get myself to the Country Club in time, I'd be able to tack on an additional .2 for 12.7 miles.

Wednesday, 9/22--took off

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me versus my hamstring.

Tuesday, 9/21. Today at Henderson we got the standard 5K workout: 5x1000 at 5K pace with a 200 meter jog in-between. I got there a tad early so that I could get a couple of extra minutes of stretching in since my hamstring is not 100%. My runs were: 3:36, 3:26, 3:31, 3:27, 3:16. We took turns leading these. I led the fourth, which was probably my most comfortable run. I went out a little hard (my first 200 was :35) and had to slow up. Even though my hamstring felt sore, this workout was a good one. For perspective, on 9/7/10 we did 5x1000 and ran 3:47, 3:38, 3:30, 3:28, 3:23. The average was 3:33, which is 6 seconds slower than today's average. My pace for my most recent 5K race was 3:33, or 5:44/mile. My average 1K for the workout was 3:27. Does that mean I can run this pace in my next 5K? That would be 17:15! I'd actually like to get down to 3:20 pace so that I can break 17:00 (5:28/mile). I felt good about being able to keep up with Scott Burns, who ran 16:45 at Teri's run on 9/10. That's a good sign. We'll see. Me versus my hamstring...and the course, of course.

Monday, 9/20--easy 3.75 in 28:45. My left hamstring is bothering me. It's sore and tight. I hope I didn't overdo it this past week.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Needless to say

Total mileage for the week: 41.

Saturday, 9/18--got together with Justin at about 6:30 AM because I had to travel to Lancaster for an AM soccer game...followed by an alumni function/obligation at Swarthmore, beginning at noon. Needless to say, it was a busy morning.

Anyway, Justin and I planned to do:
800 in 2:40 (followed by 400 jog)
2x400 in :75 (followed by 400 jog)
4x200 in :32 (followed by 200 jog)
2x400 in :70 (followed by 400 jog)
800 in 2:30

My runs: 2:37,75,75,32,32,32,32,69,69,2:25.

Friday, 9/17/10--dropped my car off and jogged home. Easy pace. 3.4 miles in 26:00.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's go back...and spring forward

Thursday, 9/16--I did it! I decided I would join my Thursday crew in town, not by driving to our meeting place to do our customary 8 miles, but by running there. I ran to our meeting place from home, did half of the 8 mile route, then ran back home. My grand total: about 12.55 miles (a record for me; my farthest had been 10 or 11) in 91:30. It felt good and to think I was crazy enough to do this 5 AM. I will try these for the next few weeks. I want to avoid injury, though.

UPDATE: 9/27--As it turns out, the 12.55 miles was actually 12.2 miles! The pace 7:30/mile. Oh well. It was too good to be true.

Wednesday, 9/15--alas, a day off. Mom's birthday.

Tuesday, 9/14--met up with the massive crew at Henderson for 3 x 1 mile with a 200 jog in-between. My runs were 5:56, 5:38, and 5:31. I eased into the workout, but need to make the first run a bit faster. Ideally, a next time I'll go 5:45, 5:35, 5:25. The good thing is that I felt refreshed afterwards, which is how you should feel after such a workout. Crazy to think that Scott Burns ran his last one in 5:21 and Joe Breslin ran his in 5:26. Joe is 50! Wow! I guess that makes me a slacker.

My 5K last week was a sign that I am rounding into shape, but it's also a sign that I need work...mentally.

My plan was to run 3:30/1K. My fitness level indicated that this was in reach. I wanted to run in the neighborhood of 17:30, but I ran 17:45, mostly because of mental errors. I ran the first mile in sub-5:30, but then my back started bothering me, and then the demons smelled blood. Together there was disaster on the horizon. I hit the halfway mark at about 8:30 or so. I talked myself out of stopping at the 2-mile mark. I felt myself losing ground and, along with it, confidence. A few runners breezed by me. I then said to myself that I wanted to finish, that I needed to finish. I then hung on to the guy who had been hitched to me most of the race. He dropped me with about a half mile to go. Then a woman and I went stride for stride for about a quarter mile, until I decided I wanted the win over her. With less than 200 meters to go, I outkicked her.

Monday, September 13, 2010

full report later

Monday, 9/13--easy 3.8 in 28:30.

Sunday, 9/12--fartlek. 5 min/.6 mile warm up; 31:30 coverage of 4.6+ miles; 5 mile/.6 cool down. 5.8 miles

Saturday, 9/11--recovery run of 5.1 miles.

Friday, 9/10--Teri's Run. 17:45 (full report later)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

not much here

Thursday, 9/9--mile and stretch. Not much here.

Tomorrow: Teri's Run in D'town. Goal: break 18:00.
Ideal: 3:30/K

Other: 3:35/K

Other: avg of 3:35/K


Wednesday, 9/8--easy 3.8 mile run--29:00.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

come out

Today at Henderson we did 5x1000 with a 200 meter jog-rest after each. I was pleased to see that my buddy Justin decided to join us--his first time out with the crew. He joined group 1. He learned that the recovery between the runs is swift, sometimes too swift for my blood. On this day, however, I hung in there. In fact, I felt tired but refreshed, not dead, afterwards. That's a good sign. Our runs were 3:47, 3:38, 3:30 (?), 3:28, 3:23. The last time the Henderson crew had this workout was 8/17/10, but on that early morning we did a swift 6 1000s: 3:36, 3:40, 3:32, 3:29, 3:29, 3:30. I have to imagine that I can run this pace for the 5K.

Overall I felt good about the workout, and my body feels pretty good too. I hope Justin continues to come out.

Historical perspective--On March 31, 2009, the Henderson crew did 5x1000, beginning at 3:45 and working our way down. We had 400 meter jog/rest, not 200 like today's. Times were 3:46; 3:45; 3:34; 3:33; 3:32.

Monday, 9/6/10--easy 4.4 (17:45--1st 2.2; 16:15--2nd 2.2)--34:00, followed by stretching.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A refreshing workout.


Today, I decided to do a fartlek, much like the ones I've been doing. I began with a 5 min/.6 mi warm up, heading towards the start of the Rustin xc course. I did my standard 15-30-45-60 sec with an equal amount of jog in-between. I kept this pattern for 4.65 miles, covering the distance in 32 minutes (or was it 31:00?). I figure my runs were at 6 min pace and my jogs were at 8 min pace. I cooled down .6, for a total of 5.85 miles. I felt pretty good considering yesterday's workout of 9.1 miles.

9/4/10--Cooler, 70ish, a little windy.

Got together with Justin at 8ish for a ladder. This workout puts me at 41.2 miles for the week, Sun 8/29 to Sat 9/4.

We jogged to Westtown School (2.25), stretched, and then began our workout:

400--37s/200 for 74s
800--41s/200 for 2:44
1000--43s/200 for 3:35
1600--45s/200 for 6:00
600--39s/200 for 1:57
400--37s/200 for 74s

We hit the times dead on for the most part. I think we ran 75 for the first 400, 2:45 for the 800, 3:36 for the 1000, 5:59 for the mile, and 34 for the 200. Jogged 400 after each repeat.

A refreshing workout.

Cooled down with jog back to my house: 2.25.

2.25 warm up +3.1 in interval + 1.5 in-between repeats + 2.25 cool down = 9.1 miles

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Got there late today.

Got there late today.

7.9 mile route in 57:55

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Easy run

About 75 degrees. Did easy run of 4.4 miles this morning.

4:05/8:05/15:52/17:25 (loop 1 17:25)--7:55 pace
20:55/24:45/32:10/33:40 (loop 2 16:15)--7:23 pace

avg: 7:39 pace