Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Tues, 8/3/19-Went to Y at 5:55AM and did...

mile warm up in 8:00
stretched for 4:00
Then did 4 x (.75M + 4:00 lift/stretch). The .75M runs were increasingly "fast." At speeds of 8.6, 9.1, 9.6, and 10.1 respectively, my times were 5:13, 4:58, 4:43, 4:28. This was tougher than it should have been.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

ParkRun for first time

Sun, 9/1-Went to Skillman Park with V. Did 5.3M in 41:10

Sat, 8/31-Did ParkRun for second time. Arrived at 8:25. Parked near rose garden. Warmed up 1.25M. Applied Icy Hot! Stretched. Used my massage gun! Made my way to the Delaware Raritan Canal area. Unlike last week when I found myself alone after a half-mile, today there were four runners ahead of me. Pace check over first few minutes: 6:15! Well before the mile mark, I had passed the guy in third place. I reached the mile mark in 6:35. The two guys were about 50-60m in front of me by now. I reached the turnaround point at about 10:00/10:05. The runner in first was now 75m-100m ahead, while the guy in second maintained his 50-60m lead over me. A minute after the turnaround point, I could feel myself gaining on the guy in second. By the mile two mark, I had made contact and pushed past him. Mile 2: 6:30. It was onto the first guy. Over mile three, I was reeling him in, meter by meter. By the time I reached the spillway, I had made up nearly all the distance. In fact, I pulled even with him over the cobblestones, but then he surged. I did not respond, trying to decide if I had it in me. I hung back, partly because my drive was waning some, partly because I didn't want to seem too "competitive." I looked down at my watch and saw 19:00. I decided I wanted this unconditioned body to break 20:00. I pulled nearly even again as we approached the bridge. A swift move by the leader made the difference as he finished up five to seven meters ahead of me.  19:59 on me.

Fri, 8/30-took off

Thurs, 8/29-new route 5.75M in 43:25

Wed, 8/28-new route in reverse 5.75M in 44:20

Tues, 8/27-regular 5.72M

Mon, 8/26-4M

Sun, 8/25-5.65M Skillman

Sat, 8/24-Did ParkRun for first time. Goal was to find a pace, hold, and drop it lower if I felt good. This worked well since I found myself solo a few minutes into the race.
Mile 1: 7:02
Mile 2: 6:45
Mile 3: 6:15
.1M: 35s
3.1M/5K: 20:37

Fri, 8/23-took off

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Hot and Humid

Thurs, 8/22-just lifted

Wed, 8/21-ran 3M at 7:45 pace

Tues, 8/20-ran 4M at 8:00 pace

Mon, 8/19-3 x (mile + 4:30 lift). Miles in 7:25.

Sun, 8/18-Ran 3M at Skillman. Hot and Humid. 7:45 pace

Sat, 8/17-Same as yesterday.

Fri, 8/16-ran 2M in Charleston. Soupy weather. 8:15 pace

Thurs, 8/15-ran 3M in Charleston. Hot and humid. Sticky. 8:30 pace

Wed, 8/14-ran a few miles...slow. Headed to Charleston...

Tues, 8/13-sationary bike

Mon, 8/12-Yoga class?

8/11-3 x (mile + 4:30 lift). Miles in 8:25

8/10-Yoga Fusion class?

8/9-cannot recall

8/8-cannot recall

8/7-cannot recall

8/6-cannot recall

8/5-cannot recall

Monday, August 5, 2019

Bagged meet. Shut down season. Taking time off.

Sun, 8/4-Went to Y. Biked close to 5M and then lifted.

Sat, 8/3-Went to Y. Biked a little over 5M and then lifted. Bagged meet. Shut down season. Taking time off.

Fri, 8/2-Took off.

Thurs, 8/1-Went to Hillsborough HS for some 50m strides in prep for Saturday night meet at Phoenixville. Good warm up. 4 x 50 strides, all on turns, were between 6.7 and 7.1 from standing start. Finished off with race pace 100m in 13-high. 

Played tennis later in the afternoon.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Not quite where I want to/should be.

Wed, 7/31-Drove to the trail with Bria this morning for an easy 5. Averaged 9:00/mile for first 2.5M (down); averaged about 8:20/mile for final 2.5M (back). 8:41 pace.

And I may not have Lyme after all, per doc. Second opinion needed!?!

Tues, 7/30-Went to campus for 3 sets of 2 150s at 400 race pace. 2:00 between efforts, 6:00 between sets.

21-low; 20-high
20-mid; 20-low
20-high; 20-mid

Not quite where I want to/should be.

Mon, 7/29-Went to the Y, biked 3+ miles, then lifted. Not feeling' it!

Sunday, July 28, 2019


Sun, 7/28-

Planned on easy 7M run on trail with Bri. Did 5.62M, walked .58M, then finished last .8M. 9:13/min pace.

Sat, 7/27-

Decided not to do the Phoenixville meet, opting instead to work out locally. Did 6x150m in 600m race pace (22-low) with 3' rest. Goal was to work on form. I wound up running between 21-low and 21-mid.

Fri, 7/26-took off

Thurs, 7/25-took off

Wed, 7/24-took off. Decided against meet at Henderson

Tues, 7/23-Hit Pingry's track for what should have been an easy pre-race workout of 50m strides. I felt terribly. Running 7 seconds on each of the 50s felt effortful.

Monday, July 22, 2019


Mon, 7/22/19-

Went to Y for a 15-min lift.