Thursday, November 26, 2020

Tackling each

 Thurs, 11/26-Thanksgiving Day!

Wed, 11/25-took off

Tues, 11/24-Drove to Y. Did 4M in 30:00. Lifted some.

Mon, 11/23-Went to Mountainview Park for a run. Too windy. ARGH! Did 2.25M in 18:00.

Sun, 11/22-Met up with the crew at GA. Did 2x300, 2x200, and 2x150. Goal paces: 48/49, 30/31, 21/22.

Actuals: 48-mid, 47-low; 30-mid, 30-mid, 21-mid, 20-mid. Rest between efforts was 4:00. 

(John D'Anjou and Ricky Goetell ran the 300s in 44! John would be fine through the 200s, Ricky not so much. Both pulled back on the 150s. John Curtis ran 46 or so for the 300s. He pulled back on in the 200s and skipped the 150s, having run 1000 meters. Andrew Albright surprised himself, as did Bonnie. Wayne did the 150s with us, tackling each in 19.xx! 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

I stopped

Sat, 11/21-

Ran 5M on the trail...without V.

8:40, 8:10, 7:40, 7:10, 6:40


Fri, 11/20-took off

Thur, 11/19-ran 4M around the Y's neighborhood (29:30) + lifted some

Wed, 11/18-went to campus early in the AM for some 200s in windy 30-degree weather. How disappointing! I took just 2:30 between efforts. Given how I was feeling, I stopped at 6. 32-mid, 32-mid, 32-low, 31-high, 31-mid, 30-mid

Tues, 11/17-took off

Mon, 11/16-ran 5M at Mountainview Park. 36:50

Sun, 11/15-took off

Sat, 11/14-ran at Duke Island Park with V. 10:40, 10:15, 10:20, 10:10...

Fri, 11/13-ran 5M at Mountainview Park

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Wed, 11/11/20-Went to campus for a workout on this 60-degree morning. Settled on eight (8), w/ 3:00 rest.

30-high, 30-low, 30-low, 29-high, 30-mid, 30-low, 30-low, 28-mid.

Tues, 11/10-took off

Went to Mountainview Park for a 5-miler...of my normal route. 37:15.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Reverse director

Sun, 11/8-Met up several of the guys at Germantown Academy for some 200s. Settled on seven (7), running them with John C. (6), Chuck K. (first 4), and Wayne (last one).  Several other teammates were there, and they did their own thing. 

31-low, 31-mid, 30-low, 29-high, 29-high, 28-mid, 27-high

Sat, 11/7-Ran 3.5M with V in 35:30.

Fri, 11/6-Ran the XC course with Tim in the afternoon of this inservice day. 24:20.

Thurs, 11/5-Parked at the Y and ran around the neighborhood (4M in 29:50), before heading into the Y to lift

Wed, 11/4-took off

Tues, 11/3-Went to Mountainview Park for a reverse direction of my normal route. 36:40

Monday, November 2, 2020

Did four

11/2-Went to Mountainview Park on this windy day for a 5-miler.

8:05, 7:35, 7:25, 7:05, 6:55



Went to GA for 8x200 with 3-min/200m walk break with Wayne (who did four).

I hit 30-mid, 30-low, 30-low, 30-low, 29-high, 29-high, 29-high, 28-low


Ran with V on the trail. We covered 4.25M in 43:15, V's best. 10:45, 10:15, 10:20, 9:55, ....


Duke Island Park...5M...36:00+

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dark, dampness

Thurs, 10/29-

Took off. Too much to do.


Wed, 10/28-

Went to campus for 8x200 with 3-min/200m walk break in the dark, dampness of 6:30AM. Goal was 31 sec.

I hit 30-mid, 30-low, 30-low, 30-low, 30-low, 30-low, 29-high, 28-high

Tues, 10/27-

For the first time in months, I parked at the Y, ran 4M around the area (to CVS and back), and stretched/lifted for 15 min afterwards. 4M run at 6:00AM was 29:55 (8:00, 7:35, 7:15, 7:05).

Mon, 10/26-

Went to Mountainview Park. Running late, I committed to only 4M. (8:00, 7:35, 7:10, 6:50). 29:35

Sunday, October 25, 2020


 Sun, 10/25-

Went to campus for a track workout, assuming we were on for GA. Turns out a few distance guys showed up. 

Inspired by John D'Anjou's 4x400 in 68 sec with a 3-min rest followed by 4x200 in 28 sec with a 2-min rest, I went for 4x300 in 48 with a 3-min rest followed by 30 sec with a 2-min rest. I went 49-mid, 48-mid, 47-high, 48-low. I then went 30-flat, 30-mid, 30-low, 30-flat.

I then took a work-related conference call in my office.

Sat, 10/24-

Went to Duke Island Park for a run with V. We did 4.98M in 52:15.






Fri, 10/23-

Went to Mountainview Park at 6AM for a 4.7M run. 34:00

Thurs, 10/22

Went to the Y. Some lifting, some running. Not much.

Wed, 10/21

Went to campus for a workout of 8x150s with a 2:30 rest.