Tuesday, August 11, 2020

soupy Tuesday


On this , I went to DIP, departed from my usual route, and covered 5 miles..in 37:10.
8:25, 7:35, 7:25, 7:10, 6:35

Monday, August 10, 2020

My jog-rests


Went to DIP, I did my now-usual 5M figure 8 route...in 37:20.
8:15, 7:45, 7:35, 7:15, 6:35


Easy run with V...the trail. 4.25M in 47:00+


Didn't go to GA today. Wayne cancelled, Chuck S. has a bum calf, no word from Rob until it was too late.

I was inspired by a 2015 Facebook post from Peter Brady in which he reported doing 8x200 in 28-low with a 200-meter jog between runs. A consistent sub-2:00 guy, he'd break 2:00 soon afterwards. He also ran 1:58 the prior year and the year after.  

I'd try this workout, but with a goal pace of 31.  

My jog-rests were 1:45. 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

I estimate

Fri, 8/7-

Went to DIP with V. Ran separately, though. I did my now-usual 5M figure 8 route...in 37:30.
8:20, 7:45, 7:35, 7:15, 6:35

Thurs, 8/6

Easy 5M run at Duke Island Park. 41:00. I didn't have my Garmin watch, but I estimate that I went about 25 seconds slower per mile than usual. 9:00, 8:40, 8:10, 7:50, 7:20.

Wed, 8/5

8x300s pick up reps at TCNJ. Typically, this workout is 8x 400m @ 70 w/90-sec Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 63

In the 300s version, I was hoping for 52s, with #s 2,5,8 @ 47, all on 2:00 rest.

53-low, 49-low, 53-low, 52-low, 47-mid, 52-mid, 52-mid, 48-low

  • I could see myself hitting 53 and 48 on 90-sec rest.
  • I'd like to be able to hit 52s and 47s on 2:00 rest, even 90-sec rest. 
  • Alternatively, I'd like to hit 70s and 63s with 2:00 rest.
  • Finally, what about 73s and 66s with 90s rest.

Tues, 8/4

5M at Duke Island Park. 37:45 (8:20, 7:45, 7:35, 7:15, 6:50)

Monday, August 3, 2020

Age-graded 85+%

Mon, Aug 3-

Went to Duke Island Park for a 5M. Given yesterday's workout, I figured I'd run at 15-20 seconds slower per mile, on average. M1 8:35, M2 8:15, M3 7:45, M4: 7:30, M5: 7:00. 39:05.

Sun, Aug 2-
Went to TCNJ to do Sit 'n Kick Reps. It was about 85 degrees and humid. The ideal/goal is 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28) with a 1200m jog. btw sets. Being able to do this as written sets me up to run about 2:00 in the 800m.  My initial plan was to try to run 65 and 30, with 60 sec rest between these two and 1200m between sets. After a sluggish first one, I figured that I needed to temper my expectations. So...I decided on 66 and 32 for the 400s and 200s, and 90 seconds for the rest periods.

My runs were: 
67-mid, 32-low
68-low, 32-low
67-low, 32-mid  
66-mid, 32-low
66-low, 32-low

My 1200 jogs in-between were in 10:00.

should shoot for these marks and keep my rest to 30-45 seconds. Better yet, what about...:

68/32...30 sec rest
67/31...45 sec rest
66/30...60 sec rest
65/29...75 sec rest
64/28...90 sec rest

mile warm up
600m cool down

Total 6.3M

Sat, 8/1/20
Went to Germantown Academy for an 800TT. I arrived at 7:15, with the first of two heats scheduled to begin at 8:00. There from our team were Chuck S., Brock, John Becker, Tim Harte, Rob Ciervo, Reza Manavi, and Scott Burns (I believe Scott has joined.). There were several others as well, including some college-age youngsters. Even Rob S. and John showed up for a little spectator action.

The first heat came and went, with everyone seemingly running well. Chuck broke 2:30, negative splitting like the rest of the folks in the heat.

In heat 2 there were eight of us. I grabbed lane one. With only six lanes, two guys had to double-up. At the start, the guys bolted around the turn. The top runner hit the 200 in 28. I crossed in 31. I found myself in 7th place. No surprise there really. At the 400, I heard 58 called for the first runner. Way behind him, I knew I'd be closer to 63/64. I actually crossed in 64/65, still in 7th. I tried to maintain over the next 100 meters, feeling my 2:10 slip away from me. By the time I reached the 600 mark, I heard the timer call out 98, 99.... I found myself gaining some on Rob and the younger kid in front of me, at the same time that I felt hunter by Tim Harte. Tim would pass me with 170-180 to go. I'd eventually pass Rob with 80 meters or so to go. Despite passing him, I had no lift. I crossed in 2:14, a one-second improvement over my effort a few weeks back. Age-graded 85+%.

Fifteen minutes after we finished, Brock, Scott and Tim progressed into a mile maintenance work: 600m(400@mile, 100float, 100kick), 500m(300m@mile, 100float, 100kick), 400m(200m@mile, 100float, 100kick), 300m(100m@mile, 100float, 100kick) all on 3-4 minR.

I did a few 200s with Rob and Chuck, hovering at 35/36.

I capped the morning off with a 30-sec 200, solo.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Lehigh Valley

Fri, 7/31/20- Went to TCNJ this morning for a brief pre-race workout of 4x100 at race pace (15-high/16-low), at least for the first 400. LOL (400 at 15-high/16-low per 100m = 63/64 sec)

Thurs, 7/30/20- Purchased shorts from nearby Dicks. Back in business. Went with wife on a morning run at a nearby park. Ran at 12:15 pace for 1.3M (16:00), then broke off and did my own thing. Mile 2...9:05, 3:45 of which was .3M with wife; .7M solo in 5:20. Last two miles in 7:35 and 7:05 for a total of 4M in 36:00.

Wed, 7/29/20- At Glasbern B&B (Lehigh Valley) with wife. Forgot shorts. Took off today, unless you count a nice walk with wife!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Tuesday, July 26th
4 days before race day…Technically, time trial (TT) day
4x200 w/ 30 sec rest in-between. Try to run my 200s at 31/32.  
31-mid, 31-high, 31-high, 31-mid

Went to Duke Island Park (again) for a 5M run. Hot (90!), but not quite as humid. Tried the figure 8 route in reverse. Each loop was 2.28M, on account of the intersection of the figure 8.

Finished up in 37:50.  (8:15, 7:55, 7:35, 7:15, 6:50). Goal was to drop each mile by 20 seconds. As usual, it felt harder than it should have!   

Monday, July 27, 2020

inspired by the virtual hug

July 26, 2020-

Met up with Bob, Rob, Chuck S. and Stan at GA for a workout.

Rob and I worked out together, while the other guys did their thing (500/300--three sets. I think Bob did 4 or 5 sets and Stan did 6!)

I went to the vault for inspiration and decided to do 3x400 at goal pace, with a 10-min rest between each effort. It really should've been 3x500, but oh well. Rob would do 200s (take me through the first 200 of my 400). He would take a five minute rest and go at it again, with the idea that he'd end up with five or six 200s.

I decided I wanted to do my 400s in 64 seconds, going through the 200 in 31/32. Rob thought he could handle this. He was right!

Effort 1: 15...31/32...65-mid
Effort 2: 14...31...64-low
Effort 3: 15...30...61-low

Rob hit his times, running numbers 2, 4, and 6 in 31. He kept strictly to the rest time, as did I. I wish I had shot for 63, 62, and 61, or perhaps did 500s, coming through the 400 in 64/65.

Rob felt good about the effort. Maybe he was inspired by the virtual hug he said I gave him on his third effort, my second.

Thursday, 7/21/11--
I did a standard peaking workout for the 800 6:00 AM this morning: 600 at 800 pace, then 90 seconds of rest, then 200 flat-out. I hit 200 in 29, the 400 in 61 and the 600 in about 1:33. I then ran a 30-second 200 after a 90 second break. Since it was 6:00 AM and I was running solo, I am wondering whether it's safe to say that I am in the 2:00 ball park. Honestly, what do you think? 2:02? 2:03? Your thoughts?

Wednesday, 7-20-11--Took the day off.

I've been giving some thought to peaking for the 800.

Here is what I am thinking:

10 days until race day…
Thursday, July 21-- a fairly standard peaking workout for 800 (You normally only do one of these and not within 7-10 days of your key race.):
600 at 800 pace
90 second rest
200 flat-out

(A trusted coach told me that this is almost directly taken out of his 4x800 training! They do a 600, with the recovery being the diagonal jog across the infield (finish line over to the 200m start line). He also offered a few alternative short and sweet workouts he uses when they are closer to the Championships
1. Same as above but drop the 600 to a 400 and would consider doing twice with no less than 10mins rest. 
2. 400m FAST (basically 800 pace) 60 seconds rest 400m at whatever is left in the tank.  
3. 400m, broken up like this: first 200m is fast but not hard. Next 100m back off pace to your normal distance run pace, final 100m FAST! Repeat that 2-3 times, depends on athlete (plenty of rest between sets) the kids tell me it is hard, but they love how it feels.

Since July 21 IS within 7-10 days of my key race, I shouldn't do this workout as designed.  

7 days until race day…
Saturday, July 23--one week before race run 3x500m with 10 minute recoveries at goal pace. This should tell me where I am. 
(My coach buddy mentioned that he never really does 500’s. He doesn't know why, because he knows they work. He said he should probably start adding them.)

4 days before race day…
Tuesday, July 26th--3-5 days before: 4x200 w/ 30 sec rest in-between. Try to run my 200s faster than 30.  

(The coach offered a "tweak" that he said may sound funn: try doing 6x200, like this:
200 – RELAXED in trainers
45 -50 sec. rest
200 – RELAXED slightly more quick thank first one, still in trainers and still easy
45-50 sec. rest
Switch into your spikes and do the last 4x200’s with 30-45 sec rest, and make sure the last 2 are your fastest but also do not press to make that happen.)


Another one of my alternative is 3x300m (10 mins rec) 42 seconds each.
(The coach said, "Only on your first one – hold back just a little more than normal for the start, then gradually build up to your normal 42 second effort), then hit your last 2 300’s at your regular pace.")


5x200 at just sub-goal (2:00; 29s) pace.


fast 150-200s at 400m pace (:53; 150s in 20, 200s in 26/27) with good recovery 
(The coach mentioned that this makes him worried about getting sore, but everyone is different though, and that I may be fine.)

Last remaining days…

Wednesday, July 27th-Friday, July 29th -- No rest days, keep your aerobic system alive through short runs. On the days leading up to the race just do strides and some drills; just do short easy runs and strides at 1500-800 pace. 

(The coach offered the following: PERFECT. Strides in spikes?
I like 150m strides (building speed through the first 50m)
OR 300m gradually increase your speed every 100m (starting pretty easy) finish quick.")

RACE DAY--Saturday, July 30th 

His final remarks were: "I like all you have down, I don’t think my remarks are needed, but they are just there as ideas or options for you. I look at this time as all about feeling good and fast. Too late to have any killer workout mean anything for the 30th, so my tweaks are just ideas of how to make you feel quick and feel sharp. Hope that philosophy makes sense."