Tuesday, March 31, 2020

my calf and groin were groaning

Monday, 3/30-Went to Skillman for a run at 5:30 PM. Boy did I feel like crap! My knees were killing me, my bad was stiff, my calf and groin were groaning, and my breathing was labored. I felt so out of shape. I managed 3.45M in 27:15. And that was with having to stop for a bit after two miles into the run to deal with my ailments.

Sunday, 3/29-Took off

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pulled left calf

Sat, 3/29-Went to the trail again and ran a sluggish 4M. 2 miles down in 16:40; rested to stretch calf a little; 2 miles back in 15:20. (32:00)

Fri, 3/28-Went to the trail (less preferred side) and ran a hard-fought 6.2M. 3.1 miles down in 25:30; rested some because of left calf; 3.1 miles back in 23:30. (49:00)

Thurs, 3/27-Arrived at TCNJ's track at 5:30 for a workout, despite my sore left calf. On tap today:

3x200 in 30, 29, 28 (3:00 rest/200m walk)
3x150 build-ups (first 50m in 7.5s, second 50m in 7.0, and third 50m in 6.5, for a total of 21.0)


200s--30-low, 29-mid, 28-high
150 build-ups--21-high, 21-mid, pulled up with 50 meters to go. Pulled left calf. Ouch.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Such is life!

Wed, 3/25-Was going to go for a run at 5:15PM, but went for a drive instead. Such is life.

Tues, 3/24-Went to TCNJ's track at 5:15 PM for a workout. The plan:

1. Warm-up: 1 mile  
2. Flexibility Exercises and stretching
3. 2 x 450 Speed 60 seconds 400/rest=15 minutes

4. 3 x 200 Speed 32-31-30/rest=3 minutes

I did the first 450m, crossing the 200 in 30/31 and the 400 in 62/63, finishing up at the 450m mark in 71-low. I wasn't too disappointed, given that I haven't done a 450 in some time. After the rest, I went to do another 450, and I stopped at the 200 mar because my calf cramped up. That was it for the day!

Mon, 3/23-Went to TCNJ's track for 4 x 300 (Event run) Speed 48 seconds/rest 5 minutes. 

I started with a 200 in 32-low.
I then started with the 300s, hitting 47-high, 47-mid, 46-high. I then finished with another 200, in 30.

Sun, 3/22-Went to the Skillman for a short, easy run of a couple of miles.

Sat, 3/21-Took off

Fri, 3/20-The plan 

1 Warm-up: 1 mile  
2. Flexibility Exercises/stretches
3. 3 x 200 speed 30-29-28 seconds/rest walk 200
4. 3 x 150 (build-ups) speed slow-medium-fast/rest=walk back

I wasn't able to make it through the full workout, on account of running late. I did the 200s and one 150.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

I putzed around

Thurs, 3/20-took off

Wed, 3/19-Went to the track at The College of New Jersey to get in a workout: 6x200m in 30 seconds, with a 3:00 rest/200m walk.

30-low, 31-low, 30-mid, 30-mid, 30-mid, 30-low

Tues, 3/18-Went to the track at The College of New Jersey to get in a workout. After feeling like the Tin Man and hemming and hawing, I putzed around and did...
100 in 14-mid
200 in 30
200 in 30
250 in 38
200 in 31

Mon, 3/17-took off

Sunday, March 15, 2020

back home

Sun, 3/15-

Went to the trail with V for a run. Well, she walked, while I ran. The idea was for me to run to the fence (2.13M in), turn around and heads back, stopping when I reconnected with V. Because she was walking quickly and I was running at a modest pace, I reconnected with her after 2.82M and at 22:15. I had hoped to be able to cover 3.1M and/or 24:00. Oh well!

Saturday, 3/14-

Hillsborough's track was closed and locked down. I made my way to Bound Brook High School's and found the same. As a result, I went to Pingry for my brief workout. Less than a lap into my warm-up, I found myself lethargic. Still I persisted, hoping it would pass. It did mostly.

I did my stretching and flexibility exercises. It was then time for my 3x200 in 30 sec (rest: 200m walk/3:00). 30-low, 31-low, 29-high.

It was then time to head back home!

Friday, March 13, 2020

While in Barcelona

Went to Hillsborough's track at 1:40 or so, on account of the high school dismissing early. I was fortunate to have the track to myself for my workout, which was...

3x200 in 30, 29, 28...with a 200m/3:00 walk-rest.
3x150 (build-ups)...speed slow-medium-fast. Rest is a 250m walk-rest in 3:30. The idea was to do the first 50m in 7.5 sec, the second in 7.0, and the third in 6.5. 

30-mid, 29-high, 28-mid
21-mid, 21-mid, 20-high 

While in Spain...
Thurs-ran to other side waterfront and stopped at outdoor gym. 13:00 (1.6M). Stretched some. Headed back to hotel...11:20 (1.6M).
Wed-ran to edge of waterfront and stopped. Didn’t feel like it. Walked back.
Tues-two miles (hotel to waterfront and back). Lifted in hotel fitness center.
Mon-took off

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Players on the field.

Sun, 3/8-
Met with Bob and both Chucks (no Andrew Albright) at Germantown Academy for a workout. Even though the high today was predicted to be 58 degrees, our workout began with it being a frost 35. In fact, when I hopped into the car this morning it was 25!

I opted for 6x200 in 30 sec with a 3 min rest. I hit this mark, posting 28.5 on my last effort as a soccer game ensued and fans roared their approval of the players on the field. Chuck S. and Bob would join me, and Chuck K. would run with us beginning at the 100m mark.

Sat, 3/7-

Hillsborough's track was in use, so I made my way to the trail. I did a 1.2M warm up, then drove to Colonial Park for 100m hills in 14 sec, the last one in 13.