Saturday, June 27, 2015


6/27-Despite arriving home from ATL after 1AM, I got up to work out with Chuck Kruelle and Duncan Smith at Westtown School in a steady light rain.

Chuck determined that we would do one of his staple workouts: 4-6 x 300, 4-6 x 200, 4-6 x 100.  I knew I didn't have the stomach (or legs) for six of each, so I opted for four of each.  We'd walk/sow jog between each repeat (2:15-3:00) and take a 400 rest between sets (4:00-5:00).  Odd about this workout for me was running fast counterclockwise on the even runs for the 300s and 200s.  (Chuck evidently likes to finish a run, walk/slow jog a little, and turn right around to use the finish line of the run as the starting line for the next run.)

At any rate, I felt SLOW AS MOLASSES during the workout, considering how fast I was feeling on the 100s and 150s mid-June.  Perhaps six consecutive days of slow four-mile runs did me in!

300s: 49, 51 (opposite direction), 49, 49 (opposite)
200s: 30-low, 30-mid (opposite), 30-low, 29-low (opposite)
100: 14-low, 13-high, 13-mid, 13-low


Chuck and Duncan decided to do two more 300s and two more 200s.  I popped a modest 21-mid 150, then watched USATF-TV (Nationals), as those guys dug into the remaining repeats.

We took some time to hang out at Starbucks after this sleepy workout.

Duncan and Chuck looked really good in the workout.  I think Duncan is ready for a sub-2:25 800, and Chuck, coming off a 4:54 mile in Pottstown, is ready for a sub-2:10!

6/26-in ATL.  Ran with my son and daughter. About 4.0 in 37:45.

6/25-in ATL.  Ran with my son and daughter.  About 4.0M in 36:00

6/24-in ATL.  Ran with my son.  About 4.0M in 31:30

6/23-in ATL. Ran with my son.  About 4.0M in 32:30.

6/22-in ATL. Ran with my son and daughter.  About 4.0M in about 36:30

6/21-in ATL.  Ran with my daughter.  About 4.0M in about 38:30.

6/20-Left home at 3:45 AM to the Phila International Airport...en route to Atlanta.  No workout.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Not much energy.

Friday-Same as Tuesday's workout: 8x150 at 7:00 AM.  3:30 min rest.  Goal: 2@22, 2@21, 2@20, 2@19.

22-mid, 22-mid
21-mid, 21-low
20-low, 20-flat
19-low, --- (I skipped the last 150.  I felt the area behind my knee tighten.  I didn't want to chance a hamstring pull.)

Technically, it was a better workout than Tuesday's.

Thursday-ran a pedestrian 2.2M in 18:00.  Not much energy.

Wednesday-went to the Y for half-mile, lift, half-mile, lift, half-mile, stretch, half-mile, stretch.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sorry, slow, heavy, unbreathable morning run

Tues, June 16-8x150 at 7:00 AM.  3:30 min rest.  Goal: 2@22, 2@21, 2@20, 2@19.

22-high, 22-low
21-mid, 21-low
20-mid, 20-low
19-mid, 19-low

Mon, June 15--Sorry, slow, heavy, unbreathable morning run of 2.2M in 19:00.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Looks like I have a sore achilles.


Went to the Y with my wife.
Ran 7:25 mile on indoor track
upper body lifting--5:00
Ran 7:25 mile on treadmill
upper body work
Ran 6:40 on indoor track

Looks like I have a sore achilles.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Back hurting

Saturday-Went to Westtown School's track for a moderate workout: 3 x 300, 3 x 200, and 3 x 150.
My thought was to do the 300s at about 8 seconds per 50 meter pace (about 48), the 200s at about 7 seconds per 50 meter pace (about 28), and the 150s at about 6.5 seconds per 50 meter pace (about 19.5).  5 minute break between repeats.

300s: 49-low, 49-low, 47-high
200s: 28-low, 27-high, 28-low
150s: 19-mid, 19-low, 18-high

Friday-early AM 3.5M in Villanova.  At Villanova Conference Center for admin retreat.

Thursday-early AM 4.4M in 33:50.  Back hurting

Wednesday-early AM 2.2M in 17:30.  Back hurting.

Tuesday--ran 9x100 at EA: 3@ 13-high, 3@ 13-low/12-high, 3@ 12-mid

Monday-took off

Sunday-workout at the Y.  Mile/lift/mile/lift/mile

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Was it the wind, the track, the rest?

Sat-Was it the wind, the track, the rest?  Since Westtown School's graduation was today, I went to WC Henderson's track today instead.  I scrapped my initial plan of 2 x (300-500-400) in favor of a dirty dozen: 12x150.  Depending on how I felt after the first 150, my goal was to do 4 in mid-21s, 4 in mid-20s, and 4 in mid-19s.

Set 1 (3:00 between each repeat): 21-mid, 21-mid, 21-mid, 21-mid
Set 2 (4:00 between each repeat) : 20-high, 20-flat, 20-mid, 20-low
Set 3 (5:00 between each repeat): 18-mid, 18-high, 19-flat, 18-mid.  I don't ever remember ever doing this kind of series.    Replicate.

To run 18 seconds, let alone three times, is a feat for me.  I have to remember how I did this!

Fri--took off; too busy

Thurs--Graduation at EA.  I decided to leave the office for 2:30 an on-campus workout before graduation.  After warming up, I did 6x100.  No watch.  My guess is the I did 2@ 13-high, 2@ 13-mid, and 2 @ 13-low.

Wed--took off; crazy busy

Tues--took off; crazy busy

Mon--took off; crazy busy

Sun--went to Mid-Atlantic Track Championship meet after Swarthmore College's commencement.  Recessed out of the amphitheater at 1:00.  Left campus at 1:10.  Arrived at West Chester U at 1:45. and had to warm up quickly for the 200, which was scheduled for 2:30.  (The 400 and 100 were contested earlier while I was at SC.)  I was told that the meet was running 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  Given several heats and the official's disorganization, I would not run until close to 2:45.

I practiced some starts and did some sprints.

With all the scratches, my heat was decimated, as were others.  I was placed into another heat with the 50-54 age group.  I was given lane 1, although lane 3 was open.  Bummer.  Lane 1 was torn to pieces; it was quite awful.  In lane 2 was Duncan Smith.  Lucky man.

The gun went off, and I got out okay.   I found myself trying not to split, as the loose debris from the track shifted under my feet.  I was later told that I left a trail of dust in my wake, not because I was fast but because the track was a mess.

A guy out in lane 4 gave me the business.  I overtook him coming into the straightway.  As I tightened, however, he stayed with me.  My time, 25.39, was worse than my time a few weeks back.

A few of us (Chuck, Marlin, Kyle, Bruce) returned to my house for a few beers and chips.

Sat--warmed up and did some starts

Fri--took off; crazy busy

Thurs--6 x 100.  13-mid, 13-low, 12-high