Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Not bad at all!

Tuesday, Feb 17, 2015-

School closed on account of snow, 2"-4". 

Went to the Y, warmed up a mile, stretched a bit, then made my way to the treadmill for 6x600 with 3:00 recovery between repeats.  My target pace was 1:50/1:55, until I found out that the treadmill speed only goes to 12.0 (5:00/mile pace), not 15.0.  Thus, I did each 600 meter repeat (~.37M) in 2:00.  

Cooled down.  Not bad at all!   

Last year:

Run 1: setting on 13.0 (4:40 pace)--1:55
Run 2: setting on 13.1 (4:38 pace)--1:54
Run 3: setting on 13.2 (4:36 pace)--1:53
Run 4: setting on 13.3 (4:34 pace)--1:52
Run 5: setting on 13.4 (4:32 pace)--1:51
Run 6: setting on 13.5 (4:30 pace)--1:50

Monday, February 16, 2015

Millrose 2015

Monday-took off

Sunday--Went to Y.  Mile/lift/mile/lift/mile.  Miles were in 6:40.

Saturday, Feb 14


Picked Dave R. up and headed to Willow Grove to get Rob and Scott.  We made our way to NJ Turnpike Woodrow Wilson rest stop to get Bruce.  Note to self: pick Bruce up from Cherry Hill area rather than having to negotiate drop off issues on the way back home....Love ya, Bruce!

Met up with the rest of the team at about 1:00 inside the athletes’ entrance.  

I warmed up on the track, stretched a bit, did some pick-ups, strides and drills, and then spent a good deal of time trying to stay loose.  We hung out for a while.  I eventually made my way to hallway on the second floor.  We were late checking in on the first floor at the bottom of the central stairway.  

I was feeling as good as I could feel, given my fitness and persistent injuries.

The lineup was Rob, to me, to powerhouse newcomer John Curtis, to good-spirited Carl Stocking.   
The race...

Rob got out pretty well, although he stumbled out of start.  Ed Winslow and some guy from Central Park TC were ablaze.  They ran 51-high!  OMG!  I took the baton and proceeded conservatively, knowing my limitations.  My goal was to run an even race, which I believe I did.  I felt pretty smooth across the first 200.  I went to my arms and toes over the last 100, feeling unpressed as I came in at 56.41.  I handed the baton to John in no man's land.  John ran an uncontested 54.85.  Carl brought it home for us in 3:52.79.  Even though we were far outside of last year's 3:41.55, we had fun and snatched third place...to Rob's delight.

The official splits:

57.91 Rob
56.41 Delvin  (compared to last year's 53.66)
54.85 John
63.62 Carl
3:52.79 (FAT)

1Southwest SprintersA3:30.81
2CPTC New BalanceA3:41.01
3Greater Philadelphia TCA3:52.79
4Northport Running ClubA4:20.54
5Prospect Park TCA4:21.30

The M50 4x400 put on a great showing.  Dave (58.46), Scott (57.43), Bruce (57.93), Daryl (57.25) all ran well.  Look how close their splits were.  Moreover, at 3:51.06 they beat our M40+ team's time.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I was sort of blah!

Friday, 2/13--Off from work.  Did a mile at the Y and stretched.  Saw Doc Tom in PM.

Thursday, 2/12-nothing

Wednesday, 2/11-went to Westtown School at 6:00 AM for a quick workout.

6:00-6:08 mile jog
6:08-6:18 stretch
6:18-6:30 4x150....21-mid, 21-low, 20-mid, 20-low; 250-meter walk/3:00 in-between
6:30-6:35 cool down

Tuesday, 2/10-nothing

Monday, 2/9-nothing

Sunday, 2/8--met up with Rob, Duncan, and Chuck Kruelle at Haverford College for a workout.  Rob's call: 3 sets of 2x300 with a 1:30 walk rest of 100 meters in between pairs and 6:00 500-meter walk between sets.  Target pace: 49.  48, 50; 49, 49; 49, 51.  I hung back, not pressing for all of these.  I was trying to find a good rhythm over the first hundred and then settle in...for 15-16-17=48/49.  I was flat for the last one and didn't feel like blasting it; I was sort of blah!

Saturday, 2/7-nothing

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Saturday-took off

Friday-Very, very cold.  Went to the Y to do 6:00-track/stretch/6:00-treadmill/lift/6:00-track/lift.



Tuesday-5x150 at Westtown School.  24-degrees.  24,23,21,21,21


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Blah! Blah!

Sunday, 2/1

Warmed up with a 7-min mile.  Stretched.  Decided to do a few 400s on the treadmill, which was set at 12.0, or 5:00/mile pace.

Did a little jogging in the pool.

Blah!  Blah!