Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Penn Relays and beyond

Tuesday, 4/28--Henderson. For the second week in a row, I did not meet up with the Henderson group. I was exhausted, having spent much of the night in the vet hospital for Smokey.

Monday, 4/27--6.6 miles
On way there
4:20 Half
8:25 Mile
16:45 2 mile
24:47 3.0
27:00 3.3
On way back home
1:31 .2
7:47 Mile
18:48 Street Rd/Westbourne
21:45 2.8 Creamery Rd
26:00 3.3

Sunday, 4/26-- Sit 'n Kick Reps…the real deal
5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets
Actual: warmed up 1 mile. 5x (400m. . . rest 60-sec . . . 200m) jog 1200m in 10 min after each set. 63/29; 64/28; 63/29; 63/29; 63/28. total: 6.7 miles


Saturday--light run. Ran to Penn Oaks in 26:00. Lifted—arms. Ran back in 25:00. Hadn’t done this in a while. Total: 6.6 miles

On way there
4:05 Half
8:15 Mile
16:30 2 mile
23:47 3.0
26:00 3.3
On way back home
1:27 .2
7:25 Mile
17:48 Street Rd/Westbourne
21:05 2.8 Creamery Rd
25:00 3.3

Total for week: about 27.2

Friday 4/24/09--Penn Relays. Warmed up about 1 mile. Stretched well. Ran second leg of OD 4x400. My split, according to Chuck, was 53.1. The rest of the team—Dave 54.5, Brian 54.5, and Zach 52.4. These splits may be off, though. I thought we ran 3:34+. The website gives us 3:35+. Warm up 1 mile. Run .25. cool down .5--1.75 total.

It was great to be back at Penn after all these years! I was generally pleased, but wish there had been two heats for the OD 4x400, one for teams under 3:25 and one for teams over 3:25. We would have had a less crowded, less hectic race with perhaps a better overall time. I guess it's silly to think this way considering it is supposed to be Olympic development. Oh well. The winning time of 3:09 is a testament to this. Admittedly, this time pales in comparison to the sub 3:00 record. It is important to keep in mind that the record was established b4 there was the USA v. the World event. We'll see next year! Now it's back to the grind. I have my eyes set on a 2:00 800!

Thursday--light jog--strides
Warm up 1 mile
3 x 150 (build ups) speed slow medium fast. (8,7,6 sec /50 m) rest walk back. Could do 100 build-ups instead. I need to remember to get my knees up and get up on my toes for the 400!
Cool down 1 mile
Did 3 x150 in 20. Did not feel smooth. Felt like I was pushing. Effort felt like I was running 18s.

2.3 miles (18.8 miles so far this week)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, 4/22/09--speed workout
Warm up: 1 mile
3 x 200 speed 28-low, 27-high, 27-low seconds/rest walk 200
3 x 150 (build ups) speed slow medium fast. (8,7,6 sec /50 m for 21 sec) rest walk back
Cool down 1.0
After I did my customary mile warm up, I stepped into my 200s. The first one sucked! It was 29 low. The second was 27-high, which meant I was back on pace. The third was 26 high. My 150s were better. The first one was a bit faster than intended; even though it was a build up, I ran 19 sec. The second one was 21; the third one was 20. I need to remember to get my knees up and get up on my toes for the 400!
I cooled down a mile.

Total 2.7 miles. (16.5 miles so far this week)

Tuesday, 4/21/09-- no Henderson--speed workout
Warm up 1 mile
4 x 300 (Event run) Speed 45 seconds/rest 5 minutes
Cool down 1 mile
I had some problems today. I struggled with my car alarm transmitter, which fell apart on me, making me later. I got down to Penncrest and realized I had forgotten my watch. I got down to the track and one of the bus drivers told me I had to relocate my car to the far, opposite side of the school because I was in designated parking. I had been asked to move a couple of months ago to the area where I was parked! So, I moved the car. On the way back to the track the shoulder strap of my already mended together backpack snapped. I was having problems! I finally did a warm-up and did the best I could with the 300s, which did not feel as strong as I would have liked. I'd put them at about 45. Rest was 5 minutes (I used my phone for this purpose.) I did only 3 300s because I was running late. Not an inspirational workout.
Warm up 1 mile
3 x 300 (Event run) Speed 45 seconds/rest 5 minutes
Cool down 1 mile
2.5 miles

Monday, April 20, 2009

Maybe there is something to this distance stuff.

Monday 4/20/09—light, recovery run. 6.6 miles recovery run. Guilt-free.
Total 6.6 miles. 8:01/mile pace
4:40 Half
9:15 Mile
18:20 2 mile
19:55 2.2 (1 loop)
34:15 4.2
39:05 4.4 (2 loops)
43:05 4.9
47:35 5.4
55:25 6.4
57:00 6.6 miles (3 loops)

Sunday, 4/19/09--Terry Muzzy Run--Goal 18:30. I got to the Struble Trail in Downingtown at about 7:30; the race would begin at 8:00. I knew I had about 30 minutes to double-check that I was registered, warm up, stretch, and get to the starting line. I felt silly that I felt a little self-conscious in my warm up. Many people were just standing around; other, perhaps more serious runners must have been out and about warming up. So, I felt awkward getting in race prep mode as others look on. Admittedly, they may not have been paying much attention to me, but I felt a few eyes that spoke: "look at this dude; he's in for the kill." Anyway, I got my stretch on, so to speak, after running a mile. My wife and kids came upon me right before the start as I was swapping out my sneakers for my running flats. I heard the race starters called everyone over, so I took off my sweats and tights and left my gloves on. A half-mile into the race I realized that I was in a small pack of 4-5. One of the guys stopped to tie his sneakers and caught up with us, the top two, at the mile marker; he was moving! I was a few strides off second place by this time. By the time we reached the halfway mark, which was a cone we had to go around, I was about 120 meters off first place and 70 meters off second place. We were pretty evenly spaced. I saw that it was either 8:25 or 8:35. Buoyed by the string of other runners making their way towards the cone, I started to dig a little deeper. The leader continued to extend his lead as I cut into the distance the second runner had over me. I got within about 40 meters of him, and he heard me. With about a mile to go, he began to pull away. He ran 17:02; I ran 17:16; the winner came in at 16:32. Looking back, I should have pressed hard to catch up with the number 2 runner and tried my hardest to hold on. I could have pushed him and likewise him me. Maybe we could have dipped below 17:00! Or come awfully close. Well, I need not be greedy. This was my best 5K! Maybe there is something to this distance stuff.

With warm-up and cool down 4.5 miles.

Total for week: about 28 miles

Saturday, 4/18/09—light run and lift. 2.2 miles. Used dumbbells at home.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday, 4/18--I did an easy 2.2 in 18:30 nd stretched, knowing I had a 5K on tap for Sunday.

Friday, 4/17--I continued some mild sprint work. After a 1-mile warm-up, I go myself ready for 3 200s and 3 150s. I was supposed to go 29, 28, 27 for the 200s, followed by a 200 meter walk. The 150s were supposed to be progressive (i.e., I was suppposed to begin the 150 with more of a stride and accelerate through the rest.) My 200s were 28, 27, 27. After a 400 meter walk, I got ready for my 150s. The first 150 I forgot all about the pattern I was supposed to follow of getting faster through the distance. I ran 19 sec. I then realized I was supposed to run the first 50 in 8 sec, the second in 7, and the third in 6 for a time of 21 sec. My last two seemed to proceed in this fashion, as I finished them in just under 21 sec. I felt pretty good.

Thursday, 4/16--I did my standard 1-mile warm up. On taps were 300s in preparation for Penn Relays next week. They were nothing to write home about, especially the first one, which was a pedestrian 48/49 seconds. The rest were 43/44s. I gave myself adequate rest...about 5 minutes. I cooled down 1 mile.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Been another while--Am I losing pace or my mind?

Sunday, April 5, 2009--at Swarthmore for Alumni Council. After our retreat, I made my way to the track and did a mile warm-up. I did 6 100s just to test my speed and turnover. Rounded up--12.5, 12.4, 11.9, 12.2, 12.0, 11.8. cooled down 1 mile. 2.4 miles

Monday--tight, heavy legs. Did 2.2 in 18:34.

Tuesday, 4/7/09. Today I made my usual trek to Henderson to meet up with the distance group. Warmed-up 1.1 mile. I knew the day would be tough because I have not felt like myself lately. I feel all beaten up and tired, especially from the waist down. The workout today was 4X 1200 at 5K pace with a 400 meter jog recovery. This meant that we needed to cross the 800m mark in 3:00, then 2:56, then 2:52, then 2:48 in order to finish in 4:30, 4:25, 4:20, and 4:15. I had nothing in my legs together, which sucked. The 1st one I did just fine: 2:59 and 4:28--nearly spot on. The second one felt bad. I stopped at the 800 mark in about 2:56. I did the same for the third one--2:52--stopping at the 800. I did the entire 1200 for the fourth one. I hit about 2:52 and finished at about 4:20. Cooled down 800. Overall bad workout. I didn’t realize the 5K on Saturday and the 100s the next day would kill my legs. My calves and feet are aching like hell. Total 4.6 miles

Wednesday, 4/8/09. Today I tried to workout at Penncrest, but the track was closed; people there were preparing for a meet. So I went to Swarthmore instead. I warmed up 1 mile on the grass on the baseball, softball and practice fields. The workout was 2 x 450 in 60 second at the 400 with a rest of 15 minutes and 3 x 200 at 32 31 30 with a rest of 3 minutes. I ran 60s at the 400 mark, with a walk of 400 and a jog of 1200. I did 200s in 31, 30, and 29 with a walk of 100 and a 300 jog. I cooled down 800. Total 3.6 miles.

Thursday, April 09, 2009--I decided to do Rustin's XC 2xs (6.2) plus there and back (3.0) plus .1. Total 9.3 miles. DJ did the first 3.2-3.3 with me. 4:10 at .5, 8:20 at 1.0, 12:15 at start of XC course, 20:10 at 1.0 XC marker; 28:00 at 2.0 XC marker; 36:10 at end of XC course; 43:45 at 1.0 XC marker (lap 2); 51:40 at 2.0 XC marker; 59:40 at end of XC course; 71:10 home.

Friday, 4/10/09--went to Penncrest to do 6 x200 in 30 sec w/ 3-min rest. Jogged 1 mile. Stretched. Did 2 200s--30 sec. On 3rd 200, I felt my calf tighten sharply. Stopped at 200--in 30. Cut the workouts short. Went home and got ready to leave for DC. 1.3 miles

Saturday, 4/11/09--ran 4.5 in 35:00 in DC.

Weekly total--about 27

Sunday, 4/12/09--ran 6.0 miles or so in 48:50 in DC.

Monday, April 13, 2009--took day off

Tuesday, April 14, 2009—Henderson. Wet. Did 1.35 mile warm up. Workout was 4x800/300 with 200 jog after 800 and 300 jog after 300. 800s in race pace and 300s a bit faster. This meant under 3:00 for the 800s and around 60 for the 300s. I did 2:54/58; 2:57/61; 2:53/66; 2:46/52. I took a little extra break between the 3rd and 4th sets, joining the crew on the second lap of the 800 as my first lap. I did not jog a 300 break between set 3 and 4. I think I am having a crisis of confidence. Now that he hills are over I am struggling a bit on the track. Why is that? I cooled down 1.0 mile. About 6.1 miles

Wednesday--light run or speed workout, depending on how I feel. Raining. Drove to Penn Oaks. 2 miles on treadmill in 15:00. Lifted--arms. 2 more miles on treadmill in 14:45. Felt pretty good.

Tomorrow--speed workout or distance with crew. I'll decide later or even tomorrow morning. I really need the speed workout for Penn, though.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Been a while

I am writing after what seems like a week. That's what happenes when life gets thebetter of your time. Here's the quick and dirty run-down of what I've been doing. After Monday's drive to Penn Oaks, where I did 2 miles on the treadmill @ 8 min pace, did some lifting (arms) and another 2 miles on the treadmill for a total of 4 miles, I knew Tuesday would have to be tougher. I met up at Henderson w/ the crew. 1.3 mile warm-up. We did 5x1000, beginning at 3:45 and working our way down. We had 400 meter jog/rest. Times were 3:46; 3:45; 3:34; 3:33; 3:32. Total 5. miles.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009--My Plan: Increasing speed/decreasing recovery reps: 3x (3x200m) @ 31-30-29 w/3:00, 2:30, 2:00 interval by set (no additional recovery between sets!!) OR 3x (3x200m) @ 33-32-31 w/60, 50, 40 sec recovery. Actual: I did 5(3x150) @ 25,24,23, 22, 21…with 60, then 55, then 50, then 45 sec rest between each. Diminishing rests. For example, 150 in 25 sec, 60 sec rest, 150 in 25 sec, 60 sec rest, 150 in 25 sec, 60 sec rest, then 150 in 24 se, then 55 sec rest, etc. I hit the mark on all of these pretty much. Total 2.5

Thursday, April 2, 2009--Met with crew at WC Country Club. Initially felt off kilter, but then was able to settle in. Ran as a pack of six. Wound up doing the full 8 miles. Got to 4 mi mark at 29:30. Finished at 58:40, 45 seconds slower than last week. Felt pretty strong coming up Ashbridge, a tough hill and part of the last .2. Total 8.0

Friday--took off. Had to head in early to get ready for a presentation!

Saturday--Volunteered at alma mater, but completed a 5K race, too. Fairly even race which ended in 18:45. Back was bothering me and legs were tight. Warm-up was not as thorough because we arrived at the site later than expected and registration took a bit longer than expected. I got 5th overall. Perhaps more about this later.