Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Wed, 2/28-took the day off

Tues, 2/27-Went to the track this morning for a workout inspired by one Mark Williams did a few days before dropping his 1:58: 4x200 in sub 28 with 1 minute rest. He managed 26.4, 27.2, 28.2, and 29.2. 

My goal for this quick 6:45AM workout was sub-30s. I posted 29.7, 29.6, 29.4, and 29.5, taking a minute rest between each effort. I'd like to be able to run sub-29s.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Whole Week!

It's been a whole week since I've blogged.

Sun, 2/25--

Ok, I'm a stalker. I've cut and pasted snippets of Mark Williams's workouts, as posted on Facebook, leading up to his attempt at the M45 800m American indoor record of 1:56.10, a record owned by my retired teammate Nick Berra.

3 days before Mark's big race ..."Goal workout this Wednesday evening was 4x200 in sub 28 with 1 minute rest. Actual was 26.4, 27.2, 28.2, and 29.2. Had a little over a mile warm-up and cool down. Took advantage of the warm weather and got it in before the rain."

5 days before Mark's big race..."Workout this morning was 2x600 in 1:33 with full recovery (8 minutes). I had to do on treadmill this morning because I wanted to do this yesterday at sub 1:30 but the snow covered the track. I had a mile warm-up and cool down. I also got in a good strength training session this evening. I'm getting ready to make an attempt at the M45 800m American record of 1:56.10 this weekend at Ocean Breeze's last chance meet. I'm all registered and getting the work in before a few days of taper."

Because it was a drench fest outside, I was forced to abandon my plan to do 4x200 (as specified above) for 2x600 (as specified above).

Went to the Y, warmed up well, stretched nicely. I then hopped on the treadmill for my punishment! Rather than hop onto the treadmill once it got going, I set it for 14.0, the highest setting, and made my way from 0.0 to the mark. I would hot stop a couple of seconds after the machine read .37(5)M, which is 600 meters. I hit each run in 1:38, starting from scratch. It's important to note that the machine didn't reach max speed until 30 seconds. This means I ran about 68 seconds at 14.0. I also happened to notice that I reached .25M in about 67 seconds. This means the last 200 was in 30 seconds. Thus, 14.0 = 4 minute mile pace.

The two of these felt good, so good I thought about a third and, after going outside and seeing the rain had subsided, considered some 200s!

Sat, 2/24-

Went to the canal trail and ran my 4.25M 32:50 (17:00/15:50)

Fri, 2/23-

Drove to the Y and ran from there to CVS and back for 4.0M in 30:45 (15:30/15:15).

Thurs, 2/22-

Went to campus early for some pick-up reps, 300s style. 8x300 with 90-sec rest: #s 1,3,4,6, and 7 in 51 and #s 2,5, and 8 in 47.  51-mid, 47-high, 51-high, 52-mid, 48-mid, 52-low, 52-high, 47-low

Wed, 2/21-mile/lift

Tues, 2/20-

Went to campus early for a workout. I think I did 6x300 in 48 with 3:00 rest.

Mon, 2/21-took off

Monday, February 19, 2018

over the course of the (6) 600s.

Sunday, 2/19/18-

Drove to the Canal trail for an easy few miles. 4.25M in 33:15. 17:05 down/16:10 back.

Saturday,--Went to the Y, warmed up a slow 9:30 mile on the treadmill, stretched some, then made my way to the treadmill for 6x600 with 3:00 recovery between repeats.  My idea was to start at 1:50-something and make my way down to 1:40-something over the course of the (6) 600s.

I initially started the workout by allowing the treadmill to reach the desired speed before hopping on, but it seemed awkward, especially with an audience in tow. 

Run 1: about 1:53 (hopped on 25 seconds after the start)
Run 2: about 1:51 (hopped on 25 seconds after the start)
Run 3: 12.8...1:49 (started from 0 speed...)
Run 4: 13.0...1:47  
Run 5: 13.2...1:45
Run 6: 13.4 got one minute into run, then struggled to finish. Then, I did another minute on the treadmill.  

Friday, 2/17/18-

Did 3 x (mile/4-min lift) in the hotel fitness center. Westin...Boston.  Knee felt weird.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Stalled. I need a breakthrough.

Thurs,Thurs, In 44-degree weather, I went to Pingry in the early AM for some 150s.  The plan was to do 9, but I switched to 8: 2 @ sub-23, 2@ sub-22, 2 @ sub-21, and 2 @ sub-20.

22-high, 22-mid, 21-high, 21-mid, 20-high, 19-high (showing off for onlooker, I guess), 20-high, 20-low

Wed-Went to the Y at 5:30 AM. Did 3 x (treadmill mile and 4:00 of lifting)
Miles: 7:30, 7:30, and 6:50. Tried to simulate the pace of what has become my usual Sunday morning 4.25M.


-Went to Pingry for 200s.  The plan was 8x200 with 60 seconds' rest, with the goal 31-sec pace.


Stalled. I need a breakthrough. My reps haven't improved in two months, even though I sometimes feel stronger and faster than I was back in December.

Mon, 2/12-took off

Sunday, February 11, 2018

even at 7:00 in the morning


Rainy. Went to the Y with V. Did 4 x (treadmill mile and 4:00 of lifting)
Miles: 8:00, 7:30, 7:30, and 6:50. Tried to simulate the pace of what has become my usual Sunday morning 4.25M.


Met up with my teammates at Germantown Academy for an 8AM workout, despite my exhaustion and stress.

The workout was 2 x (400, 300, 200, 150). We would take 4 min rest after the 400, 3 min rest after the 300, 2 min rest after the 200, and 8 min rest between sets. The goal was not to run fast, but to identify a pace and keep that same pace throughout the workout.

I chose the goal pace of the second lap of the 800 meters: 64 seconds. (64, 48, 32, 24)

I managed 64-low, 48-mid, 31-mid, 23-low and 65-low, 48-low, 32-low, and 23-mid.


Took off


6:15AM Workout. Inspired by Mark Williams's workout of 2(3x600) at 70 sec pace (1:45) with 90 seconds rest and 4 minutes between sets, I took a shot at something similar: 2 (3x500) at 70 sec pace (1:27) and 6 minutes' rest. (I thought the rest was 6 min, but it turns out I should have taken only 4!)



Somewhat disappointing, even at 7:00 in the morning.

Wed, 2/7-lifted at the Y, I think

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I'm underwhelmed! Seems like I'm stuck!

Tues, 2/5-Arrived at Pingry at 6:20 AM for some 200s.  The plan was 8x200 with 60 seconds' rest, with the goal 31-sec pace.


I'm underwhelmed! Seems like I'm stuck!

Monday, February 5, 2018


Monday-took off

Drove to the canal trail on for an easy 4.25M recovery run in 33:00. 16:50 2.12M down and 16:10 2.12M back. Then I went to the Y for a few minutes of lifting.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

I was feeling greedy, and I like it!

Feb 3, 2018-

Bruce and Rick (from TNT) arrived at my house at about 10 minutes 'til 8:00 to head to The Armory for another edition of the famed Millrose Games. We dropped off Bosley at the kennel before making the trip.

We arrived at the parking lot at 9:30, in plenty of time for a 10:00 meet-up on this rather frigid day in the 20s. Our event, Masters Men's 40-49 and 50+ 4x400 meter relay, was scheduled for 12:17. We organized ourselves, following the usual routine of Chuck divvying out runner's bibs, pins, and wrist tickets. We made our way to the draped arena and hung out for a while, some of us going here and there, to and fro. Knowing the track was scheduled to close for warmups at 11:10, I started my mile warm up at 11:00. I stretched on the infield until we were asked to clear the track areas, which was at about 11:20.

I stretched for a bit in wings. We then headed down to the balmy corridor on the second floor. I got some good stretching ad striding in, despite the crowded area. We reported as scheduled, 35 minutes before race time, to the check-in on the first floor. I continued to stretch until we were told to get 100% race ready (uniform on, spikes in hand, nothing else) to head up to the third floor. (On the way up, I cut away from my teammates and made my third trip to the men's room for good measure!)

As we waited, knowing the 50s were going to be on the back line and the 40s would be on the front line, I played around with my race plan. As had been the case when I found out about the alley start and my position way out in lane 9, I continued visualize how I was going to attack the race. In the gathering area, I started to feel optimistic about the race: no Southwest TC, no Central Park. I began to think that I could run 54.xx and hand off in the lead. I was feeling greedy, and I like it!

Then dry mouth kicked in, just as we were up. I saw one of the female officials whose name escapes me but whom I have grown friendly with. We exchanged hi, and I asked her if she had any water. I told her she could pour it into my hand. She did, right over top of the track can. We were called to the track as I tried to dry my hand on my tights and shirt; I didn't want to take any chances of the baton slipping.

Telegraphic style, here are the headlines:

One heat. Alley start, 50s on back line, 40s on front line. Two turn stagger. Ran lead off! Lane 9, up against railing. To my left were Michael Jackson of TNT, Mark Williams of Garmin, and Gary Rossen of Mass Velocity. Got out hard and led the 40s guys, including Mark, to the break. Big John had the lead at the break. I fought Mark off going into the turn. 25-high at the 200. I tried to inch my way on the inside when John provided an opening. Nope. Mark tried to take me at the 300 mark. Nope. I tried to take the inside again coming into the homestretch. Nope. Swung to the outside and kept driving to hand off with a slight lead. The race felt faster than 55.58! Splits are online:

And here's the video:  Masters Men's 4x400 Millrose 2018
Masters Men's 4x400 MR 2018 Millrose

It's always fun to run with my teammates. I appreciate their efforts on and off the track. Shout out to new team member, Kevin Cooke, who broke 60 seconds.

Congrats to our 50s team, which won it all! My buddy Bruce hit his mark! The post-race photos and shoutouts were fun.

The rest of the meet was great! Lots of amazing races, especially the girls and boys invitational 4x200, the women's 4x800 (new world record), the women's 300 meters (world record tied), and the Wannamaker Mile races.

And let's not forget dinner at Coogans. A great time was had by all.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Right on time...

Friday, Feb 2, 2018-took off

Thursday, Feb 1, 2018-Sharpened up with a short sprint workout: 4 x 150. The target was 21-mid for the first two and 19-mid for the second two.
#1: 21-mid
#2: 20-high
#3: 19-mid
#4: 19-mid

Right on time...

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018-took off