Tuesday, August 31, 2010


On the docket for this weekend: 45 min fartlek and 8x600...80s with a 200 jog/1:45 rest.

And finished comfortably.

Tuesday, 8/31--overslept! My clock read 5:27. Realizing that I usually leave the house for my workout at West Chester Henderson at no later than 5:35, I jumped out of bed. I gave myself massive head rush. I threw on my shorts and fumbled around in the dark for my watch and socks. I then grabbed the pants my wife left out for me to iron (I do the ironing; she makes the lunches!), and figured I'd just iron my stuff post-workout. I put on the coffee while I ironed. I finished the pants, grabbed a couple of sips of coffee, and headed out at about 5:40--five or so minutes later than usual. I warmed up as usual and tried to stretch as efficiently as I could. The workout, Kevin announced, was 4x1200 with a 200 jog rest. He said do the 1200 at or below 5K pace. Everyone agreed to take the easy...6 minute pace. We thought we'd do 45s...as in 45 seconds per 200, and then drop a second per 200 for the other 1200s.
Trial 1: 4:31 (~45s)
Trial 2: 4:23 (~44s)
Trial 3: 4:17 (~43s)
Trial 4: 3:58 (~39s)--the pace of the 1000s I did on Sunday.

I found myself lagging in the rear of the pack for the first two 1200s, although I was running comfortably. I would begin to pull even with 100 to go. On the 4th one, the group separated a bit, with four runners starting early to avoid getting in the way of oncoming runners. The rest of us then began. I was in the rear. I was a little boxed in until the straightaway. I then felt comfortable that, even though I was 20 meters behind, I was going at the right pace. At the 550 mark, I picked up my pace and found myself within 15 meters of the 5-man sub-pack. At the 800 mark, I was within 10 meters. With 200 to go, I relaxed and got my knees up and finished comfortably. I was pleased since I had a raucous beginning to the day and was able to pull through the workout. I also handled the rest well.

Monday, 8/30--easy 4.4 miles in 34:45.

warmed up 1.25
stretched well
5x1000 on Rustin's XC course, like I did a couple of weeks ago with Justin and DJ. Target pace: 3:20 with 3:40 recovery...for an even 7 min.
trial 1: 3:28
trial 2: 3:18
trial 3: 3:15
trial 4: 3:14
trial 5: 3:22
...for an average of 3:19+.

This was a tough workout after all the lifting the day before, but it felt good to run, on average, my target time.

Just to think: I did even more heavy lifting after the workout as I attempted to clean out our crawl space!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Out of time

Looks I will not be able to workout today. Got up early at 5:45 to help a friend move into his new home. Now I am sitting in the barbershop with my son waiting for our turn. These barbers see 12 other people waiting for a cut; this is not a good day to spend 45 minutes cutting someone's hair. Be exacting another day, gentlemen! Looks like it could be at least another 2 hours before it's our turn. What a waste of a day. We're supposed to head to New Hope this afternoon.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A wee bit

Friday, 8/27/10--

Did an easy 4.4 in 33:35 (17:25/16:05) and stretched a wee bit.
4:00 (.5)
8:00 (1.0)
15:50 (2.0)
17:25 (2.2)
21:05 (2.7)
24:55 (3.2)
32:05 (4.2)
33:35 (4.4)

On tap tomorrow is probably a fartlek (5 min .6 warm up/45 min 6.3/5 min .6 cool down = 7.5 mi) in the early AM since I am helping a good friend move in the AM. If he needs me in the PM instead, I'll probably do a 5 x 1000 on the XC course. Target pace: 3:20 with equal break time.

28.8 mile thus far this week. If I count tomorrow, I'd be at about 36 for the week, Sun to Sat. Perhaps I should be doing a wee bit more to reach 40.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More mileage

Wed, 8/25/10

Even though I got up early, the time just slipped away, and before you knew it I had little time to get my run on. I wound up doing just 3.7 or so in 28:45. Yes, I knew today was supposed to be easy. I do need to add more mileage, as the last month has been kind of low.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gathering myself

Friday, 8/20

dropped car off and jogged home for a total of 3.4 miles in 25:30.

Saturday, 8/21

Running late. Had to go to Penn for a seminar. Wound up doing a short fartlek. 5:00 jog (.6) to mark. Covered XC course (3.15) in 21:20. 5:00 min jog back home. Sun, 8/15-Sat, 8/21--> 37 miles

Sunday, 8/22
Had to go to Penn, but did not need to show up until 10ish. Was able to get in workout of 10x400 in the rain, which was sometimes pretty heavy.

Goal pace was :77 with a 200 jog/rest (1:25). I hit the first in :78. The second one was :76. The next five were :75. I then decided to do the last three a little faster, provided I walked the 200s in-between. The 8th 400 was in :69. The last two were :68 and :67.

Monday, 8/23
Not much time. Running really late. Did only 2.2 miles.

Tuesday, 8/24
Henderson. The workout was 1600, jog 200, 800, 1600, jog 200, 800. This workout proved harder than I thought. The top group exceeded the agreed upon pace. I fell off the pace slightly on the second 1600. Instead of jogging the 200 between the second 1600 and second 800, I walked. My back was bothering me. Honestly. Anyway my runs were 5:42, 2:48, 5:38, 2:38. I joined the group on its second lap of the 800, pushing them I guess. I am still gathering myself. Give me time.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Her name was Alejandro Barrientos

Thursday, 8/19/10--

Met up with the crew in the Borough to do our staple 7.9 miles. I got there a minute late and had to catch up to the group, which was at the top of the hill by the time I started running. I caught them at about the 1.5 mile mark. The run felt nice at a comfortable 67 degrees. Coolness felt good against bare chest...the little things in life, you know. 28:30 at the 4 mile mark; finished in 57:20. Felt strong at the big hill; was relaxed, not labored and had good leg lift. Good, comfortable conversation-level run. Someone brought up Penn Relays and the 1989 or 1990 victory WC Henderson took home in the Championship of America 4x400. We talked about the John Muir HS team (mid 90s, circa '97) that featured the great Obea Moore and Phila Central HS, which featured Williams Reed (mid 80s, circa '87). They both were great hopes but fell from the scene at the end of high school. What a waste! I talked about my days of coaching several teams that ran in Championship of America races, particularly my girls DMR and 4x800s. Glory days. I sadly recalled when my anchor leg of the DMR collapsed during her last lap, trying deperately to give it her all. She gave it her heart when her legs and arms failed her. She gave it her spirit. The team that beat us broke the national record that day with its 4:44 anchor. We had a lead of several seconds going into the anchor leg, and I knew we needed at least that to win. My anchor's best was 5:05, but I knew she could run faster. She was so nervous about going up against the anchor for the other team, San Lorenzo Valley (CA), who was the top miler and 2-miler and the near-top 800 meter runner in the US. Her name was Alejandro Barrientos. It is a race I can still visualize some 10.5 years later! I still remember the commentator say, "San Lorenzo Valley is on pace to challenge the national record." Soon after he sais that, my 800 meter run came along side theirs and eventually overtook her on the back stretch. I could not have beamed with more pride. We were in the lead going into the anchor leg of the DMR Championship of American at Penn Relays. Here is how the race played out:

1200 meter leg--Us: 3:41.9; them: 3:42+
400 meter leg--Us: :57.9; them: 57.6
800 meter leg--Us: 2:13.7; them: 2:17.9
1600 meter leg--Us: ran about 5:30 (67/2:22/3:43--); them: 4:44

2000 Penn Relays Distance Medley Relay Championship of America

The next day my runer who had succomb to sickness and fallen to the track the day before could not compete in the 4x800 Championship of America. So I put in a substitute, who did the job as best she could but was admittedly 5-7 seconds slower. We would get a distant fourth that year, having come into the finals with the second best time. Given the times of the three teams ahead of us, we would have gotten a close fourth (rather than a distant on) or a neck-n-neck third had my fallen run competed.

Wednesday, 8/18/10--Short-n-easy 3.8 in 28:50.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I feel like I'm coming out of the fog

It's been a while since I've recorded what I've been up to. Here's the short version.

Tuesday, 8/17/10--6AM 6x1000 at WC Henderson with crew.
Monday, 8/16/10--solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00
Sunday, 8/15/10--6x600 solo at Westtown School in rain
Saturday, 8/14/10--fartlek with DJ (6 min/40 min/6 min)
Friday, 8/13/10--took off
Thursday, 8/12/10--5:45 AM 7.9, 58:00 WC Borough run with crew
Wednesday, 8/11/10-- solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00
Tuesday, 8/10/10--6AM ladder (2000-1600-1200-800) at WC Henderson with crew.
Monday, 8/9/10--solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00
Sunday, 8/8/10--fartlek with DJ (6 min/~32 min/2 min)
Saturday, 8/7/10--10x400 at Downingtown East with DJ, Steve and Justin.

Here's the longer version.

Tuesday, 8/17/10--6AM 6x1000 at WC Henderson with crew.
Today I began with a mile warm-up and stretching (of course). I wasn't able to stretch as well in the 5 minutes I had before the workout began. Kevin K. assigned us 5-6x1000 (I did 6) with a 200 meter jog in-between. The first four felt pretty relaxed. My breathing was good. I began to labor ever so slightly during the fifth one. I hung on for the sixth one. Overall, I was very pleased that I handled the short recovery well and made it through. My runs were 3:36, 3:40, 3:32, 3:29, 3:29, 3:30. Cool down: 1.1 mi. Mileage: 6.3 miles

Monday, 8/16/10--solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00. Legs were slightly heavy, but otherwise this easy pace was so forgiving. Mileage: 3.8

Sunday, 8/15/10--6x600 solo at Westtown School in rain. Warmed up 2.0 miles. Ran a pretty good workout. Did 400 jog rest in 2:55 between 600s, which were 1:56, 1:55, 1:54, 1:54, 1:54, 1:50. Went through 400 at 75-76. My idea was to go 36, 38, 40 for the 200s in the first five 600s and to do the 200s in 36, 37, 38 for the last 600s. 2 mile cool down. Mileage: 7.5 miles

Saturday, 8/14/10--fartlek with DJ (6 min/40 min/6 min). My daughter has the Ridley soccer tourney in the AM. It went long, but the girls eked out a championship! We began the workout at 7:00 PM or so. Started with 6 min jog (.6 mi) to start of XC course. Did course in reverse. 15ses run-15sec jog, 30s run-30s jog, 45s run-45s jog, 60s run-60s jog, and then all over again. Covered 3 loops of XC course (about 4.7), plus a loop around the adjacent, lower field and two additional loops around the upper practice football field (an aditional .6 or so) in just under 40 min. DJ did much better than he did with last week's fartlek. Total "speed play" 5.3/40 min. Cooled down with .6 mi jog home. Mileage: 6.5 miles.

Sunday, 8/8-Saturday, 8/14--32.5 miles

Friday, 8/13/10--took off. Whew!

Thursday, 8/12/10--5:45 AM 7.9, 58:00 WC Borough run with crew. First half of run was swifter (~28:20 at 4 miles) than the second half (3.9 in 29:40). Nice conversation pace. I still hate the big hill! Mileage: 7.9

Wednesday, 8/11/10-- solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00. Mom said there'd be days like this! Mileage: 3.8

Tuesday, 8/10/10--6AM ladder (2000-1600-1200-800 with 200 meter jog-rest) at WC Henderson with crew. Overall, I was very pleased that I handled the short recovery well and made it through. My runs were
2000-7:35 (44-45s); 200 jog rest
1600--5:50 (43-44s); 200 jog rest
1200--4:12 (42-43s); 200 jog rest
800--2:40 (40s)
I feel like I'm coming out of the fog! I had a good workout, keeping my pace and not laboring as much.
Cooled down 1 mile. Mileage: 5.85

Monday, 8/9/10--solo 6:30 AM easy run of 3.8 in 29:00. Mileage: 3.8

Sunday, 8/8/10--fartlek with DJ (6 min/~33 min/1 min). Began with 6 min jog (.6 mi) to start of XC course. Did course in reverse. 15s run-15s jog, 30s run-30 s jog, 45s run-45s jog, 60s run-60s jog, and then all over again. Covered about 2.5 times around the XC course (3.9). DJ struggled, so we had to stop the run shy of our goal. Maybe yesterday was too much for him. Cooled down .1. Mileage: 4.6

Saturday, 8/7/10--10x400 at Downingtown East with DJ, Steve and Justin. Close to 90 degrees/humid. Jogged from Justin's house to track 2.0 miles. We decided to do the 400s in about 8-0 with a 400m jog-rest of 2:45. The rest was good for me but proved a bit more challenging for the guys than I had anticipated; they did keep it under 3:00, though. The workout felt good since I wasn't pressed. We took turns leading. DJ, Steve and Justin wound up doing 9. I think Steve stepped out of number 6, Justin number 7, DJ number 8. I did all 10. My runs were: 76, 77, 78, 78, 78, 78, 78, 78, 76, 74. Cool down with 2.0 mile back to Justin's house. Mileage: 8.7

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tomorrow's a new day

Took off this morning. Tomorrow's a new day. On tap: 2 mile warm up, 10x400 with 400 jog interval, 2 mile cool down. 2-mile pace for 400s, maybe mile. I'm shooting for 75s.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm having major problems.

On Tuesday, I tried to run a 5K race at Westtown, but I could not manage to finish. First, I am a true head case as of late. Second, my lower back tightened up terribly. Third, gastrointestinal distress! I was on pace for about 18:30 on what is a rather tough course (especially for me!), but I just fell apart after the first mile. I stopped at about 1.3, waited for my son who was about :45 seconds or behind me, and then continued to run with him. I tried to push him, but had to stop with about .4 to go. I was very uncomfortable. I was having major problems. After a brief cool down, I drove home and hid from myself. I need an intervention, perhaps a divine one! 4 miles.

On Wednesday, I ran 5 miles or so. Preoccupied with the previous evening's shenanigans at Westtown, I tried to take an old path from our neighborhood to Westtown to face my demons. Unfortunately, the path was pretty overgrown and the bridge across the creek was no more. I wound up jumping across the creek through several inches of water, only to find the brush too thick for me (I was shirtless!). I turned around and did the rest of the run on the Rustin XC course. Needles to say, I still had some unfinished business with which to contend. Early in the evening I returned to Westtown by car and did the course...just to get it out of my system. I took it relatively easy and ran 22:00. This made about 8 for the day.

Today, I did a rather sorry 7.9 in WC Borough. I was running at 7:11 pace but then felt weak and sick during the last 3.9 miles, so much so I had to stop...more than once. My stomach was in knots--gastrointestinal, you know. Yuck! Do I have food poisoning? I struggled to finish in 58:00.

29.8 miles as of Thursday AM.
Friday--4.4 easy or take off
Saturday--6 miles
That would put me at about 36-40.5 for the week, Sunday 8/1 through Saturday 8/7.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Speed Play

Today I did an easy 4.4 in 34:55. Tomorrow I am likely going to do a 5K/tempo.

Yesterday, my son and I did a fartlek: we began with 7:30 of light jogging (warm up), moved into the "speed play," and then ended with about the same amount of light jogging (cool down) for a total of about 46 minutes. The fartlek pattern was systematic, not random, and done over a combination of rolling hills and black top. We ran 15 secs, jogged 15 secs, ran 30 secs, jogged 30, ran 45 secs, jogged 45 secs, ran 60 secs, jogged 60 secs, then started with 15 secs again. We used the Rustin Run course, starting at 7:30 and finishing at 30:00 or so but then added the field hockey field for the remaining minutes. The actual speed play portion of the run was 30 minutes. Both the running and jogging could've been more aggressive. fartlek was moderate for me, but proved a bit challenging for my son. This was about 5.25-5.5 miles.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This felt good

Yesterday I did 5x1000 with my son and Justin, a friend. The 1000s could've been done around the block (~965m). But I chose to do them on the grass using the first 1K of the XC course across the street. The 1000m mark, incidentally, is adjacent to my house; the first 1000 ends at the very top of the hill at the telephone pole at Plumly/Shiloh. We could have simply done each 1K of the XC course, but we decided to do an out and back pattern, doing the first 1K in the opposite direction for #s 2 and 4. The target: 3:40/1K w/3:40 recovery. I hit 3:37, 3:28, 3:30, 3:23 and 3:27, for an average of 3:29. We wound up taking about 4:00 rest. The ones going in the opposite direction were a bit easier; even though the terrain was still rolling, the run seemed to have a downward trend in elevation. Justin hit 3:37, 3:28, 3:40, 3:40, 3:40. DJ managed 3:39, 3:36, 3:58, 3:50, 3:53. I guess my pace made for a 17:25. This felt good. Warmed up 1.25. Cooled down 1.85. Total: about 6.1 miles.

Total for the week: Sun-Sat: 37 miles