Saturday, October 26, 2013

devote one day per week to 800m training

Sat, 10/26--

On tap for today was my first preseason workout: Sit 'n Kick Reps--5x (400m . . . rest 60-sec . . . 200m) with a 1200m jog between sets. The workout as designed for a 2:00 800m high school runner is 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28), then jog 1200m between sets. 

I did this same workout on the same day last year!

Since I am not able to run 800 meters in 2:00, I modified the workout accordingly, figuring I'd run 66 for the 400s and 31 for the 200s. My runs on this 50-degree, windy day, however, were as follows:

66,32 (8:35)
67,30 (8:40)
65,30 (8:50)
66,30 (8:55)

I was pretty pleased with this preseason workout, particularly since my 1200m recoveries averaged only about 8:45.   I also felt pretty strong on my last 400, running an even split into a strong headwind.  I ran hard but I didn't feel like I was pressing the whole time.   I'd like to hit 65s and 30s the next time OR take a 30-sec break rather than a minute.  I just have to be comfortable knowing that I would probably wind up with slower times (67/32).

 As I did this time last year, I'd like to devote one day per week to 800m training.

Fri, 10/25--took off

Thurs, 10/24-got to the country club late.  The crew had already departed the station, doing the course in reverse.  I was a couple of minutes behind them for sure.  I muddled along at about 7:15 pace, hitting the 3.9M mark in 28:20 and the mile mark at about 29:00.  Eventually, I peeled off and headed past the old Y.  I think I covered the distance in about 39:00.   

Wed, 10/23--4M, not to be confused by 3M.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Tues, 10/22-went to Henderson. Workout was 1.5M, 400 jog rest, followed by 6x400s w/100m jog rest in between.

8:45 for the 1.5M; crossed mile in 5:47
did 5 x400 between 79 and 81; last one in 73.

Mon, 10/21-took day off

Sun, 10/20-XC Nationals at Deer Path Park.  Great day for my team.  So-so day for me as I neglected to reach my sub-18:00 goal, hitting 18:05 instead for second on the B team.  Our M50 team took home top honors, with out top finisher going sub-17:00 and the next four guys going sub-18:00.  Brilliant!

Sat, 10/19-took day off

Friday, October 18, 2013


Fri, 10/18-took the day off.

Thurs, 10/17-met up with folks at the Country Club.  About 1.5M to 2M into the run we began the workout portion: 10x45 seconds with an equal amount of rest.  The was challenging, as I began to falter halfway through.  By the 10th one, I was more than 100m behind the top core group.  I did manage to hit the 4M mark in 27:10, however.  I then headed back to the parking lot to make my way home.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tapering for Deer Path

Wed, 10/16--took the day off.

Tues, 10/15--the workout at Henderson was 2 mile, 400m jog rest, 1 mile, 200m jog rest, and 800m.  The 2 mile was supposed to be at about 10K pace, I believe, the mile was supposed to be at 5K pace, and the 800 was supposed to be pretty hard.  Since I am tapering, I adjusted the workout accordingly.  I did 1.5M instead of 2M and in 9:10.  I jumped in with the top crew for the mile, doing .75M instead of the full mile.  I felt good, crossing the mark in 4:10 (5:30 pace).  I then tackled the 800m in 2:31, keeping pace with the top group and eventually passing a few guys at the 500m mark.

Mon, 10/14-Decided to go to the Y with my wife after work, a change of pace.  Did an easy mile, stretched, and did a little lifting.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

They're deceptively challenging.

Sun, 10/13-Met up with some of my teammates at Deer Path Park in NJ, in preparation for next week's 5K masters championships.  We warmed up the length of the course, a double-loop.  I stretched just a dot before Scott Landis invited me to run a section of the course (about 720m).  I did it three times (2:31, 2:32, 2:28); Scott did the court on his own.  After all, I had worked out yesterday and Scott had not.

The course id doable, but the hills aren't to be taken lightly.  They're deceptively challenging.

Sat, 10/12-Went to Westtown School's track to do 6x800 with a 2-min rest (100m walk/100m jog).  I initially thought that I might do 1000s on the XC course at Rustin.

Warm-up was ok, but I felt tight and my legs felt heavy.

I thought that I would be able to run 2:40 or better, but after the first one I realized sub 2:40 was too ambitious.

2:48 (81/87)
2:45 (81/84)
2:46 (82/84)
2:44 (81/83)
2:45 (82/83)
2:32 (75/77)

Friday, October 11, 2013


Friday, 10/11-took off

Thursday, 10/10-overslept.  Wound up going to the Y for the usual mile-lift-mile alternation.  Did 4M.

Wednesday, 10/9-did 4.4M (2 Rustin-plus loops) in 31:50.  (16:15, 15:35)

Tuesday, 10/8-hit the track with the gang.  Workout was 5-6 x 1000 w/200m jog.  Felt good.

Monday, 10/7-did 4.4M (2 Rustin-plus loops) in 33:06.  (17:15, 15:51)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Michele's Miles

Sunday, 10/6-

Today, I participated in my first Michele's Miles, an event that celebrates the life and legacy of Michelle Deasey, "a talented and dedicated Episcopal Academy 3rd grader who unexpectedly passed away in late 2007. Michelle embodied the qualities and attributes valued by The Episcopal Academy community. Her infectious spirit, sportsmanship, grace and courage continue to inspire all who knew her."

Bria and I got there rather early (8:00)--in time enough to secure a great parking space at the tennis courts.   I socialized and warmed up here and there.  As it turned out, the 5K began at about 9:25 and after the 100m, 400m and mile runs.  What great events!

When the 5K was called, I broke from a conversation and made my way to the starting line.  I got out well.  I found myself running among several speedy lower school and middle school youngsters.  As we neared the half-mile mark, I settled into a groove.  By the time we hit the mile mark, four of us were leading the pack.  As one of the Quinlan brothers backed off, I found myself in 3rd place, where I'd stay for the balance of the race.  With a bout a mile to go, I took back some of the lead the second place guy had developed.  While my time wasn't blazing, I finished pretty strong.  My 18:21 felt relatively easy.  I wanted to break 18:00, but I settled into the race too much and let the top two guys get away.

I have to work hard over the next 10 days in preparation for the Deer Path event.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

for those interested

Sat, 10/5-went to the Y.  Ran (only a mile), lifted and stretched.

Fri, 10/4-took off

Thurs, 10/3-got to the country club late for the 7.9M route.  Ran at a very good pace to close the gap 2 miles into the run.  The workout was 8x1 min for those interested.  I caught up with John Manion and others about 3.75M into the loop.  I slowed to stay on pace with them.  I reached the 4M mark at 27:45 (6:56 pace), which means I could've hit it at 27:38-27:40 had I kept the same pace. I turned off early so that I could head back to my car.  Total 7M or so in 50:30.

Wed, 10/2-2 Rustin loops

Tues, 10/1-went to Henderson; ran 4x1200 with 200 jog rest.  4:23, 4:24, 4:25, 4:14.

Mon, 9/30-took off

Sun, 9/29-11.4M.  I decided to do the first leg of the run at about 7:45 pace and the second leg at about 7:15 pace.  I covered the distance in 84:50.  The first loop was in 44:10 (7:45), and the second loop was in 40:40 (7:08).