Friday, April 28, 2017

Felt pretty good

Fri-Took off

Thurs-Went to the track at 5:45AM for a short workout of 150s.  21-mid-20-mid, 19-mid.  Felt pretty good.

Wed-not even sure what I did.  Crazy week.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Good or bad?

Tues, 4/25/17-Went to Westtown School's track late for a VERY brief workout.  I simply warmed up an did 4x100 with 90 seconds' rest.  I didn't have my stopwatch with me.  Good or bad?

Mon, 4/24/17-Took off

Sun, 4/23/17-Met up with Bruce and Rob at Radnor for a little something.  They did 5x150, while I did 3x400, with a 10-minute break between runs.  My target pace was 60.  I managed 61-mid, 61-low, 60-mid.  This is about what I did last year on this day.

Sat, 4/22/17-Ran 5M easy.

Friday, April 21, 2017

I mean a little

Friday-took off

Thurs, 4/20-Went to the track at 6:45 to test out my hip with a few 150s.  Not great, but better.  Just ran 22-mid, 21-mid, 20-mid.  Cautious.

Wed, 4/19-Went to the Y and did a little lifting, and I mean a little.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Tues, 4-18-17-took off

Monday, 4-17-17

Ran about 3.25M.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Boyah! How 'bout them apples?

Sun, 4/16-

Despite working out yesterday morning and then immediately driving 440 miles from Oberlin, I joined my teammates today for a workout.  Yup.  I responded to the call, which I initially botched.  I showed up at just before 8AM at our usual spot, Radnor High School.  After jogging a mile, I began to wonder why none of the guys had arrived.  I was by my lonesome.  I checked my email and realized that the venue had been changed to Germantown Academy.  I emailed them to say I wouldn't be able to make it, especially given my goal of returning home by 10:15.  After a minute or two, I decided to head to GA, which is only 20 minutes from Radnor.  I figured I'd get there by about 8:30 and leave at about 9:30, just enough time.

I arrived to find Bruce, John, Rob, and Chuck Shields.  After greetings, I began stretching, trying to host fast to the warmth of my mile warmup plus Icy Hot treatment.  Within two minutes of arriving, I learned that on tap was a 400 meter time trial.  Surprise!  In fact, I had already been assigned a lane: 2.  Rob would take lane 1, John would use lane 3, and Bruce lane 4.

Our warmup continued for quite some time.  The time trial would be run at 9:00, with Chuck timing.  And we were off!  From the start of the run, I could feel my hip over working.  I wondered whether I'd be okay.  I kept listening to my body as John and I matched stagger; we were hitting the same pace.  I tried to move coming into the homestretch, but John held form.  He finished a stride ahead of me.  I hit my watch...55.9 (55.82).  I suspect John ran 55.7.  Chuck said something about 56.16....NOT!

Rob clocked himself in 57.25.  I'm not sure of my buddy Bruce's time.

After 11-12 minutes' rest, Rob then invited the crew to run a few easy 200s.  He said 33 seconds would do.  Fifty meters into the first one, I felt my hip and groin, so I stopped at the 75-meter mark.  I'd join them on the remaining three: 32-mid, 31-high, 31-low.

I left at 9:37 and got home at 10:13!  Boyah!  How 'bout them apples?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Given the Hour

Saturday, 4/15-Still in Oberlin, OH.  I caught an early morning workout at the track, arriving at about 7:00 AM.  I needed to finish up (and cool down) by 7:45, so that I could make the 18 minute drive back to the hotel, shower and dress, get gas and my coffee in time enough to drive back to campus by 9:00 AM to pick up my daughter.

Figuring I didn't have much time and conceding that I'd work out tomorrow (Sunday) as well, I did 4x200 and 2x150.  I wanted my 200s to be in 28 and my 150s to be in 20.



Fri-Oberlin, OH.  I spent Thursday evening traveling to Oberlin, arriving at 1 AM.  I tried to run later that day (around 5:30 PM), even with the idea that I'd do a workout at the college's track.  The team was using the track.  I killed time by jogging around the athletic complex.  After a few minutes of jogging, I decided I was in no form to run.  I was hungry, sluggish and disoriented.  I bagged it.

Thurs-Lifted a the YMCA at 5:55 AM.

Wed-Went to Westtown School's track at 5:40AM for a workout of 6x150 with the goal of running 2 in 22-low, 2 in 21-low, and 2 in 20-low, given the hour.  My runs were  21-mid, 23-mid, 20-mid, 20-mid, 19-high, 18-high.

Tues-took off

Monday, April 10, 2017

"I got beat by an old guy."

Mon, 4/10-Just ran 4.7M in 35:53.

Sun, 4/9-Despite having competed yesterday, I met up at Radnor HS at 8AM for a workout.  Chuck S., Rob, Neil and Donovan were there. Neil, Chuck and Donovan did their thing, while Rob and I did ours.  After a good warmup on this 45-degree morning, we were ready.  Rob and I decided on 200s at about 800 meter pace.  Once we completed the first one (in about 33-mid), we chose to keep our rest to 90 seconds (1:30).

Run 1: 33-mid
Run 2: 32-high
Run 3: 32-mid
Run 4: 32-low
Run 5: 32-low
Run 6: 32-mid
Run 7: 32-low
Run 8: 32-low
Run 9: 33-low
Run 10: 32-low

I had decided after the 4th 200 that I would finish the workout with a 60-second 400, following a 5:00 rest after 200 #10.  After some hemming and hawing, Rob decided to join me.  He said he'd just run his 400 in the same pace in which we had been running the 200s, which meant about 65 seconds.

I got out to a nice pace, crossing the 100 in 14 and the 200 in 29.  I was on pace, feeling pretty good.  Reaching the 300 in about 44/45, I could feel that Rob was still with me.  With about 80 meters to go, he motored right past me to a workout best ever in 59.xx.  I just kept my form and crossed, as planned, in 60-mid.

Sat, 4/8-Left Bria at her Muhlenberg College visit at just after 11:30 to arrive at West Chester University at a little after 1:00. The M/W 400 was set to begin at 2:10.   I met up with Rob.  We began to warm up at about 1:25/1:30 on this 55-degree, partly sunny day with swirling winds (again).

I'd have heat 3 lane 6, with another guy in lane 7.  The guy in lane 8 scratched.  I got out pretty well, but the wind hit me pretty hard midway through the backstretch.  I told myself not to exert too much energy.  I didn't make up the stagger too much until midway through the curve, where I pulled even.  Two guys on my inside had caught me at that point.  I tried to tell myself to shorten my stride coming down the homestretch as I crossed the line in 55.56.

In heat 4, Rob ran 58.40 to qualify for the Penn Relays 4x400 MR team.  He was ecstatic, and I was happy for him.

Eventually, I warmed up for the 200, where I had heat 5, lane 4.  (Rob scratched.)  After a false start by the Swarthmore College competitor to my outside (He was given a yellow card, a warning.), we finally got things underway.  I felt pretty good, but wound up running much slower than expected--25.29, a full .2 seconds slower than last week's time.  The wind was -1.0.  Yuck.  At least, I was faltered when one of the runners lamented, "I got beat by an old guy."

Fri, 4/7-Went to the track at 5:45 AM for a little pre-race workout.  I warmed up and did 3x100, hoping the tendonitis in my elbow would not be much of a factor.  (I injured it Monday by doing arm curls carelessly.)  It was still a factor, but at least I could swing my arm, more than what I could say all week.  I ran 13-high, 13-low, and 12-high.  Felt okay.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I ran

Thurs, 4/6/17-took off

Wed, 4/7/17-Went to track at 5:45AM and did a short and easy workout of 3x150 and 3x100.  The idea was to run the 150s at the pace of the last 150 of a 400 race.

I ran 22-high, 21-mid, and 21-low.

I was supposed to run the 100s in 13-mid, 13-low/12-high, and 12-mid.

I ran 13-high, 13-low, 12-high.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Left hamstring is a little sore

April 3, 2017-

I went for a nice run this morning, although my left hamstring is a little sore.  Perhaps this had to do with me overdoing it yesterday!

I covered my normal 5M route in 37:50, or at about 7:34/mile pace.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

ease into the remaining five

Sun, 4/2-After a text last night from Bruce inviting me to the no-oval at Radnor, I decided to try my luck by attending the 8AM session.  The warm up was uneventful, and I wasn't quite as tight as I could have been.  On this 40-degree windy day, we decided to do 6x150.  The idea was to use the first run to ease into the remaining five, which were supposed to be about the pace of the second 200 of a 400 race.

run 1: 23.8 (warmup)
run 2: 21.9 (still easing into things)
run 3: 20.6 (pace of the second 200 of the 400)
run 4: 20.2 (pace of the middle 150 of the 400)
run 5: 20.4 (pace of the middle 150 of the 400)
run 6: 19.7 (pace of the first 150 of the 400)

get into great form

Sat, 4/1/17-

Left the Volunteer Summit at Swarthmore early to compete at the Danny Curran Invitational at Widener.

I arrived at about noon and had to park across from Stetser Elementary School since the athletic lots were full.

I paid immediately and then met up with teammates before registering for the 400 and jogging around in preparation for the 1:30 race.  Chuck, John and I left our bags in the infield and made our way to the indoor track, warming up there.  With a seed the of 54.45, I'd be placed in heat 6 lane 5, to John's immediately right, as he was in lane 4.

Despite this cold and windy day (also wet from the deluge from the day before), I was pleased with my warm up.  I waited until the very last minute to take off all my gear.

Only four or five competitors comprised our heat--lanes 1, 2, (3), 4, 5, and 7.  I got out pretty well and caught the runner in lane 7 by the 100-meter mark.  The strong wind on the backstretch stymied me.  As expected, John caught me at the 200-meter mark.  At first, he appeared to overtake me going into the turn.  However, perhaps to his surprise, I went with him, bending into the turn as he did.  With 100 meters to go, I hung onto him, going stride for stride.  Clearly, he thought he was going to shake me off.  But, no!  At one point, we both sort of buckled under the weight of the wind.  Ten meter remaining, I made one last ditch effort to get him at the line.  It would not be so.  I posted 55.96 to JC's 55.93, disappointing times for sure.  I was hoping to run a second faster for sure.  (Chuck K. ran 59.58.  Wayne would later run 12.76 in the 10 meters.)

We hung out for quite a bit, even talk to Pete Carroll of Swarthmore for a while.  After quite a bit of time, I started warming up for the 200 meters.  I checked in and learned that I was in heat 12 (of 14), lane 5, with my seed time of 24.99.  At a later point, we had to re-register for the race, which needed to be re-seeded.  I wound up with the same heat and lane.

The wind and cold were still factors, but I was ready to "go under," you know, break the 25-second barrier.  There were six competitors in my heat.  I got out pretty well, catching the guy in lane six in the first 50-60 meters.  I could sense someone on my inside coming on.  As we hit the straightaway, I was flanked by two guys, one in lane 1 and the other in lane 8, who were well ahead of me.  They'd finish in 24.31 and 24.34, while I crossed in 25.06.  (JC ran 24.94.)

I have three-and-a-half weeks to get into great form for Penn.