Sunday, March 29, 2015

Felt good. Not as winded!

March 28-Met up with some of the guys (Daryl, Rob, Chuck Kruelle, a new female runner whose name escapes me, and Craig-standing in as coach) at Haddon Township High School.  Craig assigned us 12x200, with progressively faster times and longer rests.  On this cold (40-degrees), windy day, we were supposed to start with a 40-second 200 with 1 minute's rest and end at a 29-second 200 after 6 minutes' rest.

40s-1 min rest
39s-1 min, 30 sec rest
38s-2 min rest
37s-2 min, 30 sec rest
36s-3 min rest
35s-3 min, 30 sec rest
34s-4 min rest
33s-4 min, 30 sec rest
32s-5 min rest
31s-5 min, 30 sec rest
30s-6 min rest

My times: 39,39,38,37,36,34,34,33,32,31,29, 26.5 Booyah!

Felt good.  Not as winded!

March 27-Went to the Y.   Did a mile and lifted, upper body.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm a progressive, I guess.

Thursday, 3/26-Headed to Westtown School's track at 2:30 on this party sunny day (58 degrees with a slight wind) for a moderate speed workout (although it felt more than moderate, given my fitness level).
2x300 with 4:30 rest.  Target time--48'
2x200 with 3:30 rest.  Target  time--30'
2x150 with 3:00 rest.  Target time--21'
2x100 with 2:30 rest.  Target time--13'

8 seconds per 50 meters
7.5 seconds per 50
7 seconds per 50
6.5 seconds per 50.

I'm a progressive, I guess.

I managed...

48-mid, 47-high
29-high, 29-high
21-low, 21-flat
12.9, 12.8

Not bad, but I have a lot of work to do!

Wed, 3/25--did a Rustin loop (2.2M)--18:00.  This little run took more out of me than it should have.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Marriott Residence Inn

Tuesday-In Marriott Residence Inn-Richmond.  Did 2 x1 mile on treadmill in fitness room

Monday-ran around Marriott Residence Inn-Winston-Salen 12 times for a total of 3 miles or so.  in 22:30.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

There was a bit of a debacle down here in NC.

Sun, 3/22—

I didn't get a chance to run today.   
There was a bit of a debacle down here in NC.  I'll get over it.  But the bottom line is that, as a relay-only runner, I needed to be registered as such to receive a bib and be eligible to compete.  I did my due diligence by 1) letting everyone know that I was available and then by 2) following up with a confirming email. Despite the fact that my intent to race was confirmed with the crew multiple times, I was never registered as being part of the relay pool, not even as an alternate.  Oh well!

Not sure why no one registered me, which is the issue here.  I had no bib because my name wasn't placed on the relay entry form but should have been.  I guess no one read beyond the first couple of lines under Relay Information.  Oh well.  Maybe next time...

Relay info from website:

Eligibility: Only athletes entered in the meet (who have been assigned a bib number) are eligible to compete on a relay team.

If an athlete is solely competing in a relay, they must submit a paper entry form.

Types of Relays:

Club Relays – a relay team comprised of all athletes who are affiliated with the same club (as determined by the USATF membership database) at the time of the close of the event entry deadline.

Non-Club Relays – a relay team not meeting the definition of a Club Relay (see above).

Entry Fee: $40/relay (to be paid on site at Packet Pick-up)

Relay Entry Deadline: Relay entry forms are to be submitted to Packet Pick-up before the completion of running competition, the day prior to the relay event. Entry forms will not be accepted the day of the relay event.

So...The problem wasn't my not registering for a solo event; the issue was not being place on the relay paper entry form.

That said, I am proud of my teammates, who ran a good race.  I am particularly happy for Rob; he ran a gutsy race and landed a great time!  Hats off to John Curtis for a strong fifth race and to Daryl and Phil for solid performances.

John Curtis-56.8


Sat, 3/21-visited Wake Forest with Bria in the morning and competed in Nationals in the afternoon.

When I offered to compete, I assumed we'd be running in the M40 race.  When I showed, I learned that there was no bib for me and that I had to use Chuck Kruelle's.  He is M45.  What's more, in the paddock area, the official who checked up in had Phil down as the second runner.  He asked whose place I (aka Chuck K.) was taking and, looking at his roster, I said Phil.  So, in truth, I was asked to impersonate and sub in as an alternate!  The age group on our bibs (50, 45, 45, 45) would have contradicted the M40 age group.

We were in heat 4, lane 2.  John led off well in 24.9/25.0, giving me a lead at the handoff.  I faltered on the exchange a bit, but then I quickly recovered.  I rounded the curve in my lane and then cut in at the beginning of the backstretch. After a 25.0/25.1, I handed Rob the baton.  He powered his way to 26.2/26.3.  Daryl grabbed the stick and hammered it home in 25.3/25.4, pursued by someone on his tail.  The final time was 1:41.5...1:41.72 FAT.  New Club record.

Fri, 3/20-visited UVa with Bria. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Quite honestly, I did not enjoy it

Sat, 3/21--Nationals/college visitation weekend; spring break

Fri, 3/20-en route; no running

Thursday, 3/19-didn't even get a chance to workout

Wednesday, 3/18-Early morning (5:45 AM) chill: 25 degrees.  6x150.  My thought was to do 2 @ 22.5-ish, 2@ 21.5-ish, and 2 @ 20.5-ish.  3-minute walk in-between repeats.

#1: The first one was a pedestrian 24.5, two seconds slower than target pace.  Off to a slow start.
#2: 22.2 --back in business
#3: 21.6
#4: 20.8
#5: 20.9
#6: 21.1--my conditioning is simply not there.

Tuesday, 3/19-was supposed to do 3.7-4.3M at 6:00-ish, but I was running late.  I wound up doing a Rustin loop, the first is quite some time.  Quite honestly, I did not enjoy it; I was far more winded than I should have been.

Monday, 3/18-slight workout at the Y.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

My, My, My: I have still have some speed, but I am not conditioned for much.

Sun-3/15--Worked out at EA.  Warmed up on the treadmill.  Stretched for a full 12-13 minutes.  Walked up to the track.  Extremely windy and cooler than I expected.  There was a huge contingency of LAX youth on the field and on the track.  I ran 4 100s on the opposite side of the track, swirling wind at my back and across my side.  4 @ 13.3.  I then decided to run 2 x 150s, as people had moved out of lane 3 and 4 to lanes 1 and 2.  I ran in lane 4: 20.5, 20.4.

Felt more winded than I should.  I have still have some speed, but I am not conditioned for much.

Sat-3/14-mile.stretch good.  My, my, my I was tight.

Fri-3/13-nothing, although I did get a modicum of exercise in when I went to Freshman Fun Night: ball, dodgeball tourney, etc.


Wed-3/11--went to Westtown School at 5:45AM for some 100s.  15-low,15-low,14-mid,14-low,13-mid,13-mid


Mon. 3/9-5:00.lift.5:00. lift.5:00

Sun, 3/8--went to Westtown School at 5:45AM for some 150s.  23-low, 23-low, 22-mid, 22-low, 21-mid

Sat-3/7-Y.  Lifting


Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Tues, 3/3-Went to Y at 5:55.  Ran mile, lifted, ran mile.

Mon, 3/2-took off.  Boring!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Still making my way back.

Sun-mile on donut--6:40; stretched; 3x600 (2:00); lifting.  Still making my way back.

Sat--mile 1 on donut-6:25; mile 2 on treadmill-6:25; mile 3 on donut-5:55; mile 4 on treadmill 6:00
stretched in-between miles

Fri-took off

Thurs-did 2 (1 mile, plus upper body lifting), followed by 5 min pool running.

Wed-took off

Tues--took off

Mon--took off

Sun, 2/23--Warmed up well, stretched well.  Treadmill workout 6x2:00 on 5:00 setting, meaning 2:00 for 600 meters.  On the third one, my leg cramped and I stopped!  Dammit.