Sunday, February 28, 2010

a drag

This morning I ran to Penn Oaks to do some lifting. My legs felt a little tired after yesterday's workout, but I got through it. For whatever reason, sometimes the route to Penn Oaks and back can be a drag. En route to PO: 24:53; en route home: 24:05.

These conditions did not deter me

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, my plan for Saturday was to head to Swarthmore to run some 200s. When I got there at about 12:45 I was concerned about whether I'd be able to use the indoor track; the baseball team was practicing on the infield and members of the men's and women's lacrosse teams trickled in and began to do warm-up catches on the track as I ran by. As I stretched, the baseball team looked to be finishing up and th women's lacrosse team made its way outdoors. The men's LAX team did not show up in full, and those who were there moved into the infield to throw. Just when I thought the coast was clear, a professor and his kids began to throw the baseball on the track. Soon, they, too, moved into the infield. I would have to share the track with those remaining--an older gentleman jogging and a three-some doing back and forth strides on one of the straightaways.

These conditions did not deter me from what would be a fairly good workout. After warming up 1.2, I decided my plan was 15 200s--3 sets of 5. The first set would be 31/32, the second set would be 30/31, and the third set would be 29/30. Between each repeat, I'd walk about 100 and jog about 100. I would take 2 minutes between each repeat and three minutes between each set.

My first set: 30,32,32,31,31
3-minute rest
My second set: 30,31,31,30,30
this period of rest would up being 5 minutes. I switched out my middle distance spikes for my sprint spikes, which took longer than expected.
My third set: I ran 28, but then got concerned because my hamstring stiffened. I decided to cut of the tight turns and did 6x60s, using just the straightaways. I did 60 meters, then jogged the turn, did 60 meters on the opposite straightaway, then jogged a lap. I did this three times for a total of 6 60s at 8 seconds each. I then returned to my 200s. I ran three more 200s, all at 29s. I then cooled down 1.0.

Total: 4.5 miles.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yesterday I took off. I did some light dumbbell work. Today I am hoping to avoid the snowy ground and flurries by heading to Swarthmore for some interval work. I am running behind as I waste time waiting for my haircut. There is only one barber and six heads waiting. Then I have to head to my daughter's soccer game.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

On what was a snowy, wintry morning


On what was a snowy, wintry morning--a precursor to the 6"-12" of wet snow to be had today--I made my way to the Borough for what would be a solo 7.9. I got there late and missed the crew, that is, if there was a crew. My legs felt heavy, and I wasn't sure I could do the whole 7.9. But after I saw 29:45 at the 4-mile mark, I decided to go for it. My pace was pedestrian and varied widely during the second half of the run. I finished up in a solid hour, having struggled up the big hill.

Tomorrow I will rest my legs in favor of lifting.

Miles this week so far: 31.8

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

after the first couple I felt better


On this day last year, I went to Penncrest's track and did 2 sets of 3x300, "negative split" style, having done hills the day before. My runs were :34/:16 (:50) for the first, :32/:15(:47) for the second, and :32/:15 (:47) for the third. Set 2 was: :32/:15 (:47), :33/:15 (:48), :33/:15 (:48). I took 2:00 in-between repeats and what amounted to a 100 m walk and 800 jog in-between sets. This rest was about 8 minutes. 800-meter cool down. I would have liked to have pushed myself further and done another set. No time, though. Admittedly, it was nice to have an abbreviated workout after doing hills yesterday. My legs don’t feel dead. Low mileage day: 1600, 1800, 1600, 400. 3.4 miles total today.

TODAY, having done hills yesterday, I figured I'd try some 300s behind the stadium at Rustin, given the snow on the track. My legs felt a little heavy at first. But after the first couple I felt better. My runs were: 46,47,46,46,46,43. I walked about 200 meters (2:00) and jogged 100 (1:00) back to the start for the 3 minute rest. I have to keep myself going, reaching for greater intensity. I cannot let not having a track deter me. Perhaps I'll use Swarthmore's track this weekend.

I warmed up 1.2 and cooled down the same. Total mileage--about 3.9. Total for week thus far: 23.9 (Saturday-Wednesday)

My plan for the next few days:
Thursday--distance (7.9). If the roads are too bad, go to Penn Oaks for a distance lift combo.
Friday--lift only. Or do distance if I had to go to Penn Oaks on Thursday.
Saturday--go to Swarthmore for 200s.
Sunday--run to and from Penn Oaks--lift.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hills and a drizzle in the Borough


Hills and a drizzle in the Borough. Having gotten into town earlier than usual, I had a nice warm-up (about 1.25) and stretch. From there it was all downhill or should I say uphill. I ran the first few with the Kevin and Ed with Rachel and John just behind. I then began to falter, feeling my hamstrings and back tighten. I wound up stopping at the top of the hill after #5. I rested for a bit and then did #6 solo. By the time, I got around to #7, Kevin and Ed had caught up to me, which was what I wanted/suspected would happen. On the last one, I felt fairly strong, running in the :54 range. My runs were: 60,55,56,57,60,--,60,54. Cool down-1.75. Total: about 5 miles.

Considering over next two days:
Wed: 6x300 behind Rustin or on treadmill with lifting in-between. 4 miles
Thursday: 7.9 @ 7:15 pace

Monday, February 22, 2010

a light running-lifting combo

Today I drove to Penn Oaks for a light running-lifting combo. I had planned to do alternating miles, but I got to PO too late. I began with the lat bar, then ran .8 mile. I then went to the "chest pull" machine, then did .8. This continued until I made it through 5x.8 and 6 machines, 3 sets each. The treadmill was set for 7:50 or so for the .8s. The upper body lifting served as a 3-min rest. 4 miles. 15 miles so far (Sat-Mon)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A new beginning?

Today, I decided to commit to 10x300 (.18 mi), using the straightaway behind Rustin's stadium. Despite the hard asphalt, I generally felt good, leg-wise. This is also significant to me because my hamstrings were rather tight and, due to the snow, I was unable to access any ledge to put my leg up on for stretching. Anyway, I began with a 1.2 mile warm-up, followed by 6-7 minutes of stretching. I then began the trek to take back my season. In-between each 300, my plan was to do a combination of walking (approx 200) and jogging (100) back over a 3-min break period. I did this exactly. My runs were: 45,46,46,45,46,45,45,46,47,45. Tired yet satisfied, I made my way home the same way I came. 1.2 cool down.

This workout gave me confidence that I may still be able to do an 8x400 workout.

4.4 total miles

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have to recommit myself and now.

2/20/10--This morning I ran to Penn Oaks (24:35), lifted, and ran back home (23:35). Total 6.6

2/19/10--The race at Haverford (Keough Invite) did not go well. As I've been saying for weeks now, I have some work to do. I go to Haverford early enough (4:35), which gave me plenty of time to get settled and warm up. I did not run until about 7:30! I tried to use the time well, doing lots of jogging, stretching and flexibility exercises. It didn't matter...after all. My seed time was 2:05 and I was in heat 6 of 7. I was in lane 2, figuring that I had the second fastest seed time in the heat. My plan was to try to run even splits like I did at last year's national meet. This meant 31s for each lap. Only my first lap met this goal! My splits were ugly: 31,32(63),33(1:36),34(2:10). After seeing :63 at the 400, I tried to pick it up during the third lap. I did for about 75-80 meters, but then I was thwarted by someone who broke my stride going into the far turn. This threw me off and forced me into lane two around the turn and then back into the inside of lane 1. I bumped out a guy to get this position. This was not a formula for a smooth race. Needless to say, after seeing 1:36, I was mentally depleted during the final lap. This was especially true coming down the home stretch, where I saw the clock tick towards 2:10...what would be my recorded time. My first thoughts were "You Suck." Once I got over my disappointment, I decided that my more crowded schedule, one-less-workout per week, bad, snowy weather, and additional stress over last year have taken their toll on me. Still, I have to recommit myself and now. Total: 2.25 miles. 25 miles for the week--Sunday to Friday.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Waking up from this nightmare

Thursday, 2/18/10--(4)100m pick-ups. Haverford meet tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2/17/10--ran 6 miles around neighborhood. 46:30.

Tuesday, 2/16/10--treadmill hills. 1 min; 1:45 rest 8xs. Setting: 5:02.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I have a lot of work ahead of me.

2/15/10--Yesterday's 800 did not go well. I was the old man in the heat again and again the top guys shot out like canons. They crossed the 200 in 27/28 and the 400 in 59. I found myself in fourth at the 200 in 29, and third at the 400 in 62. There wasn't as much shoving as the last time, but I did get bumped going into the first turn and lost my step going into the second (sound familiar?). I got passed during the 3rd lap and wound up in fourth with a 2:08+, at least according to my son. 2:03 won the race. 29/32(61),33(1:34)/34(67; 2:08). I have a lot of work ahead of me. Am I in a rut?

Today, I overslept (I've been so tired lately) and had to settle for 4.2 miles (33:00).

Right now, my intensity is down and I need to reinvigorate myself. I have a good month or so to get myself in order if I am to match what I did at The Armory.

Armory: 800--2:02.5
Swarthmore: 800--2:11+ (uncontested)
Delaware: 400--55.14 FAT (54.9 HT)
Glen Mills: 800--2:07 (2:10 official time, but incorrect)
Glen Mills: 800--2:08
Haverford 2/19: 800--??
Glen Mills 3/7: 800--??
Landover 3/13: 400??
Boston 3/26: 400?? 800??

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here we go again.

Sunday, 2/14/10--Glen Mills meet shortly. Will report back later.

Saturday, 2/13/10--Warmed up 1.1, did a couple of striders behind Rustin's stadium, and cooled down 1.1.

Friday, 2/12/10--Ran 7 miles or so in the slippery, packed down snow. Miles for the week (Sun to Fri): 20.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

With a 1-2 punch, snow has won again

2/11/10--Nothing. With a 1-2 punch, snow has won again.

2/10/10--nothing! Blizzard-like conditions

2/9/10--hills in icy, snow packed West Chester. As a result, hills were much slower, between 62 and 65 seconds--7 to 10 seconds slower than usual. Kevin, Ed, Rachel, John and I hung together. There were still about 18 of us out there!

2/8/10--ran 4 miles around snow-covered neighborhood and Rustin lots.

2/7/10--roads and paths are covered. Drove to Penn Oaks. Warmed up on treadmill 1 mile, stretched for 10 minutes and proceeded with a treadmill workout. Did 6 x 2:00 with treadmill set at 4:47-mile pace. The 1/2 mile pace was 2:23.5 then. I was trying to run approximately .38 mile in 2:00. This is a little over 600 meters, 611.55 to be exact. Most times I could not quite get the machine to respond as quickly, so I wound up running .37 mile in 2:00. This is a little under 600 meters, 595.45 to be exact. Either way, I think about it like this: the first 25-30 seconds on the machine I was pushing the pace button to increase the speed from let's say 30:00/mile down to 4:47/mile. I just held the button down as hard and steady as I could. So, the first 30 seconds were spent off-pace and going only about 50 meters. This could mean that I ran 550 meters in 1:30-1:35. In-between repeats, I took a 5-minute rest. This is how I spent it: rested for 1 minute, got a drink, did 3 sets on one of the machine, rested another minute, and then I started making my way back to the treadmill.

Friday, February 5, 2010

First things first.

First things first. I never did report on last Sunday's race at Glen Mills. It was cold, but I felt that my warm-up was good. I just jogged around outside and stretched well. I was seeded 5th in the fast heat with a time of 2:07. I figured that Glen Mills is not like the Armory and that I did not have the spirit to drop a 2:02, particularly since this was not a relay--and I love relay running. Anyway, the troops in the heat were all youngsters. I was the senior member; following me was a 20 year old. The gun went off and everyone got out hard...perhaps too hard. There was a near pile-up at the top of the first turn and then again at the same spot going into the second lap. I got hit in the shins on two occasions and have scars and scabs to show for it. Actually, I nearly had to hurdle someone who almost took a spill. I crossed the 200 mark in :29 and the 400 in 61-62. I had to pass on the inside two times, almost cutting into the infield, and on the outside (during the first two laps). I don't remember hearing the exact time at the 600, but I was told it was around 1:34. Feeling strong, I tried to push the last lap and I tried to hold off a youngster over the last straightaway, but he got me with 10-15 meters to go. According to my "personal" timers, I ran 2:07 and change. My official time was 2:10! There was clearly a timing error, because the guy who won was clocked at 2:03, but his official time was 2:06. It appeared that the timers were off by 3 seconds. I know for sure that I did not run 2:10. The race was hectic and rough. I wish the race had been smoother and that I hadn't gotten stuck in traffic. I really believe that I could've run 2:05. Total warm-up 1.25 miles. Cooled down 400. Total 2 miles.

2/5/10--Thought about going to Westtown's track. Overslept again, though. Besides, I think I've decided I prefer to reserve track workouts for the weekend or later in the day. I warmed up a mile or so, stretched well, and then prepared for the 280-290-meter stretch of road behind Rustin's stadium. I'd do 6 with an job equal to the run...for a total of 2:15 rest. My runs were 48,48,49,47,47,44. I felt good about the workout and wasn't that dead! (On 3/5/09, I did the same workout. Times were 50,50, 49, 49, 49, 49, 47. I did do 1 more run then, though.) Cooled down same amount of warm-up. Total 4.2 miles. 25 miles for week, Saturday to Friday.

2/4/10--Overslept and missed run in town. Did easy 3.75 miles in 23:40. Ran 1.3 to start of XC course. Ran loop of course (1.55); ran .9 back through neighborhood to house.

2/3/10--drove to Penn Oaks to lift.

2/2/10--Hills in Borough. Legs were heavy from yesterday. Broke down/fell behind after 4th hill. Runs were 55,54,55,56,59,60,60,53. Total mileage 5.4.

3 Rustin loops 6.6. Felt good.
2 mile-15:45 (7:50)
2.2 mile/loop 1-17:20
2.7 mile-21:00
3.2 mile-24:45 (7:25)
4.2 mile-32:20 (7:35)
4.4/loop 2-33:40 (loop was 15:20)
5.4-40:50 (7:10)
6.4-47:35 (6:45)
6.6/loop 3-48:55 (loop was 15:15)