Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Wednesday, 8/30-ran an easy 4.25M at 6:30AM in 33:35.

Tues, 8/29-Went to Bound Brook HS at 5:40AM to work out.
Arrived at 5:50ish.
Mile warm up.
Began workout at 6:05 or so.
The workout was 4x1200 with a 200-meter jog rest.

Run 1--4:30  
Run 2--4:27  
Run 3--4:24  
Run 4--4:18 

The rest ranged from 1:45-2:00.  This looks marginally better than the same series on 9/6/16.

Mon, 8/28-took off

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Ran to beautiful

Did a relaxed 7M today.  Ran to beautiful Colonial Park and headed along the walking path until I reached the end (3.5M/28:00, 8:00/mile pace).  Turned back around and headed home (7M/54:35, 7:48/mile pace).  Second 3.5M run in 26:35, 7:35/mile pace.

Friday, August 25, 2017

so forgiving

Fri, 8/25-Ran an easy 4.25M (35:15) at 6:45AM.  The 8:18/mi pace was so forgiving.  

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Aug 24, 2017-

Did 7M at 6:40 AM, 30 minutes later than I should have.  Made my way from Somerset to Bound Brook's canal.  2M mark in 15:30.  Reached canal 2.1 in 16:15.  Turned around at 26:30 (about the 3.5M mark) and headed back. Got home at 50:50, on account of a 6:30 last mile.

Aug 23, 2017

Did about 4.5M in 35:00 (7:47/mi pace).

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I was done!

My early AM workout at Bound Brook HS today was 3 x 1 mile with a 200m slow jog between runs.  I felt sluggish during the warmup, which spilled over to my miles.  My runs were tough and sluggish solo: 6:08, 6:08, and 5:57.  The average of my 200m slow jog-rest was 1:55.  I was done!

Sunday, August 20, 2017


After 8x800 (plus 2M warm up and 2M cool down) yesterday, I ran an easy 6.6M in 54:00 (8:11/mile pace): Apt bldg, rt onto Pierce, rt onto Elizabeth, left onto Campus Drive, left onto Cottontail, left onto Piece, right onto Belmont, left onto Schoolhouse, continue onto New Brunswick, left onto Cedar Grove, left onto Pierce, Apt building.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Eventually reaching

Sat, 8/18-

I jogged 2M to the canal in Bound Brook for a little action.  This 2M (18:00) would be my warm up.  (The run to the Canal is technically 2.1M, but I cut the route some.)   On this humid morning, my plan was to do some Yasso-style (rest what you run) 800s on the canal strip.  I'd run from the gate entrance to the concrete (800m), and then rest.  I'd walk to the other side of the concrete area and then run from there to 80m beyond the overpass (800m).  I'd rest and go in the opposite direction, eventually reaching the entrance again.  This would be repeated for a total of 8x800 (~4M). My results were:
2:52 (oops)

I kept to under 3 min of rest.

I jogged back to the complex (18:00).  8 miles today.

I feel okay about this effort, although I owe it 5 seconds per repeat.  At least I made it through the workout this time.

EZ does it!

Friday, 8/18.  Easy 3.4M in 29:30.  (Apt bldg-->right onto Pierce-->right onto Elizabeth-->left onto Campus-->left onto Cottontail-->left onto Pierce-->left into The Ave-->apt bldg

EZ does it!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

a pretty glorious run

Thurs, 8/17-

I had a pretty glorious run today.  It was nice and cool to begin with.  And I felt pretty good, even after yesterday's workout and last night's beverages!

I started at my apartment building, made a right turn onto Pierce St, and another right onto Elizabeth Ave.   I took Elizabeth to Canal Rd and made a right and a quick left, soon reaching the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail.  The trail was well-cushioned and shaded.  I planned to be on the trail for .9M, but I wound up going longer.  I turned around at 27:20, or after about 3.6-3.7M, and headed back home.  I reached my apt. building after 53:30, covering the last mile in a relaxed 7:00.  Total 7.2-7.4M.

-underpass/overpass... 1-mile mark
-corner of Elizabeth and Canal Rd...2-mile mark
-underpass/overpass on canal...a bit over the 3-mile mark (3.04M)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I felt okay

WED, 8/16-

After a decent warmup and stretch on this really humid morning, I felt a little uneasy about the workout, knowing it would be 1.5M at 10K pace, 400m jog, 1M at a little faster, 400m jog, and 800m.  This was what I did on Tuesday, 8/15/17.   I hit the mile in 6:25 and covered 1.5 in 9:36.  I stayed put instead of jogging the 400.  I did the mile in 5:52.  I again stayed put instead of doing the 400.  I made the 800 happen in 2:41.  I felt okay about this workout.  Last year, I hit 9:14, 5:56, and 2:42.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I broke off

Mon, 8/14-Ran 4.25M (32:30) at 7:00ish in the morning, then ran again with Bria (4:00ish) around campus and park for about 44 min.  I'd wager 4.6-4.8M: 1-1.05M from athletic center to park, 2 loops around park (1.3-1.35M ea.), and 1-1.05M to athletic center lot.

Sun, 8/13-
I went to Bound Brook HS to do 8x800 in 2:45, with a 2:45 rest (rest what you run!).  My results were just awful:
I broke off and started in on 600s

I did not keep to the 2:45 rest; I was closer to 3:10-3:15.

I think I'll try these again, but perhaps at a park rather than the track.

Much work to do.  

Sat, 8/12

4.25M in 32:00.

Friday, August 11, 2017

There is no way!

Fri, 8/11-Ran a modest 4.25M in 32:05.

Thurs, 8/10-took off, sore ankle

Wed, 8/9-ran around Pingry's campus and park for about 50 min.  I'd wager 6M.

Tues, 8/8-The workout was simple and "easy" enough: mile at tempo pace, 400 jog/rest, followed by 2x 300 meters, the first four seconds above mile race pace, the second one at mile race pace.  We were to do a 100 meter jog between the 300s. 

I wanted to come in at around 6:15 or so for the tempo mile.

My mile felt pretty good, but my pace was too fast for a tempo.  There is no way I could hold 5:50 pace for 20 minutes!  1:24/2:55/4:25/5:50.  

Monday, August 7, 2017

I think I took off

Mon, 8/7-The day is young

Sun, 8/6-No local track available.  Went to the park and jogged a couple of miles.

Sat, 8/5-Ran 4.25M in 31:50.

Fri, 8/4-I think I took off.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

said it all: sluggish.

Thurs, 8/3-

Met up with Mark Williams at 7:00ish at Barnards HS in Bernardsville, NJ for a brief, yet intense, workout.  On tap for Mark was 2x600 in sub-1:30, with an 8:00 rest period in-between.  After a pretty generous warmup, we started with a little striding.

Mark blasted into the first 600.  I'm not sure why I was jolted; I shouldn't have been surprised.  He crossed the 200 in 28, I in 29.  He hit the 400 in 58, while I lagged in 60.  I'd stop there, and he'd continue to 1:28.4.  Wow!

We'd jog some of the rest.

The second effort was much like the first.  Mark did his thing, and I didn't.  Mark dropped anther 1:28...1:28.6.  My 62 at the 400 mark said it all: sluggish.

I have to get these bones going again.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

easy run on the grass

Wed, 8/2-

Very slow and easy run on the grass around the complex.  2M in 19:00.

Tues, 8/1-

4.25M (opposite direction).  Started my fartlet at the 10:00 mark.  Finished up in 30:15.

Mon, 7/31-

4.25M (opposite direction).  32:00

Sun, 7/30-

4.8/4.9M with Bria.  44:30.

Sat, 7/29-

4.25M in 32:15

Fri, 7/28-??

Thurs, 7/27-??