Sunday, December 31, 2017

Am I getting older and slower, or do I just need to be patient ?

Sat, 12/30-Bruce and I carpooled from my house to The Armory, leaving for NYC at about 3:15 or so.  We arrived at about 4:30 on this frigid, 19-degree day, in plenty of time to warm up, given how slow the 5:00 Sprint Night meet was going. After a few heats of the men's and women's 60H, we saw a lot of 60m dash action. (Go Ross!) We checked in for the 400. I was in heat 5, lane 4. Bruce and Ray were in heat 6, lanes 2 and 3, I believe.

I tried to stay warm, as the race didn't go off for quite some time. I thought it'd go off at 5:45 or 6:00; it was more like 6:30. My first 50 meters were okay, but then I backed off and found myself in fifth place (of six) at the break. I hit the 200 mark in 26.273 and finished up in 56.21, for a 29.934 second 200. Despite the pedestrian pace, I got fourth in my heat.

More than an hour later I'd race the 200 from lane 1 (heat 12). Boy was this a bad lane draw! 25.96, a mere hundred of a second faster than my performance at Lehigh a few weeks ago, was all I could manage. Oh well.

Am I getting older and slower, or do I just need to be patient as I roll out my game plan this season?

Fri, 12/29-Went to the Y with the wife to run a mile or so and then stretch.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Maybe it was the cold.

Thurs, 12/28-

Feel better today but still a little sluggish.  Knowing my plan was to head into work today, I used Pingry's track. I arrived at 6:30ish. After a fairly thorough indoor warmup, I headed into the 15-degree icebox outside. 

Today's tune-up workout would be 3 x150 and 3x100 where I was supposed to hit 1x21, 1x20, 1x19 and 1 x 13-low, 1x12-high, 1x12 mid.   I was well off these marks! I'm just not that fast right now! Maybe it was the cold.

150s: 21-high, 21-mid, 20-low
100s: 13-mid, 13-low, 12-mid

I hope to run in the 55-mid and 25-low ranges for the 400 and 200 on Saturday.    



Wed, 12/27-Went to the Y with V. The plan was to do 4 x (4 min on treadmill + 4 min lifting). Felt sluggish. Did 2 sets and shot some hoops!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A little

Tuesday, 12/26-

Went to the Y with V at 10-ish for a lactate threshold run on the treadmill, followed by a little lifting. I covered 2M in 12:00 exactly.

Monday, Christmas Day-

Took off

Sunday, 12/24, Christmas Eve.

Connected with a few of my teammates at Germantown Academy for a workout.  My plan was to do 8x200 with 60 seconds' rest, but Rob proposed that we do 10x200 in two sets of five--60 seconds' rest between repeats and 6 min rest between sets.  I agreed.



Saturday, 12/23-

Ran 4M on the canal trail (29:30), followed by a lifting session at the Y.

Friday, 12/22-a little lifting at the Y

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Thurs, 12/21-In 24-degree weather, I went to Pingry in the early AM for some 150s.  The plan was to do 9, but I switched to 8: 2 @23, 2@ 22, @ @ 21, and 2 @ 20.

23-mid, 24-high, 22-high, 22-high, 21-high, 21-high, 20-high, 20-low

Wed, 12/20-Went to the Y at just before 6AM for what I will call 4 and 4s: 4:00 on the treadmill, 4:00 lifting.  I started at 8:00 pace (.5M) and worked my way down to 6:15 (.65M), over 4 rotations.

Tues, 12/19-Went to Pingry for 200s.  The plan was 8x200 with 60 seconds' rest, with the goal 32-sec pace.


Monday, 12/18-Went to the Y at just before 6AM for what I will call 4 and 4s: 4:00 on the treadmill, 4:00 lifting.  I started at 8:00 pace (.5M) and worked my way down to 6:15 (.65M), over 4 rotations.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Sunday, 12/17-Went to the Y, parked, and ran a 2.67M loop (in 20:15; 7:35/M pace) on the roads.  Lifted.

Could I be getting stronger?

Saturday, 12/16-With snow still on the ground and track, I went to the Y with V for a nice workout.  After an 8:00 mile warmup on the treadmill, my plan was to do a 2M tempo run.  I managed just under 12:00 on the treadmill, right on the spot.  I then lifted for 15 minutes or so.  Could I be getting stronger?  I've never lifted this frequently!

Friday, 12/15-Went to the Y at just before 6AM for what I will call 4 and 4s: 4:00 on the treadmill, 4:00 lifting.  I started at 8:00 pace (.5M) and worked my way down to 6:15 (.65M), over 4 rotations.

Thursday, 12/14-Went to Pingry in the early morning for a sprint workout on the Curve Treadmill.  I was itching for a little speed, even with the track covered.  After a mile warmup in the field house, I hit the Curve for 8 x 30 seconds with 90 seconds rest.  The machine wasn't that bad.  I had never used it really.  It was a good workout.

Wednesday, 12/13-Went to the Y at just before 6AM for what I will call 4 and 4s: 4:00 on the treadmill, 4:00 lifting.  I started at 8:00 pace (.5M) and worked my way down to 6:15 (.65M), over 4 rotations.

Tuesday, 12/12-Went to Pingry in the early morning hours, believing that the track had been cleared of snow.  After warming up in the field house, I went outside to begin a 2M or 2.5M tempo/lactate threshold run.  When I got to the 300m mark, I hit snow and ice!  Argh.  The stretch was for close to 100 meters.  On the spot, I decided I would just do 300s with a 100m jog of about 45 seconds.  I wound up doing 8 of them, each in about 60 seconds. This would have to do.  I then went into the weight room for some lifting.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Worse than expected/Better than expected

Monday, 12/11-took off

Sunday, 12/10-Went to the Y with V.  Took it easy after yesterday's meet.
4:00 on treadmill at about 7:45 pace
4:00 lifting--one upper body machine, one leg machine
4:00 on treadmill at about 7:20 pace
4:00 lifting--one upper body machine, one leg machine
4:00 on treadmill at about 6:55 pace
4:00 lifting--one upper body machine, one leg machine
4:00 on treadmill at about 6:30 pace

Saturday, 12/9-Left home at about 11:20AM to head to Lehigh University's Fast Times Before Finals meet.  I had registered for the 500 and 200, with seed times of 1:13 and 26.5.  I connected with a couple of teammates: Ross O'Neil, Wayne Folk, Wally Hernandez..  My first race was scheduled for 1:55, although it wound up being a bit earlier since men were running before women, a change from what was listed on time schedule.

I ran a mile warm up on this snowy day.

I was in heat 8 (of 9), lane 5 (of 6).  There was one guy to my outside and 3 to my inside, a nearly full heat.

I got out reasonably well and found myself in third at the 200.  I saw 43xx at the 300 meter mark.  But, I was boxed in.  I spent the next 150 a little stuck.  I imagine I was at 58xx at the 400.  I wasn't quite able to muster a strong enough kick to overcome my deficit.  So, 1:14.60, fifth in my heat and a little worse than expected, would have to do...for now.  I jogged off the track afterwards, knowing I had a second or two left in the tank.

I cooled down.

I warmed up again, another mile.  With plenty of time to spare, I stretched again.

For the 200, I was in heat 12 (of 14), lane 6, with no one to my outside.  I got our well, but the guy to my immediate inside caught me at about the 130-meter mark.  I tried to relax and keep my arms moving, managing 25.97, 2nd in my heat and better than expected.

Friday, 12/8-took off

Thursday, December 7, 2017

comfortably hard

Thurs, 12/7/17-Did 9x150, my first set in five months.  I went to Pingry for the workout, arriving there at 6:25AM, a little later than usual.  I began warming up inside the gym/field house at 6:30 AM and took to the track at about 6:50 AM.  (8 min mile, 8 min stretch, 2 min spike up). The goal was 3 in 23, 3 in 22, and 3 in 21, with a 2:30 break of walking and jogging between each (no additional time between sets).

Set 1: 24-low, 23-mid, 23-low
Set 2: 22-mid, 22-low, 22-mid
Set 3: 21-mid, 21-mid, 20-low

Wed, 12/6/17-Didn't sleep well.  Exhausted.  Slept in.  Skipped workout.

Tues, 12/5/17-Per Pete Carroll's advice, I completed a tempo/lactate threshold run of 2.5M, even after staying up beyond midnight to watch my Steelers.  He mentioned that I should do a lactate threshold run of 2-3 miles every week or two.  The run felt comfortably hard.  I could have run the full 3M, but I didn't want to overexert myself.

85, 2:28, 4:30, 6:03, 7:35, 9:07, 10:38, 12:08 (6:05), 13:37, 15:05.

Monday, December 4, 2017

in the area

Monday, 12/4-Went to the Y at 5:50AM.  Lifted for 15 minutes, then ran an easy 4M in the area: S. Branch, to Beekman, to Triangle, to CVS and back.  29:40. 7:25/mile pace.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Tried my luck

Sun, 12/3-The other day I reached out to Pete Carroll (Swarthmore) for a little 400/800-meter training advice, as I feel I am getting a little stale.  Here's what he said:

So, I like doing simulations.  For example 6-8X 200m, 1 minute rest, at current fitness race pace for 800m.  After a couple weeks of that (1 time per week), you can increase parts of the durations i.e. 200m, 300m, 200m, 300m, 200m, and then build to 200m, 400m, 200m, 300m, 200m.....even putting in a 500m where the 400 was.  You may need to have a 2 minute rest after the 200m following the long interval.  I like to keep the rest 1 minute after the long interval and run the 200m tired to work on maintaining form.  

Another workout I like, and that may be fun for you is running 100m, 110m, 120m, 130m, 140m, 150m, 160m, 170m, 180m, 190m, 200m.  So, you need to put a cone (or some sort of marker) every 10m.  Start out the 100m at current fitness for the Mile, slowly segue-way (sic) to current 800m race pace by 150m, and segue-way (sic) to current 400m race pace by the 200m endpoint.  The rest between each one is easy jog back to your next start point.   

The final suggestion is to maintain a 2-3 mile tempo run (and you can do this on the track) once a week or once every two weeks.  Take your recent 5k race pace and run the tempo/threshold at 85% of that race pace.  If you are not sure how to figure out your tempo/threshold pace, you can use the Jack Daniels calculator found here:  For example, if your current race pace for 5k is 7:00/mile, run your tempo/threshold at 7:27 pace on the track.  You need to hit the training button to find out your threshold pace.  Let me know if you have and other questions.

He went on to say, 

if you are in pretty good shape, I think you could do the threshold workout and the simulations each once a week. I would stay at a certain pace for 3-4 weeks until you go a little faster.  The rest of the week would be maintenance.  I wouldn't start doing the 100, 110, 120 workout until maybe 6-8 weeks before a upcoming big race.  That is just a sharpening workout.  

So, I tried my luck at 8x200 with a 60-second rest.  The result: 33-low, 32-high, 32-low, 32-mid, 32-mid, 33-low, 33-low, 31-low.  My goal is to get these down to sub-30.

Sat, 12/2-Just lifted a little.

Fri, 12/1-Ran about 4M.

Thurs, 11/30-While in Anaheim, I ran about three miles on the road, followed by 6x300 on the treadmill, using the 11.5 setting.  I then lifted a little.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

15 min: 4 machines, 2 leg and 2 upper body

Wed, 11/29-

Drove to the Y (5:50 AM arrival)  Did about 3M (22:30) around the neighborhood, and then headed into the gym for a little lifting (15 min: 4 machines, 2 leg and 2 upper body).

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Russian meddling

Tues, 11/28-

Arrived at Pingry at 6AM to do a track workout.  The real version of "Russian" intervals consists of 5 x (3x300m @ 48 with a 30-second/100m jog-rest between runs and an 800m jog/rest between sets.)  This means 5 sets of 3 300s in 48 seconds, with 30 seconds' rest between runs and an 800 meter jog between sets!  OMG.   

On this 28-degree morning, I decided to do 200s instead of 300s.  My plan was to take exactly 60 seconds between runs and jog the 800 between sets in 6:00.  My goal is to build towards the original workout described above.  With my goal being 32s for the 200s, here's what I managed:

Set 1: 33-low, 60 sec rest, 32-high, 60 sec rest, 32-high  
Set 2: 35-low, 60 sec rest, 31-high, 60 sec rest, 32-mid
Set 3: 32-high, 60 sec rest, 31-high, 60 sec rest, 32-low
Set 4: 31-high, 60 sec rest, 32-low, 60 sec rest, 31-high
Set 5: 30-high, 60 sec rest, 30-mid, 60 sec rest, 30-mid

Hopefully, this Russian meddling will lead to medaling at nationals!  Haha!

Mon, 11/27-Went to the Hillsborough YMCA at 6:00 AM for a little lifting.

Sun, 11/16-Did 3.8M on the canal trail in 28:40.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Saturday, 11/25/17

Went to Hillsborough High School to do Sit 'n Kick Reps. It was about 45 degrees and slighly windy. The ideal/goal is 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets. Being able to do this as written sets me up to run about 2:00 in the 800m.  Since this was my first Sit 'n Kick Reps workout in months and since I know I am in deperate need of speedwork, I figured that I would be a few seconds off pace. Boy was I! I knew from the first rep that it was going to be a long workout, even if I planned to take two minutes between the 400s and 200s despite the preferred 30 seconds. My 1200 jogs in between hovered at 9:00. My runs were: 

63-high, 28-high

The last two reps give me something to work from: hope.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Bye, bye, 5K season. It's time to transition to indoor track.

Fri, 11/24-Ran 2M on Amwell Rd and headed to the Somerset County YMCA for a little lifting.  Bye, bye, 5K season.  It's time to transition to indoor track.

Thurs, 11/23-Somerville Turkey Trot. I arrived a bit after 8:00 AM on this 30-degree morning.  After getting my bib number, I jogged the course, at least most of it (2.3/2.4M).  I then stretched a bit, but not too much.  Icy Hot was helpful, as were my long tights, gloves, and hat.  The race went off promptly, 600+ of us in tow.  I tried not to go out like gangbusters, especially since the first third of the first mile was uphill.  I didn't want to blow out my legs!  A half-mile in, I found myself among the top 10 runners.  I stayed with two other guys over miles 1 and 2.  We traded positions once or twice, reaching the mile mark at 5:35/5:40.  With a mile to go, I tried not to wane.  In fact, I took a slight hill pretty aggressively to gap a runner right off my shoulder.    It was then that decided two other runners were within reach.  "Do I wait, or do I have enough in the tank to take them now with 800 meters to go?" was what I wondered.  I pushed past one and then the other.  Making a left onto Main Street, I saw there was another runner in view.  I closed the gap between us from 100 meters to probably 75, as we bent towards the finish on Veterans Memorial Drive.  I covered the 3.18M course in 18:29 (5:48 pace) for seventh place overall, first in my age group.  The winning time of 16:51 was impressive, as was a close second in 16:53.

I passed the 5K mark in sub-18!

Wed, 11/22-off

Tues, 11/21-30 min run, easy.

Mon, 11/20-took off

Sun, 11/19-Went to the canal and ran 45:15 over 6.4M (24:00/21:15).  The pace out was 7:30; the pace back was 6:38.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

20 x 1 min

Sat, 11/18-On tap today was 20x1 min on a shallow hill, with a walk-back-down recovery.  I made my way to Colonial Park for this effort, using the stretch of land adjacent to parking lot C.  I was happy to see that it met the criteria.  Other than the animal crap everywhere, mostly from deer, the setting was pretty good for this wet, 40-degree workout.

For the first seven, I covered 300 meters in 60 sec.
For the second seven, I covered 300m in 60 sec.  (I kept going to 310 for a total of 62 sec.)
For the last six, I covered 310m in 60 sec. (I kept going to 320m for a total of 62 sec.)

Fri, 11/17-Rest

Thurs, 11/16-I was supposed to do a 30-min run.  Wound up going 26 min (3.3M), as I was running late.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

delightful run

Wed, 11/15-I enjoyed a delightful run this morning.  Instead of running on the mountain that is my neighborhood, I ventured downhill at 5:30 AM to Woodfield Park on Amwell Rd where I parked.  At about 5:40 AM ran through the park and made my way to Beckman Rd, which I took to Triangle Road.  I went down Triangle Rd for a couple of miles before turning around and heading back to Woodfield Park at about 6:30 AM.  I arrived back home at about 6:40 AM.  Total: 6.55M.  Total time: 50:15.  Pace/mile: 7:40.  While the run was supposed to be 60 minutes, 50 minutes worked out just fine!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A few weeks back

Tues, 11/14-On this 28-degree morning, I made my way to Pingry's slightly icy track to do three (3) sets of four (4) 300s, with 100 meter jog recovery (1:00) between efforts and 3:00 between sets.  The pace was supposed to be 3K.  

Set 1: 59, 59, 60, 59 (5:18/mile pace)
Set 2: 56, 56, 57, 56 (5:05-:15/mile pace)
Set 3: 53, 54, 53, 51 (4:35-4:45/mile pace)

My workout marks were like the one I accomplished a few weeks back:

Set 1: 66, 60, 60, 59 (5:18-:22/mile pace)
Set 2: 56, 56, 57, 56 (5:05-:15/mile pace)
Set 3: 53, 52, 51, 53 (4:35-4:45/mile pace)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Rain can be a drag!

Mon, 11/13-

Today's workout was supposed to be 30-min easy.  At a bit after 6:00 this morning, I ran down the road 1.9M (to the kennel), turned around at 14:45, and headed back to finish up in 28:55 (14:10).  Rain can be a drag!


Sunday, November 12, 2017

back to the origin

Sun, 11/12-The tree guys were coming today, son I needed to get in a short long run.  I was actually scheduled to go 75 min today, but it wasn't in the cards.  Instead I went 6.6M in 49:25 (3.3M/26:00/7:53 pace down and 3.3M/23:35/7:06 pace back).

Sat, 11/11-I was supposed to do 16x1 min on a shallow uphill, with a walk back down for recovery between efforts.  I was running late.  Knowing I needed to head to a conference 45-min away, I did 10x1 min uphill, but at least I jogged back to the origin!  I wound up using a stretch of road just outside my house.

Fri, 11/10-off

Thurs, 11/9-Did a steady 30 min on Hillsborough HS's track, followed by 10x200.

The 30 min was more like 30:15, as I covered a full 4M...on the track. (8:10, 7:50, 7:15, 7:00)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

down the road again

Wednesday, 11/7-

Ran down the road again 1.9M, turned around at 14:40, and headed back to finish up in 28:50 (14:10).


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

if I could pass

Tues, 11/7-

On this 37-degree morning, I went to Pingry to do 10 min at 10K pace, 10 min active rest, and 10 min 10K pace again (to see if I could pass my original 10K distance).  I warmed up a mile (no stretching) and a half-mile cool down.

I covered 2,630 meters over the first 10 min (6:07 pace).  I hit the 400 in 1:28, the 800 in 3:03, the mile in 6:07....
I jogged a little on the track and a little in the field house for a total of 10 min
I hit the track again, this time covering 2,750 meters in 10 min (5:51 pace).  I hit the 400 in 1:23, the 800 in 2:52, the mile in 5:47....

Monday, November 6, 2017

Twenty-four laps dragged

Mon, 11/6-took off

Sun, 11/5-Made my way around town looking for possible running routes.

Went to park 1, ran for 13:00, or about 1.5M.
Went to park 2, ran for 5:00, or about .6M
Went to Sourland Mountain, ran for a total of 3:00, or .4M
Hopped onto the canal path and took it down 3.6M (28:25, or 7:54/mile pace) and back (25:35, or 7:07/mile pace) for 7.2M in 54:00

Sat, 11/4-Went to Hillsborough HS for Pick-up reps: 8x 400m @ 77 w/2:00 rest and #s 2,5,8 @ 69 instead of 8x 400m @ 70 w/90-sec Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 63.  I figured I'd add 10% to the target times of 70 and 63.

effort 1: 76
effort 2: 70
effort 3: 77
effort 4: 77
effort 5: 70
effort 6: 76
effort 7: 76
effort 8: 65


Fri, 11/3-took off

Thurs, 11/2-Since I (read: my wife) was feeling a little uncomfortable running in the pitch black on the mountain, I took my legs to Hillsborough HS.  I was supposed to do 60 minutes steady, but I swapped out the plan for a little "up and down action."  I ran three miles around the track at 8:00 pace, a fourth mile in 6:25 (was supposed to be 10K pace, but was too slow), a fifth mile in 8:00, and a sixth mile in 5:55 (was supposed to be 5K pace, but was too slow).  Twenty-four laps dragged!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017



I was supposed to run 6-8M today (45:00-60:00).  Did 5.2M on Zion Rd instead.  Left driveway and went just about to Long Hill and back...twice.  About 1.3M each way.

38:20, or 7:22/mile pace

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Workout Thoughts

Workout Thoughts

Tuesdays in November

Track Workout: 1 mile @ 5K pace; 2 x 800m @ 5K pace – 10 sec/mile; 4 x 400m @ 3K pace (Recovery: half the distance of the preceding interval.)

Track Workout: 6 x 800m @ 3K pace w/2:00 jog recovery between intervals

Track Workout:  6 x 200m @ 3K pace w/200m jog recovery between intervals

Thursdays in November 

Hill Repeats: 3 x 2:00 @ 5K effort; 4 x 1:00 @ 5K effort; 4 x 30 seconds @ 3K effort. Recovery: jog down the hill after each repeat.

Intervals: 2 x 1.5 miles w/3:00 recovery between intervals. First 1.5-mi interval at 5K pace (no faster!), second at 5K pace – 5-10 sec/mile.

Tempo Run + Fartlek: 10:00 @ 5K pace + 30


Tues, 10/31-Made my way to Pingry's track on this early morning in 44-degree weather to do three (3) sets of four (4) 300s, with 100 meter jog recovery (1:00) between efforts and 3:00 between sets.  The pace was supposed to be 3K.  

Set 1: 66, 60, 60, 59 (5:18-:22/mile pace)
Set 2: 56, 56, 57, 56 (5:05-:15/mile pace)
Set 3: 53, 52, 51, 53 (4:35-4:45/mile pace)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Compares favorably to my last 11.4 miler.

Oct 30, 2017-took off.  Exhausted!

Oct 29, 2017

The River to Creek Relay was cancelled due to the torrential downpours, so I instead went to the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail for a run on this very rainy day.  I started in Millstone and went down 5.7M and turned around at the Bound Brook parking lot (5.7M, 7:51 pace) at 44:45.  I took the same route back, picking up the speed at a rate of almost a minute faster per mile.  The return route took me 39:40 (6:56/mile), for a total distance of 11.4M in 1:24:25 (7:24/mile).

This 84-minute-plus run was my 90-minute run.  

Compares favorably to my last 11.4 miler.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pitch black

Thurs, 10/26-27:15 easy (3.6M. 7:34) around our new digs in Sourland Mountains.  14:00 out (1.8)/13:15 (1.8) back.  Pitch black.

Wed, 10/25-I was supposed to do a 60-min run, or about 8M, around our new digs in Sourland Mountains.  I was running short on time, so 7M would have to do.  It was perhaps one of the hardest 7M runs I have ever done.  I went down Zion Rd (very easy downhill), made a left onto Amwell (up and down, moderate), and a left onto Long Hill (hard as hell), and a left onto Zion (good).  The loop is 6M.  I tacked on an extra mile by heading back in the direction of Long Hill for a half mile, and turning back around to head home.  6M in 47:30 (including stopping for over a 90 seconds!), and 7M in 54:30. Crazy dark

Tues, 10/24-Made my way to Pingry's track in the wind and rain on this early morning to do three (3) sets of four (4) 300s, with 100 meter jog recovery (1:00) between efforts and 3:00 between sets.  The pace was supposed to be 3K.  

Set 1: 62, 60, 60, 59 (5:18-:22/mile pace)
Set 2: 57, 58, 58, 58 (5:10-:15/mile pace)
Set 3: 54, 55, 55, 51(4:35-4:50/mile pace)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sourland Mountains. Hilly! Go figure!

Monday-26:30 easy (3.4M. 7:48) around our new digs in Sourland Mountains.  13:30 out/13:00 back

Sunday-60-min run (60:30) 8M around our new digs in Sourland Mountains.  Hilly! Go figure! (31:30 out/29:00 back)

Out pace: 7:53
Back pace: 7:15

Total: 7:34 pace


Fri-The planned workout was 10 min warm up, 20 min tempo at 10K pace, 10 min cool down.  Running short on time, I did 10 min warm up, 20 min tempo, and 6 min cool down.  I covered 3.33M in 30 min, about 6:00/mile pace.
total: 5.2 M

Thurs-30 min easy

Wed-easy run...3.5M


I did "up and down the clock" pyramid: I ran 1 min fast/1 min slow, 2 min fast/2 min slow, 3 min fast/3 min slow, 4 min fast/4 min slow, 5 min fast/5 min slow,...and then back down again.  The run should have totaled 50 min, or 7 miles.  I covered 7 miles in 48:30.  I reached the apartment "early," on the fast 1 minute segment, not the slow one minute stretch.  My fast runs wound up being at 6:00 pace, while my slow runs averaged about 8:00 pace.  The total pace over the seven miles was 6:56.

Monday, October 16, 2017

I didn't show up!

Mon, 10/16-

Did a 6M recovery run.
From apartment through .8M of Colonial Park (3M...23:15)
Turned around
Headed back (3M in 21:20, last mile in 6:35)
44:35 (7:26/mile)

Sun, 10/15-

"Competed" at the Masters National XC Championships in Boston.  

The team left the hotel rather early to get a parking spot at the venue, Lincoln Park.  We hung around a bit.  A bit after 10:00, I'd jog most of the course on this cool-enough but rather humid morning.  The  running surfaces were mixed and uneven here and there--just like XC should be, I guess.  One major hill was about the middle of the course.  

I felt okay.

The seven members of our 40-49 age group lined up in our box, 20.  The 50-59 group was down some, and the 60+ group was in the race before.

Given the plan that Paul Vandergrif and Phil Reilly had, to try to maintain 5:40-5:45 pace, I figured I'd be in the mix with them.  

And the gun went off.  With 200+ runners, the first mile, especially the start, was hectic.  I looked down at the ground for much of the first mile, which I reached in 5:33.  The group was flying.  I am sure the top guys hit the first mile in 5:00 or better.  I thought I was doing well.  It seemed, though, that a lot of guys were passing me in droves.  

I took several of them on the hill, which probably took a lot of me.  I figured I was in the middle of the pack by now.  When I reach the two-mile mark in 12:00, I fell apart mentally.  I knew I had slowed, but not by that much!  I went from a 5:33 first mile to a 6:27 second mile.  I went for about another 150 meters, and than I did the unthinkable: I stopped.  I put my head in my hands and began to cheer runners passing by, including several of my teammates.  

Close to a minute into my defeat, Chuck Kruelle ran by and told me to finish it.  I didn't want to, and even hesitated, but he willed me to finish the race.  I started to run a minute or so after I stopped.  I caught up with Chuck, passed him, and began to work on the next guy, who was about 50 meters ahead.  

The last mile was like a training run pace.  I started at 13:00 with 1 mile to go.  I finished in a pedestrian 19:55, for 6:17 pace for the final 1.1M.  

While I was not despondent, I was so disappointed with myself.  My mental toughness was not there, and I felt I let the team down.  I had driven all the way to Boston for this!  I didn't show up!

The drive back home was long and slow.  5.5 hours.

Sat, 10/14-Left for Boston at 1:00.  The drive was wasn't too bad.  4 hours, 20 min.

Friday, October 13, 2017

It feels good

Fri, 10/13-Out and back towards Colonial Park for 3.8M, down in 14:30 (7:38/mile pace), back in 13:35 (7:09 pace) for 28:05 (7:23/mile).  It feels good to run at a moderate pace and not really feel it.

Thurs, 10/12-3.25M in 25:05 (7:43/mile pace).  Once I returned, I did 6x200 meters on the grass: 39, 38, 38, 38, 38, 37, 60-second rest between each

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I covered

WED, 10/11

On tap today was an easy 30-minute run.  I covered the 3.81M route in 29:30, 7:45/mile pace.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I covered 20 meters more


The workout today was to run 10 min at 10k pace on a straight, uninterrupted path, take a 10-min break, then run back.  The idea was to try to reach or surpass the starting point.

Using Elizabeth Ave at 6:00 AM, I covered 1.58M in the 10 minutes allotted.  The pace was 6:20/mile. My legs were a little dull, but I was good otherwise.  I didn't press, as I was trying to stay within the 10k pace.

The route back felt harder, especially the last 300 meters, which were uphill.  I covered about 30 meters more than I had on the first run for 1.6M, which was 6:15/mile pace.

Monday, October 9, 2017

today's dose

Mon, 10/9-

Post-11.4M run, today's dose was 3.4M easy run in 26:26 (7:46/mile pace).

Sunday, October 8, 2017

90-minute run

Sun, 10/8-

I went to the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail for a run on this humid, rainy day.  I went down 5.7M, passing last week's 5.1M mark in 41:00, and turned around at the Millstone outlet (5.7M, 7:54 pace) at 45:00.  I took the same route back, picking up the speed at a rate of 30 seconds faster per mile.  The return route took me 42:00 (7:22/mile), for a total distance of 11.4M in 1:27:01. (7:38/mile).

This 87-minute run was my 90-minute run.

Too lax

Sat-Hills.  Warmed up .7M.  Completed 10x1 minute on a moderate hill on Elizabeth Ave near the apartment.  I took 2:30 (60 seconds of walking, 90 second of jogging) between efforts.  The workout called for walking, but that would be too lax...and I didn't have time.  The stretch of hill was 300 meters, although my 60-second coverage ranged from 300 (first effort) to 320 (last effort).

Fri-Did a nice and easy run of 4.25M in 34:34, about 8:08/mile pace.

Thurs-I was supposed to go for about 50 minutes today.  The first 30:00 were supposed to be easy, the next 15 minutes steady, and the last at 5K goal pace.  I ran to Colonial Park, moving at a comfortable clip.  I took the last .85M in 5:00.  Total: 7M

Wed-Did an easy 3.27M in 25:15.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I felt a little off this morning.

Oct 3, 2017

The workout was 5 x 1000 meters with a 3:00 rest between runs.  I ran the three, but faltered on the fourth, stopping at 600 meters in 2:04.  I'd make up for it with a 400 at the end of my workout.   

1000 #1: 3:34; 3:00 rest (200 m walk)
1000 #2: 3:33; 3:00 rest (200 m walk)
1000 #3: 3:33; 3:00 rest (200 m walk)
1000 # 4: 2:04--stopped at 600* ("finished" 1000 at end of workout)
1000 #5: 3:29; 90-sec rest 
*400: 79 sec

I felt a little off this morning.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Mon, Oct 2, 2017

Did an easy 3.27M in 25:15 at 6:10 AM.  Legs are a little tired

Sunday, October 1, 2017

80-min run

Oct 1, 2017

V and I went to the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park Trail for a run on this beautiful day.  I went down 5.1M in 41:00 (8:02/mile), and came back in 39:15 (7:30/mile), for a total distance of 10.2M in 1:19.15 (7:46/mile).

For perspective and future reference, the next "stop" on the canal is Millstone, 5.7M from my start.  For my 90-minute, 11.4M run, I could go to this distance (46:00) and head back (in 44:00).

I knew what was in store for me

October 1, 2017

Yesterday, on a breezy, 60-degree morning, I competed in the Trek Against Trafficking Race at Duke Island Park in Bridgewater.  Having scoped out the course last week, I knew what was in store for me.  I arrived early enough to jog just about the entire course as warmup.  I stretched fairly well and lubed up with Icy Hot, on account of a being a little sore from cross training (tennis with my new colleagues on Thursday and Friday).   The moderate race was well organized and featured a few stronger runners from Garden State Track Club, at least one I had seen at my most recent 5K race.

I noted the start and finish of the race and was disappointed that it was noticeably longer than the 5K tempo I had done at Duke Island last week.  Here I was against bitching AGAIN about a course being too long!  Shame on me!

At any rate, I settled into the proper mindset and was ready to roll.

The start: Got out well with the top few runners.

Mile 1: Found my rhythm and stayed relaxed.  I tried not to panic as two runners gapped me.    The first runner had at least 20 seconds on me, the second runner, a teenager, had me by ten.  Reached mile 1 in 5:45.  (One GPS shows the mile mark as being at 1.02M, while another shows it as being 1.03). The correct mile? 5:39? 5:42? 5:45?

Mile 2: Headed into the wooded area with several curves and switchbacks.  I could hear a set of footsteps closing in on me.  I figured they belonged to one of the guys from GSTC.  I was right, as he connected with me at the 1.25M mark.  He expressed a word of encouragement, which perhaps allowed me to hang onto him for the next 800 meters.  By the time we reached the two-mile mark, he had me by 20 meters.  I hit the most forgiving GPS-measured two-mile mark in 11:30, the second at 11:37, and the official two-mile mark in 11:47.

Mile 3: This stretch was the same route as the first mile except in reverse direction.  I looked at my watch and said I would go at the 13-minute mark, figuring I had five more minutes of running left.  I knew I needed to push to break 18 minutes, but I was somewhat reluctant about burning my gears.  I had this notion that I could surge and catch up with the guy just ahead.  I surged a little and closed the gap to about 15 meters.  He then responded and pushed the distance back to 20.  I looked at my watch again and said I'd push with 3:00 to go.  Meanwhile, during all this self-talk, though somewhat positive, the guy had doubled his lead on me.  I looked at my watch again and saw the time closing in on 17:00 as I rounded the bend around the lake.  With frustration and disappointment on my mind, I appeared on the road and could glimpse the finish line.  The watch read 17:10 or so, with .2 to go.  I passed the 3M marker on the ground. As I neared the starting line, I saw 18:00 come and go.  About 60 meters beyond the start line was the finish line, which I crossed in 18:22 (5:54/mile pace).

One source,, suggests the course was about 200 meters long!  (If this is accurate, I ran about 17:40!)

Another source,, suggests the course was about 65 meters long!  (If this is true, I ran about 18:10.)

(If the course is off by, say, 130 meters, then about 17:55 was my time.).

Rather than live in conjecture, I just need to accept my measly 18:22!

I placed fourth overall and first in my age group.  I wound up having a great conversation with a father and his son, a novice runner who had run 17:52 to place second.  I encouraged him to talk to his high school's XC coach.  Given his time on a modest training regiment, he clearly has talent for running.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Little Tired

Wed, 9/28-

Did an easy 3.27M in 25:00.  Legs are a little tired.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This series was better than last week's.

Like last Tuesday, on tap today was 6 x 2:00 at 5K goal pace with a 2-min jog recovery between efforts. 

I was wondering if I should do 600s or stick with 2:00.  I chose to stick with 2:00 so that I could do the workout as designed, but also make my way to being about to do 2-min 600s with a 2:00 jog recovery comfortably.  2:00 600s is much faster than my goal pace.  My goal is 17:30, which is 5:38/mile.  At this pace, I should have covered 571 meters per repeat.

#1: 590 meters in 2:00

#2: 595 meters in 2:00

#3: 590 meters in 2:00

#4: 590 meters in 2:00

#5: 585 meters in 2:00

#6: 580 meters in 2:00

#7: 600 meters in 2:00

#8: 600 meters in 1:55 (I could have kept going to cover another 20 meters of so to get to 2:00)

This series was better than last week's.  I averaged 10 meters or so longer per repeat.

Monday, 9/25--4M

Sunday, September 24, 2017

the suggested long run pace

Sun, 9/24/17-

On tap today was supposed to be a 60-min long run.  Instead, I chose a 70-min long run!  9M.  I made my way to South Bound Brook and hit the canal.  I exited several miles later, eventually making my way to Schoolhouse.  I reached the 9M mark (which was 150m or so into the apartment complex property) at 70:00.  Pace: 7:47, which seems to be within the suggested long run pace for me.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Comfortably hard

Sat, 9/23-Went to Duke Island Park with V, knowing I have a race there next weekend.

On tap today was a 6-6.5M run, 20 min of it tempo.

Did an easy preview of the course, the middle portion of it with V.  I covered more than 3.1M on the preview loop, on account of two things: 1) I made two wrong turns, and 2) the course measured a little long.  Then did a second loop, at tempo.  The tempo pace was designed to be 30 seconds per mile slower than recent 5K race pace or 40 seconds per mile slower than 5K goal pace.  Comfortably hard, tempo pace is supposed to be a pace I could hold for an hour. So some say.

Mile 1: 6:20
Finished up 3.13M in 19:34... 6:15/mile pace.

I am not sure I could hold 6:15 pace for an hour.  Maybe I ran too fast.

Per Jason Fitzgerald, "If you run any faster, you won’t be able to clear that lactate and you’ll be running beyond your threshold. You’ll then experience the familiar burning sensation of acidic muscles and fatigue that is felt at the end of a short, hard race. The goal then is to straddle the lactate threshold and not run any faster."

A tool I have used is the train pace calculator:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

As Intended

Thurs, 9/21-

Went for a 7M run today (Colonial Park), but I sort of succumbed to the humidity.  I covered the first two miles in 15:20, and I hit the turnaround point at 25:55.  I stopped at 32:00 and walked for a bit.  I then ran the last 2.2M.  Mile 6 was in 7:00, mile 7 in 6:00 as intended.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I was wondering

Wed, 9/20/17-

Did another easy run today. 5.4M in 42:20.

Tues, 9/19/17-

On tap today was 6 x 2:00 at 5K goal pace with a 2-min jog recovery between efforts.

#1: Ran an entire 600m in 2:04.  I was wondering whether I should do 600s or stick with 2:00.  I chose to stick with 2:00 so that I could do the workout as designed, but also make my way to being about to do 2-min 600s with a 2:00 jog recovery comfortably.  2:00 600s is much faster than my goal pace.  My goal is 17:30, which is 5:38/mile.  At this pace, I should have covered 571 meters per repeat.

#2: 585 meters in 2:00

#3: 580 meters in 2:00

#4: 580 meters in 2:00

#5: 575 meters in 2:00

#6: 575 meters in 2:00

#7: 580 meters in 2:00

#8: 600 meters in 1:57 (I could have kept going to cover another 10 meters of so to get to 2:00)

Mon, 9/18/17-

Did an easy run today. 5.4M in 42:30.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Steady state/long run

Sun, 9/17-Did a 8M+ steady state/long run today.  I intended to run for an hour, or an average overall pace of 7:30, which I did!  I started out at 7:55 min for the first mile, 7:50 for the second mile.  The next four miles, most of it along the canal, averaged about 7:30.  I covered the last two miles in 14:05, with the last mile in 6:45.   My legs are a little, but I'm pretty good otherwise! 

Plans for the week:
-Mon: 45 min run
-Tues: 8 x 2 min @ 5K pace, with 2 min jog recovery between efforts
-Wed: 45 min run
-Thurs: 30 min run, with last 10 min at 10K pace
-Fri: rest

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Sat, 9/16-Ran an easy 7M on this humid morning.  The plan was to run 8:00 pace, finishing up at about 56:00.  I ran 8:05 or so pace for the first two miles, but I must've warmed up nicely since I finished up at 54:40, for an overall pace of about 7:49.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Running hard solo is tough going!

Fri, 9/15-took off

Thurs, 9/14-Went for my 7M run to, and through, Colonial Park from the Ave.  My idea was to run the first two miles at 7:30/mile pace, and then run the balance of the route, 5M, at 6:30 pace.  It didn't quite turn out this way, however.

I reached the mile mark at 7:35, and the two-mile mark in 15:15.  Argh.  I then dropped the pace to what I was hoping would be 6:30.  And the pace may very well have been 6:30...for a mile or so.  Who knows?  I reached the turnaround point at 25:25 and the two-mile-to-go-mark at 35:15.  I realized that running 48:00 would be unlikely, as my body wasn't ready for a 12:45 (6:22/mi pace) last two miles.  Unfortunately, I slowed quite a bit, covering the sixth mile in just under 7:00 (42:12).  I finished up at 48:33, meaning my final two miles were run in 13:18, the final 6:21.  Running hard solo is tough going!

Pace over first two miles (15:15): 7:37
Pace over the final five miles (33:18): 6:39
Overall pace over the seven miles: 6:56

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Wed, 9/13-

easy 5.5M in 42:30

Tues, 9/12-

Used Pingry's track for the very first time 6AM-ish to do 6x800 with a 2:00/200-meter jog rest.  Goal pace was 2:45.

effort 1: 2:47
2: 2:48
3: 2:49
4: 2:48
5: 2:47
6: 2:45

Monday, September 11, 2017

34:34, 08:08

Mon, 9/11-

Did a nice and easy run of 4.25M in 34:34, about 8:08/mile pace.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Felt good

Sunday, 9/10-

Did a 8M recovery run today after yesterday's race.  It felt good!  I intended to go at 8 minute/mile pace, but I wound up going a little faster (avg. 7:40).  I started out at 8:05 min/mile for the first two miles.  The next two miles, most of it along the canal, averaged 7:50.  The third two miles averaged about 7:35.  The last two miles averaged 7:20.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

good for now

Sat, 9/9-On this beautiful late summer morning, I ran the 9/11 Heroes Run 5K in Bridgewater this morning. Having had a long but great time last night (rich food, deep drinks, etc.), I wasn't sure I was going to compete today.  I woke up groggily, but then decided to compete after I felt better.  I arrived early enough for a thorough warmup.  In fact, I ran the three miles of the course as warmup, at a slower pace, of course.  The course was all road and featured a couple of gradual hills, nothing really arduous.  I believe I ran a very even race, winning my age group and placing sixth overall in a field of a couple of hundred people.  Even though the announcer said 18:43, the unofficial time listed on the website was 18:54 (6:05 pace).  This mark, if accurate, is passable for now, particularly since the course was long at 3.17M (5:58 pace).  

After the race, I bumped into Charles (Chip) Chavalier, who wound up placing second in our age group.  We were called to the stage and accepted our medals together, as well as enjoyed a photo opp. 

Fri, 9/8-took off

Thurs, 9/7-Ran 7M at 6:00 AM in 54:15, or 7:45 per mile pace.

Wed, 9/6-ran about 4M at 6:15AM in the pouring rain.