Monday, August 31, 2015

I haven't ever run that slow as a master.

Mon, 8/31-Ran 4.4M (2 Rustin-plus loops) in 33:20 (17:20, 16:00)

Sun, 8/30-Runners' Pentathalon.   Ran an 800 in the slower of two heats.  Won the heat by nearly 150 meters.  Wrong heat.  2:14.18 (31, 64, 1:38, 2:14).  I haven't ever run that slow as a master.  Previous slow was 2:12 or so.

Sat, 8/29-ran a couple miles and stretched.

Friday, August 28, 2015

moderate level workout.

Fri, 8/28-had planned to do an easy run at 6AM, but work got in the way.7

Thurs, 8/27-
I made way back to Westtown School's track for a little inspiration.  I went to my go-to workout--Sit 'n Kick. I REALLY modified it this time.

Typically, Sit 'n Kick Reps as designed for a 2:00 800m high school runner is as follows: 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets.  Since I am not in this shape and the Runners' Pentathalon is right around the corner, I modified the workout accordingly.  I planned to cut things in half: 5 x (200 @ 31, 30 seconds' rest, 100 @ 14).  Depending on where I started and ended each run, my jog between sets would be 500 or 600 meters (in 4:00-4:45).  My runs on this 70-degree early morning were as follows:

32-low, 15-low
31-high, 15-low
31-low, 14-high
30-high, 14-mid
30-low, 14-low

I was pretty pleased with this moderate level workout.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Not so good a run.

Wed, 8/26-Went to the Y.  Did 5 x (mile x 4:00 upper body lifting).  I alternated between the donut track and treadmill, covering the mile on the track in 7:22-7:40 and completing the treadmill run in 7:51.

Tues, 8/25-Went to Westtown School to do 5 x (200, 1 minute rest, 200, 400 jog).  My goal was to run the 200s in race pace, 31/32...en route to a sub 2:10 800.
set 1: 32-mid, 31-high
set 2: 32-mid, 31-mid
set 3: 31-high, 32-low
set 4: 31-low, 31-low
set 5: 30-mid, 30-low

1200m cool down.

Mon, 8/24--still in the mountains of North Carolina.  Ran a warm-up mile, stretched, and later boarded a bus back home.
Sun, 8/23--hiking and rock-climbing
Sat, 8/22--did some moderate gravel hills of close to 300 meters in the early AM.  55 seconds up, 90 seconds down.  8 sets.  Later hiked and rock-climbed.
Fri, 8/21--hiking and rock-climbing
Thurs, 8/20--hiking and rock-climbing
Wed, 8/19--Second day at the North Carolina Outward Bound School. Ran about 4M in early AM.  Gravel and extreme hills.  Not so good a run.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

being just plain 'ole winded from the 880 (800)

Tuesday, 8/18/15  

Funny that my 880th blog post is devoted to the yards version of the 800 meters: 880.

On this h-u-m-i-d morning, I went to WC Henderson at 5:35 AM for a workout, which was 6x800.  Perhaps ironically, this was a welcome break from last week's 2-mile tempo run and the repeat miles the week prior. 
#1: 3:00, #2: 3:01, #3: 3:00, #4: 3:00, #5 3:03, #6 3:02, #7 2:00*, #8: 2:41. Ran by myself much of the time. I was surely seconds off where I wanted to be, but that's the way it goes. 

* I stopped at 2:00 into #7 on account of the humid and being just plain 'ole winded.

Monday, August 17, 2015

forcing myself to run

Sunday, 8.16.15-

Tried a repeat of what I did last Sunday:  Y with V to do three (3) sets of 7:45 mile/4:00 upper body lift.  Once home, continue the effort with a relatively relaxed 5.7M run...for a total of 8.7M.

I handled the Y part just fine, even casually running two of the miles in 7:30.

Two-and-a-half miles into my run, I just stopped.  It was so hot and humid, and I felt too dehydrated to continue.  Stopping after the first of three loops around Goose Creek part,  I stole some shade.  I waited the exact equivalent of time I would have expended for the additional two laps (7:50) before continuing.  I ran for another mile before resting again.  I walked a couple of minutes before forcing myself to run the last mile in 6:27.  

Saturday, August 15, 2015

we were finished

Saturday, 8/15-Met up with Bruce and Duncan at Radnor HS.  Mary was there with who I assume to be her husband.  We got a very late start on account of 1) a tree that had fallen 20 meters beyond the finish line across all lanes and 2) the traffic Bruce had encountered on the Schuylkill en route.  Bruce mentioned in an email that he wanted to do a couple of 300s followed by "whatever."  I waited for a while and decided it was time to get going.  As soon as I spiked up, Bruce came moseying down the walkway!  While he greeted the comrades and warmed up, I decided to do a portion of the workout I had on tap: 2x 300m @:47, 2x 200m @:29, 2x 150m @:21 w/60 second interval between each repeat and an 800 meter between sets.

I decided to do the 200s and 150s.  The 30-second 200s were somewhat flaccid.  The 20-second 150s were better.  

When Bruce was all ready, we chatted about the 300s.  I assumed that he wanted to do the 300s at 800-meter race pace.  On the contrary, he wanted to do the 300s in [near] 400-meter race pace! We discussed how he would try to maintain 14second 100s, on his way to 42 for the 300, and how I would try to maintain 13.5-second 100s, on my way to 40.5.  I ran an even first 300, hitting the 200 in 27 and finishing in 40.8.  Bruce crossed at 42.0.  We took a 10-minute break heading into #2.  I got out a little more quickly for the second 300, touching the 100-meter mark a bit sooner.  Although I hit the 200 in 26-high, I tightened up and covered the last 100 in 14-low to finish in 41.1.  Bruce crossed in 44 and change.

I thought we were going to do more (e.g., 2x 200m @:29, 2x 150m @:21), but I understood that we were finished.  Great job, my man Bruce!  Coffee at Hub Bub was, as usual, a good way to cap off the gathering.

Friday, 8/14-

Ran 4.4M (2 Rustin-plus loops) in 34:18 (17:50, 16:28).  The first loop was just over 8:00/mile pace; the second loop was about 7:30 pace.  The total run was about 7:47 pace.  Felt okay.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

sounds like a fine event

Wed, Aug 12-took off

Tues, Aug 11-Went to West Chester Henderson HS for the 5:50 AM workout.  On account of this Thursday's Boxcar Mile Race, we were assigned a more modest workout: a 2-mile tempo run on the track, a 5 min jog, followed by a 300 meters at mile pace.  I was conservative on the tempo, covering the first mile in 6:33 and the second in 6:14.  The 300 was in a slow 57.  I was aiming for 18 seconds per 200, not 19.

By the way, I don't plan to run the Boxcar Mile, although it sounds like a fine event.  There'll be at least 100 milers there.

Mon, Aug 10-cannot recall

Sunday, August 9, 2015

continue the effort

August 9. 2015-

Went to the Y with V and did three (3) sets of 7:45 mile/4:00 upper body lift.  Once I got home, I decided to continue the effort.  I did the 5.7M run, in a relaxed 45:20, 7:57 mile pace.  

8.7M today.

sheepishly divided

Aug 8, 2015

Got together with some of my GPTC team members at Radnor HS for an 8 AM workout.   Not quite settled on what we would do, we sheepishly divided into two groups: Bruce and I did one workout, while Chuck K., Duncan and John did another.  The women there, Cheryl, Mary, and Betsy, did their own thing, although technically I advised Betsy on her workout (4 x 600/200).  I almost forgot-- Maureen McCoubrie ran with Bruce and me.

Bruce and I (and Maureen) were to do: 1000, 600, 400, and 200 (After each was a 200 meter walk/rest (4:00)).  My goal was to run the 1000 at 38 seconds per 200 meters, the 600 in 36 seconds per 200, the 400 in 34 seconds per 200, and the 200 in 32.

I got out slow on the 1000, and my pace and effort suffered as a result.  I ran about :39 per 200 meters to end up at 3:15.  The 600 was in :37 per 200, leading to 1:51.  The 400 was in 68, or :34 per 200 meters.  The 200 was in 31.  After a few minutes, I stepped into the fray with Chuck and Duncan, who were still in the midst of their 20x200 campaign.  I ran three 200s (31, 30, 31), before calling it a day.  They would up doing 15, with John stopping at nine.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I am not well conditioned for distance.

Aug 6, 2015-Today I ran with the Thursday crew and did the same 7.9er.  It has been 9-10 months since my last appearance.  There were about a dozens or so of us today.  Since several has competed last night, today's run was supposed to be casual.  Unfortunately, casual for most of them meant hard for me.  I managed to reach the 4M mark in 31:20 and finished the 7.9M loop in a snail-like 61:45 (7:49 pace).   It was nice and cool, little humidity.   During the run, I felt sluggish and weak.  I struggled under heavy, flaccid legs.  I am not well conditioned for distance. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Decent workout, but I have lost a step or two

Tues, 8/4: Went to WC Henderson.  On tap: 3-4 x mile with 200m jog rest.  Felt sluggish.


Mon, 8/3: took off.  Tennis in afternoon.

Sun, 8/2: Ocean City.  6M solo: 92nd-38th.  44:45

Sat, 8/1: Ocean City: 4M with Bria: 92nd-56th.  36:00

Fri, 7/31-Ocean City.  6M solo: 92nd-38th.  45:00

Thurs, 7/30-Went to Westtown School's track mid-morning for a workout in advance of our long weekend in Ocean City, MD.  Did 12x150.

As usual, I divided up the pacing: 3@22-mid, 3@21-mid, 3@20-mid, 3@19-mid.  I'd walk 200m/rest 3:00 between each.

#1: 23-mid.  Not a good start.  Sluggish.
#2: 22-mid.  Back on track
#3: 22-mid
#4: 21-high
#5: 21-mid
#6: 21-low
#7: 20-mid
#8: 20-mid
#9: 20-mid
#10: 19-high
#11: 19-mid
#12: 18-high (This took a lot out of me.)

Decent workout, but I have lost a step or two.

Wednesday, 7/29--Did 4M--what should have been an easy run was harder than usual.