Saturday, June 29, 2013


Friday, 6/29--Back at home.  Westtown's track was being used, so I drove to Henderson in hopes that the gates were open.  They were. As I warmed up, I considered my workout options.  I eventually settled on 12x200.  I figured I'd go 3@31, 3@30, 3@29, and 3@28 with a 3-minute/200 meter walk between runs.


After the sixth one, I decided to kick things up a notch by running 400 instead.  I took a 6:30 rest first.  My goal was to run at race pace.

The first 400: 14/29/45/60.

I then walked a lap in 7:00.

The second 400: 14/29/45/61.

I decided against a third 400.

The week at Disney
Despite being at Disney from 6/20-6/27, I managed to get in a few morning runs, several with my son, for a total of about 35 miles. I took advantage of the flat Florida landscape, although the humidity took advantage of me.

Thursday, 6/21--Traveling
Friday-6/22-a moderate 6.75M in 47:00 with DJ
Saturday-6/23-Mile warm up, then 5 X .75M (w/3 min break) on a paved trail with my son: 4:49, 4:45, 4:42, 4:35, 4:24. Total--about 5M.
Sunday-6/24-took off
Monday-6/25-6.75M sluggish run.  48:00
Tuesday, 6/26--Running anticipation of cousin Darlene's visit to our resort. Mile warm up, then 3 x .75M with my son: 4:41, 4:35, 4:25.
Wednesday, 6/27- took off
Thursday, 6/28--6.6M solo 47:20

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ungodly, I know.

June 18--Slept in today.  Last night's board meeting went until 11:30.  I got home at 11:55!  Ungodly, I know.

Sunday, June 17--Went to the Y. Alternated between upper body lifting and running (.75M) .

5:00 on the donut track
4:00 lifting
5:00 on the treadmill
4:00 lifting
4:49 on the donut track

Home sweet home

Easy does it

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Run with my son

June 16th--Father's Day.

I ran what should have felt like an easy 5.7M in 42:55 with my son.  I did first leg of the 11.4/11.5M run, which incorporates Goose Creek Park.  I look forward to being able to when the 42:55 will feel pedestrian and when I'll be able to run the loop twice, 11.4 M, in 80:00 or better like last year.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

got better as the workout progressed

June 15, 2013--

I decided to take a stab at modified sit 'n kick workout this morning at 11:00 (75-degrees, light winds). Instead of 400s, I'd do 300s; instead of 200s, I'd do 150, and instead of a 1200 meter jog between sets, I'd opt for 700. In traditional form, I'd do 400 in 64; 200 in sub-30; 1200 in 9:00.
Pacing was supposed to be 300s at just over 800 pace and 150s at just over 400 pace. The 700 meter jog rest was supposed to be around 5:45. I'd shoot for 47s and 21s.
Effort #1: 48-mid/22-mid
Effort #2: 48-low/21-high
Effort #3: 47-high/21-mid
Effort #4: 46-high/21-mid
Effort #5: 44-high/skipped
I did not feel particularly smooth on these.  However, they got better as the workout progressed. My hamstrings were tight and I felt like I was working too hard.  I took the 150s easier than expected, given my condition.  On May 5th, I did the same workout at Great Valley with Rob, Chuck and others.  We managed the following, with an 800 meter/6:00 jog rest.

Effort #1: 48-low/20-mid

Effort #2: 47-high/20-high
Effort #3: 46-high/20-low
Effort #4: 45-mid/20-mid
Effort #5: 44-low/20-mid

Mid Atlantic Championship. Burned out? Cross-training? Low motivation?

Friday, June 14th--I was sore and my hamstrings were super tight. I took the day off...for a third time this week.  I am truly wondering whether I am burned out!  I may need some cross-training.  Low motivation.

Thursday, June 13th--I decied to join the 5:30 AM distance group in town for the 7.9M.  It had been 5 solid months since I had shown. I learned going into the second mile that the group would be doing pick-ups for a good portion of the run: 2 minutes hard, one minute "easy" 5 times.  I was good for steady state part of the run.  Once the pick-ups started, however, I knew I was in trouble.  I eventually found myself well off pace and in the back of the quarter-mile string of runners.  My last 2-minute pick-up ended (at 26 minutes, I think) 2-3 streets before the 4-mile mark.  I wound up reaching the mark at 28:15. 

The remaining 3.9 miles would prove more challenging and a sign that my distance base is nonexistent.  I have plenty of work to do.

Wednesday, June12th--I was sore and my hamstrings were super tight. I took the day off...again.

Tuesday, June 11th--I decided to meet up with the 5:30 AM group at WC Henderson HS for a distance workout.  The workout was 2 sets of hard 1 mile, 300 jog, 300 hard, and 300 jog.  I barely had a chance to stretch and my attempts to do so were futile.  I decided to give the workout a shot.  It was awful.  My pace was slow, and I didn't even do the entire workout.  I was in trouble. 

Monday, June 10th--I was sore and my hamstrings were super tight.  I took the day off.

Sunday, June 9th-Mid Atlantic Championship meet at Widener. 

The day was mild, in the upper 70s and low 80s.  No need for pants.  I got there as the 100 meters began.  I was actually registered for the 100, but decided against it sometime the night before.  Instead, I opted for just the 400 and 800, knowing that a 4x100 relay wasn't out of the question at the end of the meet. 

I met up with a few teammates and was surprised, even disappointed, to see so few of us present.  In fact, the meet did not seem well attended.  Only certain events had a critical mass of registrants. 

I warmed up on the backstretch with Betsy and Rob as the 100 proceeded.  After 12 minutes, I took to stretching.  Not surprisingly, my upper hamstrings were tight (even though I received a massage on Friday night).  Piriformis is persistent.  I did my usual set of drills and then decided to try a couple of 100s--starting from the top of the turn and finishing at the middle of the straightaway.  When the 100 finished and there was a lull in the action, I decided to do a150 to simulate race pace.  I hit a comfortable 18.99 using a fly start.  I was satisfied.  My thought was to hit 38-39 at the 300 and run the last 100 in 14 and I'd be golden with a 53!

We were given our heat and lane assignments.  There were only 4 guys in our 40-49 age group heat (5, I believe).  I was in lane 5, Rob was in lane 6.  Lyndell Pittman was in lane 4.  Another guy was in lane 3.  I set my blocks and was ready.  My plan was to pull even with Rob as quickly as possible and then maintain when Lyndell pulled even with me, which I anticipated happening by the 200 mark.  Not.  Just as I caught Rob at the 100 mark, Lyndell caught me 150 meters into the race.  I stayed even with him as we approached the 200.  By the time we came off the turn and into the homestretch he had me by 5 meters.  Bruce was standing at the 300 meter mark calling splits.  I heard him say 40 right as I hit the far end of the 4x100 exchange zone.  At this point, I knew I had 90 meters to go.  I also knew I was starting to tighten up as Lyndell extended his lead.  I thought I would cover the remaining 90 meters in 13 seconds.  I figured we were running a good time, with Lyndell in the 51/52 range and me in the 53-range.  Not.  Lyndell ran the 53, and I posted a disappointing 55.21.  Ouch.  That last 90 must have been  nearly15 seconds, unless Bruce's split  or my assessment of where I was when he called it was incorrect.  The odd thing is that Lyndell appeared really winded, while I walked away and nearly broke into a jog.  Clearly, something was awry, but I wasn't sure what.

After my cool down, I reviewed the entry cards for the 800 and noticed only one seed time under 2:15.  While the top time was 2:01 and I'd had someone better than me to chase after, there was no guarantee that the person would show.  If the person didn't show, I'd likely wind up running an undesireable time.  I didn't want to rick that.  So, I bagged the 800 in favor of the 200.  As luck would have it, the 19-year old who was seeded at 2:01 did run but managed around 2:10.  The winner, a young newcomer to our GPTC whom I've never met, ran 1:55!  I imagine I could've been the midpoint between the two.

So, on to the 200.  Paying homage to my 800 meter seed time of 2:06, I had given myself a 200 meter seed time of 24.66.  Our 40-49 age group heat was full, with all lanes occupied.  I had lane 6.  Lyndell had lane 4.  Rob had lane 8.  Wayne had lane 1.  I felt good about my practice starts and ok and okay about my warm up.  At the gun I got out well, being pulled through the turn by the guy to my outside.  I pulled even with him at the end of the turn and found myself in the lead at the 100.  I couldn't believe it.  Where was Lyndell?  My lead would be just a few meters.  With about 80 meters to go, three guys ultimately overtook me.  The top four times were in the 24-second range.  I posted a disappointing 24.97 to get fourth.  I believe the winning time, posted by the guy to my outside, not Lyndell, was 24.30-something. 

Not too long after the 200, I agreed to run the 4x100 with Ceyhun, Lamar and another young but new guy, Jerome.  I agreed to lead off and was able to practice 1-2 exchanges with Ceyhun.  In the field of 4 teams, we had lane 5.  TNT had lane 6.  CCP had lane 4.  Force Fields had lane 3.  The gun went off.  I caught the TNT guy by the 50 meter mark and handed off near even with the guy from CCP.  I think we would've had the advantage going into the second leg except for the fact that Ceyhun took off too early and had to slow up and then look back to make the exchange.  We wound up getting second place.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Report forthcoming.

June 9th--Mid Atlantic Championship meet.  Report forthcoming.

June 8th--Did not run at all.  I spend the day (until well into the evening, like the night before) at my college reunion.

June 7th--Drove to the Y on this rainy morning. The workout was simply to do a couple of slow miles and some stretching.  I did a 7:58 mile on the donut track, stretched a bit, did another mile (7:54), and then stretched again. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

track for a quickie

June 5, 2013

I dropped my son's car off at West Chester Tire & Company and jogged back home in 23:00, about 8:15 pace.

June 4, 2013

Before heading over to 'Nova for CHS's commencement, I went to the track for a quickie.

On tap was 6x150--2@21, 2 @20, and 2@19--with a 200m walk + 50m jog (3:00 rest)
21.5, 22.5
20.6, 20.6
19.5, 19.4

June 3, 2013

Mile on the donut track--6:59

Lifting (4:00 min)--Lat bar (70lbs) and fly machine (190 lbs)--2 sets of 10
Mile on the treadmill--6:59
Lifting (4:00 min)--military press (90lbs) and arm curl machines (130lbs)--2 sets of 10
Mile on the donut--6:55

Sunday, June 2, 2013

take the run fairly easy and run an even pace

Sunday, June 2, 2013--took the day off.

Saturday, June 1, 2013--I took my annual trek across the street to do the Rustin Run, even though I am not really in good shape for a 5K.  Like last year, the fundraiser was scheduled for 4:30 in the afternoon. I warmed up by running a bit through campus en route to the sign-up table.  The 90-degree weather was oppressive.  The race was delayed by nearly 20 miuntes on account of an accident on Rt 926.

Having competed in the 800 meters at Henderson on Friday night, I figured I'd take the run fairly easy and run an even pace of 6:10/mile, a bit off my pace from last year but passable. My first mile was in 6:09.  I hit the mismeasured, longer second mile marker in 12:49.  By this time, my soft 5K fitness level began to really show. I finished in 19:27, about 12 seconds slower than last year's time.  I stuck behind Mr. Andrew White and Brandon Hahn the whole race.  I passed Mr. White at the campus entrance, but I was never able to catch Brandon.  I came in 4th overall and I won my age group. Because I had to head to Berwyn to attend a you're-leaving-the-and-we'll-miss-you gathering in my honor, I wasn't able to stay and enjoy the wonderful spread, music and whatnot.  My son stayed to pick up my cut little medal, though.  (By the way, unlike last year's course, which at my behest was shortened by 70-80 meters, this year's course started at the previous mark near the dumpster outside the stadium.  This means my time was probably the same as last year, given the additional distance of 70-80 meters, making the course 3.15.)  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My heat at the Pennsylvania Distance Festival was 21...and legal

Saturday, June 1--I feel so awesome right now.  It's a beautiful morning.  Since walking the dog, I've been sitting at the table on my deck with a cup of excellent coffee, watching Action News through the opened sliders into the family room.  This is a refreshing change of pace.

On FRIDAY, May 31--I ran the 800m at the Pennsylvania Distance Festival at Henderson. Got there at about 4:35PM, registered, and warmed up.  The race was scheduled for 5:30.  I bumped into Nick Berra, Ryan Comstock, Cheryl Bellaire, and others, lessening my nervousness.  Despite the 90+degree weather, I felt pretty good; the slight breeze was helpful.  I took the mile warm-up very easy, running 9-10 minute pace.  I then found a little shade and began my combination of dynamic and static stretching.  Unlike in previous years, arrangements were made to offer a 300m hurdle race, followed by an open 400.  These events, in addition to the 200 run later in the meet, were not listed in the materials as being contested.  It's just as well.  I didn't need to be tempted to wimp out of the 800. 

There were six heats, ranging in size from 8-22. As was the case when I ran in this meet in 2011, I was in the third heat.  Unlike then, however, there were 21 people in my heat; there were actually supposed to be 22, but there was one no-show.  (Kevin had said to Nick and me that the "slower" heats would have more people assigned to them.)  I seeded myself at 2:05 and was in "lane 13."  Thus, I was seeded at the top of the bottom half of my heat; there were no women.  In fact, all the guys were teens!  I was the old head. 

The start was in alleys.  I was in the back line with numbers 7-22.  The gun went off and I did not get out as aggressively as I needed to running with these teens.  I quickly found myself towards the back of the pack and in lane two as we made our way across the first 100 meters. Perhaps I was somewhat conservative.  As we hit the backstretch I felt like there were arms and legs everywhere.  I found myself boxed in and weaving in and out of traffic.  Had there been fewer in the heat or more seasoned runners (euphemism intended) things would have been different.  I was thankful for the clock at the 200 mark.  Yes!  As I approached, I saw 28, 29, 30.  I was good, but some kids were, frankly, in the way.  In order to avoid a pile-up, I ran in the outer rung of lane 1 as we bent the turn towards the homestretch.  I could feel the heat, as I tuned out the negative self-talk.  I converted the negative energy into greater awareness about where I was in the race.  We approached the 400, and I noted 59, 60, I passed.  Over the next 100 meters, I peered at my shadow on the ground to take note of my form.  I was good.  My plan was to go to my arms with 300 meters to go.  I did just that, pushing out into lane 2 as I went stride-for-stride with a kid in lane 1 who refused to budge.  My momentum was then stunted when I ran into a guy in front of me.  I had a choice of veering further out into lane 2 or even lane 3, or cutting back in.  I cut back in towards lane 1 by the time we hit the 600 meter mark.  I saw 1:31, 1:32, 1:33. Going into the turn I was not in the position I wanted to be in, as I was boxed in again.  Coming off the turn, I made the decision to try to pass on the inside.  I did but not without clipping the concrete threshold separating the track from the turf.  So, yes, essentially my left foot touched down inside of lane 1 with about 75 meters to go. By the time I had 40 meters left of my race, I had expended so much energy weaving in and out of traffic that I had little left.  With 10m remaining, I saw 2:05, 2:06, 2:07....  I ran 2:07.78, a disappointment indeed.  I thought I could run 2:05.  I know I can run 2:05.  Today was the day.  Having fewer people in the race would've helped.  

(By the way, I wonder whether this week's taper helped.)

Nick was in the next heat.  He had an excellent, even-split run. Although he was in last place at 400 meters (60 seconds spot-on) in the field of about a dozen, he kept strong over the last 400 and wound up placing third in 2:00.24.  I was envious, not so much about the time, but about the dozen!

Surprisingly, my legs feel OK.  I'm glad considering I have the Rustin Run 5K this afternoon in the 90-degree heat.

My goal for next week at the Mid-Atlantic Championship meet: sub-2:05: 29,31,31,32.

I'm also registered for the 100 and 400.  We'll see.