Monday, November 30, 2009

My legs were like lead

November 30, 2009: 3 Rustin loops
4:10 half-mile
8:15 mile
16:15 2 mile
17:50 2.19 (1 loop)
21:25 2.69
25:20 3.19
33:20 4.19
34:55 4.37 (2 loops)
38:40 4.87
42:18 5.37
49:38 6.37
51:09 6.55 miles (3 loops)

My legs were like lead. This run was yucky. Yikes!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The marathon

Sunday, November 29, 2009--ran to Penn Oaks, after getting back from Westchester County, NY. 6.6 miles: (3.3 in 24:40 en route to PO, 23:38 en route home)

Saturday, November 28, 2009--warmed up 1.1 miles. The workout: the marathon-->18 200s. Came into the workout with sore, dead legs, but I made it through. After a rough start, I decided to chunk my runs into 6 sets of 3: 36,35,34,33,32,31. 36, 37, 35; 34, 35, 34; 34, 34, 33; 33, 33, 32; 32, 31, 32; 32, 31, 31. I walked 200 meters somewhat swiftly for a 2:00 break. Cooled down 1.1 miles. Total: 4.5 miles.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quick run-down

Saturday, 11/28--Even I am a little sore, I am thinking about 4x(4x200m) @ 35-34-33-32 w/2:00-1:45-1:30-1:15 sec interval by set (w/no additional recovery between sets!!)

Friday, 11/27--6.2 (foot bothering me). Used combination of Rustin XC course--2 loops--and road. Hospital for finger.

Thursday, 11/26 (Thanksgiving and anniversary)--played football in Havertown. Injured finger.

Wednesday, 11/25--5.2 in 40:15. Used combination of Rustin XC course--1 loop--and road.

Tuesday, 11/24--2.2 miles (overslept)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Late start

Monday, 11/23/09--Got a late start. Was supposed to workout at Henderson, as tomorrow's workout was switched to today. Wound up doing only a relaxed 2.2 in 17:39. Perhaps tomorrow I will go to Westtown and do an interval workout or begin hill work. We'll see.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sit 'N Kick

November 21, 2009

I had set out to do Sit 'n Kick Reps at 5x (400m @ 68 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 32) jog 1200m btw sets. This would be the start of an affair towards 5x (400m @ 65 . . . rest :30 . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets. 6.8 miles

Actual: I made my way to the Westtown track. It was about 55 degrees. I warmed up 1mile, stretched pretty well, and did some drills. I wound up doing 150s instead of the 200s. My runs were 67/25; 66/24; 65/24; 65/25; 64/27. I kept to 30 seconds between the 400s and 150s. My 1200 jog rest was just under 10 minutes. The last time I did such a workout was March 14th: 65, 21; 63, 20; 60, 22; 63, 21; 61; 21. That day, I rested 1:00 minute between 400s and 150s and jogged 1200m btw sets. Cooled down 1200 m. 6.25 miles. Before then, I did this workout was 2/28: except I did 4 and gave myself a 2-min rest period: 64/21; 64/21; 63, 21; 61, 21.

I'd say the workout at Westtown was a success. I'd like to try to do the whole workout with "full" integrity.

Today, I will run to Penn Oaks and lift. Perhaps a report later.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I was left to do roughly the last 3 miles alone

Thursday, 11/19/09--a bit of a late start but made it to the Borough in time. Same 7.9 loop, but the pace was slower. John Manion was back and nursing his plantar fasciitis. We were joined by Pete about 1.5 miles into the run. We took it a little easier, it seemed. John peeled off at the 3.75 mark. We hit the 4 mile mark in 30:20(7:35/mile pace) Someone else turned off at the 4.15 mark. Pete turned off at the 5 mile mark. So I was left to do roughly the last 3 miles alone. I finished up at 59:30, which means the last 3.9 miles was in 29:10, or about 7:28/mile. The average pace of the run was 7:32/mile. Overall, I felt good.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Archives: Ain't We Lucky We Got 'Em

Wednesday, 11/18/09--I drove to Westtown School's track for my first real "speed" workout. Notice the quotes; I use the word "speed" loosely. I did a 1.1 mile warm up and stretched before tackling a 8x200 with a 200 meter jog rest in-between each. I had planned to do 10x200, but I got a late start. This workout felt pretty good, particularly since I ran in regular flats, the same shoes I use for road mileage. My times were 32,32,33,33,33,32,32,30 (32 sec avg). My rest wound up being 2:00.

The Archives
Looking back at last year, on Thursday, 12/4/08, I did 9 x 200: 33,34,33,32,32,32,31,31,31 (avg 32 sec) with a 300 meter jog rest in-between and a 400 meter jog after the 5th one. Even though the average times are the same and I did one less 200 than last year, I would rate today's workout higher and for a few reasons: 1) relative to last year's, it's earlier in the season, 2) the rest between repeats for today's workout was shorter, 3) I used flats, and 4) there was no 400 meter jog after the 5th repeat.

On Thursday, 12/18/08, I did 8x200 in 32,33,32,31,31,30,30,29 with a 300 meter jog/3-min rest and a 400 meter jog after the 5th one. Even though the average in this case was 31 sec, I would rate today's workout as being on par with this one. The number of repeats was the same, but last year's workout offered greater recovery between repeats. Also, I wore flats today, unlike last year.

Perhaps I am a month ahead of where I was this time last year. My workout this past Tuesday--and other Tuesdays for the matter--have made me doubt this possibility. I will learn more over the next few weeks leading up to the first meet in December. I will try to sneak in similar workouts as those from December 2008 for comparison.

Caveat: The truth is that none of these workouts are that impressive, but they are useful for comparison sake.

For my next interval workout--this Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather--I plan to do one of my staple 800 meter workouts. That will give me some good information about my fitness for the 800.

Today's total: 1.1 warm-up; 1 mile worth of 200s, 1 mile worth of recovery, .9 cool down. 4 miles

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boy have I got some work to do.

Tuesday, 11/17/09--
Went to Henderson. 1.15 warm up The workout was faster than 5K pace 1200, 200 jog-rest, 400, 400 jr (3-4 sets). Because my hamstrings were a bit tight and sore, I skipped the first set and continued stretching, epecially since I had gotten there late and was still warming up while others began to stretch. I hopped into the 2nd set.
200 jr
400 jr
1200--4:18 (I started 25 meters behind the group on this one and tried to keep that distance or close it, but I couldn't hold on. The distance doubled after the 600 meter mark.)
200 jr
800--2:43 (I actually thought the group opted to do 3 but knew differently when I saw them begin. I just waited until they came around and I hopped it.)
.85 cool down

5.15 total

Boy have I got some work to do. I will have to check again to see where I was this time last year.

Monday, November 16, 2009

51 weeks ago

Monday, 11/16/09--

5 miles (2 Rustin loops and 1 Plumly)
4:05 Half
8:10 Mile
15:55 2 mile
17:30 2.2 (1 loop)
21:10 2.7
25:00 3.2 (7:30)
32:20 (14:50) 4.2 (7:20)
33:45 (16:15) 4.4 (2 loops)
38:00 5.0 (4:15)

Pacing 7:36/mile--5 MILES

Felt good. Pretty easy.

Sunday, 11/15/09--
51 weeks ago this was my plan for the day's workout:
1 . Warm up: 1 mile cross country run
2. Flexibility exercises
3. 600 400 200 400 600 Speed 35 sec pace/rest 5 minutes
4. 6 x 100 strides Speed medium/rest 1 minute
5. Cool down: 1 mile cross country run

I wound up going to Swarthmore that day for the workout. I did a 1-mile warm up and stretched inside field house. Outside I did: 600 (36, 36, 38=1:50); 400 (34, 34=68); 200 (33); 400 (33, 35=68); 600 (34, 34, 36=1:44). I went back inside for 4 x 60 (straightaway). By the end of the workout, I felt that the next time my 200 pacing should be :34.

Well, 51 weeks later I did the same workout. There were peripheral differences, though. Last year, I had done only a mile on the treadmill and lifted a little at Penn Oaks the day before. This year, I had done a very solid run to Penn Oaks and back (lifting in-between). Also, unlike last year's 1-mile warm-up, this year I ran over 2 miles to get to Westtown's track. On a positive note, the weather was much better at about 60 degrees this year; last year it was cooler.

This year:
2-mile warm-up
600 (35, 37, 38=1:51); walk 400 meters (4:45)
400 (34, 36=69); walk 400 meters (4:45)
200 (33); walk 400 meters (4:45)
400 (33, 35=68); walk 400 meters (4:45)
600 (33, 35, 37=1:45); walk 200 meters
2-mile cool down


Too bad for me I turned my ankle after I left the track. That's what I get for trying to avoid seeing someone.

Rest of week plan:
Tues--Henderson. Tempo run or intervals
Wed--5-7 miles
Thursday--7.9 miles in town
Saturday--depending on the weather, 10x200 (or some other interval workout) probably at Westtown
Sunday--Penn Oaks run/lift 6.6 miles

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Felt good, strong.

Saturday, 11/14/09--
Penn Oaks run, 3.3 miles each way. 24:38 en route there; 23:20 en route back home.

16:40 (2.3)

Felt good, strong. 6.6 miles

Friday, November 13, 2009

Whoever said Friday the 13th should be special?

Friday, 11/13/09--Just did a little yoga--core strength style, which can be tough. Whoever said Friday the 13th should be special?

Thursday, 11/12/09--Borough run. I had an anemic 7.9-mile run this morning. The run was made annoying by my having to stop twice to tie my shoes and by the fact that I felt off kilter, a little weaker than usual. I also had quite the gas bubble in my abdomen! I even punked out on the big hill and stopped for a moment to gain my composure. Since I had stopped my watch a couple of times for these antics and when I had to wait for traffic, my time was thrown off by the time I got the the 4-mile mark; I had forgotten to restart if at one point. To make matters worse, I ran the last 3.3 miles solo. What a fiasco!

33.8 for the week

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Felt good. Nice run.

Wednesday, 11/11/09--

4:00 Half
8:10 Mile
15:55 2 mile
17:30 2.19 (1 loop)
21:10 2.69
25:00 3.19
32:20 4.19
33:55 4.37 (2 loops)
37:20 4.87
40:28 5.37
47:18 6.37
48:42 6.55 miles (3 loops)

Felt good. Nice run.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Overall disappointed with my effort

Tuesday, 11/10/09. Henderson. Workout was 3x1 mile in slightly faster than 5K pace, with 400 m JR. Stretched extra and missed the first mile. Hopped into the second one and ran 5:40. Started next one, stopped at 600m mark. Rested a minute or two, then finished mile in 5:38. Overall disappointed with my effort.

Monday, 11/9/09--3 Rustin loops. 6.5 miles in 49:00, about 7:35 pace. 1st loop pace: 8:05;2nd loop pace--7:35; 3rd loop pace--7:05. Tight hamstrings.

Sunday, 11/8/09--3.5 miles light. Running late. Tight hamstrings.

Saturday, 11/7/09--Was on Swarthmore College's campus this weekend for a meeting of the Alumni Council. During an extended break, I did 4x400 (400 jog-rest in-between), 4x200 (with 200 meter jog rest), 4x100 (walk back). The 400s were 70 spot-on. The 200s were 31 spot-on. The 100s were 14, with the exception of the last one, which was 15. Decent workout.

For comparison, here is one of my first winter season workouts, which took place on 11/22/08 at Swarthmore.

1 . Warm up: 1 mile cross country run
2. Flexibility exercises
3. 600 400 200 400 600 Speed 35 sec pace/rest 5 minutes
4. 6 x 100 strides Speed medium/rest 1 minute
5. Cool down: 1 mile cross country run

1 mile warm up and stretch—inside field house
Outside: 600 (36, 36, 38=1:50); 400 (34, 34=64); 200 (33); 400 (33, 35=68); 600 (34, 34, 36=1:44). Back inside—4 x 60 (straightaway).

I think this year's workout compares favorably, especially since I did not take a straight 5-minute rest between intervals.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Oh yoga

Friday, 11/6/09--Oh yoga! Those core, abdominal exercises can be tough. Whoever said yoga was for the weak is dead wrong.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Though rather pedestrian; it felt like a jog

Thursday, 11/5/09--another late start but made it to the Borough in time. Same 7.9 loop, but the pace was slower. We hit the 4 mile mark in 30:00 (7:30/mile pace) and finished up at 60:15, which means the last 3.9 miles was in 30:15, or about 7:45/mile. We took the last mile particularly easy. It felt like a jog. The average pace of the run was 7:37/mile.

Wednesday, 11/4/09--got a late start and wound up doing 5.7 in 45:00: 2.2, plus back around the block and up the hill and to the XC course (.9). I did nearly 1 full loop of the course (1.4), but then looked at the late time and headed past the school caf and loading dock and onto the paved trail again (.2). I took this back to the neighborhood on Ashley, onto the Stable, and up Plumly (1.0). This run was pretty good, though rather pedestrian.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Work I have ahead of me

Tuesday, 11/3/09
Today I went to Henderson, albeit a little later than usual. My warm-up was the standard 1.1 mile. The workout was 5x1000, but I opted to run with Dailey, who wanted to do 10x200 w/ a 50 meter jog in-between each, followed by 800 run-100m jog--400 run-200m jog--800 run--100m jog--400 run. Cooled down .9 mile. The 200s ranged between 38-40, with a 39 sec avg. The 800s were 2:50 and 2:51. The first 400 was 1:20; the second was 1:77. Overall, I felt pretty good, strong at times even. This workout was a nice way to mark the transition into the winter season. It was also good and back to see how much work I have ahead of me to get down into 800 meter shape. Total for the day: 5.1 miles

Brainstorm of new schedule, beginning 11/3/09:
Monday--5-6.6 miles (probably around the neighborhood)
Tuesday--5-6 miles (intervals Henderson; this will eventually become a hills workout)
Wednesday--5-6.6 miles (perhaps do a PO run, depending on what I did on Monday)
Thursday--5-7.9 miles in the Borough or intervals on the track (perhaps alternate by week)
Saturday--5-6.6 miles--intervals on the track or PO run, depending on weather or meet schedule
Sunday--5-6.6 miles--intervals on the track or PO run, depending on what I did Saturday or meet schedule

Total weekly mileage: 30-40 miles

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tight back

Monday, 11/2/09--It just occurred to me that today could've been a Penn Oaks run. Again, though, I was running late and only managed to get in about 3.7(75) in just under 30 minutes. My back is still tight. Hope I'm good for tomorrow.

Sunday, 11/1/09--Another November! I did a recovery run, but my back was tight and sore. Warming down after yesterday's race could've made all the difference! Anyway, today I did 5 miles in 38:00. I was running late and did not have time to run to the gym.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Saturday, October 31st--Halloween and the CHS Hall of Fame 5K run. Well, it's not really a 5K, as in 3.1 miles. It's 3.2 miles. Each year, I measure the course and come up with between 3.19 and 3.21 miles. I have "lobbied" to "the man" to have the course start .1 miles farther down the road, but to no avail. Therefore, I have been left to struggle my way through an extra .1. Today that extra .1 almost cost me the victory.

My son and I got to the school pretty early (about 8:15 for the 9 AM start) on a wet, pretty mild morning (60 degrees). We were already registered, so we hit the restroom, checked in, chatted it up with some folks and pinned our race numbers into place. We warmed up by running a loop, the first .9 miles of the course. We stretched for about 20 minutes in the concourse area in-between the interior and exterior sets of doors. By the time we returned to the holding area, participants had been called to make their way to the starting line. I swapped out my running flats for racing flats. We made our way to the start, where I handed my bag off to my wife and daughter. After a couple of minutes of announcements and reminders, including one about wet leaves, we took off, but not without some confusion at the start. The starter said there'd be 3 commands, but he gave only two--to your mark, go. This led people to stop and then start again, stuttering, I guess. Anyway, I went out with a few XC kids (JV, perhaps, who, like my son, competed at the District meet the day before). By the time I reached the 1-mile mark at 5:35/5:40, two of us were running neck-and-neck. The lanky kid had a monster stride, allowing him to get distance on me going downhill. What he made up on me going downhill, I made up on him going uphill. (Maybe that's why my back is killing me. I panicked a little when i felt it at the mile marking; the pounding was a nuisance.) At the halfway mark, 1.6, I saw that I was at 9:10. (I was at 8:45 at the bottom of the hill, so I am guessing I hit 9:10 or so at the top.) That was where I began to pull away, not because I was going faster, but because the younger seemed to lose a step as we hit the hill top. I did stride a bit at the top of the hill, which probably helped. I did not look at my watch at the two mile marked. I was just thankful to be in the lead. I started to panic, though, with about a half-mile to go. I could feel that my strength was waning and that someone not too far behind was going to exploit it. At about the 3-mile mark, I heard 17-something, but I also heard the footsteps of someone making up distance on me with every stride. As I made my last right turn, I could see the finish line/bus circle in sight. A quick look over my right shoulder revealed that the guy behind was within a few meters. I pushed the last .1, with a panic look on my face, knowing that I had hit 3.1 already and had .1 to go. I drove my arms up the incline into the bus circle and outleaned a 35-year old! My 3.2 time: 18:46; my 3.1 time: 18:09.

Mileage for the week: 19.8

Now it's time to begin thinking about the indoor season.

Friday, October 30th--took the day off completely. These leisure days have been good to me, I suppose.