Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I then quit while I was (a) behind


Went to Westtown's track at just before 6AM in hopes of squeezing in a short workout.  I had too much on my mind, though, to make a huge go of it.  I had hopes of running 3 200s, 3 150s and 3 100s.  On account of being late due to an unexpected 5:40 phone call, I started late and was unable to do the 100s.  My thought was to stride the 200s (30 sec), run the 150s (22 seconds) and sprint the 100s (sub 13 seconds).  Boy did I stink up the track this morning.  So slow was I that I can hardly bare to write that I ran 32, 34, then 31.  My 150s were 22,22, and 21.  I then quit while I was (a) behind.  The pop that was there earlier this spring had become a dud.  I still plan to give Thursday meet at Phoenixville, which I just learned about yesterday, a fair shot.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Major swamp feet! Plantar is sore!


Easy loop on the Rustin XC course.  Major swamp feet!  Plantar is sore!


DJ and I did a 10-mile long run from our house through town, ending at the YMCA.  It was warm and humid, but the weather could've been worse. 

The first mile was characteristically slow (7:55), as the middle third of of it is straight uphill (Shiloh Rd).  (The other segments of the run that have noticeable hills include miles 2, 6, and 9.  Other than than, the run is pretty flat.) We were more comfortable by the time we reached mile 2 in 15:35 and mile 3 in 23:00.  We then settled into a pace of about 7:10 for the next 6 miles; the tenth mile was in about 6:45.  We reached the Y in 72:45. 

Directions--Westtown thru WC Boro to Y: Plumly to right on Shiloh to left on Oakbourne to right on hummingbird to left on little Shiloh to rights on five Points to left on Westtown to left on Union to right on S. Bolmar to left on Market to left on S. New to right on S. Miner to left on S. Brandywine to left on W. Nields to right on S. New to left on W. Rosedale to right on S. Franklin to left on Lacey to right on S. Matlack to right on E. Chestnut to right on Montgomery to right on Lincoln to left on Garfield to right on Lincoln to left on Old Fern Hill to right on Fern Hill to left on Paoli Pike to left on Airport Rd to right into entrance and stop at stop sign/sidewalk.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

a 2:00 rest would prove too much


DJ and I met up with my bud Justin at Downingtown East at 8:30 to do 6x800 in 5K pace with a 2:00/200m jog in-between.  Our goal pace was 2:43...based on a 17:00 5K.

800 #1: 2:42  (DJ and Justin ran about 2:44)
800 #2: 2:42  (DJ--2:48)
800 #3: 2:43 (DJ--2:49)
After the third one, we decided to extend the rest to 400/4:00.  With the heat and humidity, a 2:00 rest would prove too much.
800 #4: 2:43 (DJ--2:50)
800 #5: 2:42 (DJ--2:51)
800 #6: 2:35 (DJ--2:55)

Overall, the workout went pretty well.  I'd like to do the workout with just a 200m rest (or a rest of 2 minutes, 43 seconds).  Or I'd take the 4:00 rest if I run an entire workout of sub 2:35s.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Transition--cut the rest in half!

7-27-12--got up this morn and was a little sore.  Ran 5.7M in 42:15 in the humidity.

7-26-12--drove to Y and lifted.

7-25-12--the day after the Germantown Acad meet.  Early AM--did recovery run of about 2.5M.  Later in the early evening, my son and I did what was on tap for his regimen: 10x400 at 5K pace.  We did a 200m jog of 1:45 in-between (The actual rest varied between 1:40 and 1:50).  It was about 85 degrees and humid but with a little breeze.

Goal pace: between 81/82 seconds. Runs: 82,82,82,81,80,82,81,80,81,79.  Transition. Overall, not bad.  I felt pretty good considering I had competed the evening before and had run earlier in the morning.  This pace is fine as long as we cut the rest in half!  Alternatively, we can run faster by a few seconds and keep the pace the same.  Then again, maybe not.  We'll have to see.  This is mainly XC/5K training for my son, though.

Two years ago, we did this workout at Downingtown East with DJ, Steve and Justin. It was close to 90 degrees/humid. We jogged from Justin's house to the track--2.0 miles. We decided to do the 400s in about 80 with a 400m jog-rest of 2:45. The rest was good for me but proved a bit more challenging for the guys than I had anticipated; they did keep it uat about 3:00, though. The workout felt good since I wasn't pressed. We took turns leading. DJ, Steve and Justin wound up doing 9. I think Steve stepped out of number 6, Justin number 7, DJ number 8. I did all 10. My runs were: 76, 77, 78, 78, 78, 78, 78, 78, 76, 74.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

See guy on my left

7-24-12--Germantown Academy meet.  I had my mind set on running both the 100 and the 800.  I realized that I was not 100% but I decided to go for it anyway.  I had plenty of time to warm up for my 100.  I did what has become my usual routine of an 8-minute mile, followed by dynamic and static stretching.  I tried some starts, but wasn't too pleased.  The starting blocks sucked and I wasn't getting the push I needed.  This would be prophetic.  Even though I asked Scott Landis to hold my blocks, I still wasn't quite satisfied with my run-outs.  I was in heat 3, lane 4 with a seed time of 12.14.  On my left was Clinton Field, who would win the heat in 12.06.  At the start I tried to stay low to the ground.  I did, but I felt slow.  From the start, I could see that I was trailing Clinton.  A third of the way into the race I told myself that I had about 8 more seconds to catch him.  I couldn't.  In fact, he extended his lead by about two meters.  I finished in 12.54 or 12.57.  The headwind surely didn't help.  I was disappointed, as I felt that I had run faster in practice the other day.  At least I didn't feel my knee and quad, though.  I shook my disappointment off and tried to relax in preparation for the 800, which would be about an hour later. Admittedly, I had images of dropping out of the 800 and doing the 200 instead.  I resisted, however, telling myself that I had already committed to the race.  I jogged around a little, chatted with teammates, and did some strides within a few minutes of the race.  I would be in lane 8 of the 11 scheduled in the first (faster) heat.  Only 8 of us showed: lanes 1,2,4,5,7,8,9,11.  Phil Reilly was the top seed, looking to break 2:00.  I felt a little underprepared for the race.  I didn't even work up a good sweat in preparation.  I was a little hesistant mentally, as this would be my first 800 since the winter season.  I had images of stopping halfway.  I then fought them away.  So the gun went off.  I got out well and found myself in third place.  Rob Schwartz yelled a 200m slip of 29 as I passed.  I was doing okay.  At the 300 mark, I knew I had to pass the guy in second place, as I could feel him slowing up and the distance between Phil and me increasing.  So I did, cutting in from the inside of lane 1 right before the 400m mark.  I was at 60 seconds and feeling pretty damn good.  At that moment, a guy passed me and another took the bait as well at the 500 meter mark.  I was losing ground and fast.  I then remembered that I had read that if you feel like you're maintaining your pace with 300m to go, you're likely decelerating.  And I was.  I tried to "pick it up" (as in actually maintain my pace) and did for about 50 meters, that is until some guy passed me.  I saw the scoreboard clock read 1:31, 1:32 as I approached the 200m mark.  It likely read 1:33 by the time I crossed it.  Coming down the homestretch I tried to give it my all, but the headwind was enough to deter me (See below).  I did manage to get the guy who passed me, but I was again challenged by someone else (see guy on my left.)  I ran 2:08, a respectable time I suppose, given my challenges this season.  I wish I had run the 800 two weeks ago (hurt) instead of the 400.  I would have been a lot more prepared, mentally at least.  29/31(60)/33(1:33)/35(2:08).  1:59 won.  And, unfortunately, though he put in a great effort, it wasn't Phil.

Monday, July 23, 2012

twice that amount

7-22-12--ran 5.7-5.75M with my son, who was scheduled to do twice that amount: 11.4-11.5.  Easy pace.  43:30.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

We felt good

7.21.12--went to Westtown School.  Had planned to do a couple 300s, 200s, 150s and 100s.  My routine was interrupted, however, by a mother and son who were lost and looking for a basketball tourney the son was scheduled to play in.  After taking 10 minutes to check my iPhone for information for them, I modified my workout.  I would do 5x200 at 800m pace and 3x100.  I felt flat on the first 200, 32sec.  The second 200 wasn't as strong either, 31.  I felt more settled on the third 200, 30.  The fourth and fifth 200s were in 29.  I really would have liked to have seen a 28 second 5th 200.  The 100s were up next.  I changed my spikes; sprint spikes were on the docket.  The first one felt awful, as my the tongue and strings of my spikes dug into the top of my feet.  I was terribly uncomfortable, running 13.9.  The second one felt better.  I kept my head down at the start, focused and relaxed, running 12.9.  After walking back and taking 2:15, I began the third.  I repeated what I had done for #2, except I pushed hard from the start, running 12.0!  I was pleased with this.

7.20.12--went to YMCA.  Did 7:00 mile on small track, lifted, then did another mile in 6:18.

7.19.12--went to Germantown Academy to join Carl, Chuck, John Patterson, and John Tran.  The track was fairly crowded, another track club was practicing.  I had planned for 300s, but we decided to do 200s instead to making sharing the track easier.  8x200 at 800m pace with a 200m walk/3:00.  I decided to do 10.
run 1: 30
run 2: 31
run 3: 29
run 4: 30
run 5: 29
run 6: 30
run 7: 29
run 8: 29
run 9: 29
run 10: 28

At 77 degrees, we felt good.

7.18.12--I ran 4.4M.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This time I ran.


Went to Henderson HS this morning for the first time in some time.  The last time I went--about a month ago--I just jogged.  This time I ran.  On this humid morning, the workout was 6x1000 for half-marathoners and marathoners and 4-5x1000 for everyone else.  Rest; 200m jog.  We then had a 3-minute rest after the 1000s before running a hard 300.  I decided to do 600,600,1000,1000,600,600.  And I'm glad I did.  It was a nice way to ease back into the Kevin Kelly workouts.


I think I'll come back for more fun soon.


Ran an easy 4.4M (2 Rusin loops) in 33:55.


Was supposed to go for a long run of about 11.5M (neighborhood, Goose Creek, etc), but the heat and humidity killed my son and me.  He was gone faster than I was.  2-mile mark anyone?  I stopped shy of the 5M mark and waited for him. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

tentative at times


DJ and I went to Westtown School's track for some 400s.  He was scheduled to do 8x400 in 5K pace with a 400 jog in-between; I was scheduled to do pick-up reps: #s 1,3,4,6,and 7 in 70 seconds and #s 2,5, and 8 in 63.  I was trying this workout despite my quad injury.  The rest ranged from 3:15-3:45, technically more than twice the allotted time; the rest depended on how long DJ took to do his 400 jog. 

I began with 1M warmup and some dynamic stretching, which I don't do as much. I'm more of a static guy! We then began in earnest at about 2:00. I felt ready.

First run: 33/69
Second run: 31/66
Third run: 34/70:
Fourth run: 34/70
Fifth run: 31/64;
Sixth run: 34/70;
Seventh run: 34/70;
Eigth run: 31/64
DJ ran his 400s in the 78-79 range.

I felt pretty good about this workout and even more pleased that I did not feel my quad tense up. I did feel a little tentative at times and really should have made it a point to stay relaxed.  As with the last time I did this workout, I really would like to be able to run these 400 times with two minutes' rest.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Being injured is for the...

7/12/12--ran easy 5 miles today, the last 4.4M in 32:30.  Quad felt better after about a mile.  Being injured is for the...

7/11/12--drove to the Y.  Ran 7:00 mile on track (16 laps/mile), then lifted for 3-4 minutes, then ran 7:00 on treadmill, then lifted, then ran 6:29 mile on track, lifted, and then finally ran a 6:30 mile on the treadmill.  Then I went home.

7/10/12--decided to go to the open meet at Germantown Academy.   I hemmed and hawed about it, but decided to compete after warming up.  Bad move all around.  I thought about the 800 but eventually decided to do the 400.  I was in lane 5 of 6 in the fast heat.  I didn't use starting blocks.  I figured I'd just pace off the guy in lane 6.  This lasted all of about 200 meters.  I felt my knee and quad quiver, then buckle over the first 100 meters.  I was wincing in pain and tentative, but I didn't want to stop.  As I heard the announcer say 50-51 as the first runner crossed, I began my own count: 52, 53, 54, 55.  I got dead last!  I figured I had run 55 or 56.  I ran 57.28.  That stinks!  I haven't run a 400 that slow since my first meet (back) at the master's level in 2008 when I ran a 57.7. 

I was not happy.  I am getting increasing frustrated that my quad is not getting better.  This sticks, I tell you.

7/9/12--took the day off.

7/8/12--sore at the knee and lower quad.  Ran 5 miles in the morning and then latter joined DJ for part of his 11.4-11.5M run.

7/7/12--made my way to Germantown Academy for a workout with Chuck, Ray, Rob, Bruce and others: 3 x 200m at 800m race pace with 3 minutes rest between reps and 6-minute walk (or 800m jog) after last rep. Then, complete 2-3 sets of (300m at 800m race pace, 2 minute rest, 200m at 400m race pace), with 6 minutes walk/jog between sets.


For 2:15 800m runner: 34sec 200m, 3 min rest, 34sec 200m, 3 min rest, 34sec 200m, 6 min rest/800m jog; AND 50sec 300m, 2 min rest, 200m at 400m race pace, 50sec 300m, 2 min rest, 200m at 400m race pace, 50sec 300m, 2 min rest, 200m at 400m race pace.

...2:05 man runs 30/31 for 200m reps, 46ish for 300 reps and 26/27 for 200m reps.

...And so forth

Everybody seemed to feel okay about the workout. Now that my hamstring is near 100% my quad has been so much of a pain.  Anyway, I didn't feel great but managed to hit 31, 31, and 30. I then hit 48, 27, 47, 27.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Easy week

7/6--ran easy 5.9M in 4:45. 7/5--3.8M easy, early AM. Home. 7/4--last day in Williamsburg. Alternated between treadmill and weights in Kingsmill's fitness center. Tried a little spa therapy. Headed back to PA. 7/3--ran just 3M with DJ. Had to head out to see UVa. 7/2--ran just 4M with DJ. Had to head put to see William & Mary. 7/1--took day off