Saturday, August 30, 2014

timely confidence.

August 30, 2014-

Met with with Justin at Downingtown HS-East...after get a speeding ticket on Route 202 en route from Newtown Square.  Long story.

We did the same workout we did on about this date four years ago.

400--38s/200 for 77s (Justin led)
800--42s/200 for 2:48 (I led)
1000--44s/200 for 3:39 (I led)
1600--44s/200 for 5:53 (Justin, not feeling well, joined me 800m into the 1600).
600--40s/200 for 2:00 (Justin led)
400--37s/200 for 75s (I led)
200--30s (I ran solo)

We took between 3:45 and 4:00 between each run, slow-jogging 400m.  While the break today was a bit longer than the 3:00-3:30 we should have taken, I was pleased with this effort.  I felt a lot better than I did last week, and I felt like I could have run faster.  I was running with a timely confidence.  

Four years ago at Westtown School we managed:

400--37s/200 for 74s
800--41s/200 for 2:44
1000--43s/200 for 3:35
1600--45s/200 for 6:00
600--39s/200 for 1:57
400--37s/200 for 74s

We jogged there and back, too.

For comparison sake, on this day in 2012 I did:

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tougher than expected

Thurs, 8/28-

7.9M group run.  The workout was to do 1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 3min, 2 min, 1 min of hard running with a minute break (of jogging) in between.  We began this about 2M into the route.  I reached the 2M mark in 28:10 and finished up at the tennis courts.  Tougher than expected, but I am making some ground on the top runners.

Jogged the rest in the crew.

Wednesday, 8/27- Ran easy 5.3M in 42:40: one Rustin-plus loop, then completed the XC course beginning/ending at the Newman's house.  Came home.

Tuesday, 8/26-After warming up, I discovered that the workout was to complete 5 min of running at a pace you could hold for an hour.  For me this meant covering .75M, or 6:40 mile pace.  After about 90 seconds, we would run a hard, timed mile.  I did mine in 5:33.  We then had 3x800.  I managed 3:10, 3:20, and 2:45.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

It was disconcerting yet freeing

August 24, 2014-Ran the 11.4/11.5M loop at an easy pace.  I actually ran without a watch, and it was disconcerting yet freeing.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

This was tough

Saturday, 8/23-

I met up with Justin at Downingtown East HS for a 5K-type workout.  We decided on 10x600, except Justin would do only the first 400.  We'd take 3 minutes between each repeat.  We'd later decide to do 8, not 10.

I led the odd-numbered runs, while Justin led the even-numbered ones.

I changed into my flats and Justin found a tree.  Thus, our break wound up being five minutes.

Friday, 8/22--took off

Thursday, 8/21-

Met up with the crew in town.  We did the course in reverse.  The workout, beginning a bit into the run, was 6 x 30 seconds on/30 seconds off, followed by a 2-mile tempo run, and then another set of 6 x 30 seconds on/30 seconds off.

This was tough.  I did the tempo run in about 12:00.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ran back home

Wednesday, 8/20-Dropped car off at the Acura dealership and ran 3.6M back home in 27:15.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I fought my way through the workout.

Tuesday, 8/19--5:50 workout at Henderson. There were two workouts from which to choose: mile, 200 jog, 2 mile, 400 jog, mile for 10Kers and up OR 3x Mile, w/ 200m jog between runs for 5Kers.

I arrived at the track a little late, leaving less time to warm up and stretch!  

I began with the top group, including John Manion and John Callaghan.  The first mile was in 5:56; the guys pulled away from me by about 30 meters over the last 800m   I just kept at it, knowing I needed to make it through the workout.  In the end, here is what I managed: 5:56, 6:20, 6:02.

I fought my way through the workout.
This is a far cry from where I need to be, but it's a start.   This day last year I did 3x (Mile, 100m jog, 400m) with 300m jog between sets, having done nearly 10M the day before.  6:02, 1:24; 6:02, 1:21; 5:59, 1:18

Monday, August 18, 2014

cut my run short

Monday, 8/18-I cannot believe it's August 18th!

I got a bit of a late start today, having not slept all that well.  I simply did a 2.15M loop in 16:45.

Sunday, 8/17--My plan was to complete 2 Rustin-plus loops.  I ran into someone I knew, and wound up chatting it up for a while.  Because I needed to be ready in time enough for First Day meeting, I cut my run short; I did only one loop.  After my yard work, I managed a second loop in 16:05, and then Davirah and I met Krista and Tom for dinner.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yasso 800s over rolling hills

Sat, 8/16-- My workout was 8x800 at my 5K goal pace of 17:15.  This means my 800s had to be in about 2:45.  The rest would equal the running time, 2:45.  Some people call them Yasso 800s, I guess.  Anyway, as was the case exactly two years ago when I did this workout, I decided to use the XC course across the street from my house, with its rolling hills, to give my feet a break from the track and street surfaces.  Besides, my knee has been bothering me this past week.

Like last year, even at high noon, today was a near perfect day for the workout: little humidity, warm but not sweltering, and a light wind to keep the air fresh and moving.  I just wish I had had someone to run with!  

I took time to measure 800m (not 880 yards; the difference is about 5 yards).  The 800m distance that I ran was from the telephone pole at Plumly and Shiloh Roads to the very top/end of the stretch of corn fields that lead to the paved path.  I'd run from one end to the next, take my rest period, and run from that end back.  My first 800 was from the end of the corn field to the telephone pole at Plumly and Shiloh.

My runs were: 2:47, 2:42, 2:42, 2:42, 2:44, 2:46, 2:48, 2:35.  I took an extra minute (3:45) between runs 7 and 8.  I was really weakened, having not had enough fluids or any breakfast other than a handful of nuts an hour before.  Stupid.  

All together, this was a pretty good attempt, comparable to what I did two years ago: 2:45, 2:46, 2:47, 2:44, 2:46, 2:43, 2:48, 2:33.   My notes don't indicate which course markers I used in 2012, so I hope the distance was the same.

Friday, 8/15--I took off from work today; I found out that I have strep throat.  Just peachy!  People from Horizon were scheduled to install our new furnace.  (They did a great job, BTW.)

I went to the YMCA with my wife, and did a bit of my usual: mile on donut track, upper body lifting, Mile on treadmill, upper body lifting/stretch, mile on donut, upper body lifting/stretch, .5M on donut (we were running late).  Miles on track were 6:40 and 6:30 (although I am still skeptical about the 16 laps equaling a mile; I think it's more like 17.)  The first mile on the treadmill was 6:35; the .5M was 3:20.

38-minute workout.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Still not feeling well

Thursday, 8/14-Still not feeling well.  It's been more than a week now.  I met up with the crew, and we did the 7.9M course in reverse.  About two miles into the run, the workout was 1:15, 1:00, and :45 of pickups, followed by :45 rest.  John Callaghan and I ran together.   We stopped for a minute when we had finished, and we jogged the last couple of mile for a pedestrian 60:00.

Wednesday, 8/13--I'm tired, and I'm not quite myself.  After getting up at 4:00 AM to send125 students to the NC Outward Bound School, I was tired.  I went into the office and worked for a while.  I then ran the Michelle's Miles course on campus, managing a sluggish 24:00.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I sagged like a heavy load.

Tuesday, 8/11-Went to WC Henderson for a workout.  The marathoners had 3x1.5M, with a 400m jog between sets.  Others of us had 1.5M, 1M, and 800m, with a 400m jog between sets.  I did the latter workout, but barely.  9:58, 6:17, 2:56.  The 400m rest consisted on a walk/jog.  The workout was tough, and reminded me that I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Monday, 8/10-took off

Sun, 8/9--Runner's Pentathlon--I arrived at Germantown Academy for the Runner's Pentathlon at about 7:40 or so, knowing that it started at 8:30.  As it turned out, the heats were such that I had plenty of time to warm up.  

The first event was the 3000.   My goal was to run 82s per lap.  Fat chance.  I started out okay, but fell way off pace by the mile mark.  78, 2:39, 4:04, 5:36,...11:00.  My bad started killing me. I was supposed to run close to 10:15.  Not a great start at low 70-something points.  I had to keep myself motivated after this mess.  I found myself in 15th place.

It was time for the 200.   I was in lane 4; Kevin was in lane 5, and3two younger kids were in lanes 2 and 3.   The gun went off.  I caught Kevin on the stagger, and thought I had a commanding lead coming into the straightaway.  I could feel one of the younger guys surging back.  He caught me in the last 20 meters, which is when I started to lean.  I posted 25-something.  Not a great time, but I knew the points would be better than they were in the 3K.

Time for the 1500.  Argghh.  My goal was to run 75s per lap.  I couldn't even manage that.  Shame on me!  I think I hit 77, 2:37, 4:00, 4:57.  I was supposed to run 4:45.  Fewer points than expected.  Low 70s.

And then the 100 reared its head.  I was thankful for the sprint.   My 100 heat composition was the same as the 200.  I was in lane 3 again.  I had a good start.  I accidentally kept my head down for most of the race, sort of just looking at my shadow.  "Stop marveling, Dinkins!' I lifted my head (and my knees) with 25m to go and I was 12.52.  Again, not great, but points are points afterall.

Finally, the 400 awaited me.  I was in lane 2, and I thought the guy in lane 3 was faster than I am.  I figured I would keep pace with the guy, just hang on, and sling-shot off the last turn and into the straightaway.  And that's exactly what happened.  But, I went out way too slow, 28sec at the 200!   I kept my pace with as I bent around the turn.  Coming out of the turn, I just lifted and I was home free in pedestrian 57.01.  Yuck, a far cry from my season's best of 53!

And there--I had done it--the Runner's Pent.  I earned 9th place behind some strong competitors.  Even though my score was a point higher than what I had earned two years ago, I sagged like a heavy load.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I kept within reach

Saturday, 8/9-took off

Friday, 8/8-took off

Thursday, 8/7-met up with the West Chester crew at the country club at 5:40 AM.  The workout was the 7.9M loop, of course, but, beginning at just before the 2M mark, we would do 4 x :15/:30/:45 with 1 minute's rest.  I reached the 4M mark in 28:15, and we finished the last set at the Henderson-side of the tennis courts.  I felt good about this run.  I kept within reach of the top pack.  After we rested for about :45, I decided to jog the rest of the 7.9M with the crew.  58:30.  Played tennis with Rich at 5:30 and met Craig for dinner at 7:15.

Wednesday, 8/6-went to the Y and did two sets of my run/upper body lift combo.  Mile/upper body lift (3:30)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I stained the deck.

Tuesday, 8/5-Overslept.  Was supposed to go to WC Henderson for a workout,provided the track was available.  Went to Westtown School's track instead to do 4-5 x 1200 w/ a 200m jog.  I wound up doing 5x1000 with 200m/1:30 jog.  The 1000s were supposed to be between 5:35-5:45 pace, but I wound up hovering around 6:00 pace.

3:43, 3:44, 3:45, 3:44, 3:33.

Monday, 8/4-I woke up and, instead of running at 6:30, I stained the deck.  

Sunday, 8/3-5.7M, easy, 43:30.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm on my way


Saturday, 8/2/14--Went to Westtown School's track for 6x400 at a 5K minus 15 sec pace, followed by some sprinting.  

5K minus 15 sec pace meant 77-79 seconds.  The rest would be 1:40 during a 100m walk.    77,78,78,78,77,75.  

I then tried my luck at a little speed with 3x150.  20-mid, 21-flat, 20-mid.

I then capped off the workout with 3x100: 13-low, 12-high, 12-high.

Overall, I'm on my way to getting into 5K shape, but I've retained at least some speed.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Sat-8x400 in 80 sec with 1:30 rest OR 6x400 in 80 and a few fast 200s or 150s
Sun-long run 10-12M?
Tues-5x1200 or 6x1000
Wed-recovery run
Thurs-distance run in Borough
Fri-take off
Sat-take off

Trying to recover my mojo

Fri, 8/1-took the day off.

Thursday, 7/31--ran 6.4M--Three Rustin-plus loops
32:25 (15:40)
47:20 (14:55)

Trying to recover my mojo.

Played tennis with Rich at 5 PM.

Wednesday, 7/30--ran 4.26M--Two Rustin loops easy.
35:30 (17:30)

Tuesday, 7/29--went to the Y.  Alternated between 4:00 running @ 6:00 pace and 3:00 upper body lifting.  Used treadmill and donut track.   4 sets

Monday, 7/28--Two Rustin loops. 4.26M med in 33:30.