Friday, June 30, 2017


Fri-Ran about 4.3M around the neighborhood.  34:15.

Thurs-Took off

Wed-Ran about 5M (trail) at Mohonk Mountain House

Tues-Ran a couple of miles before making my way to Pingry for the retreat.

Monday, June 26, 2017

otherwise VERY DOABLE marks

Mon, 6/26-

Went to Westtown School for a moderate workout of 9x150.  The idea was to do 3@21-mid, 2@20-mid and 2@ 19-mid, with three minutes' rest between efforts.  I was, on average, a half-second off these otherwise VERY DOABLE marks.

22-mid, 21-high, 21-mid, 20-mid, 21-low, 20-mid, 20-low, 19-high, 20-low.

Sun, 6/25--took off

Sat, 6/24-WT's track was off limits, as was WC Henderson's.  I wound up at Downingtown East.  Inspired by a workout I did this week in 2015, I set out to do 3x300 in 48, 3x200 in 28, and 3x150 in 19-mid.  The 200s would be paced at 8 seconds per 50 meters, the 200s at 7 seconds per 50, and the 150s at 6.5 seconds per 50.

While the 300s went well, I could tell that something was up with my muscles.  By the time I reached my third 200, I realized I was on the verge of a cramp or worse, a muscle pull.

48-mid, 47-mid-48-low
28-mid, 27-mid, 28-low.
20-mid.  STOPPED

Fri, 6/23-
Ran a few miles.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Not a great time, although it felt pretty good.

Thurs-Went to the Y for some light running and lifting.
mile, lift, stretch, .5 mile, lift, stretch.

Wed-Recovery run of 4.3M in 35:00

Tues-Meet at Germantown Academy.  On account of my not reading the event schedule correctly, I registered for the 100 and 200; I neglected to realize a 400m race was being contested.

I warmed up adequately for the 100.  Despite my workout on Sunday, my 100 from lane 2 was pedestrian.  I haven't seen the official time online, but I believe I noted I had run 12-mid, not the 12.21 I had as my seed time.  Shucks and sucks!  Shortly after the race, I returned to the check-in desk and revised my 200 seed time to 25.25 from the 24.42 initially had.  In lane 2 again, I seemed to get out okay, making on the stagger on Rob midway through the turn.  I found myself in second place at the top of the straightaway.  Midway down the homestretch I could see I was gaining on the boy in lane 4 or 5.  I wound up getting him at the line in 25.29.  Not a great time, although it felt pretty good.

Monday, June 19, 2017


Mon-light jog

Sun-Went to Westtown School's track for a brief pre-race workout: 4x100.  The two were supposed to be in 13.5, and the second two were supposed to be in 12.5.  The focus was on short, powerful strides: horizontal force.
effort 1: 13.7
effort 2: 13.2
effort 3: 12.3
effort 4: 11.9

Sat-Pouring.  Went to the Y with V.  4x1 mile, with 4:00 stretching/lifting between repeats.
6:30-donut track
6:10-donut track

Friday, June 16, 2017

and change

Fri-Took off

Thurs-Took off

Wed-Went to Westtown School for a brief workout: 6x150 (2 in 22, 2 in 21, and 2 in 20).


Mon-Took off

Sun-Met up with Rob, John, Bruce and Chuck S. at Germantown Academy.  On tap was a 400 time trial, followed by a couple of 150 (progressives).

My 400 time trial was 55.8, although Chuck clocked me in 56.2.  NOT!  I relaxed during the first 200, not making up the stagger on a strong-looking Rob. I drove during the second 200, probably running even splits.
John seemed to be 10 meter ahead at the 200-meter mark.  I cut the lead in half over the second 200.  He ran low-55.

Rob ran 57 and change.

Bruce took it hard through the 300.

The 150s were 21s: 8 sec for first 50 meters, 7 sec for second 50m, 6 sec for third 50.



Thurs.-took off

Wed-6AM 6x150, 3' rest.  22-mid, 22-low, 20-high, 21-low, 20-low, 20-low



Sun-took off


Friday-Terrible awful.  I decided to run at the John Hay Memorial Meet at W C Henderson.  This was against my best judgment, as I have been stressed, exhausted and sore lately (moving boxes, getting ready to move, preparing to transition to a new job).  Lane 2.  Blocks slipped out from under me at the start.  Couldn't recover.  58.xx

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Not that great!


Fri-Ran 2.2M around neighborhood.  16:20

Thurs-Cannot recall

Wed-Ran 6x150.  Not that great!