Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tuesday, 4/27/10--workout at WC Henderson.

Monday, 4/26/10--2 Rustin loops: 4.4 miles (17:20/16:10=33:30).

Sunday, 4/25/10--Penn Oaks run: 3.3 out, lift and back. 24:33/23:27. 6.6 total

Saturday, 4/24/10--After the horrifics yesterday, I took off today.

Friday, 4/23/10--Penn Relays report coming soon.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"If not you, then who?"

Today, the plan was 3x200 and 3x150 (accelerations). I hit :27 and :28. I stopped at the 100 mark on the 3rd 200 (:13/:14) because my left calf starting acting up again. For this reason, I did only 2 150s...in 19 and 20. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I tried to get an appointment with sports masseuse but I had not such luck. I am now wondering whether I should take tomorrow off or just jog. I just don;t quite feel sharp. So much for splitting 53.1 like last year. We'll see. I have to be positive. Like I sometimes say, "If not you, then who?"
1.1 warm-up and cool down.

Yesterday, Tuesday 4/20/10, I did 3x300 just to get my legs going a bit. Goal pace was :45. I did: 44, :46, and :45. 1.1 warm-up and cool down.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Muzzy Run and working out the kinks

In order to work out the kinks, today I did a recovery run of 5 miles.
1.0-8:00 (4:05)
2.0-16:00 (8:00)
4.2-32:55 (7:35 mile)
4.4-34:25 (15:50--Rustin loop 2)

About 7:45 mile pace.

Yesterday, 4/18/10

I did my first 5K of the year--the Terry Muzzy Run, a memorial run for a man whom I didn't know but who gave his all to the kids of Downingtown High School West and East Campuses.

My son and I got to the Struble Trail at about 7:30 for the 8:00 start. It was quite cool--38 degrees or so but sunny. We were able to warm up right away since we were pre-registered and has already received our numbers and t-shirts, a 5K fundraising staple. We ran about a 1/2 mile into the trail and back for a total of a 1-mile warm-up. We stretched for a bit while we chatted. My wife and daughter showed up and before you knew it we were at the line ready to go. Despite the cool temp, I ran in shorts and my Ches County Running Store shirt, but I had my favorite, though worn out, UnderArmor gloves. At the siren, I led the run, figuring that my goal was to run an even race and take it easy a bit, knowing this was my first race in a while following recent injuries. I tried not to be too mindful of my injuries and such. Running very relaxed, I hit the first mile in 6:05, the second mile in 12:05, and finished in 18:50 or so. Not a fast time, but I felt good, leading wire to wire and without paining myself. Incidentally, I wondered whether the course was long. As it turns out, it was long by .1. That said, my 3.1 time was probably about 18:20, with mile splits of about 5:55. This pales in comparison to last year's 17:16, but that's okay. Last year, I had two guys who pulled me along to the time. It was a fun, low pressure race. I cooled down about .3 mile immediately after the race, as I had a 9:00 engagement (Alumni Council session) in Swarthmore.

After my 9-11:30 session at Swarthmore, I dashed to my daughter's soccer game in Chadds Ford area. I had baton practice for Penn Relays in Northeast Phila at 2:00, so I left her game immediately after it concluded at 1:10, then got to NE Phila at about 2:10. I cannot believe I made that trek in an hour! Unfortunately, when I arrived only Chuck and newcomer to the relay, TJ, were there. I was a little disappointed as I had burned rubber to be on time, feeling badly that I was 10 minutes late, only to find that others were missing. Chuck, TJ and I chatted for a while, then warm-up a mile and stretched. Chuck also placed some calls to get the other cats there! The other guys finally arrived. TJ and I were able to do some drill as we waited for the guys to warm up.

We finally got started with some handoffs after deciding the relay order for Penn. I would run second, TJ would run first, Daryll would run third and another guy (newcomer) whose name escapes me would run fourth. TJ and I did several handoffs, before Daryll and I practiced. We set up multiple passing configurations. I'd say I received the baton 6 times and gave it 6 times. We cooled down and had a brief meeting to review some logistics.

About 6 miles today. Long day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sunday, 4/18/10--5K in an hour and a half. Will report on this later.

Saturday, 4/17/10--2 miles or so on Swarthmore College's campus.

Friday, 4/16/10--ran 3x200 with a 200m walk and 200 meter jog (4 min) in-between, followed by 3x150 (build-ups) with a 250m walk in-between. I did the 200s in 28s and the 150s in 21,19, and 20 seconds. The 150s were supposed to be progressive: 7-8s for the 1st 50, 6-7 for the 2nd, and 5-6 for the 3rd. Same workout this time last year.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

when the legs are still sleepy

Thursday, 4/15/10--Went to Westtown School. Warmed up 1.1 mile. On tap was 4x300 in :45 with a 5 minute break (250 walk/250 jog). My runs were 46,46,45,44. Cooled down 1.1 mile. This workout does not compare as favorably to last year's on this date, but it was okay. (According to my blog, I ran a slow first 300 (48/49) and 43/44 for the remaining ones.) I felt like I needed to press harder than usual to hit the times. Admittedly, I do these workouts in the early hours of the morning when the legs are still sleepy!

Wednesday, 4/14/10--Took off.

Tuesday, 4/13/10--Went to Henderson to join the crew for the first time in a while. Warmed up 1 mile. The workout was 3 sets of 4x400 with a 100 jog between each 400 and a 500 jog between each set. I hung back with a slower group for most of the workout. I ran all of them in around 1:30. Pedestrian, I know. When it appeared that I would be lapped by the top group, I waited for those runners and joined them on their numbers 11 and 12 (my numbers 10 and 11). I hopped in with them to run my last two in 77. Cooled down 1 mile.

Monday, April 12, 2010

To be honest

Today I simply did the 4.4 route (2 Rustin loops) in about 7:30 pace--33:15.

On Sunday, I did my usual Penn Oaks run--24:49 en route there, lifted, 23:35 en route home. 6.6 miles. To be honest, the weather was more memorable than the run.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I was able to make it through

For the first time in a while, I was able to make it through an interval workout intact. Admittedly, the workout wasn't that taxing, bit it was enough to bolster my confidence that I am on the right path. I warmed up 1.25 miles, stretch pretty well, did some light drills, then proceeded to do my 6 200s in 30 with a 200 walk (3 minutes), then cooled down 1 mile. My 200s were 28-low, 28-high, 29-low, 29-low, 28-high, and 28-low. This is the first 200 meter workout I've done in ages, and it felt pretty good, despite the fact that I was unable to run these as relaxed as I would've liked.

This afternoon I also did a mile or so warming up with my kids, who were about to do a 5K. My 10-year old daughter ran 26:14, and my son ran 19:55; he was greatly disappointed, to say the least. Then again, he really hasn't gotten himself into appropriate shape.

Tomorrow I will likely run to Penn Oaks to lift.

These are the times that try men's souls.

I wound up having to take it very easy this week on account of my calf. I did 4.4 miles on each of Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday, I did only 2.2 miles. I had planned to get in much more distance and two solid interval workouts on these days. I am hoping to hit the track momentarily for what I hope will be a good, injury free workout. I was thinking of some 200s or a couple of 450s followed by a few 200s. I find that I am afraid to run fast or far for risk of further injury. These are the times that try men's souls.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tipping the scale

Took off again. Calf is rather sore still. I feel like time is ticking away and I'm tipping the scale...in any number of ways. Hoping to be able to run tomorrow. All blog and no run makes for a dull Delvin.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Maybe the track workout did me in.

I can feel it. My calf muscle is being a pain once again...literally. I am trying to be patient. Maybe I did overdo it last week running a week straight. Maybe it was too much too fast. Maybe the track workout did me in.

Hoping for the best.

It's Monday morning, and I took the morning off. I'm sitting here doing hot/cold therapy on my leg. It feels a bit sore again. What a bummer. Hoping for the best.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'll be okay.

Today, I wound up doing an easy 4.4 (in 34:00), as I felt my calf and hamstring tighten a little. I stretched well afterwards. I'll be okay.

Trying to get myself back together

It's been another week since I last posted. Coming back from a calf injury, here's my quick and dirty run-down for the last seven days:
Today--I've yet to run, but I plan to do 6.6.
Yesterday (Saturday)--warm-up 1 mile; stretch; workout: run 400, then walk to 150 mark in 45 sec or so, then run 150, then jog 1200; cool down 1000. I did 4 sets and not the usual five and did a shorter cool down because I was running short on time. I've definitely need to get my leg turnover back, as I did not feel sharp or remotely fast. It was one of those workouts where you feel you're going faster than you actually are...until you look at the watch and realize that you were well off pace. Anyway, my runs were: 67,25; 66,25; 65,24; 64,23. The last set was the only one that met the standard.
Friday--6.3 miles in 47 minutes in Baltimore (Inner Harbor). Then, lifted in fitness center in hotel.
Thursday--6.0 miles in 45 minutes near St. Mary's City in MD.
Wednesday--5.9 miles around Rustin. 2 full loops. Cut left just before mile mark into third loop. Crossed grass driveway and up main road to Shiloh and back home.
Tuesday--warm-up mile. 5x.5 mi on treadmill. Lift in-between repeats. Cool down mile.
Monday--2.2 miles

As one can see, I am trying to get myself back together.

I am inspired by the magical performances of my Greater Phila Track Club teammates: Kevin, Chuck, Nick, Scott, Bob, and Cheryl, just to name a few. They are amazing. Their 800s: Kevin (46)--2:04; Chuck (50)--2:17; Nick (41)--1:56; Scott (45)--2:02; Bob (43)--2:00; Cheryl (50)--2:33. Who wouldn't be amazed? Great work!