Sunday, June 29, 2014

Great running weather

Monday, June 30-Same run, but faster.  4.5M 35:30.

3:00 to start
loop 1: 10:20
loop 2: 9:50
loop 3: 9:20
2:30 to bungalow

Sunday, June 29-On this first full day in San Diego, I left at about 7:00 AM for a run.  I spend 39:10 covering a distance of about 4.5M.  I ran around the property for a few minutes, and finally made my way to the exit.  I did three loops (1.3M per loop) around the park...for 3.9M plus the distance on campus...4.5M.  Great running weather.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It occurred to me that I forgot to breathe

Sat, June 28-en route to San Diego.  No workout.  My back is killing me!

Friday, June 27-took the day off.  Worked all day in the yard: flagstone retaining wall, flagstone walkway, digging, weeding, mowing, spraying, etc.  My back is really tight, uncomfortably so.

Thursday, June 26-went to Westtown School's track in the early AM (6:00, later than usual on account of my summer hours) for "pick up reps" workout.  As designed for a 2:00 800m high school runner, the workout is 8x400 with 90 seconds rest.  400 #s 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are supposed to be 70 seconds, while 400 #s 2, 5 and 8 are supposed to be in 64.  Since I knew I didn't have the guns to do this workout as designed, I made an important modification.  I turned the faster 400s to 300s.  I wanted these 300s to be in 47:48.  In the past, I've take three minutes' rest.  I kept this the same.
400: 34/71
300: 31/47-mid
400: 34/70
400: 34/70
300: 32/50-low (oops)
400: 34/70
400: 33/69
300: 30/46-high


Wednesday, June 26-easy 2.2M recovery run. 17:30.

Tuesday, June 24-left work at 4:30 or so for the meet at Germantown Academy on this 85-degree, slightly windy day.  Arrived just at about 5:15.  I changed into my gear and then registered for the 400 and 200, seed times 52.9 and 24.2.  I'd later change the 52.9 to 53, as I took a sneak peak of the entry cards and realized I could be in the worst lane of the fast heat with a 52.9.  I also noted that there were several times in the 53-second range.  I wrote second heat on my card.  And that's what I got--second heat, lane 4.

My warm up went ok.  My stretching went well,  I felt pretty good, although I was a little flat when I did my strides.

As I was stretching, Phil Reilly expressed that he was ready to run fast.  He and I chatted about a recent workout the he believed demonstrated his readiness for a 2:02 800 meter race.  He did 500m in 1:15, walked a 100 (1 or 2 minutes' rest) and dropped a 28-second 200.  After a 10-minute rest, he followed this effort with a 57-second 400.  I told him to let me know that next time he's planning to do this workout.  I'd like to try to push him and myself while I'm at it.  I think I can do it!

After 14 heats of the 100 and 2 heats of the mile, the 400 was up.  I watched the first heat as a spectator, sort of forgetting that I was up next.  Immediately when the heat was finished I readied my starting blocks.  After a minute or two, we were on our marks.  And then the gun went off.  I took the guy in lane 6 within the first 50-60 meters.  I was then on to the guy in lane 5.  I caught him in the middle of the backstretch.  I could feel the Penncrest guy to my inside.  So I surged.  Bad move.  I was pressing.  I tried to maintain across the third 100, but I could feel that something was wrong.  At the 300 mark, the guy in my inside pulled even and then passed me.  I could see the clock...40, 41.  I really began to struggle; I had hit a brick wall.  The final 80 meters would be ugly and the final 40 meters my worst in a long time: 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55.  I haven't seen my time, but I wouldn't at all be surprised if I didn't break 56!  This would be my worst time in two and a half years.  I think the last time I ran 56 was during the 2011-2012 indoor season.

Once I finished the race, I felt so terrible.  I could barely stand and my head was throbbing something terrible.  It occurred to me that I forgot to breathe during the race.  Stupid me!

Just to think, I thought that skipping the 100 was a good idea so that I could run the 400 fresh and not chance a short recovery time.  As it turned out, I would have had plenty of recovery time had I run the 100.  I should have run it.  Another bad decision.  Speaking if decision, I chose not to run the 200.  I left for home, sulking like a baby whose toy had been stolen.

UPDATE (7/4/14): I wound up running 55.63.

Monday, June 23-took the day off in preparation for the meet at GA.

Monday, June 23, 2014

I need a name for this workout.

Mon, 6/23-took off

Sun, 6/22-went to the Y.

6:00 on donut (about .85M)
4:00 upper body lifting
6:00 on treadmill...on 6:58/M setting.  .85M
4:00 upper body

Sat, 6/21-went to West Chester East HS for a track workout.  Westtown School was barraged with people for a LAX tourney.

For the second time this week, I did this workout: 
3 x 200m at 800m race pace with 3 minutes' rest between reps and 6-minute walk (or 800m jog) after last rep. Then, complete 2-3 sets of (300m at 800m race pace, 2 minute rest, 200m at 400m race pace), with 6 minutes walk/jog between sets (Ex: 2:15 man runs 34ish for 200m reps, 50ish for 300m reps and 31-ish for 200m reps; 2:05 man runs 31ish for 200m reps, 46ish for 300 reps and 27ish for 200m reps)  

200s: 30-mid, 30-high, 30-low
300: 47-low; 200: 26.8
300: 45-mid; 200: 26.5

I was off on the first 300.  Not sure what happened.  I then recovered nicely.  I need a name for this workout.  

I capped off the workout with 4x100 (fly start, of course).  My thought was to start at 15 and work my way down to 12, which is what I did.

100 #1: 15-low (stride)
100 #2: 14-high (stride)
100 #3: 13-mid (acceleration)
100 #4: 12-mid (90%)

Friday, June 20, 2014

And that was that!

Fri, 6/20-Went to the Y for an easy one.

6:00 on donut track
4:00 upper body lifting
6:00 on the treadmill (.85M)
4:00 upper body lifting

And that was that!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My distance base is nonexistent.

Thursday, 6/19-I decided to join the 5:30 AM distance group in town for the 7.9M.  I went last year.  Before then, it had been several months since I had shown. The plan was for the group to do pick-ups for a good portion of the run: 2 minutes hard, one minute "easy" 5 times.  I was good for steady state part of the run.  Like this time last year, once the pick-ups started I knew I was in trouble.  I eventually found myself well off pace.  And like last year return to the Thursday morning group run, my last 2-minute pick-up ended (at 26:35) 2 streets before the 4-mile mark.  I wound up reaching the corner at 28:15, the same as last year, and the planter at 28:35.  

I bagged the remaining 3.9 miles in favor of a few minuets of walking and nearly a mile back to the parking lot.  My distance base is nonexistent.  I have plenty of work to do.
Wed, 6/18-Decided to do a little lifting in the fitness center at EA.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I decided to do a workout I'm not sure I've ever tried before

Tues--I decided to do a workout I'm not sure I've ever tried before.  This made for a nice 6AM effort.  3 x 200m at 800m race pace with 3 minutes' rest between reps and 6-minute walk (or 800m jog) after last rep. Then, complete 2-3 sets of (300m at 800m race pace, 2 minute rest, 200m at 400m race pace), with 6 minutes walk/jog between sets (Ex: 2:15 man runs 34ish for 200m reps, 50ish for 300m reps and 31-ish for 200m reps; 2:05 man runs 31ish for 200m reps, 46ish for 300 reps and 27ish for 200m reps)

200s: 31-high, 30-high, 30-low
300: 45-mid; 200: 27.1
300: 47-low; 200: 27.2

The hardest part of the workout was the 200s the followed the 300s.  Going 27-sec pace at 6:30 AM is tough.  Otherwise, I felt pretty darn good.  I really felt smooth on the 3 x 200 and on the first 300 in 45 sec.

Mon--went to the Y, but it was closed.  Came home and that was that!

Sun--Father's Day!  What a blast I had!  5.7M in 42:35.

Sat--Met up with Duncan and Bruce at Haverford College (8:30).   Windy day.

The workout chosen by Sir Bruce was negative split reps.  As designed for a high school 2:00 800 meter runner, it is 2x (300m-500-400 w/neg-split last 100m) @ :32+14 (=:46 300m) . . . 66+14 (=1:20 500m) . . 48+14 (=62 400m) with 2-min between reps and a 1200 meter jog between sets.
Bruce suggested that we use 3:30 for our rest.My targets were 32+15 (=47) for the 300, 66+15  (=1:21) for the 500, and 48+15 (=63) form the 400.  I decided to increase the rest almost two-fold to 3:30.  I stuck to the 1200m jog between sets.  

Set 1: 300m in 47.0, 500m in 1:25, 400m in 66.  I did the 300 incorrectly, hitting 15 at the 100, 31 at the 200, and 47 at the 300.  I maintained as opposed to sped up on the last 100.  500: 16/33/50/68/1:25.  Poor .  400: 16/32/49/66.  Another poor last 100.

1200 SLOW jog in 9:00.

Set 2: 300m in 48, 500m in 1:23, 400 in 64.  300m: 15/32/48.  16 sec last 100.  500: 16/32/49/67/1:23. 15-sec last 100.  400: 15/31/48/63.  15-sec last 100.  This was a good series.  

Not a great workout.  This effort put me at about 2:08 800m form.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

The "no-way-in-hell-vibe."

Fri, 6/13--trying to get back into the distance swing of things, I did a repeat of what I did on Tuesday: ran two Rustin loops in 33:30 (17:10/16:20).  4.3M.

Thurs, 6/12-for the first time in months, I made my way to New and Ashbridge to join the Thursday morning/5:40 AM crew for a run.  The run would be intermittent tempo, beginning close to 2M into the run.  We were to do tempo pace for a 1 min, then 2 min, then 3, then 4, then 5, with a 60-second jog break between each pick-up.  This was tough, especially given my fitness level for distance.  I reached the 4M mark (the planter) in 29:00.  My 5-min run ended at about Lincoln and Garfield, just beyond the tennis courts at Henderson HS.  I took a breather and then jogged for a quarter-mile before realizing that it would be better to turn around and head back to my car since my wife had asked that I return to the house before she left at 6:40.

Wed, 6/11--went to the Y.  5:00 on donut track, lifted for 15 min, 5:00 on donut track.

Tues, 6/10--ran two Rustin loops in 33:45 (17:20/16:25).  4.3M.

Mon, 6/9--sore.  Took the day off.

Sun, 6/8-Mid-Atlantic Championship meet at Widener: what a mess, a hot mess!

I arrived in plenty of time to warm up for the 100, my first of four events.  I noticed that there seemed to be more competitors here than before, at least more than last year.  Perhaps that was because the event was being run by USATF, not Philly Masters.  Who knows?

The good weather made for a cheerful warm up.  I was able to get in a few starts as well, with the help of Clinton Fields, who gave me some advice and instruction for starting.  He insisted that I reset my blocks and shorten/quicken my first few strides out of the blocks, in addition to fling my arms.  It was a mouthful, but I appreciated his advisement.

The hurdle event took forever.  Every other heat seemed to require resetting the hurdles.  Before I knew it, 1500 meters went off 40 minutes late.  I eventually made my way to the start of the 100.  The clerk called my name for heat 1, lane 1.  When I realized the heats were organized from fast to flow and when I saw who was n my heat, I knew something was wrong.  I approached the starter and the clerk to let them know that I was clearly in the wrong heat; all but one of the runners boasted a sub-11.0 seed time.  I know because I saw the cards as she shuffled through them.  As she sorted through the cards looking for an opening in another heat, she and the started informed me that the only opening could be found in the last heat, the heat with guys running 15 seconds or more.  They told me I could run with them or run in heat 1.  I chose heat 1.

It took us four tries to get our heat off.  The first time something was wrong with the gun, I think.  The second and third times someone was uncomfortable with the blocks and took too long to get settled.  The fourth time we were off.  I promptly got dusted, seeing the field extend its lead on by a meter every ten.  I ran a disappointing 12.20.  I thought today I'd go under.  So much for that!

Conventional thinking suggests that the heat would have pushed (or pulled) me to a better time.  However, this was not the case.  I believe I should have been in the third heat with Wayne.

I shifted my mindset to the 400, which was 45 minutes later.   I was placed in lane 2 with my seed time of 52.9; Nick Berra would be in lane 7 with a seed time of 53.0.  The younger guys in lanes 3 through 6 carried seed times of 50.4 or better.  We were clearly out of our league.  We probably would have been better off in the preferred lanes in heat 2.

As soon as the gun went off, we both sort of fell behind pretty immediately.  As we neared the passing zone markings at around the 200, I checked to see where I was with respect to Nick.  He was perhaps 3-4 meters ahead of me.  By the time we hit the homestretch he had me by about 6 meters.  At that point, I told myself to relax, use my arms, and not let any more distance develop between us.  And that's pretty much what I did.  As we crossed the finish line, he had me by about 6-7 meters.

Nick was wiped out afterwards.  I was tired, too, but not exactly dead.  Moments after I finished, one of the officials gathered us all up and told us that there had been a malfunction and that the race had not been timed or at least timed properly.  As if it was no big deal, he offered to have us run it again in 30 or 45 minutes.  Based on our reactions, he withdrew this initially proposal and said he could squeeze us in after the 400 meter hurdles in about 90 minutes.  Most of us gave off the "no-way-in-hell-vibe."  I was one of them.  I was less interested in a rerun than I was a refund, particularly after feeling under deserved in the 100.  As it turned out, Melanie Berra had recorded the race.  It appears that Nick ran in the 52-range and I ran in the 53-range.  This could mean that Nick broke the club record unofficially and that I ran a master's best.

400 meter race Mid Atlantic Champs 2014 Widener

Then there was the 200.  I was assigned lane 8 in heat 3, which means my 23.9 was the slowest time in my heat.  Boy I wish I had put down 24.3 or something so that I could be in heat 4 with a good lane.  At any rate, I was far too ambitious with 23.9.  I thought I'd have a good lane against guys who were between 23.7 and 24.7.  Too picky.  Too much science, not enough art.  Anyway, the guy to my inside, a youngster I've raced against before, caught me after about 50 meters.  Boy I felt sluggish.  I got dead last in this heat as I did in the fastest heat of the 400.  So I was surprised when all the drama erupted later about the times.  I was listed as having run 23.32 or something like that.  I told the guy that he had the right bib number for me, 200, but the wrong heat and time.  After an end-of-the-meet conference, turns out I was correct.  I wound up running a crappy 25.00.  OMG!

I had the nerve to accept some the young guys' invitation to run the 4x100.  I ran lead-off and handed off in decent fashion.  Unfortunately, legs 2 and 3, Marlon and Jerome, had some difficulty on the handoff and dropped the baton.  By the time the baton reached Nolan, we were way out of the race.  We probably ran close to 50 seconds, which is about the time Nolan ran in the open 400.

It was a frustrating day.  The highlight of my day, a master's PR n the 400, doesn't even count.  Only in my memory and in this blog post will it live.  That stinks!

Sat, 6/7--went to Westtown to warm up, do a few drills, and practice my start.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Exhausting week/weak!

Exhausting week/weak!

Friday, June 6--took day off.  tired.

Thursday, June 5-EA's graduation.  Mad busy.  No time to run.

Wednesday, June 4-went to the Y at 5:45 AM to do a little running and lifting.  Mile/lift/mile/lift/half-mile

Monday, June 2--made my to the track at 5:45 AM for some 150s.  21,21,20,20,19,19.

Sunday, June 1-Ran 2.2M. Headed to Swarthmore College's graduation.