Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heavy legs.

Thursday, 3/31/11--distance in the Borough. Got there late. 7:00 pace for first four miles. Caught up with a few guys at the 5.5-mile mark. Slowed down with them to about 7:20 pace for a mile or. Pulled away and ran last portion of run at 7:00 pace. 56:00. Heavy legs.

Wednesday, 3/30/11--Went to Westtown School to run some 200s with diminishing rests.
I decided on 3 sets of 4x200s with a 800m jog in-between sets. The first set would be in 32s with 50 seconds' rest; the second set would be in 31s with 45 seconds' rest; and the third set would be in 30s with 40 seconds' rest. My first set was in 33s, 2nd set in 32s and third set in 31s. I took the rest periods as planned. My 800 jog-rest was in the 5:30-range. With a mile warm-up and cool down, the mileage was 4.5 miles. Not a bad job at 5:45 in the morn.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, it's over. High hopes have faded.

Tuesday, March 29

The spring is upon us, but it sure doesn't feel like it. Henderson, 29 degrees, slight headwind.

Henderson. 4 x 1200. 5K pace. 200 jog in-between.
Run 1--4:25 (44 sec/200; 5:55/mile pace. 18:20 5K pace.)
Run 2--4:18 (43+ sec/200; 5:46/mile pace. 17:55 5K pace.)
Run 3--stopped at the 600 (2:07). Then, rejoined group with 200 to go.
Run 4--4:12 (42 sec/200; 5:38/mile pace. 17:30 5K pace)

I stayed with the top group. Two of us broke off on the last one. I have to get these 1200s down by 5-10 seconds and soon. Despite stopping on the third one, this workout give me the confidence boost I need to leave my indoor season behind and to forge a new path for the spring season. Mileage: 5.5

The last time I did this workout was on 10/5, which was Wet, Windy, Colder. Henderson. 4 x 1200. 5K pace. 200 jog in-between.
Run 1--4:35 (46 sec/200; 6:06/mile pace. 18:55 5K pace.)
Run 2--4:13 (42+ sec/200; 5:37/mile pace. 17:25 5K pace.)
Run 3--4:11 (42 sec/200; 5:35/mile pace. 17:19 5K pace)
Run 4--4:03 (40 sec/200; 5:24/mile pace. 16:44 5K pace)

Average run--4:16 (42+ sec/200; 5:41. 17:39 5K pace)

I also did this workout on 8/31/10: 4x1200 at or below 5K pace.with a 200 jog rest That morn, everyone agreed to take the easy...6 minute pace. We thought we'd do in 45 seconds per 200, and then drop a second per 200 for the other 1200s.
Trial 1: 4:31 (~45s)
Trial 2: 4:23 (~44s)
Trial 3: 4:17 (~43s)
Trial 4: 3:58 (~39s)--

Monday, March 28.

Recovery run-- 3 Rustin loops:
loop 1: 17:20 (3:55, 8:00, 15:45(7:45), 17:20)--7:53 pace
loop 2: 16:00 (21:00, 24:50(7:30), 32:00(7:10), 33:20)--7:16 pace
loop 3: 15:00 (36:45, 40:20(7:00), 47:10(6:50), 48:20)--6:49 pace

6.6 miles in 48:20; 7:19 pace.

Sunday, March 27.

Well, it's over. High hopes have faded: my indoor season has come to a close. I wish I could say I went out with a bang, but I can't. I concluded the season with a mediocre 800 meter time in the 2:09/2:10-range, which is what I believe I accomplished near the beginning of the season. So much for growth! So much for valued-added workouts! To say I am disappointed is an understatemrnt. Even though I realize I am not as fit as I should be, I really thought I'd run 2:07 or better. But it wasn't to be.

I arrived at University of Delaware at about 1:00, which game me plenty of time to get acclimated for my 3:15 race, which was later changed to 3:00. I warmed up a mile or so and kept jogging and stretching. I learned that teammate Nick Berra would be running the 800, so I figured I'd try to keep in close contact with him and that he could pull me to a good time. At the time of race check-in, I learned that Nick would be in a different heat. I'd be in the heat after his and with a 32-year old guy named Brian Tordo, who had beaten me in the past. Anyway, Nick's race spawned envy in me. He took control of the race immediately, running 28s for the first 200, 57-58s for the 400, 1:28 for the 600, and finishing up at 1:59.00 FAT (1:58.8 HT). He won by 10 seconds, nearly the margin I lost by in the next heat.

There were only 4 of us in my heat. The gun went off and I got right behind Brian. He hit the 200 in 28s, I in 29s. I heard :59 at the 400; I was at :61. I realized that I was on pace for a good race, but I could also tell that I was laboring more than I should have been and was losing ground. It wasn't until the end of the race that I realized that I was losing ground at an alarming rate. By the time I reached the 600 mark, Brian had about 25 meters on me. I heard 1:33. I told myself to push the last lap, thinking that I could run 2:06. But, given the final time, I must've done anything but this.... Brian finished up in 2:01. As it turned out he ran: 28, 59(31), 1:30(31), and 2:01(31). My mediocre self ran 29, 61(32), 1:33(32), 2:10(37). Was the last lap really THAT slow? It didn't feel like it. Boy did I feel diminished! Maybe the splits that were called were inaccurate. Maybe the gentleman meant to say 1:34 or 1:35; this would have made more sense.

Mileage: 2.5

Sunday, March 27, 2011

a little down about my fitness level

Sunday, March 27th--today the Mid-Atlantic Championship Meet is being held at U of Delaware. I plan to run the 800 and a relay. Despite being a little down about my fitness level, I will do my best to drop a season's best. What's remarkable is that I felt the same way right before this same meet in March 2009. But, I wound up running 2:04, which would be fine with me. That early March 2009 post is worth reading.

Saturday, March 26--went to Westtown School's track for a briefy. warmed up. stretched. 3x150s at various paces: one for first lap of 800, one for first second lap of 400, and one for first lap of 400. (400 just in case I am asked to run the 4x400 at today's Mid-Atlantic Championship Meet at U of Delaware.) Unfortunately, these 150s did not feel particularly great; I thought I was running faster than I actually was. The first one was supposed to be 800 race pace (the first lap of the 800). I ran the 150 in 24, not 22.5, but I felt like I was going at 22-sec pace...based on the energy I was expending. Boy was I off. The second one was supposed to be the pace of the second 200 in a 400 meter race, or 21 seconds. It turned out I had run 22 seconds. The third 150 was supposed to be the pace of the first 200 in a 400 meter race, or 20 seconds or better. I ran 21.

I was supposed to run mid-22s, low-21s, and 20s or better. Instead I ran 24,22,and 21, an average of more than a second off per 150.

Friday, March 25--4.4 miles easy.

Thursday, March 24--Did slight downhill 300s (6 in all) on the street behind Rustin's stadium. Jogged 300 back to start; 2:20 break. 47,47,47,45,44,44. worked on strong arm action. Total distance: 4 miles

Wednesday, March 23--Penn Oaks. Lift. Two miles.

Tuesday, March 22--went to Henderson for first workout of spring season. The workout was 6x800 with 200 m jog in-between. Got there late, missed the first one, did the second one, stopped halfway through the third one, and then decided I didn't 1) feel that great and 2) would prefer some light jogging as part of my week's taper. So, I jogged 2 miles. Total for the day 4 miles.
Monday, March 21--2.2 mile loop.
Sunday, March 20--drove to Penn Oaks to lift. 2 miles on treadmill.
Saturday, March 19--6x200 in 30 (7.5s/50m), 5x150 in 21 (7s/50m), 4x100 in 13 (6.5s/50m). With jogs in-between and warm-up+cool down, total distance was about 4.5.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tired legs

Friday, 3/16/11--2.2 miles in AM; 2.2 miles in PM. Tired legs this afternoon. Windy 75 degrees. 4.4 miles

Thursday, 3/17/11--1.8 miles in AM. Then, after work I did the Sit 'n Kick workout.
Pretty mild day--slight wind, 65 degrees.

5x (400m @ 65 . . . rest 60-sec . . . 150m @ 21) jog 1200m btw sets. 6.6 miles, including 1 mi+ warm-up and 1 mi+ cool down.

My runs were 65/23, 65/23, 65/22, 64/24, 62/23. I still couldn't seem to hit the 21-second 150. Like last Sunday, I kept to 60 seconds or so between the 400s and 150s and to 8:00 exactly for my 1200 jog-rest.

I felt somewhat refreshed after this workout.

It was also refreshing to be asked by the Conestoga JV coaches advice about coaching. I remember those days.

Wednesday, 3/16/11--drove to Penn Oaks--lifted.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today I did some hills in the Borough with 40 other folks. Warmed up a mile, stretched. We started with a .5 mile run--same route as last week. The pedestrian pace felt faster than three minutes. Then we moved right into 4 swift hills. I was a little winded but otherwise fine. We took a minute's rest and went right into the second half mile, which was a bit faster than the first. Ed was at 2:45. Kevin and John at 2:47, Joe Breslin, another guy and me at 2:50. Cooled down. Total miles: 5

Monday, March 14, 2011

Today I did a really easy 4.4 over 2 Rustin loops. 35:25-- 18:25/17:00. My legs are indeed tight and heavy. Looking forward to something harder tomorrow, although my feet and ankles are taking a pounding.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

This would be the start of an affair towards

Sunday, 3/14/11--Penn Oaks run. Easy 24:30 (7:25 pace) to get there and 23:25 (7:00)to get home. 6.6 miles

Saturday, 3/13/11--
I set out for Westtown School's track to do Sit 'n Kick Reps at 5x (400m @ 65 . . . rest 60-sec . . . 150m @ 21) jog 1200m btw sets. This would be the start of an affair towards 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest :30 . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets. 6.6 miles, including 1 mi+ warm-up and 1 mi+ cool down.

It was about 50 degrees and slightly windy. I warmed up 1 mile or so and stretched pretty well. My runs were 65/23, 65/23, 65/22, 64/22, 62/22. I just couldn't seem to hit the 21-second 150 for this workout. There's something humbling about having to push myself to run a 22-second 150!

I kept to 60 seconds or so between the 400s and 150s and to 8:00 exactly for my 1200 jog-rest. I remember the days of 9 and 10 minutes back in 2009.

I felt somewhat refreshed after this workout.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little different, I know.

Friday, 3/11/11--took it easy. Went to Penn Oaks. Decided to do on and off miles: I ran an easy 8 minute mile on treadmill, lifted for 3-4 minutes, then hopped back on the treadmill. Did this 4 times for 4 miles. A little different, I know.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

legs tired and heavy

3/11/11--downpour. ran late! drove to Penn Oaks. warmed up mile. stretched. did 3x1:35 on treadmill set at 4:24 for .32, or 500 meters. took 3 minute rest interval. then did 3x1:00 on treadmill set at 4:18 for .18/.19, or about 300 meters. took 2 minute rest interval. cooled down 1 mile.

3/10/11--legs tired and heavy. Did 3 loops on the Rustin XC course. Door to door--4.7 miles. 37:00

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hard feelings from the hills

3/9/11--hills in the borough. we were to do 6, followed by an 800 around the block. the 6 were kind of swift, but the recovery in-between was tough. we were virtually running down the hill. i fell back rather immediately but kept in reasonable contact. i'd gain a bit going up the hill and lose it coming down. after 6, we waited for everyone and then commenced with the 800. i felt pretty good, so good that i pushed the pace a bit, including up the hill to the finish. the 800 made up for any hard feelings from the hills

3/8/11--4.4 miles. easy. the legs felt tired and heavy, though. 17:50/15:35

Monday, March 7, 2011

too much headwind

3/7/11--i am about to do some easy miles. 5 miles


3/6/11--penn oaks and back. Drizzling. 24:05 en route there; 23:10 en route back home. 6.6 miles Total mileage for week ending today-->34.8 miles

3/5/11--special day. still worked out. went to Westtown School in afternoon to do 8 400s. got there. after warming up and whatnot, i did the first 400 in :70 as planned. jogged 400. then went to do next 400 in :63, but the wind, though it was warmer, was just a bear. i crossed the 200 in :32 and stopped at the 250 meter mark in :40. then decided to modify my plans. felt like a cheater. anyway, i decided to do 300 in :48, followed by a 200 meter jog in 1:30, followed by a 100 stride in :16, followed by a 200 jog. I did 8 of these. Counting the initial 400 and 250 runs, this all made for a good workout. 6.5 miles

for whatever reason i get defeated by too much headwind, particular when I am trying to do a speed workout. i need to learn to fight through it.

3/4/11--took off.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Let's keep this going.

Thurs. 7.9 in Borough. Did 1 minute pick-ups starting from university. Finished last of 8 near Henderson tennis courts and playing fields. Took easy pace to country club end. Felt pretty good.

Let's keep this going.

Wed. 2 Rustin loops: 17:20/15:05-->32:25. 4.4

Tues. mile warm-up 4 Hills at Rustin stadium (:57/:58), .5 mi jog to house and 6 hills adjacent our house (:41/:42). Mile cool down. 5 miles

Mon. 4.4 miles

Sun. 8x400 with a 400m, 3:30 jog-rest. 1, 3,4,6,7 in 70; 2,5,8 in 65, 66, and 63.
6 miles

TOTAL for week ending today-->28.5 miles

Sat. Went to Penn State for HS state meet. Took day off.

Fri. 6.6 mile fartlek