Sunday, March 28, 2010

try to deal with the aftermath

It's been about a week since my last post. My calf injury still lingers, but today I caught a glimpse of healing. Unlike a few days ago when I tried to run only to fail a mile or so into it, today I was able to run to Penn Oaks, lift, and run back...and at my normal pace. I did feel the leg, especially during the last 2/10 of a mile, and I felt a little flat-footed, but I did finish the run.
En route to PO:
half-mile: 3:50
mile: 7:35
2 mile: 15:10
3 mile: 22:25
3.3 mile: 24:35

En route to home:
.2: 1:16
mile: 7:05
"the tree": 9:32
Street Rd: 16:45
2.8: 20:15
3.1: 22:30
3.3: 23:50

Overall, the run felt pretty normal, outside the calf problem. The could mean that I have lost too much in terms of conditioning.

I did a cold-hot leg therapy session afterwards to try to deal with the aftermath of the run. I have to remember not to push myself--my calf--too much, particularly since the other calf has to overcompensate.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The awful taste of defeat is enough

The awful taste of defeat is enough to make one vomit. It's over, my season that campaign to hit 2:00. Despite an early season 2:02, with the exception of a few days here and there, the vast majority of the last 10 weeks have been characterized by poor performances, injuries, and shotty workouts. Actually, this last year I've been prone to injury: first there was the hamstring, then the plantar fasciitis, then the near-ruptured achilles, then the broken finger, then the nerve issue in the hip, and finally the strained calf. Perhaps there should be a warning sign for those of us nearing "that" age: BEWARE: if you intend to stay fit and competitive it's gonna mean an injury every time you turn around.

I have gained 7 pounds this week alone! My metabolism even smells the blood in the water! It looks like I will be starting all over again because this injury may take more time than I had imagined. The awful taste of defeat is enough to make one vomit.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looks like my season is coming to a halt

Looks like my season is coming to a halt! I thought I'd do a track workout today and just couldn't. I did a 400 in 65, passed on my 150, jogged 800 and tried another 400. I got to the 200 mark in :31 and cramped up. I then went home and tried to do some jogging. After .75 I knew my attempt had come to an end. I just finished icing a very sore--perhaps torn--calf. I will phone my last resort, a masseuse who specializes in running injuries who is supposed to be very good. Arrrgghhh

Friday, March 19, 2010

being injured sucks!

I ran this morning, tight calf and all. Because I was favoring my left calf, I wound up making my right calf tight as well. I only did 4.4 miles--two of what I call Rustin loops.
3:55 (.5)
7:55 (1)
15:35 (2)
17:10 (1-2.2 mile loop)
20:45 (1.7)
31:45 (4.2)
33:10 (4.4)

I will try to massage my leg tonight so that I can see if I am ready for a track workout tomorrow. Overall, though, being injured sucks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This really stinks.

It's terrible being injured. My calf has sidelined me for the last few days. I made an attempt to do the Tuesday morning workout @ Henderson of 5x1000 with a 200 meter jog. I could only make it to the 650 mark of the second 1000 (I was a little late and was stretching during the first 1000) and to the 850 of the fourth one. My calf cramped badly and I've been nursing it ever since. I've gotten a massage, used heating pads, gone through finger fulls of icy hot and analgesic gels, and I am not feeling confident that I will be ready by next week, given my third straight day off. This weekend will be it--do or die. That's why I haven's been doing ANYTHING. I am feeling guilty, though, because I should be in the gym lifting. Maybe I will go this evening. This really stinks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

This morning was indeed dark!

This morning was indeed dark! I forgot about the impact of daylight savings on early morning! I warmed up 1 mile, stretched and attempted to do 10x100. My goal was to simply to get up on my toes and achieve a relaxed sprint, which I haven't done in quite a long time. The first 5 were to be in :14-:15; the second five were to be 12-13. The reason I say attempted is because my left calf cramped up on my ninth run, so I called it quits. First five runs: 15-low, 14-mid, 14-low, 14-low, 14-low; second five: 12-high, 13-low, 13-low, 14-cramp...

Hopefully, if I do this again next week I will have no issues with my legs. My goal then will be high :13s for set 1 and :12s for set 2.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nice 'N Even

Sunday, 3/14/10--Today I did Penn Oaks. En route: 25:20 (7:50,15:45,--) 3.3. Pace was comfortable at 7:40. On way home: 24:15. (7:20 first mile). Pace was 7:21. Nice 'n even.

Saturday, 3/13/10--Rain, rain, go away! The rain was steady and sometimes heavy today. I went to Westtown School in hopes of getting in a workout. When I got out of the van, the rain picked up and so did the wind. I decided to head to Swarthmore to see if the indoor facility was open. It was not, so I figured I'd just do my workout in the conditions Mother Nature gifted us. I warmed up and began stretching when I noticed that one of the college students was let into the field house by someone inside. Heck--I figured two could play at the game. I went to the door, flashed my alumni id, and then went inside. After a brief conversation with the would-be host, the lacrosse coach, I stretched and began my workout. I figured I'd do 5 sets of 400-1 minute break-then 150, followed by a 1200m jog-rest. The 400s were to be in 64, and the 150s were to be in 21. By the time I began, other people were beginning to trickle into the building. The workout did not begin as well as I would have liked. The first 400 was 66, and the follow-up 150 was in 22. I told myself to get my cheeks in gear, which is what I did! The next set was 64, 21. Then 63, 21. Then 63, 21. Then 61, 21. My left calf began to throb after the third set. That damned indoor track! This workout was a notch off last year's by an average of 1 second per 400.(see below). Total 6.5 miles.

Overall, this much-needed workout was a good one. My next goal, if I do this workout next weekend, is 64,20; 63,20; 62,20; 61,20; 60,20.

This same day last year I made my way to the track at Penncrest HS. It was 45 degrees. I did Sit 'n Kick Reps--5x (400m @ 65 . . . rest 1:00 . . . 150m @ 20) jog 1200m btw sets was the goal. Did: 65, 21; 63, 20; 60, 22; 63, 21; 61; 21. I rested 1:00 minute between 400s and 150s and jogged 1200m btw sets.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Thursday, March 11, 2010

later on

Thursday, 3/11/10--ran 7.9 in the Borough with the usual suspects. My legs felt a bit heavy as we hit 29:40 at the 4-mile mark and later on when we ended in 59:20. We are supposed to have a string of rainy days, but I am hopeful that I can get in some good interval work. 28.3 miles thus far this week.
Plan: Friday-lift; Saturday-intervals (maybe with son); Sunday-Penn Oaks run and lift (maybe with son).

Wednesday, 3/10/10--went to Westtown to do some 300s. Warm up 1.1 mile. Got a bit of a late start and wound up doing 2 sets of 3 300s with a 2-min rest in-between each during which I walked 100 and jogged 100. I took 6 minutes between each set during which I walked 100 and jogged 600. My runs were 48,48,50;49,46,47. Cool down .75. Total for the day. 3.7

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Tuesday, 3/9/10--
hip hurting.
strong start. 56,54,52,54
stopped after 4 at bottom of hill.
skipped #5
#6: 60
#7: 53
#8: 55
cool down.

5.25 total (16.75 thus far this week)

Monday, 3/8/10--3 Rustin loops--6.6
15:50 (2mi)
17:25 (loop 1; 2.2 mi)
25:00 (3mi)
33:50 (16:25--loop 2; 4.4 mi)
49:10 (15:20--loop 3; 6.6 mi)

hip hurting.

6.6 miles

Sunday, 3/7/10--Glen Mills--Mid Atlantic Champs.
not many people
good warm up
bad race
2:09.8/2:10.02 FAT (35)
2nd place against a younster

2.25 miles

Saturday, 3/6/10--did 2x200 and 2x150


Friday, 3/5/10--took off

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I could see the flickering armband

Today I made my way to WC Borough for a run with the group. I got there a couple of minutes late and spent the run trying to catch up with the group. I decided yesterday that I would only do the first 4.15 miles with the group and then turn off route to head back to my car...for a 5.1 mile total. The group had well over a minute (probably .25 miles) on me as I began the run. I could see the flickering armband of one of the guys a few blocks away. I came within 100 meters of them before turning off; I don't think they noticed me. I hit the 4-mile mark in 28:28 (7:07 pace) and took the last mile or so easy, getting to my car in 37:00. 5.1 Total for week (Sat-Thurs.) thus far: 25.3 miles.

Yesterday I drove to Penn Oaks and did a quick lift--3 upper body machines (3 sets) and 5 legs machines (2 sets).

Tomorrow (Friday, 3/5/10): I plan to drive to Penn Oaks to lift.
Saturday (3/6/10): lots of stretching and drills; 2x200 in :29, 2x150 in :20
Sunday (3/7/10): race day. Goal: 30/31(61),31/32(63)=2:04

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The cool down felt pretty good.

Hills. Did not go as well. Legs were tired. Couldn't keep up. Ran 60 or better for each hill, though. 60,58,56,58,59,59,58,53. The cool down felt pretty good.

5.2 miles; 20.2 miles thus far this week.

Wed--drive and lift
Thurs--7.9 in town
Fri--strides and pick-ups
Sat--strides and pick-ups

Monday, March 1, 2010

Simple, nothing special.

Ran close to 4 today around the neighborhood at an easy pace--33:00. Simple, nothing special. Saturday to Monday--15 miles thus far.