Tuesday, May 31, 2016

my path to recovery

Monday, 5/30-Went to the Y with V for a little lifting and work in the pool.  I couldn't run on account of my swollen and aching achilles.  This is yet another injury on what I thought would be my path to recovery.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

woefully so

Met up with a few teammates (Bruce, John, Chuck S., Carl S., Duncan, among others) at Radnor HS for a nice workout.   

Back on 7/25/15, Bruce and I attempted this workout, but Bruce had to bail after the first few because of his calf.

John and I planned for the "pick-up reps" workout: 8 x 400, with runs 2, 5, and 8 faster than the others.  The rest between reps was supposed to be 3 minutes.  I was shooting for 70s on the slower ones (1,3,4,6, and 7) and 64 on the faster ones. Bruce and Carl's workout was to do only the faster 400s, three in all.  Chuck S. et. all were pretty much doing an ad hoc version of 8x400.

Needless to say, I was way off pace, sometimes woefully so. 
Run 1: 71-low
Run 2: 65-low
Run 3: 71-low
Run 4: 71-mid
Run 5: 67-mid
Run 6: 73-high
Run 7: skipped
Run 8: 62

These are the kind of numbers I used to post towards the beginning of the season!  All things considered, I am okay with it. Unfortunately, my achilles, which was already tender, is now inflamed.  Ouch!

It was great seeing Bruce and Carl run well today.  This was a confidence booster for them.  Their next step is to 5/8 of the workout as designed or do all eight 400s but at a more reasonable pace.  
Here's what I'm thinking for them:

2:16-2:19 800 meter race goal

2:20-2:23 800 meter race goal

Friday, May 27, 2016

I was aching to finish

Friday, 5/28-Neighborhood run of 3.35M in 25:10.

Thursday, 5/26/16-Time trial at Henderson at 5:55 AM.  I arrived at 5:30 to warm up.  No one was there initially, so I wondered whether I had heard the message correctly on Tuesday.  People began to arrive shortly.  It wasn't until about 5:50 that I learned that we'd be running 800 meters.  On Tuesday, I heard Kevin mention 1200.  I was thankful.

I was reasonably stretched, but certainly not race-ready, having done no strides or anything.

We mounted the line.  I started well and found myself behind Ed, with Scott out front.  We hit the 200 in order at 30, 31, 32.  At the 300 mark, I thought about going around Ed, but I was cautious.  We hit the 400 in the same order at 62, 64, 65.  Ed began to pull away from me at the 500 mark.  Shucks!  I didn't look down at the 600 mark, but I knew Scott was about five seconds ahead of me and Ed three.

Coming up the homestretch, my back tightened and I was aching to finish.  I could hear Kevin saying 2:08 (Scott), 2:09, 2:10 (Ed), 2:11, 2:12, 2:13, 2:14, 2:15 (Delvin).  John Manion ran 2:22 and the host of others came in after he did.  My achilles is bothering me.

Wednesday, 5/25-took off

Tuesday, 5/24-The 5:50 AM workout at Henderson HS was a continuous 2.5M, the first mile at Broad Street Run pace (10M), the second mile at 10K pace, and the last 800 in 5K pace.  In my condition, this meant coming through the first mile in 6:30, covering the second mile in 6:10, and finishing the last 800 with a sub-3:00.  I came through the first mile in 6:35, I dropped the pace some, but I couldn't hold it.  I took a break for the equivalent of a lap.  I then finished up with 4:30 1200, covering the last 800 in sub-3:00.

Monday, 5/23-Neighborhood run of 3.35M in 25:20.  My achilles is a little tender.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

my plan was to take it easy

Sunday, 5/22/16

Met up with a nice size crew at Radnor High School at 8AM.

The workout was Rob's creation: 200, 100 jog (45-60 sec), 200, 6 sets.  400 (4:00) walk between sets.  The other crews did their own thing.

Of course my plan was to take it easy, on account of this being my first track workout since my injury.

set 1: 36, 36
set 2: 35, 35
set 3: 33, 33
set 4: 32, 33
set 5: 31, 32

This moderate workout will hopefully serve as my transition to full recovery from injury.

Bruce and Rob were troopers.  Rob had to bail with a couple sets remaining on account of a sore calf.   As always, Rob is smart about listening to his body!  Bruce hung in there and mustered the strength pull through this workout.  He worked some magic and made it through.  What can I say?  The man has heart.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

I have to strengthen the left hamstring!

Sat, 5/21-took off

Fri, 5/20-Went to the Y in the afternoon with my wife.  Did mile on donut (6:40), 4:00 of lifting (hamstring curls again), .5M on treadmill at 6:20 pace, 4:00 of upper body lifting and stretching, .75M on donut in 4:45.

Thurs, 5/20-Went to the Y in the afternoon with my wife.  Did .75M on donut (5:00), 4:00 of lifting (hamstring curls), .75M on treadmill at 6:20 pace, 4:00 of upper body lifting and stretching, .75M on donut in 4:45.  I have to strengthen the left hamstring!

Wed, 5/19-ran 2.33M around neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cannot Recall

Tues, 5/17-Ran 2.35M around neighborhood. 17:25

Mon, 5/16-Ram 3.3M around neighborhood. 25:00

Sun, 5/15-en route to PA from Ohio

Sat, 5/14-went to the Y with my wife.  Did mile/lift/mile/lift.  Miles were 7:00, 6:30, 6:00.

Fri, 5/13-took off

Thurs, 5/12-ran the XC course, which is now mangled due to construction

Wed, 5/11-cannot recall

Tues, 5/10-cannot recall

Mon, 5/9-cannot recall

Sun, 5/8-cannot recall

Sat, 5/7-cannot recall

Fru, 5/6-cannot recall

Thus, 5/5-cannot recall

Wed, 5/4-cannot recall

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Poor Penn

Tues, May 3-took off

Mon, May 2-took off

Sun, May 1-took off

Sat, April 30th-did not compete in the 4x400 at Penn.  Pulled hamstring.  Here's the video of the team's race.


Friday, April 29th-Penn Relays

Arrived at the athletes' entrance at 1:00 PM to meet Chuck.
Hung out with team for a little while before beginning our warmup for the 100 on the infield.
Jogged about a mile, stretched and did strides.
Felt okay, but it was cool (mid-high 50s) and moist on this day.  There was occasional sun, but it wasn't pretty.
Wound up having lane 7.
Got blown away for 7th place in a sluggish 12.40.
Penn Relays 2016 M40100

Felt a little stitch, but I thought it was just a little stiffness after the race.
Hung out for a while.
Eventually went with the relay squad to warmup for the 4x100 on the soccer field.
Did about a mile, stretched and did baton exchange/passes.
Felt a little stiff, but did not notice anything significant.
Made our way to Franklin Field.
Once I was on the field getting prepared for our race, which would be in about five minutes or so, I started to feel my leg get a little stiff, sore, maybe even knotty.
Thought I'd be okay.
Not even 15 meters after I got the baton in lane 9 I pulled my left hamstring.
Finished my leg on account of wanting the other guys to run.
Ran about a second slower than I would have.
Team time 49.01.