Friday, March 30, 2012


Thursday, 3/29/12--lifted a little.

Wednesday, 3/28/12--Plan: 6 x 200, speed 2 @ 30, 2 @ 29, 2 @ 28 seconds/rest 3 minutes. Mile warm-up. Actual: 6x200 w/ 3 min rest/200m walk in-between repeats: 31, 30, 29, 29, 28, 27. Cooled down mile.
Total 2.5 miles

This was 6AM, of course.

This workout compares decently to what I did this date/day 3 years ago. (This year I was about 1 second slower per 200 on average. I split 53.1 at Penn in 2009. Could I expect to go 54 and change? Perhaps I can get myself back on pace for a 53.) The workout three years ago even followed an identical workout the day before. Twins? Check it out:

Tuesday, 3/24/09--Henderson. Distance workout. Cold--28 degrees! 1.1 mile warm-up.
6x800 w/ 400m non-stop jog in-between: 3:00, 2:56; 2:52; 2:48; 2:48; 2:40. 6800m
1200m cool down--.75 Total: 6.1 miles

Wednesday, 3/25/09--Plan: 6 x 200 speed 30 seconds/rest 3 minutes. Mile warm-up. 6x200 w/ 3 min rest/200m walk in-between repeats: 30, 29, 28, 28, 29, 27. Cooled down 800. Total 2.25 miles

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

second workout of the spring season

Went to Henderson for the second workout of the spring season. (I missed the first--last week.) The workout was 5-6x1000 with a 200m jog recovery. I wasn't quite up to this workout, so I decided to do 800s instead...and only 5. My runs were 2:57, 2:50, 2:49, 2:43, 2:34.

Monday, March 26, 2012


recovery run--5.7M in 41:29. 7:17 pace

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The indoor season is officially over


Well, the indoor season is officially over. Despite the fact that I did not accomplish my goals, I am hopeful that the outdoor season will be a good one.

Today, Mid-Atlantic Championship meet was held at the University of Delaware. Unlike last year when my focus was incisively the 800, this year I decided to branch out a bit by competing in the 60, 800, and 200, which immediately followed the 800. Despite the gold I received in each of my events for my age group, I am neither cocky nor confident. First, I know I was disappointed that there wasn't a stronger showing in the 800 to buoy my efforts. Second, I have plenty of work to do...and I need a greater, more singular focus; I have to stop trying running 60s and 6-milers.  It's challenging to get better without a sharp, distinct focus.

I arrived at the venue before it began, as the 60 was the second event. I warmed up well and felt pretty good. I was assigned heat 9, lane 7. I got out of the blocks as well as I could have, considering I don't use blocks in practice or practice starts for that matter. Anyway, I finished 2nd in my race (7.91 F.A.T.), but earned gold because the first place finisher is not a member of Mid-Atlantic. Aha!

The 800 was a replay of the one I ran at Widener. I knew going into the race that the competition was absent, that the race for me would be a time trial of the sort. Boy was I right. Although I led the race from start to finish and won by over 15 seconds, I was underwhelmed with my performance, as I was still hoping to run a second per lap faster. Too ambitious? Perhaps. My splits were 31,63(32),1:36(33) and 2:10.23(34). At least I got slower in a rather orderly fashion! There's always a bright side, you know.

Finally, the 200 came...and went. Despite the relatively little rest I enjoyed, I decided to give the 200 a whirl. I was in lane heat 6, lane 3. Craig had succomb to a groin injury and pulled out (no pun intended). There was no one in lane 4, Lonnie Hooker (I think) in lane 5, and another guy in lane 6. The gun went off, and Lonnie was gone. Had I been in lane 4, I would have had a better showing. I would've lost anyway, but a better showing would have been in the cards. Also, had I bagged the 800, which I almost did in favor of putting all of my energy in the 200, I think I would've run up to a second faster. However, I am glad I did the 200 to cap off a 3-event day. I strided to a 25.57, while Lonnie sped to a 23.81! Scintillating, I know! The guy in lane 6 managed 27 and change.

I need to get my mind and body set for my first outdoor meet, which will be held at Widener next weekend. Here we go. Penn is a cool month away.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

She did fine

Saturday--took daughter to Y. Warmed up a mile with her. Cooled down .5M, after she did 5x 75 second runs on the treadmill, which was set to 7.1, then 7.4, then 7.7, then 8.0, then 8.3 (just under 6:53 or so mile pace). She did fine. Next time I will start at 7.5.

Friday--ran 4.4, easy pace, 35:30.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Felt reasonably well

Wednesday 3/21--did 10 x 150 w/ 2:15-2:30 rest. Goal was 2 24s, 2 23s, 2 22s, 2 21s, and 2 20s. My runs were: 24,23,25,23,21,22,21,21,20,20. Felt reasonably well.

Tuesday 3/20- took off. Tired. Slept in a bit.

Monday 3/19--dropped car off at shop and ran back home. 2.7 in 19:00+

Sunday 3/18--went to Y with family. Alternated lifting and miles on the 16-lap-to-the-mile indoor track. 6:52, 6:37, 6:22.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Took it easy with my heavy legs.

3/17--went to Westtown School to do some pick-up reps: 8x 400m @ 70 w/2:45 (200m walk) interval and #s 2,5,8 @ 63. The weather was a balmy 63 degrees. I thought the coincidental 63 degrees was a sign that my workout would ring with the same number, at least on the 2nd, 5th and 8th 400s. Boy was I wrong. After the first 400 in a sluggish 71 sec, I knew I had a long workout ahead of me. The 2nd 400 was in 65-flat.

#5--stopped 40 seconds into it...with a little less than 150m to go; I was on 63 second pace. I felt like an idiotic turd, a whimp for stopping. I took only 2 minutes rest, walking 150m, and went right into #6
#8--63, but barely! FINALLY

I cooled down a bit, picked up Bria and returned to the track to work with her on some sprinting. My "part 2" consisted of a warm-up of 800, light stretching, a few sprint drills, a 16-second 100 (with Bria), and an 800m cool down.

3/16--Ran 4.5M in 35:00. Took it easy with my heavy legs.

3/15--Like last Thurs,I ran 100s at 6 AM. This time I had time for only 12. The idea was to run 3 in 15s, 3 in 14s, 3 in 13s, and 3 in 12. Hit most of the times, but didn't feel that sharp. Was especially disappointed with the 13.1, 13.0, and 12.8I ran for the 100s that were supposed to be in the 12-sec range.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

largely modified

Wednesday, 3/14--took day off; too much work to do.

Tuesday, 3/13--transition workout #2 in the Borough. Arrived late. 60 seconds to strethc. Began with half-mile loop around block (had some hills)--2:49; 1 min rest followed by 4 long hills (spent the first hill trying to stretch); 1 min rest, followed by half mile again--2:50.

Monday, 3/12--4.4M in 33:00--Rustin loop 1--17:15; loop 2--15:45.

Sunday, 3/11--did a largely modified version of Russian intervals.
Russian intervals usually consist of 5x (3x300m @ 48 w/jog 100m at 30-sec) Jog 800m between sets. I planned for 5x (2x300m @ 48 w/jog 100m at 60-sec) Jog 900m between sets. My runs were 47,49; 48,48; 48,48; 48,48; 47,47. I was generally pleased, but I wish I had someone to run with me so that I can did lower in the 40s, add more 300s, or cut down the break some.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hit all the times, but

Saturday, 3/10--ran from WC Tire & Service Co to the Y in 18:40 (2.6M), lifted, then ran back to pick up my car.

Friday--took the day off.

Thurs, 3/8--ran 14 100s at 6 AM. The idea was to run 4 in 15s, 4 in 14s, 4 in 13s, and 2 in 12. Hit all the times, but was disappointed with the 12.9 and 12.8 I ran for the 12-sec ones.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flat effort

Wednesday, 3/7--4.4M--2 Rustin loops: 16:30 loop 1, 15:10 loop 2= 31:40 total.

Tuesday, 3/6--hill transition workout. 6 hills, followed by half-mile loop. 11 minutes and change for 6 hills and 2:59 for the half. Fell off pace after 3 hills. Flat effort. Cooled down 1.5M or so.

Monday, 3/5--lifted at the Y.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old reliable

Sunday, 3/4--did 1.6 with Bosley, the pooch. Then, I turned around and did another 3.25 in 24:25, a recovery run.

Saturday, 3/3--went to Westtown School's track to do the old reliable Sit 'n Kick workout, modified with the substitution of the 200 for the 150. Workout: 400m, 1min rest, 150m, 1200 meter jog (5 sets).

Goal: 400m in 64 sec, 150m in 22 sec

Set 1: 65, 24
Set 2: 64, 22
Set 3: 64, 23
Set 4: 64, 20
Set 5: 63, 21

This compares favorably to the workout a couple of weeks ago.
Set 1: 65, 23
Set 2: 65, 24
Set 3: 65, 22
Set 4: 64, 22
Set 5: 63, 21

Friday, 3/2--went to the Y to lift.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

in 41 and change

Thursday--went to Westtown School this morning. Running late. Managed to get in 6 200s plus 2 100s. I aimed for 31 for the first 3 and 29 for the second 3. My runs were 31,32,31; 29,29,29. My 100s were in the 13-second range.

Wednesday--5.55 in 41:41.

Tuesday--hills in the Borough. Stood strong for first few, then trailed off. Was on pace to crack 16:00, but last 2-3 felt awful. 16:17.

Monday--simple 5.7M in 41 and change.