Sunday, April 19, 2015

And that's exactly what I did.

Sunday-Met up at Swarthmore with Rob, Ross and Wayne to practice handoffs.  I entered into practice as an alternate and left practice on the team.  I opted for an alternate spot weeks ago when I realized that ArtsFest conflicted with the 100 (and 4x100).  As it turns out, I could leave campus at 3:00, get down to Penn at 4:00, warm up from 4:15 until 5:10, report to the paddock area at 5:15, run at 5:45, leave Penn at 6:00, be back on campus at 7:15, shower, and report to the musical at 7:30!

Saturday-My original plan was to do 5 sets of 300, then 150.  On account of the plan to get together with the 4x100 team for handoff/exchange practice, I decided to dial it back, way back in fact.

I wound up doing 6x150.  I thought I might do 8x150 with 3:00 rest, but after a 21-second start I figured I'd stick to six and see whether I could go 2@21, 2@20, and 2@19.  And that's exactly what I did.

Set 1: 21-low, 21-mid
Set 2: 20-low, 20-low
Set 3: 19-mid, 19-mid

Friday-took off

Thursday-Did two Rustin-plus loops (about 4.3M) in 34:45 (18:15/16:30).

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm making progress.

Wed, 4/15/15-Went to the Y at 6:00 AM.

5:00 on donut track (7:00 pace)
5:00 upper body
5:00 on treadmill (7:00 pace)
5:00 upper body

Tues, 4/14--Went to Westtown School's track at 5:45 AM with the intention of doing 8x150 with 3:00 rest, hoping to benchmark myself against what I did about this time last year.

The target pace was the first two in 22, the second two in 21, the third two in 20, and the fourth two in 19.

Set 1: 22-low, 22-flat
Set 2: 21-low, 20-high
Set 3: 20-mid, 20-low

Running short on time, I decided to substitute 100s for the last two 150s.  13-low, 12-mid.

I'm making progress.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Did not feel great.

Sun, 4/12-

Ran about 4.9M in about 41:00.  Did not feel great.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

the first of its kind I've done in some time.

Sat, 4/11--

60 degrees and quite breezy.

Had my heart set on doing a modified sit 'n kick workout.  Instead of 5 sets of a 400, followed immediately by a 200, I decided to do a 300, followed immediately by a 150.  My recovery would be 1100 meters instead of the customary 1200.

My target pace was 48 for the 300s and 21 for the 150s--8 seconds per 50 meters for the 300 and 7 seconds per 50 meters for the 150s.

For the most part, I was off throughout the workout, the first of its kind I've done in some time.

Set 1: 300 in 49-mid; 150 in 22-low
Set 2: 300 in 49-low; 150 in 22-flat
Set 3: 300 in 48-mid; 150 in 21-high
Set 4: 300 in 48-mid; 150 in 21-mid
Set 5: 300 in 47-high; 150 in 20-mid

Trying to get going

Fri-went to Y in late afternoon with wife to do...

mile on donut (7:45)
mile on treadmill (7:30)
upper body lifting (5:00)
upper body lifting


Wed-went to Y for a little lifting

Tues-went to Westtown's track in early evening for 150s and 100s
150s-22-high, 22-low, 21-mid, 21-mid, 20-low, 20-mid, 20-low
100s-12-high, 12-mid

I'm trying to get going with my speed.

Mon-went to Y for a little running/lifting

Sun-3.75M at 8:00 pace...XC course

Friday, April 3, 2015

it didn't feel as easy as it should have felt.

Sat-Went to the Y with wife and daughter for a little workout:

  • 16 laps/"mile" warm up on donut-6:30
  • stretch and chat with Jason (Widener)
  • mile on treadmill-6:40
  • a little leg and upper body work 
  • 16 laps/"mile" on donut-5:57
  • went to pool for "cool down"

Fri-Went to the Y with wife for a little running and lifting.  Brief.

Thurs-took off the morning, with a plan to work out in the late afternoon/early evening.  My plan was initially 4x300, 4x200 and 4x100.  After considering some other versions, I decided on 8 x 150 meters with a 3:00 rest between each run.  I figured I'd run the first four in 22 and the second our in 20.

Set 1: 23-low, 22-low, 21-high, 22-low
Set 2: 20-mid, 19-high, 20-low, 20-low

Wed-took off

Tues-went to Westtown School at 5:45 to do: 4 x 300m (event run), speed: 48.3 seconds, rest: 5 minutes AND 3 x 200m, speed: 34.5-33.4-32.2 seconds, rest: 3 minutes.  I was a bit sluggish and have an okay workout.
300s: 50-low, 49-mid, and 48-high
200s: 34-mid, 32-high, and 31-high

Mon-At 6AM, I ran 3.4M easy, although it didn't feel as easy as it should have felt.