Wednesday, January 30, 2013

hills hard

Wednesday, 1/30--I stayed put and did 2 Rustin-plus loops, for a total of 4.4M in 32:06 (7:17 per mile pace).  The first loop was in 16:40 (7:34 pace); the second loop was in 15:26 (7:00 pace)

Tuesday, 1/29--Hills day with 55 others in 36 degree weather!  I am in a rut.  It's official.  Like last two weeks, I struggled today.  Actually, I really struggled...and under the weight of probable injury.  I had little energy to hit the hills hard.  I managed only 17:00, a full minute slower than what I was able to do 3 weeks ago.  That stinks.  So worried am I that I am hurt that I plan to see Ryan, the sports physical therapist who runs with us. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

I am concerned

Monday, 1/28/13--I took off today.  I am concerned that I have piriformis syndrome.  Everything I've read about what I am feeling in the upper hamstring and glute area leads me to this conclusion.  My butt is killing me!  As I write, I sit squarely (or "circularly") on a pair of blue Penn racquetballs.  They feel like they are going toe-to-toe, or cheek-to-cheek with the golf balls that have become the interior of my buns.  This is not good, folks.  Not good.  I have to see someone.

Sunday, 1/27/13--I competed at Glen Mills, deciding to make it a sprint day.  The day would be more of a workout rather than a day to post fast times.  I began with the 55m, thinking that it would be a good way to loosen me up.  In lane 6 like last week, I had decent start.  However, my top end speed ain't what it used to be.  I did hold off a youngster and cruised to a 7.49 FAT, slower than last week's 7.44 FAT.  At least the 7.49 felt better and was more relaxed than the 7.49.

Then there was the 400.  I was in lane 5 with no one on my outside.  I got out pretty well, but the youngster in lane 4 caught me 125 meters into the race, midway through the second turn.  As we cut in after the cones, I found myself in 3rd place, right on the tail of the guy in 2nd.  I hit the 200m in 26+, perhaps a little slower than my pace at the Armory in December--but that was to be expected given the poured rubber track surface.  I found myself losing ground over the second lap as I tightened up.  I managed only a 56.86, which puts my second lap about 30 seconds and my time 1.75 seconds slower than my season best.  Oh well.  The two ahead of me ran 54s.

I debated whether I would compete in the 200.  I initially said that if my lane assignment was either lane 3 or 4 and/or I had someone to my outside that I would compete.  Luck would have it that I was assigned lane 5 again and there was no one to my outside.  What's more, like the other two races, I was in the fastest heat and running against youngsters.  And the gun went off!  I got out pretty well and lifted my knees on the backstretch.  Going into the second turn I could feel two guys on my inside overtake me.  I tried to stay relaxed as they passed.  I posted 26.04 to their 25.50+ and 25.60+.  I was .70 off my season best of 25.34 thus far. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I now have to decide

Sat, January 26--Drove to the Y with my family this morning.  Did an easy 6:58 mile on the donut track, stretched pretty well, and then did another one in 6:57.

I did a bit more stretching, then went home.  I now have to decide whether I will run the 800 or the 400 and later the 200 at tomorrow's meet at Glen Mills.

I didn't even bother with the Icy Hot

Friday, 1/25--Let's try this again.  I woke up at 4:45 AM.  My posture was an improvement over yesterday's.  I hit my routine and off I went to the track.  I had decided the day before that I would do some short stuff--200s, 150s and maybe even a few 100s.  I warmed up as usual and tried to give my body a proper stretch, which prove a little difficult in the 14-degree weather.  I didn't even bother with the Icy Hot, as I did not want to take off my gloves to apply it, much less reach into my tights for my hamstrings and risk the unforgiving chill that would invade.  I just tried my best to get and keep warm.  With my fingers starting burn, even in the usual comfort of my heavy wool, mitten-gloves, I entered into an agreement with myself that I would complete the workout: (4) 200s with 2:15 rest (100m walk in 1:15 and 100m jog in 1:00 after each); (4) 150s with 2:30 rest (100m walk in 1:15 and 100m jog in 1:15 after each); and (4) 100s with 2:00 rest (the walk back to the start of the 100).  There would be no additional recovery between distances.  My plan was to do the 200s at 800m race pace, with the first 2 in 31 and the second 2 in 30.  I wanted to do the first 2 150s in 21 and the second 2 in 20 (400m race pace).  Finally, I intended for the 100s to be in the 13 second-range for the first 2 and in the 12-second range for the second 2.  While it's logical to imagine that these 100s would follow a similar pattern as the 200s and 150s and be designed for 200 meter race pace, I understood that would be asking too much of myself after doing the 200s and 150s. 

As it turned out, all of my runs were slower than desirable, in most cases by a second, in large part because of the unforgiving cold which led to frigid, stiff toes, the use of heavier gloves, and more. 

200 #1--32-mid
200 #2--32-low
200 #3--31-mid
200 #4--31-low

150 #1--23-low
150 #2--22-low
150 #3--21-mid
150 #4--21-low

100 #1--14-low
100 #2--13-mid
100 #3--13-low
100 #4--12-high

Thursday, 1/24--I woke up at 4:45 AM, feeling worn and groggy.  I decided to run anyway.  After feeding the animals, ironing my and my wife's clothing for the day while watching ABC News, and drinking a few sips of coffee during a quick check of email, I warmed up the car and threw on my running gear.  I headed out at just after 5:30 and arrived at Westtown School's track at about 5:35. Such a long trip!  It was 15 degrees or so.  I began warming up.  After 3 laps I knew I just didn't feel like the effort. Besides, I understood that I had to leave for work 30 minutes earlier today (6:45 AM) on account of a 7:15 presentation to 70 people.  So, I ran 1 more lap, did a drill or two and then went back home.  I arrived come and plopped my still-relatively-clean self onto the family room sofa for a little shut-eye, a bit regretful that I hadn't worked out, yet thankful that I had the courage to say no.  Hey-sometimes you just have to say that today isn't the day for early morning madness.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Better luck next Tuesday

Wednesday, 1/23/13--

3/4M on donut track in 5:05
lat and fly machines (4:00)
3/4M on treadmill in 4:58
adduction and leg curl machines (4:00)
3/4M on track in 4:45
military press and leg press machines (4:00)
Went home.

I felt like I had a little pep in my step.

Tuesday, 1/22/13--

Hills day with 60 others in 16 degree weather!  Like last week's bout, today's hill day was not strong, although better than last week's effort.  Granted, the time of 16:35 was 5 seconds slower than last week's, but I also skipped hill #6 last week.  I was a bit leisurely today, not fighting my way to keep pace.  I ran with Rachel for the first few, and then she left me.  I was a little embarrassed actually.  I am still not 100%, breathing-wise.  I also figure that I should take off Mondays in order to make these hill days more productive.  So, in contrast to the first week's solid 16:00, these last two weeks have stunk up the place.  (It's quite impressive that John Callaghan posted a 14:58 and Ed McConnell was not far behind in 15:00.  And here I am trying to get back to 16:00.  Maybe I've taken off too much edge by cutting down on my distance running.  At any rate, better luck next Tuesday.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Routine

Monday, 1/21/13--
The routine.
1M on donut track in 6:40
lat and fly machines (4:00)
1M on treadmill in 6:30
adduction and abduction machines (4:00)

1M on track in 6:18
military press and arm curl machines (4:00)

1M on treadmill in 6:15
leg machines
Went home.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

transitioned away from distance

Sunday, 1/20--For the first time in what seems like a while, I decided to forgo my visit to the Y and instead run the 5.7M loop on what was a beautiful morning (9:20).  I managed 5.7M in 41:20.  Not bad since I have transitioned away from distance.  I figured I'd start in at 7:30 pace, work my way down to 7:15, maintain this pace, and then finish the last couple of miles at a faster clip.  I was able to do just that, but I have to say that I have definitely lost my distance mojo.  The way I felt afterwards was the way I feel when I run (faster than) that pace for twice that distance in the fall!  

I had to listen to my body.

Saturday, 1/19/13

11:00 AM; a bit windy and 40 degrees or so.  
Per my plan, my workout was Sit 'n Kick Reps: 5x (400m @ 65 . . . rest 60-sec . . . 200m @ 30) with a 1200m jog between sets.  My staple caveat: The workout as designed for a 2:00 800m high school runner is 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28), then jog 1200m between sets. Since I am not able to run 800 meters in 2:00 at this time, I modified the workout accordingly.

Even though I am still under the weather and am wonder whether I have bronchitis,  I wanted to hit the times: 65 and 30. 

The first 400 was in 66 and required more effort than it should have.  One minute rest.  The 200 came in at 31.

The second 400 would feel better but was the same time, another 66.  One minute rest.  The 200 came in at 31.

I ran the third 400 in 66 as well.  Feeling good, I thought I was going to drop 65.  One minute rest.  The 200 came in at 30.  I was nearly back in business.

I planned to run 65 and 30 for repeat #4 and faster for #5, but as I was doing my 1200 meter jog my left calf tightened up and started to spasm.  It then subsided until I started in on 400 #4 and boom--there it was.  I crossed the 100 in 15 and felt myself on 31 second pace for the 200, which would put me on pace for a 65-second 400, but I stopped 150 meters into it.  I had to listen to my body.

I was disappointed because I really needed this workout.  I have to get some hard work in or else I will lose my momentum.

Friday, 1/18/13--

3/4M on donut track in 5:15
lat and fly machines (4:00)
3/4M on treadmill in 5:10
adduction and abduction machines (4:00)

3/4M on track in 5:00
military press and arm curl machines (4:00)

3/4M on treadmill in 4:58
Went home.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chest burning!

Jan 17, 2013--I went to Westtown School at 5:30 AM for workout, despite the fact that I am still under the weather.  I wound't be deterred.  I initially throught about 2 x (300-500-400), I ultimately opted for the dutiful dozen: 12 x 200 with a 100m walk + 100m jog/2:15 rest.

1st set goal pace--32; 2nd set goal pace--31; 3rd set goal pace 30; 4th set goal pace 29.
run 1: 31
run 2: 33
run 3: 31
run 4: 31
run 5: 31
run 6: 31
run 7: 30
run 8: 30
run 9: 30
run 10: 29
run 11: 29
run 12: 29

Stuck to 2:15 rest.  Chest burning! 

I have to get some good work in this weekend.  Perhaps I will do one of the following:

6 Examples of Interval Workouts (For a 2:00 HS 800m runner) (For masters, double the recovery..and reduce the reps by a third in workouts 1 and 2!)

1) Increasing speed/decreasing recovery reps
5x (4x200m) @ 33-32-31-30-29 w/50-45-40-35-30 sec interval by set (no additional
recovery between sets!!)

2) Russian intervals
5x (3x300m @ 48 w/jog 100m at 30-sec) Jog 800m between sets

3) Tempo intervals--IMPOSSIBLE 
2x 1000m @ 2:55 (70-pace) w/60-sec Int --4:00-- 4x500m @ 1:21+ (65-pace) w/60-sec Int -- 4:00-- 2x 1000m @ 2:55 w/60-sec Int.

4) Pick-up reps
8x 400m @ 70 w/90-sec Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 63

5) Neg-split reps
2x (300m-500-400 w/neg-split last 100m) @ :32+14 (=:46 300m) . . . 66+14 (=1:20 500m) . . . 48+14 (=62 400m) 2-min btw reps/jog 1200 btw sets

6) Sit 'n Kick Reps
5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets

I am thinking about workout 4 or 6, depending on the wind.  Alternatively, I may give workout 2 a try.

Jan 16, 2013--took the day off.  Still not feeling well.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I had no fight in me

Tuesday--Hills day with 70 others.  Today was not a very successful hills day.  I was tight and my breathing was hampered by my illness.  In fact, I took in a huge gulp of cool air and wound up nearly burning a hole in my chest and lungs.  I was done for!  In contrast to last week's solid beginning of 16:00, today I managed only 16:30...and that was with me sitting out hill #6 and rejoining for #s 7 and 8.  And I didn't even feel that strong on those last two after the brief rest period!  I had no fight in me, much less enough air to stay buoyant.

Monday--Went to the Y at 6AM.  Need I say more?  I guess so.  Mile on track, upper body machines, mile on treadmill, leg machines, mile on track, upper body machines.  Uh-Oh.  Time to go home.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

There's just something about the baton

Sun, 1/13/13--Well, I did it anyway: I went ahead and ran in today's meet despite my multi-symptoms illness.  I arrived at Glen Mills shortly after the doors had opened.  I paid my fee, waiting in line for an unusual amount of time.  I registered for the 55m, the 400m, and the 4x200 relay, for which Chuck had recruited me less than a day earlier.  I figured I'd use the 55 as warm-up.

I felt dizzy and thirsty as I warmed up.  I broke out into a pretty intense sweat after an 8:20 mile.  I stretched haphazardly, for whatever reason not following my normal routine.  I did a couple of starts on the backstretch during the running of the 55m hurdles.  My legs felt pretty good.  When we were called to the starting area for heat and lane assignments, I realized I had recorded a time more suitable for the 60m than the 55m: 7.75.  As the clerk made her way through the names and lanes for the first heat, I made a decision to interrupt her: "Excuse me, mam.  I wrote down the wrong seed time for this event.  I gave you a time that was for the 60, not the 55m.  I think I might end up in the wrong heat.  I think it should be closer to 7.0"  She decided to place me in the first heat.  Then, for good measure, she asked what time she should give.  Having looked over her shoulder at the times that appeared on the cards of runners in the first heat, I knew that all of the times were sub-7.0.  I told her, "It doesn't matter. 6.89."  I lied!  It did matter and I cannot run a 6.89 55m.  And I proved it on in lane 6 when the gun went off.  I got out reasonably well, but I lost ground fairly quickly; my foot speed was no match.  Besides, I haven't been doing straight sprinting...and probably never will.  So, I dropped a 7.44.  In the second heat, that time would have placed 3rd, I believe, not 6th.  Oh well.

I hung around for quite bit afterwards.  Eventually, the 4x200 would arrive, but not before 3--did you hear me?--3 heats of the 3000.  We were ready to go after the first one and were surprised to learn there was a second one.  Then we readied ourselves again, only to see another cohort hop on the track.  I get, I get.  Three heats were appropriate for the range of times, but perhaps two could have done the trick, too.  Then again, some people may have been lapped several times as a result.  We do want to be fair and equitable.  We all paid, right?

At any rate, earlier--but not after a bit of hemming and hawing--we decided the teams and the order.  I'd volunteer to lead off the 'B' team, a new guy whose name I cannot recall would go second, John Vu would go third, and Jeff (age: 50+) would anchor.  Parrish would lead off the 'A' team, followed by Ceyhun, Lamar, and another new guy whose name I haven't committed to memory. 

The start.  Community College of Phila was in lane, Greater Phila B in lane 3, and Greater Phila A in lane 4.  And off we went.  I stayed low at the start and felt fluid coming out of the drive phase.  On the backstretch I lifted a bit and felt myself making up the stagger on Parrish going into the turn.  Coming out of it I had pulled even and felt like I had momentum to overtake him.  He held steady, while the kid in lane 3 came on strong and exerted a slight lead over us both.  I dug in and ran through the zone; the handoff was even with all running in the 25-second range.  However, our more fluid, non-pacticed handoff gave Greater Phila B the lead going into the turn.  We would hold that lead, as we pressed around the turns and up the straightaway (24+).  John, leg three, would hold his own against a charging Lamar, who passed a guy from CCP and came within a few feet of John (25+).  A good handoff would give the B team the advantage; a clumsy handoff would set the A team back.  The anchor from the A team tore across the first 75 meters, but then reached for his hamstring, not once but three times, writhing in pain.  He continued to fight, almost overtaking our anchor (27+).  Screams of "shop, stop, stop" echoed the field house.  He ignored them, wanting the glory in the win.  Instead, he got ice and, from what he said, a much-needed massage from his girlfriend.  He struggled up the straightaway, finally heeding our advice.  CCP would win, the B team would get a close second, and the A team would get third.

I had fun!  I love relays!  There's just something about the baton, or as the British say, the bat-ton.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tomorrow's meet: a pipe dream?

Sat--down and out.  Tomorrow's meet: a pipe dream?

Fri, 1/9/13--At home with flu-like symptoms.  Argh.  When I got my bearings, I went to the Y for a little running and a little lifting. Since I was sick, I shortened my workout as well as tempered it quite a bit.

1M on donut track in 7:00
lat and fly machines
1M on treadmill in 6:58
adduction and abduction machine
1M on track in 6:39
military press and arm curl machines

Went home.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

kill this workout...or let it kill me.

Thursday, 1/10/13--Decided to head to Westtown School's track at 5:25AM for some moderate sprint work.  I had planned to do 4x300, 4x200, and 4x150. 

The 300s: My thought was to run the first 200 in 32 and the last 100 in 15 for 47.  I'd take 90 seconds, then go for it again.  I'd jog 800, then do another set of 2 with 90 seconds' rest.

The 200s: I had planned for 30 seconds with a 2-minute rest of 100m walk/100m jog.  

The  150s: Since the pace of my 300 would be 16 seconds per 100 meters and the pace of my 200 15 seconds per 100m, I thought my 150s should follow suit in 21 seconds: 14 seconds for the first 100 meters and 7 seconds for the last 50.  Rest would be 2:30.

Unfortunately, my timing was off. 

I wound up doing the 4 300s (48,49,47) but only 3 200s (29,29,30) and 2 150s (22,21).  I was too leisurely on the 150s, especially the first one.

Overall, I felt pretty good about the workout, but wish I had gotten up just a little earlier so that I could've killed this workout...or let it kill me.  Perhaps next time.

Wed, 1/9/13--Went to the Y for a little running and a little lifting.  Since I was short on time, I modified my workout.  Instead of miles, I did 3/4M. 
3/4M on donut track in 5:05
lat and fly machines
3/4M on treadmill in 5:00
adduction and abduction machine
3/4M on track in 4:55
military press and arm curl machines
3/4M on treadmill in 4:50
leg curls and quad machines

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the first hills workout of the winter

1/8/12--Tuesday: the first hills workout of the winter with the crew in town.  There were apparently 77 of us!  I couldn't believe the turnout and at 5:45AM no less!  I held my own for the first few, staying with the tippy-top group.  I began to fade over the last few, however.  Overall, I was fairly pleased since I was still within 15-20 seconds of the 10 leaders by hill 8.  I completed the workout in 16:00.  Most of my uphills were in the 56-second range, while my "recoveries" were in the 1:13 range.   Uphill--.175M; downhill--.175M.  Thus, each loop is .35M.  Multiple .35M by 7 and you get 2.45M.  Add the 8th hill (uphill only to finish the workout) and you get 2.62M.  2.62M covered in 16:00, hills and all, is about 6:06/mile pace.  Time to run 15:45!

1/7/12--I was running late and only had time to do a short, 2.2M run in 16:45.

1/6/12--I went to the Y with my family to get in a recovery workout.  I began with a mile on the donut track--6:45.  Stretched for a few minutes, then dropped another mile, this time in 6:30.  I then went to work on my upper body, using the lat bar and fly for 5-6 minutes.  I then headed over to the treadmill for a mile, which I covered in 6:30.  I returned to lifting, this time attending to my legs a little.  I didn't want to do too much with my legs since I had competed the prior day.  SO I used the adduction and abduction machines.  Five to six minutes later I was back on the donut for a 6:10 mile.  I stretched for a moment and then went home.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

This morning I built a fire

I arrived at University of Delaware at about 10:30, which gave me plenty of time to get acclimated for my race, which would be some time just after noon. I warmed up a mile or so and stretched, with a focus on my newfound gluteous stretch.  Closer to my event I did some drills and a couple of 30 meter pick-ups.

I knew that several teammates would be running the 800, so I figured we'd spur each other onward and to a good time. At the time of race check-in, I learned that Kyle Lanier would be in my heat. Kyle always beats me!  I had a chance to get inspired by the heroics of teammate Craig Strimel, who ran a balanced, smart race in 2:14 (second place in his heat). 

There would be 7 in the fastest heat. And so the gun went off.  On account of a teen who slowed up at the 100 mark, I found myself in 6th place at about :30/:31 at the 200; I read the time display as clear as day as I passed.  I waited for the straightaway to go around him.  The front runners must've crossed the 200 in :28 and 29.  I read :62 as I approached the line.  I'd say mid- to high-62 maybe. I realized that I was on pace for a good race, and I could also tell that I was relaxed but needed to pick up the pace.  And so I did, but I had to wait.  Another kid was beginning to decelerate into the turn after the 400, so I had to wait to pass him.  As a result, Kyle extended his lead on me.  I was finally able to surge on the backstretch and pass him.  By the time I reached the 600 mark, Kyle had about 5-7 meters on me.  Buoyed by my teammates' cheers, I told myself to push the last lap, thinking that I could catch him. On my last lap I went to my arms (even though I forgot to say to myself, "arms/toes"). I felt reasonably strong, but knew it would difficult to close.  I uncorked what I had left off the final turn, making up ground on Kyle and passing another guy, who was laboring badly.  Turns out I ran 2:07.79, the best masters-level season opener I've had, for fourth place. The top three times were in the 2:06s, with Kyle posting 2:06.93.  So, in the final analysis, my splits were:



It's coincidental that, like a few years ago when I dropped a 2:04 open at Ursinus, this morning I built a fire and just sat in front of it in my living room.  I played with the sticks and logs as they became nothing more than embers clumped together by the last strength of the fibers that used to tie them together confidently. The weakening flames competed with the glowing orange hot carpet of embers that was the floor of the fireplace. The grate stood firm, while crispy logs tried to hold on, struggling deperately not to fall through the cracks. Eventually, they would fall and spend the hours I was at the meet turning from embers to dust. And that was it.  At some point, I'll get around to cleaning up the mess and finding new logs that will endure the same dignified, purposeful fate. 

Maybe building a fire and burning it is a metaphor for how I should race; maybe it's also therapeutic in some way.  Maybe if I build and burn a fire before next week's meet I'll run well again. 

Footnote and note to self: Do not run the 200 without sufficient rest after the 800.  It was awful!  I think I ran 27-low.  Ouch.  What's more, I was completely done afterwards.  It was a bad decision.  I call myself trying to find my threshold.  Instead I rediscovered two things: hubris and its close cousin, foolishness.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

temper my expectations

January 4, 2013--tight calf still.  Went to Westtown to do a little sprint work.  The track was partly icy, so I had to improvise with the 150s.  I started at the far corner and finished where I'd normally start the 150s.  My thought was to do 6 or 8, but given the late time (I got there at close to 6AM) I wouldn't be able to get them all in.  Warm-up jog: 5:55-6:05; stretch 6:05-6:15; spike-up and drills: 6:15-6:20.  My workout began at 6:20 or so.  Like I said, late!  My goal was then 2x150 @ 23, 2x150 @ 21, and 2x150 @ 19 with a 250m/2:00 jog between each repeat.  I began with an awkward 23-second 150.  After the second one at 24 seconds, I figured that I would temper my expectations, especially since my calf was tight (and still is as I write).  So I continued #s 3-6: 22,22,20, and 20.

I sure hope I am better for Saturday's meet at Delaware.  I'd like to run 2:10 in the 800.
1st 200--31 sec
2nd 200--32 (63)
3rd 200--33 (1:36)
4th 200--34 (2:10)

January 3, 2013--went to the Y and did a little combo of running and lifting.  Not much.  Low key.  Tight right calf.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What can I say? I was a tread head!

December 31, 2012

Drove to the Y, which was packed to the gills!  I warmed up a mile on the donut track (7:45), stretched, and decided to do some shorter, faster intervals on the treadmill.  I just had to wait for one to become available.  My plan was to do 5-6 800s (a full half-mile, really!) in 2:30, with a 2:30 active rest (setting on 6.0) between each repeat. 

Despite pressing "Quick Start" and keeping my finger on the pace setter until it reached the desired pace (12.0-12.2 setting), which took several seconds, I was able to do a half-mile in 2:30 or better.  So, I wound up running a half-mile on setting 12.0, 12.1 or 12.2, then jogging a quarter mile (.25M) in 2:30 with the setting on 6.0 or 6.1.

I ended the repeats with a hard quarter-mile (.25M). 

Of course I made a lot of noise banging on the treadmill, probably drawing ample attention to m.0yself.  What can I say?  I was a tread head!

.5--half-mile in 2:30
.25--active rest in 2:30
.5----half-mile in 2:30
.25--active rest in 2:30
.5--half-mile in 2:30
.25--active rest in 2:30
.5--half-mile in 2:30
.25--active rest in 2:30
.5--half-mile in 2:30
.25--active rest in 2:30
.5--half-mile in 2:30
.25--active rest in 2:30
.25--harder; treadmill set to 4:35

I cooled down a mile...7:30.