Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring has not sprung.

Wed, 2/25-Managed 2.25M around the neighborhood at about 6:10 AM in the 20-degree weather.  Spring has not sprung.

Tues, 2/24-Worked out after school with a few guys from the spring track team.  Did 10 hills--100 meters long...16-secs.  Went to the weight room for a bit.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A little self-conscious

Sunday, 2/23

Went to the Y, warmed up a mile, stretched quite a bit, then made my way to the treadmill for 6x600 with 3:00 recovery between repeats.  My target pace was 1:50/1:55

Run 1: setting on 12.8 (4:44 pace)--1:58
Run 2: setting on 13.1 (4:38 pace)--1:54
Run 3: setting on 13.3 (4:34 pace)--1:52
Run 4: setting on 13.4 (4:32 pace)--1:51
Run 5: setting on 13.5 (4:30 pace)--1:50
Run 6: setting on 13.8 (4:20 pace)--1:47

I learned that it took anywhere from 43-47 seconds to reach the "200m mark" (.125M) during this workout.  This means that the balance of the 600, the remaining 400, was covered in 64-71 seconds, the first run being the 71-second 400, the last run being the 64-second quarter.  This makes sense pace-wise.

Good workout, although I was a little self-conscious since, unlike the last time I did this workout, there were lots of people around.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I had a sucky workout today

Feb 21-I had a sucky workout today.

Given that the tracks are still covered with snow despite the near-60-degree weather today, I had to use the stretch behind Rustin's stadium...again!  I jogged there from home, racing flats in hand.  I sensed that I was tired during my warm-up.  I felt flat.  I tried to move on.  

My initial thought was to do 12 x 300, in sets of 4, each 2 seconds faster than the other: 4@48, 4@46, 4@44, and 4@42.  I'd take 3:00 between repeats, with no additional rest between sets.

I did the first in 48, but it felt terrible.  I then did the next one uphill in 50.  This was awful.  I felt like I was coming down with something.  I then bumped into a buddy of mine on a run.  I chatted for a few and then decided that I would just adjust the workout and not stress out too much.  I wound up doing an additional 8 150s in 22, alternating uphill and downhill, with 90 seconds' rest between runs. 

I am disappointed that I couldn't take advantage of this mild day.  But what can you do?  

Snow is still here, folks!

Friday--Went to the YMCA.  Mile, lift, mile, lift, mile

Thurs--Snow is still here.  I haven't been on a track for a workout in more than a month.

I tried to simulate pick-up reps using 300s instead of 400s.  

Instead of 8 x 400m @ 70 w/90-sec Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 63, I did 8x300 on the stretch behind Rustin's stadium.  The slower ones, done mainly uphill, were supposed to be in 52; the faster ones, all done downhill, were supposed to be in 47.  I took exactly 90 seconds between repeats, just what the workout orders.



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

600 meter treads

Feb 17, 2014-

School delayed on account of snow, 2"-4".

Went to the Y, warmed up a mile, stretched quite a bit, then made my way to the treadmill for 6x600 with 3:00 recovery between repeats.  My target pace was 1:50/1:55

Run 1: setting on 13.0 (4:40 pace)--1:55
Run 2: setting on 13.1 (4:38 pace)--1:54
Run 3: setting on 13.2 (4:36 pace)--1:53
Run 4: setting on 13.3 (4:34 pace)--1:52
Run 5: setting on 13.4 (4:32 pace)--1:51
Run 6: setting on 13.5 (4:30 pace)--1:50

Good workout.  I was glad I had the entire treadmill area to myself.  In fact, the whole gym was almost empty.  Empty is sometimes good.

Cooled down.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Millrose 2014

Saturday, Feb 15


Had a good drive up to NJ with Dave Richard and then to NYC with Craig, Bruce and Daryl.

Arrived at 11:45 and met up with the rest of the team at about 12:00 inside the athletes’ entrance. 

We quickly realized we needed to do a uniform check, as some of us had the old singlet and some of us had the new one.  We figured that all out and headed up to the track.  I warmed up on the track, stretched a bit, did some pick-ups, strides and drills, and then spent a good deal of time trying to stay loose.  We made our way to the sauna of a hallway on the second floor and eventually checked in at 1:00 (on the first floor) for our 1:15 race.  I was feeling good.

While the lineup was Nick Berra, to me, to Scott, to Craig, Craig and I had a brief discussion about changing the order.  This was in large part the result of Ed Winslow not being in the race for SW Sprinters.  We kept the order as it.
The race...

Nick got out well and hung behind Andrew Hogue of Central Park TC.  At the 200, Nick sensed that the pace was slower than expected or desired, so he made a move on Andrew at the 225 mark, passing him at about 250.  He then uncorked a nice kick to bring the stick in the lead by 15 meters.  I took the baton and proceeded conservatively, knowing that the guy from SW Sprinters had run 51 or so outdoors last year and that I needed to keep something in the tank.  I could feel him at the 210-meter mark, which meant that my first 200 was slower than usual and his was really fast.  I felt pretty smooth across the first 200, although I was surprised that my legs felt a little in knots. He pulled near even with me on the turn.  That’s when I went to my arms and toes and made him run to the outside.  I drove around the turn and down the homestretch in a manner I had not felt in some time.  I handed the baton to Scott with a 2-3 meter lead over SW.  Scott was up against Lyndell Pittman, who had split 52 at Penn Relays last year.  Lyndell took the first 50m aggressively, passing Scott, who smartly hung onto him.  Scott stayed in close contact with him over the first 300 meters.  Over the last 100 meters, however, Lyndell produced an impressive kick.  Scott plowed down the homestretch and gave the baton to Craig. Craig, about 20 meters or so behind at the exchange, took the turn aggressively and ran a balanced first lap.  Given that the anchor from SW ran 53 seconds in the 400 last year, by the time Craig began the second lap the goal became to run a strong second 200 and hit 3:40 or better.  And he almost did: 3:41.55.

When we finished, our teammates in the stands gave us the following approximate splits:
53.5  Nick
54.0  Delvin
55.7  Scott
58.4  Craig

I was fairly pleased.  I was more pleased, however, when I saw video and got the "official" splits:

53.01 Nick Berra
53.66 Delvin Dinkins
56.38 Scott Landis
58.50 Craig Strimel
3:41.55 (FAT)

VIDEO: photo.php

I am happy that I posted 53, more than a second faster that last year’s effort.

The M50 4x400 put on a great showing.  Darryl (approx 57.5), Bruce (approx 58.2), Ray (approx 56.9) and Dave (approx 57.5) all ran well, so much so that they broke the meet record in the event.  

3:50 and change.  Way to go, guys!

I cooled down with Nick and Scott for about 30 minutes in and around the area.  I certainly felt that!

Friday, February 14, 2014


Friday--took day off. Taper.

Thursday--snow storm.  Took day off.  Taper.

Wed, 2/12--went to Y.  Did 5:00 at 6:15-6:30 pace, followed by 3:00 lifting.  Thrice.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

That's all folks


With all of the snow on the ground, I am desperate for a track.  And with a great deal more snow in the forecast, I am getting antsy about the next 2-3 weeks over which I was hoping to ramp up my training.   Today, I decided to stay in the neighborhood and do a workout on Rustin's property.  Even though I got up at 4:45 AM, I underestimated how much time I needed to get warm enough in this 16-degree weather.  I ran about 10 minutes and returned home to stretch in the basement.  I then drove the van to Rustin’s stadium.  I realized then that 8x300 (on the street behind Rustin's stadium) would be impossible unless I took 1:30-2:00 between each repeat.  Like the last time, I just planned to do 300s (The actual distance is 290 meters.) without any differentiation.  My hope was to start with a pretty fast one and end the same way.  

I wore my racing flats.  I’d take 3:00 rest between repeats: a walk/jog back to the start.

My runs:
#1: 46.3 Not a good start compared to last week’s effort. 
#2: 43.4 
#3: 44.4
#4: 44.6
Realizing that I was running out of time and yet needed to do some shorter speed work, I transitioned to 150s w/ 1:45 rest in-between:

Time for a 2:00 cool down.  That’s all folks.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Strategy Error

Sun, 2/9--mile/lift/mile/lift/mile/stretch/half-mile cool down

Sat, 2/8--Frank Colden Invite at Ursinus.  I arrived at the meet at around 9:30 in hopes of being registered for the 400 and 200.  I wasn't officially registered as it turns out, although I had correspondent with coach/meet director, Chris Bayless.  I wound up registering for just the 400, given the steep $25/event.

I warmed up nice and hard, thinking that my race would be within the hour.  My race wouldn't go off until about 11:30.  I checked in.  I felt the tightness and lactic acid in my legs, but I would just deal.  I ran about 6-7 50 meter hard strides.  I started to tighten up during the last 35 minutes before my race, however.  I just kept jogging and stretching and striding.  I checked again once more for my heat and lane assignments.  Given my pipe dream of a seed time, 53.72, my PB as a masters runner, I knew I'd be in a fast heat.  I was assigned heat 5 (out of 7), lane 4.  I loved the lane, hated the heat.  I should have provided a more realistic appraisal of myself.  Perhaps 54.72.  This may have gotten me into heat 4, but would I have been assigned lane 2, 3, or 4?  Who knows?   Bad seed time: strategy error 1.

So there I was, in lane 4 and in the midst of 5 youngsters.  I settled into my starting blocks as the gun was raised.  I imagined myself catching the guy to my right over the first 50-100 meters.  Crack!  The gun went off.  I got out pretty well, but realized by the 100m mark that I had not made a dent in the stagger.  In fact, a guy from my inside had caught me by then and two other guys were on their way.  At the break, I was in last, owing to the fact that I slept on the second turn.  Strategy error 2.  At the 200 mark, I realized that I would beat the guy right in front of me and possibly catch the one in front of him.  However, I did not want to take the chance of passing him going into the turn.  Instead, I waited and passed him on the backstretch.  I then set my eyes on the two guys in front of me.  I made up a little on them, but they wound up beating me by 5-7 meters.  My time, 54.85, was my best this season, but well off the brilliant one Berra posted, 53.18.

Going into Millrose, here's the Best Case Scenario Prediction:

Millrose Realistic Case Scenario:

Craig-56.5, given what Craig has said about his fitness level

Fri, 2/7--took off

Thurs, 2/6-No power.  Campus open.  Used treadmill.  On treadmill: 6x 2:00 at 4:35 pace. 4:00 rest.

Wed, 12/5-took off.  Snow.  White out.  No power.  No work.

Tues, 12/4-mile/lift/mile/lift/mile.

Monday, February 3, 2014

800s: Treadmill style. Empty is sometimes good.

Feb 3, 2014-

School Cancelled on account of snow, 4"-6".  It was quite a tough ride to the Y.  Took about 25 minutes, as I was stuck on a hill and had to take a circuitous route.

At any rate, I warmed up a mile, stretched quite a bit, then made my way to the treadmill for 5x800 with 4:00 recovery between repeats.  My target pace was 2:30-ish.

Run 1: setting on 12.5 (4:52 pace)--2:37
Run 2: setting on 12.6 (4:48 pace)--2:35
Run 3: setting on 12.7 (4:44 pace)--2:33
Run 4: setting on 12.8 (4:41 pace)--2:31
Run 5: setting on 12.9 (4:39 pace)--2:29

Good workout.  I was glad I had the entire treadmill area to myself.  In fact, the whole Y was almost empty.  Empty is sometimes good.

Cooled down.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'll get over it....I promise.

Sunday, 2/2--

The snow hadn't melted quite enough to have me run the path, and I didn't feel like trekking through the snow and mud.  So...I did what any other self-respecting runner would do: I made my way to the Y.

I alternated between the track, upper body machines, and treadmill, running a total of four (4) 6:30 miles with 4:00 of lifting in between.

I'm still miffed that now I have to do 18 laps instead of 16 to hit a mile on the Y's mislabeled oval.

I'll get over it....I promise.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Could it be a comeback?

I NEED A TRACK AND SOON!  The snow must go.

Saturday, 2/1--Decided to stay in the neighborhood and do a workout on Rustin's property: 8x300 behind Rustin's stadium.  Unlike the last time, when I treated the 300s like the pick-up reps workout I do (8x400 @70, with #s 2,5, and 8 @ 63….with 3 min rest.  300s version: #s 1,3,4, and 7 at 51 and # 2,5, and 8 in 45), I just planned to do 8 300s without any differentiation.  My hope was to start with a pretty fast one and end the same way.  The actual distance is 290 meters.

I warmed up nicely and had a good stretch on this 47-degree day, causing a little snowmelt.  I wore my racing flats.  3:00 rest between repeats: a walk/jog back to the start.

My runs:
#1: 43.6 I wanted to get off to a good start. 
#2: 43.9 
#3: 43.7
#4: 43.9
#5: 42.9
#6: 44.1
#7: 43.8—I wound up having 4:00 between #s 7 and 8 because there was a mini-van on the stretch, and I waited for it to move.
#8: 40.7

This is the best workout of this type I’ve ever done.  Even though the street is slightly downhill and even though the actual distance is 290m, I have to think that these times, on their face, translate to 300m on the track with spikes.  At worst these would be in the 45/46-second range for 300 (on the track), with the exception of the last one, which would be 42 and change.  Could it be a comeback?

Cooled down .75M.

The YMCA lied (a mile is not a mile)...and an Awful Week (weak) of Minimalism

Fri 1/30-

took day off.  An awful week of minimalism.  I'm in a funk.  Let me get out of it with a good workout today.

Thurs 1/29--Y day.  3 miles, alternating with weights.  Snow-covered everything...still.

Wed 1/28--Y day.  3 miles, alternating...

Tues, 1/27--awful hill workout

Mon 1/26--Y day. 3 miles alternating...

I am so miffed at the Y.  The Y's indoor track reads 16 laps/mile.  I actually thought, perhaps stupidly, that my repeat miles on it over the past 3 years were, well, miles.  I was duped into believing that my times, whether for warming up or pushing the pace, were actually honest.  I guess not.  After running the mile at Glen Mills on Sunday, I think that the Y has been lying.  There is scarcely a chance that the 16 laps equal a mile if I couldn't even come close to matching my time on it.  I ran a crappy 5:10.07, well off the 4:49 I ran on the Y's track.  My guess is that the track is 17-18 laps per mile, not 16.  Terrible would be if the track is actually 19-20 laps per mile; it's possible.   I bet the mile measurement is for the outer wall, not lane 1 or even lane 2.  So, maybe lane 1 is 17-18 laps per mile, lane 2 is 17 laps per mile, and the wall is 16 laps per mile.  This all means that I've been getting a terribly false read on my fitness.  Dyslexia.  Dammit!

I sort of did measure and it seems that it's 85 meters from lane 1 and probably 90 meters around in lane 2.

I think I'm going to seethe manager and then call my congressman!