Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Wednesday, June 29--Having done a couple of sets of pick-up reps (8 x 400m @ 70 w/2-min intervals and #s 2,5,8 @ 63), I decided to do a modified version, especially since I was running late. I did 8 x 300m @ 52 w/90-sec interval (not 2 min) and #s 2,5,8 @ 47. My runs were 53,47,51,52,47,51,51,46.

Tuesday, June 28--1.5 miles on treadmill before leaving Vermont.

Monday, June 27--8 miles solo. Decided to run a bit harder. 52:35.

Sunday, June 26--8 miles with DJ. Easy 59:20. Flat trails, beautiful brooks and creeks with gentle waterfalls.

Saturday, June 25--Vermont. 4.5 hilly miles. 2 miles on the treadmill: 6:53/6:07.

Friday, June 24--off

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spot on...not quite

Thursday, June 23- Today I did Pick-up reps: 8x 400m @ 70 w/2:00-sec Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 63. My runs were 70,63,70,71,64,70,70,64. Not bad for 6:00 in the morning. I still aimed to hit the times spot on. Better luck next time.

Wednesday, June 22--on account of yesterday, I drove myself to the Y and just lifted.

Tuesday, June 21st--at Henderson. 6x800 with 200m jog. Terrible workout, just terrible. 2:47, 2:50, 2:53, 2:55, 2:59, 2:42. Found myself just jogging! Legs were sore and heavy.

Monday, June 20th--5 miles easy

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sunday, June 19th--Ran to the Y (28:05), lifted and ran back (27:35). Sore from the Sit 'n Kick workout.
7.6 miles

Must be a sign of things to come

June 20, 2011:
I set out to do Sit 'n Kick Reps at 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 60-sec . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets....and that's exactly what I did.

64; 28
64; 28
64; 28
64; 28
63; 28

I really tried not to press the 400s so that I would have enough left for the 200s. I did take the full 1200 slow jog (9:00) in-between repeats. Overall, I'd say I was pleased. I believe this was the first time I've done this workout this well. Must be a sign of things to come. I may try a negative split workout on Thursday.

mile warm up
mile cool down

Total 6.875

Friday, June 17, 2011

Clash of the "Tightens"

Friday, June 19--Drove to YMCA for a little lifting.

Thursday, June 18--Despite my tighteness and sore back, I opted to skip the longer distance in favor of 3 sets of 3x300(...with 100m slow jog in-between repeats and a 400m slow jog between sets). As with before, my hope was to run 48s for my 300s with a minute-long slow jog-rest in-between repeats and 500 meters jog-rest in-between sets in 4:30-5:00.

Set 1: 49,48,49
Set 2: 48,49,49
Set 3: 48,48,49

Overall, I felt pretty good. This was my best series for this workout yet. I have to decide whether I'd like to do this workout this weekend or opt for something else.

Wednesday, June 17--5.4 miles. Tight back/legs.

Tuesday, June 16--Henderson. Workout: 3 200-meter strides, mile time trial, 4x200. The mile time trial was a bit challenging to do 6 in the morning. I should have worn my spikes, opting instead for my racing flats. A few had spikes. For the time trial there were a number of people (Manion, Ed, me) looking to run under 5:00, some (Scott Burns, Scott Purcell) under 4:45. I got out well enough and felt good. We hot 73 at the 400, then 2:27 at the half (this was a full mile, too). I was just a few meters behind the leaders. I felt myself losing confidence during the third lap, though. I saw 3:45 after 3 laps. I saw Scott and Ed and others begin to extend their lead. I really tightened up during the last 200 meters, which led to an 82-second last lap to cap my time off at 5:07. Manion passed me at the top of the straight to run 5:02.

The 200s came soon afterwards. I began with 38, then 35, then 32, then 29, the strongest series of the crew. (200 jog in-between). Tight back/legs.

Monday, June 15--recovery run. 4 miles.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I was less hyped

Monday, 6/13/11--recovery run of 25 minutes; 3.1 miles or so.

Sunday, 6/14/11--Widener. Mid-Atlantic Championships.
I arrived at about 11 with plenty of time to check-in, socialize with teammates and warm up twice. The day was temperate but also balmy at times. I had to seek out shade every now and then. There were only two heats of the 800. My heat featured my team's very own Nick Berra, who was surprisingly seeded third. My legs felt a little heavy, but I was otherwise ready to go. Despite my anticipation of the race, I found that I was less hyped than I was for the race at Henderson the week before. Perhaps this had to do with the fact that there were far fewer people in the race and in the stands!

Anyway, we began in lanes...through the turn. When I cut in I found myself in fourth place, which I held the entire race. I remember a solid 30 at the 200 and a 60 and change at the quarter. Nick and the other front runner went out in 58-59. I could feel myself tiring a bit of course but I just tried to relax. I hit 1:32 at the 600. I was sure I had run 2:04, but it turned out that my time was 2:06, which meant that my last 200 was mighty the neighborhood of 34 sec. Nick ran 1:57, followed by 1:58, 2:03 and then me at 2:06. I didn't even feel like I was that far behind the 26-year old who posted 2:03, much less 9 seconds behind Nick. Funny, though. I remember watching the last part of the race...Nick outkicking the kid. I felt like a bystander in my own race.

An hour later there was the 4x800 relay with Dave, Nick, me and Phil (our only fresh runner) that order. Immediately after the 800 I didn;t feel I had it in me to do it. But I felt okay by the time I had cooled down. We wound up going up against TNT, whose Lanier brothers were fresh from having not competed earlier. I wish I could say it was a head-to-head event. TNT had a commanding lead after 600 meters, but Dave (52) chased the TNT runner down and handed the baton to Nick within 15 meters. Nick caught Kareem Lanier at the 300 mark and just coasted from there. He gave me the bton with perhaps a 20 meter lead on Kyle Lanier. I ran the first 200 in 30, according to the splits Chuck called as a went by, and hit the quarter at 62. I relaxed on the 3rd 200, as I was trying to gather myself for a strong last 100 meters. I remember Chuck saying 1:37 at the 600. I felt like I was striding. Once I came off the turn I kicked it in with a 15-second last 100 to end in about 2:10. There was no "word" from Kyle. I led by at least 30 meters of so when I handed off to Phil, who brought home the gold, winning by 100 meters over the kid who ran 2:03 in the open 800.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

able to get back there

Sunday, 6/12/11--Well, today is the day when I try to set a masters open PR. I've split 2:02, but I have not been able to run as fast in the open 800. I've run 2:04 indoors (in March 2009), but I have not been able to get back there. Today is the day I can do it, as long as the rain keeps itself in check. I also think I need to run my second and third 200s a bit faster, so that my splits are 29,30 (about 60 at the 400), 31, 32 (63 second lap). Report later.

Saturday, 6/11/11--ran a very slow 2.2 with my wife, then stretched a bit.

Friday, 6/10/11--drove to the Y and lifted (upper body, of course) for about 20 minutes.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thursday, 6/9/11--

I decided to piggyback on Tuesday's workout of 3 sets of 4x300(...with 100m slow jog in-between repeats and a 400m slow jog between sets) by doing 3 sets of 3x300 but quite a bit faster. My hope was to run 48s for my 300s with a minute-long slow jog-rest in-between repeats and 500 meters jog-rest in-between sets in 4:00-4:30.

Set 1: 48,49,50
Set 2: 48,49,51
Set 3: 49,49,50

Overall, I felt pretty good. I know that if I had done this workour with a partner or much later than 6AM I would have hit the 48s I intended.

I think I am ready for 2:04 or better.

Wednesday, 6/8/11--a couple of miles--short and sweet.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Strong Stride

Tuesday, June 7th--Henderson.

workout was 3 sets of 4x300...with 100m slow jog in-between repeats and a 500m slow jog between sets. We were told to keep the 100 jog to the amount of time it took us to do the 300s. The 500 jog was supposed to be done in 5 minutes. We took less than 4 minutes! 1st set hovered between 59 and 57; 2nd set was between 57 and 55; 3rd set was between 55 and 48 (last one). I found myself doing a strong stride on the last one, having been asked to lead it. I saw 15 at the 100, 31(16) at the 200 and then 48(17). I liken it to the last 300 of my 800.

Monday, June 6th--Dropped off car for tire repair (Thanks, DJ) and jogged back. 2.8 --19:45.

Sunday, June 5th--Ran to the Y (28:15), lifted and ran back (27:00). Sore.
7.5 miles.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Days at the Races

Saturday, June 5-Rustin Run. I decided to still do the 8:30 AM Rustin Run even though I had competed last night. I had a good warm up. The 60-65 degrees felt good. I figured I'd take the run fairly easy and run an even pace of 6:00 miles. I pretty much accomplished that, running 6:04, 12:10, and finished in 18:50. An eighth grader was ahead of me during the first mile. He set a good pace for me. I passed him after the mile mark. I just tried to stride, maintain a good pace and not run too hard. I did just that, not that the run was necessarily easy. With 200 to go, I saw 18:13, which puts my last 200 at 37 seconds. The award for winning the race was quite generous.

Friday, June 4--Ran the 800m at the Pennsylvania Distance Festival at Henderson. Got there at about 5PM, registered, and warmed up. Felt pretty good; the 75-80 degree weather certainly helped. The wind was a bit much. There were five heats, ranging in size from 10-20. I was in the third heat, where the seed times ranged from 2:01-2:06. I seeded myself at 2:06. I got out well but somewhat conservatively. The first 200 split was announced to be 29; I'd say I was at 30. The 400 was at 59/60; I think I hit 61/62. I was feeling pretty good, though I was moving towards the back of the pack. I tried to maintain my pace over the first 100 of the second lap. I slept a little bit on the next 150 because I wanted to have a bit left for the last 150. I heard 1:30 at the 600 for the leaders; I figured I was at about 1:33. I passed 2 in the final 150 and got passed by one myself. I came in at 2:06.67, on account of a 33 second last 200. This 200 was slower than I had hoped but otherwise felt pretty good. 30,31,32,33. Unfortunately, as it turns out, my time was given to Tom Ferguson (older brother of CHS senior James) or to the kid from Abington. They were in my heat, and I came in slightly ahead of them!  I was given 2:07.80.  It was great to see Tom, who's now living in West Chester, having graduated from Duke last year.

Goal for next week: 29,31,31,32.

Thursday, June 3--took the day off.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Race Pace

June 1

warmed up
6x150 (250m jog in-between) smooth (the first three were rather rough and slower than race pace; the last 3 were smoth and slightly faster than race pace)
cool down

3.5 miles

Tomorrow I think I'll simply do a mile, stretch and do another mile.