Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pace Pattern

Tues, 5/30-Took off

Mon, 5/29-3M in 24:45 around the neighborhood.

Sun, 5/28-Met up with the crew at Radnor for a workout, despite the fact that I was in no condition to do one.  In fact, after last night's "theatrics" at Davirah's colleague's house, I was quite out of sorts.  I showed up at Radnor HS anyway, ready to take aim at the workout.

John proposed that we do 2x200 meters in sub-26 sec, followed by 2x150 in sub-19 sec, then a mile fartlek.  A 7-minute break would be afford between repeats; a 15-min break was reserved for between  sets.  Ten minutes could be taken before the mile fartlek.

Rob proposed 10x200 in 31 with a 2-min break.

I told the guys I was in no condition to complete either workout.

...But, because Bruce would run with Rob, I decided to dabble in John's workout.

I agreed to do the first 100 of his 200s, both 150s, and the mile fartlek. We'd start the 200s at the 100-meter mark.

run #1: 12.7.  I was in lane 2, while John was in lane 1.  He had me at 50 meters.  He posted 25.7 for the first 200.

run #2: 12.6: Same as the first, except John dropped a 25.4.  Boyah!

run #3: 18.4: John led the first 150.  I stayed with him and eventually pulled even on the inside.

run #4: 18.6: I led, focusing on shorter strides and controlled arms.

Mile fartlek...

Bruce joined us on this.  The idea was to jog 40 seconds on the turn and run 20 seconds on the straightaway.  I realized I was all by myself after the first lap.   Bruce and John must've said "to hell with this," stopping after three laps.

I covered the mile in 7:45, a little faster than the 40/20 pace pattern.

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Thurs, 5/25-

Arrived at YMCA late and did 3x.75M with 2:30 rest.


Wed, 5/24-skipped

Tues, 5/23-4.7M

Mon, 5/22-workout was supposed to be 12x150 (4x 21.xx,  21x 20.xx, 4x 19.xx).  I was sluggish throughout.  I wound up hitting most of the times in the first two sets.  The last set I hit 20-mid, 20-mid.  I then capped things off with two 100s, one in 13-mid, one in 13-low.

Sun, 5/21-skipped

Sat, 5/20-skipped

Fri, 5/19-5M

Thurs, 5/18--oops.  cannot recall.

Wed, 5/17-oops.  cannot recall.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Too busy

Tues-Too busy.  Taking day off.

Mon-4.5M around neighborhood.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

I felt flat today

Sun-Went to Westtown School to workout on this beautiful but windy day.   I felt flat today and wound up doing...

6x200 with 3 min rest...three were supposed to be in 30 and there were supposed to be in 28
6x100 with 2 min rest...there were supposed to be in 13.5 and three were supposed to be in 12.5

30-mid, 30-low, 30-low; 28-mid, 28-low, 28-low
13.4, 13.8, 13.3; 12.4, 12.4, 12.5

Sat-took off.  Busy.

Fri-About 2M easy.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

This was a solid workout I can be proud of!

I figured I could do a "pick up reps" workout, even at 6AM.  As designed for a 2:00 800m high school runner, the workout is 8x400 with 90 seconds rest.  400 #s 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are supposed to be 70 seconds, while 400 #s 2, 5 and 8 are supposed to be in 64.  Since I knew I didn't have the guns to do this workout as designed and time was of the essence, I made an important modification.  I turned the 400s to 300s.  I wanted #s 1,3,4,6, and 7 to be in 52.5 seconds, or 17.5 seconds per 100 meter.  The faster 300s I wanted to be in 48, or 16 seconds per 100.  I'd take two minutes' rest.  (In the past, three minutes wamy standard.)

300: 34/52-low
300: 30/47-high
300: 34/51-mid
300: 34/51-low
300: 31/47-mid  
300: 34/51-low
300: 34/51-high
300: 31/46-high

This was a solid workout I can be proud of!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Legs not so great.

Wed, 5/10-Went to Westtown School's track late.  Jogged a mile and stretch.  Wasn't feeling it and I didn't have time!

Tues, 5/9-Went to the YMCA and lifted for a few.

Mon, 5/8-5M in 36:45.

Sun, 5/7-Met up with Chuck K, Chuck, S., Rob, John, and Bruce at Radnor on this cool morning. I initially had in mind 2x500 (coming through the 400 in 59/60 for the first and 57/58 for the second).  However, Rob's 2x450 plus 3x200 would do just fine.  The rest between the 450s was 10 minutes.  The rest between the 200s was to be 3:00.

450 #1: 29 at the 200...60/61 at the 400...finishing the 450 in 68/69
450 #1: 27/28 at the 200...59 at the 400....finishing in 67.

Legs not so great.

200s: 29-mid, 29-low, 28-low.  3:30 rest.

Oh, yeah: Rob kind of vomitted.

Friday, May 5, 2017

12.1, fly start of course!


Went to the track at 5:45 AM to complete a short workout of 6x100.  The idea was to do 2 in 13-high to warm up, 2 in 13-low, and 2 in 12-mid.

13-high, 13-high
13-mid, 13-mid,
12-mid, 12-low (12.1)

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Let's keep it going

Thurs, 5/4-

Ran 2.6M at 6:00ish in 18:40.

Wed, 5/3-Went to the YMCA for a short lifting workout

Tues, 5/2-

6x150: goal--2 in 21-mid, 2 in 20-mid, 2 in 19-mid.

21-mid, 22-low
20-mid, 20-low
19-mid, 19-low

Let's keep it going

Monday, May 1, 2017

Heart of Penn Relays


Ran around the neighborhood.  About 4.3M in 33:20.


Went to the Y and did 3x1 mile with 4-min lifting between sets.
donut track-6:35

Sat-Penn Relays.

Got to Franklin Field at 11:30.
Had to wait an hour for teammates to show.  Regional rail troubles.
Finally made my way to seating area....
Event scheduled for 5:20.
Made our way to the lower fields at 3:40, with the goal of an hour of warmup and a 4:40 arrival at the paddock.
Felt good on this 80-something degree day.  A little humid and a little windy.
Stretched really good and lubed up with Icy Hot!  Yes.
Arrived in paddock area at 4:50 and we were called pretty immediately, as the meet was running almost 10 minutes ahead.
Once trackside, it became obvious several teams were missing.  A few teams would show before we hit the race line.  Mark Williams's squad would be too late.

John got out nicely and maintained an even race, handing the baton to me in a close 4th place.  I cut into the lead of Sherman Lau of Central Park TC.  I kew Gomes and Dusset were out of my league.  I didn't feel like I was going particularly fast, but I felt smooth.  The guy from Potomac blew by me 150 into the leg, but I kept within striking distance, closing on him in our final meters.  54.19.  Not the 53.xx I was hoping for, but not bad either.  Nick and Chuck ran strong legs, each running somewhat solo.  They had heart.  (USA Masters--World Record.  OMG!)

M40 4x400 Meter Relay-Penn Relays 2017
M40 4x400 Meter Relays 2017-GPTC video

1USA Masters3:22.79Karnell Vickers (54.10), Mark Gomes (48.88), Lee Bridges (51.56), Allen Woodard (48.27)N
2Southwest Sprinters A3:24.50Robert Thomas (53.89), Antwon Dusset (48.67), Gabriel Fuzat (50.25), Khalid Muluzim (51.70)A
3Greater Philadelphia TC3:42.73John Curtis (54.72), Delvin Dinkins (54.19), Nick Damalas (56.82), Chuck Kruelle (57.02)C
4CPTC New Balance3:43.82Andrew Hogue (54.67), Sherman Lau (55.69), John Milone (58.55), Neil Fitzgerald (54.92)E
5Sprint Masters3:47.86JaBari Livingston (58.46), JD Williams (56.85), Garfield Williams (58.45), Ari Rodriguez (54.11)B
6Penn Track Alumni A3:52.37David Allison (57.20), Gabby Yearwood (59.64), Kale Coleman (56.88), Damon Manning (58.66)K
7Mass Velocity TC3:54.13Gary Rossen (58.15), Mark Silverman (1:01.03), Bill Chambers (58.70), Quinn Pack (56.26)I
8Potomac Valley TC3:55.51Brad Dittmar (55.87), Sam Lomax (53.00), Raymond Hall (1:05.77), James Barr (1:00.89)F
9TNT International TC3:58.73Junior Hyman (59.83), Charles Sawyer (1:02.39), Ulrick Exantus (1:00.73), Kevin Bowen (55.79)J
10D.C. Capitol TC4:02.68Remus Medley (57.95), Chas Iliff (1:00.99), Rodney Timpson (56.58), Joe Bruno (1:07.18)H
11Penn Track Alumni B4:16.08Matthew DeChellis (1:02.28), Joe Devine (1:02.16), Matthew Manion (1:02.73), Michael Anderson (1:08.92)M
12Alabama Express4:36.33David Ash (1:03.83), Lance Forest (1:13.04), Derrick Livingston (1:10.40), Reggie Hill (1:09.08)
Fri-Took off