Saturday, September 28, 2013

one-week-out-from-competition directions

Sat, 9/28--Knowing that I have a 5K coming up next week and acknowledging that my fitness is not what it should be, I took to the internet for a little inspiration.  I read the following post from a thread in titled "how to and how long to break 18 minute 5k?" It's reproduced below:

I broke 18 (17:52) this summer after running 18:52 last summer.

What worked for me:
- Averaged 34 mpw all winter prior. I focused on consistency rather than high mileage.
- Key workouts
3 x 1600m with 400jog.I ran the exact same pace in the race.
1 week before the race I ran a solo 3200m on the track @ 11:50. It felt great. I made a mental note that I needed ~11:30s for 2 miles for my goal race (I ran 11:32).

- One run a week that totaled about 1 hour and at a good clip. Usually did this Friday after work when I knew I'd be anxious to let it rip.
- Long run weekly/biweekly. Lot of times this turned into a progressive run where it started 8:00-ish pace and ended fast. I tended to run fast in my long runs if it felt good otherwise I just slogged it in. Take what your body gives you.

I ran two races in the lead up to my sub 18.
1. A windy/cold mid-19 5k. At this point I thought it was going to be another year similar to last summer.
2. A mid 38 10k where I was running a PR at every split past 5k. In all the times I had run 10ks I never even sniffed 40 minutes, much less 38. I knew then that I was ready for something special. My fitness was at another level. Sub 18 level.

Good luck!

So, following his one-week-out-from-competition directions, I hit the track for a 2 miler.  It was tough, but I managed 11:30.  Perhaps that means I am ready for a sub 18.  I can't be sure, though.  And the course is difficult.  

Fri, 927-took off.

Thurs, 9/26--woke up too late to head into town for the usual 7.9M with the crew.  Decided to do 6.6M (3 Rustin loops) instead.

Started at a pretty decent pace and end in a good clip.

loop 1-16:20
loop 2-15:20 (31:40)
loop 3--(14:22) 46:02

Ran 6:59 mile pace over the 6.6M.

Wed, 9/25--running and lifting at the Y.  running/lifting/running/lifting/running/stretching/running .  Ran 5:00 of running at 6:30 pace; lifting was about 4:00 a pop.

Tues, 9/24--5:50 AM. 2x1.5M with 200m jog at Henderson. 9:15; 9:00.

Monday, September 23, 2013

blinded me

Monday, 9/24--easy 4.4M in 33:50.

Sunday, 9/23--did a 31-min fartlek on the XC course.  Warmed up to the diagonal start and went from there--30 sec run/30 sec jog 60 sec run/60 sec jog.  I followed this patterns for 2 full course loops plus ad additional 1000 to my house.  The actual fartlek was 31:00; the total run w/ warm up was about 36:00.

Sat, 9/22--ran an easy 5M.

Friday, 9/21--took the day off

Thursday, 9/20--met in town.  Workout was 3M pick-up within the context of 7.9M run.  Unfortunately, I turned my ankle when a car driver put on his high beams and blinded me.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hated it

Tues, 9/17--went to Henderson to workout: mile, 800, mile, 800, mile with 200m jog in-between.  I did the mile and most of the 800 and then bagged the workout.  I was so tight and dehydrated.  Mile was a pedestrian 6:13.  I knew I was off kilter.  Hated it.

Mon, 9/16--lifted

Sun. 9/15--Ran 11.4M using the extended neighborhood double-loop at 5.4M each.

First loop--5.7M in 41:30--7:17 pace
Second loop--39:35--6:57 pace

81:06, 7:07 pace

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fartlek time

A fartlek was in store for me.  I began with a 5:00 min/.6 mi warm up, heading towards the NEW start of the Rustin XC course.  I did the standard 15sec-30sec-45sec-60sec with an equal amount of jog time in-between. I sustained this over 4.8 miles (NEW course), covering the distance in 33:25. I figure my runs were at about 6:00 min pace and our jogs were at 8:00 min pace, for an overall pace of 7:00. I cooled down .9, for a total of about 6.2 miles.  I felt tight, but pretty good otherwise.

Better luck next time, huh

Fri, 9/13--went to the Y for a bit of the usual.

5:00 on track at 7:00 pace
5:00 on treadmill at 6:45 pace
5:00 on track at 6:30 pace

Thurs, 9/12--Met up with the crew in town at the country club for the 7.9M run.  We would do 6x2:00 with a 1 min active rest once we got to the 2-mile mark.  I was doing fine until the fourth one.  I then fell off the top guys.  Better luck next time, huh.  Since I had to be back at my car by 6:35, I peeled off early and headed back to the CC.

Wed, 9/11--dropped off car at WC Tire and Service and ran back home.  19:40

Tues, 9/10--Henderson workout.

Option 1-3x2 miles with a 400m jog between each
Option 2-2x1.5 miles with a 400 m jog between

I opted for option 2.  First 1.5M in 9:00; 2nd in 9:01.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Making my way

9/9--Ran 5.7M loop.  41:57.

9/8--Went to the Y.  Did the usual alternating between lifting (upper body) and running on track and treadmill.

7:00 on donut track
6:50 on treadmill
lifted 4:00
6:30 on donut
lifted 4:00
6:20 on treadmill
stretched for 4 min
5:47 o donut track

9/7--Did 5x1000 on XC course.

3:30 recovery

Making my way

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Fri, 9/6--took the day off

Thurs, 9/5--ran 4+ easy miles in the AM; ran with EA's XC in the PM: mile warm up, stretching, another mile, 6x400 with 2 min rest.  Target pace for 400s-78/79 sec.  78, 77, 76, 70, 73, 72

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

for marathoners

Wed, 9/4--went to the Y for a brief workout.
3:15 half-mile on donut track
upper body lifting
3:15 half-mile on treadmill
upper body work
1 mile on donut track-5:58

Tuesday, 9/3--the workout for marathoners was 6x1 mile at just over 10K with a 100 meter jog.  The rest of us were to do 3-4 x 1 mile with 100m jog.  I did 5x1 mile w/ 100m jog.


Mon, 9/2--Easy 5.7M.  46:00

Sun, 9/1--4x1000 on the XC course.  Had planned to do 5 but I was running short on time.
Target time 3:25 with 3:30 rest between repeats.