Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A shorty

Wed, 7/26-

Today I did a shorty.  Generally exhausted and having played a monster game of squash last night, I was only up a for couple of miles.  I covered the first mile in 8:00 and brought it home in 7:15 for a total run of 15:15.  (2M)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Life's been such a whirlwind

Life's been such a whirlwind.  I haven't had much time to workout, much less write.

Tues-took off. no time

Mon-took off. no time

Sun-ran 2.6M in 19:30, or 7:30 pace.

Sat-took off

Fri-took off



Tues-cannot recall

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Monday, 7/18-4M in 30:30

Sunday, 7/17-took off.  packing like crazy

Saturday, 7/16-went to Westtown's track.  Flaccid.  9x150.  Goal of 3@ 21-mid, 3@ 20-mid, 3@ 19-mid.

22-mid, 21-low, 21-mid
21-low, 20-mid, 20-mid
20-low, 20-low...I then chose to do 2x100 instead of the final 150.  I hit 13-low and 12-mid.

I came up short!

Friday, 7/15-ran 3.6M in 29:30

Thursday, 7/14-lifted at onsite gym here at The Ave

Wednesday, 7/13-ran 3.2M in 26:00.

Tuesday, 7/12-cannot recall

Monday, 7/11-cannot recall

Monday, July 10, 2017

Fellow runner

Monday-took off

Sunday-Went to Penncrest HS with my daughter, who did 8x200 with 60' rest.

I did a short, sharpening workout of 2x150 and 2x100. I was interrupted by a chat with a fellow runner.

150s: 20-mid, 19-mid
100s: 13-low, 12-mid

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Sat-took off.  NJ.

Fri-4x150 with 3' between each, 4x100 with 2' between each.  Raining.  Sluggish.


Thurs-recovery run.  (about 4.8/4.9M. 38:45.)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Challenged a bit


Tues, July 4th-Met up with Rob, John, Bruce, Andrew, Phil and Chuck S. at Germantown Academy.  On tap was a 400 time trial, followed by a couple of 200s.

My 400 time trial was 55.9, although Chuck clocked me in 56.2.  NOT!  As was the case before, I relaxed during the first 200, not making up the stagger on a strong-looking Rob. I drove during the second 200, probably running even splits.

John seemed to be 10 meters ahead at the 200-meter mark.  I cut the lead in half over the second 200.  According to Chuck, he ran 55-mid. 

Rob and Phil ran 57 and change.

Bruce ran 60-point, and Andrew ran 61-point.

We waited 13 or 14 minutes before tackling the 200s.  Phil wanted to do a couple at 800 race pace, with 60 seconds' rest.  My first was 31-low; my second was 30-mid.   

The meal at Breakfast Bar (Abington) featured pretty good food and spirited, if not political, conversation.  Too bad the waitstaff was challenged a bit.

Monday, July 3, 2017

tougher than it should have been!

Mon-took off

Sun-SLOW recovery run of 4.4M (two Rustin-plus loops) in 37:45.

Sat-Went to Westtown's track for a modified sit 'n kick workout: 300, 60 sec rest, 150, 1100m jog (8:00-9:00).

The 300s were supposed to be in 48 sec, or 8 sec per 50m.  The 150s were supposed to be in 21, or 7 sec per 50m.

set 1: 48-high, 22-mid
set 2: 48-low, 22-low
set 3: 48-low, 21-mid
set 4: 46-high, 21-low
set 5: 46-mid, 20-high

This workout was tougher than it should have been!