Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fitbit ain't one bit fit!

Sat, 7/21-After taking off a few days, I figured I'd do a substantial run of 60 minutes today, per my 5K plan. First generation Fitbit in hand (or on arm more precisely), I hit the canal trail for this effort. I took the stretch of trail opposite of the parking lot in Milltown. A few minutes into the run, I was reminded why I don't like to use the Fitbit I have: it never measures correctly. I know what a mile feel like, but the Fitbit doesn't. My particular version measure .9 mile for every mile I run. What's more, it is inconsistent. For example, I reached 3.38M, turned back around, followed the exact same path back to the start for the identical distance, and the Fitbit registered 3.17M. 3.17! What happened? Ridic. And, of course, the 3.38M was really 3.7 or so. So, I hit this mark in 30:30, and figured I'd head back in 29:30 for a total of 60 minutes. I finished up at 59:25 instead.

30:30 down (8:15/mi pace)
28:55 back (7:49/mi pace)

FitBit wouldn't know as much. Fitbit ain't one bit fit!

Fri, 7/20-took off

Thurs, 7/19-took off

Wed, 7/18-took off

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I took the race in an passable time

Tues, 6/17-

Here is a workout (from Anselm LeBourne's Facebook page) that I confessed I'd like to try:
3 X 3 X 200m 1st set (31-32) Rest 70 seconds with a 3 minute break, 2nd set (29.5-30.5) Rest 90 seconds with a 4 minute break, 3rd set (28.5- 30) with a 90 seconds Rest. Their times were 32.2, 30.2, 31.2, 29.4, 30.1, 29.0, 30.1, 28.4, 29.5.

My plan today was to try it. However, as I was warming up I realized how heavy and sluggish I felt, particularly in the soupy humidity, even at 7:30 AM. Thus, I decided to modify it to 3 x 3 x 150. 1st set: 23.xx with 70 seconds' rest between efforts and a 3-minute break after the set; 2nd set: 22.xx with 90 seconds' rest between efforts and a 4-minute break after the set; and 3rd set: 21.xx with 90 seconds' rest between efforts.

Times were: 23.4, 23.7, 23.6; 22.6, 22.6, 22.6; 21.4, 21.5, 21.6.

I think it's just about time to make my transition to distance, but I may take off up to a week first, though.

Mon, 6/16-took off

Sun, 6/15-Went to the Y for 4 x (mile, 4:00 lift/stretch)
Set 1: 10:00 mile on treadmill, 1:30 stretch, 2:30 lift
Set 2: 8:30 mile, 1:00 stretch, 3:00 lift
Set 3: 7:30 mile, :30 stretch, 3:30 lift
Set 4: 6:40 mile, 2:00 lift, 2:00 stretch

Sat, 6/14-Made my way on this 90+-degree to PA to compete in the second of three open meets at Phoenixville HS. I arrived at 6:20/6:30 for the meet, which was to begin at 7:30. After a few minutes, I connected with Wayne Foulke and his son Alex. (Justin Poley would arrive later, as the plan was for us to hang out after the meet.)

On tap? 100 and 200, with hopes to run 12.2 and sub-25. I felt pretty good during my warm up. I did some 50 meter pickups and some starts. Eventually, the clerk registered the entrants, beginning with the youngsters and continuing up to the teens and adults. Although somewhat haphazard, the process seemed to work okay. 

With just four in my heat, I had lane 3; lanes 1, 2, 3, and 6 were occupied. I took the race in an passable time, 12.31. Justin arrived soon afterwards. Here's a video of the second half of the race, thanks to Wayne's wife.

I was happy to see the temperature fall off some as the night approached. 

At about 9:00, my 200 race was up. In heat 5, lane 3, I found someone to my inside and three to my outside. I mistook the teen to my right in lane 4, assuming I'd outmatch his speed since he seemed to be so casual during the lane assignments and at the start. He shot out like a canon, posting 22.xx. Also a surprise was the young woman in lane 6 who went stride-for-stride with me down the homestretch. I tightened up over the last 15 meters or so to see her get me at the line. I was nonplussed by the race, a 25.20. Argh. 

At least Justin and I got to hang out afterwards....

Friday, July 13, 2018

a workout (from Anselm LeBourne's Facebook page) I'd like to try

Here is a workout (from Anselm LeBourne's Facebook page) I'd like to try:
3 X 3 X 200m 1st set (31-32) Rest 70 seconds with a 3 minute break, 2nd set (29.5-30.5) Rest 90 seconds with a 4 minute break, 3rd set (28.5- 30) with a 90 seconds Rest. 
Times were 32.2, 30.2, 31.2, 29.4, 30.1, 29.0,. 30.1, 28.4, 29.5.

Pretty much right on time...

Thursday, July 12, 2018-Sharpened up with a short sprint workout: 4 x 150. The target was 21-mid for the first two and 19-mid for the second two.
#1: 20-mid
#2: 21-mid
#3: 19-mid
#4: 19-high

Pretty much right on time...

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

the heart of

Wed, 7/11-

Last day in Charleston, SC. Ran from French Quarter Inn to and around The Battery...around 3M in 25:00.

Tues, 7/10

Took off.

Mon, 7/09-

Ran from French Quarter Inn to and around the heart of Charleston, SC. 4M in about 34:00

Sun, 7/08

Ran from French Quarter Inn to and around the heart of Charleston, SC. 4M in about 34:00

Sat, 7/07

Went to Hillsborough HS track for a brief workout before heading to Charleston, SC. Did 4x150 and 4x100. The idea was to do the first 150s at 7.5 sec per 100m, the second two 150s at 7 sec per 100m, the first two 100s in 6.5 sec per 100, and the second two 100s in sub-13.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

I looked at my watch

July 5, 2018

I arrived on campus at 7:25AM with 3x400 in 60 seconds on my mind. Although the temperature was doable, it was on the humid side.   

Rep 1: I got out okay, crossing the 100-meter mark in 14/15.  I relaxed on the backstretch, reaching the 200 mark in 30. I crossed the 300 in 46. As I hit the homestretch, I tried not to overuse my arms.  I crossed the 400 in 61-high.

I walked for 10 minutes.

Rep 2: Feeling fully recovered, I decided to get at the next 400.  I reached the 100 in 14/15 and the 200 in 30.  I looked at my watch at the 300 mark and saw 45.  I tried to relax over the last 100, finishing the lap in 61-flat.

I walked another 10 minutes.  

Rep 3: I was ready to go.  I reached the 100 in 14 and the 200 in 29. I looked at my watch and saw 44 at the 300 mark. I finished up in 60-flat.   

My butt was locked up afterwards, though.  

I was fairly pleased with the workout.

If I do this workout in the near future, maybe I'll try either 4x400 in 62 or 3x400 in sub-60.

July 4, 2018

On this crazy humid day, V and I went to the trail for a run, using the side heading toward Franklin Township's Colonial Park. I reached the 2.12M mark in 17:00. I headed back and came across V at 20:30. I walked with her for a tenth of a mile or so. When we reached the stake that indicated I has 1.5M to the parking lot, I started running again. I picked up the pace over the last mile in particular, covering it in about 7:00.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I downshifted

Tuesday, June 3-

Went to Pingry's track at 7:30 this soupy morning for a workout. The initial plan was to do neg-split reps 2x (300m-500-400 w/neg-split last 100m).  My goal was :33+15 (=:48 300m) . . . 69+15 (=1:24 500m) . . . 50+15 (=65 400m) 2-min btw reps/jog 1200 btw sets.

(Goal for 2:00 800: @ :32+14 (=:46 300m) . . . 66+14 (=1:20 500m) . . . 48+14 (=62 400m) 2-min btw reps/jog 1200 btw sets.)

The workout did not go as planned.

Set 1: 33+16 (=:49 300m); 34/69+17 (=1:26 500m); 34/51+17 (=68 400m)
Feeling like the heat and humidity had gotten the better of me, I downshifted to something more manageable: 150s and 200s. Since I had covered 900 meters of hard running, I figured I'd do about 900 meters work of 150s and 200s at about 800 meter pace. I'd do a 150, rest 90 seconds, then do 200, rest 2:00, then do a 150, and so on.

150: 23-mid
rest 90 seconds
200: 31-flat
rest 2:00
150: 23-low
rest 90 seconds
200: 31-low
rest 2:00
150: 22-high
rest 90 seconds
200: 27-low
rest 2:00

Monday, June 2

Went to the Y at 7AM for a brief workout of treadmill action and lifting.
6:00 on treadmill at 8:00 pace
4:00 stretch/lift
6:00 on treadmill at 7:30 pace
4:00 lift
6:00 on treadmill at 7:30 pace

Sunday, June 1

Took myself to Hillsborough HS's track for the dirty dozen. I didn't set out to do the dirty dozen on this soupy morning, but they kept calling me.

Initially, I thought I'd do 8 150s, four sets of two at 22, 21, 20, and 19. I then said I'd do 9 of them: 3@22, 3@21, and 3@20. I moved into the workout. As I approached the third set, I told myself to consider tacking on a fourth set. And I did...once I reached rep #8. I was feeling reasonably good despite the heat.

set 1: 22-mid, 22-low, 22-low
set 2: 21-low, 21-mid, 21-mid
set 3: 20-mid, 20-low, 20-low
set 4: 19-mid, 19-mid, 19-high

My walk-rest back to the 150 mark ranged between 2:30 and 2:45.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

at least

Sat, June 30th--

Ran the gravel path, or at least most of it, with my wife. 3.5M

Fri, June 29th

Went to Hillsborough High School to do Sit 'n Kick Reps. It was about 85 degrees and humid. The ideal/goal is 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28) jog 1200m btw sets. Being able to do this as written sets me up to run about 2:00 in the 800m.  My plan was to run 66 and 30, with 60 sec rest between these two and 1200m between sets. I figured that I could be a few seconds off pace. Boy was I! I knew from the first rep that it was going to be a long workout. My 1200 jogs in between hovered at 9:15. My runs were: 
65-high, 33-high

Thurs, June 28th-took off

Wed, June 27th-Did 2M in 16:00 at Monhonk Mountain House (Admin Retreat)

Tues, June 26th-Did 4M in 35:00 (17:30, 15:30--two loops through the mountain and around the property) 

Mon, June 25th- Ran 4.2 miles on the trail

Sunday, June 24, 2018

John's shirt came off. You know we meant business now.

June 24, 2018

I met up with the crew (Chuck S., Rob, John, Bruce and, surprisingly, Wayne) today at Germantown Academy at 8AM. After putting on three pounds in as many days while in Maryland, I needed a workout in a bad way. On tap, per Phil's plan for Rob, was 8-10 x 200 at about 800 meter race pace, with 2:30 rest between each effort. Rob said he'd shoot for 32s. I figured I'd do the same since 32 seconds is my 800-meter race pace...on a good day! Given the generous rest for the pace, I wound up going a bit faster on most repeats.

30-high (Bruce's shirt came off!)
30-mid (Uh oh! John's shirt came off. You know we meant business now.)
30-low (My shirt came off!)

With everyone else finished, John and I tacked on a 150m pick-up in 21-low (7.5 first 50m, 7.0 second 50, 6.5 third 50). I then did another 150 by my lonesome, sub-20 the goal. I hit 20-flat.

Off we went for coffee and treats!

In and around

Sat, June 23-Did an even slower 4.25M at 8:30 AM in and around National Harbor area. Back is still bothering me still. 36:40

Fri, June 22-Did a slow 4.25M (approx.) at 9AM in and around National Harbor area. Back is aching a bit. 35:30

Thurs, June 21. Got in a little workout before we headed to National Harbor.

The plan was Pick-up reps, which in original form is 8x 400m @ 70 w/90-sec Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 63.  I typically give myself twice the allotted recovery.  Given my current fitness, I modified the workout further by doing 300s as opposed to 400s, but at the original pace as the planned 400s.  This meant 52-mid and 47-high. I took 2:00/100 between repeats. 

300 #1: 51-low
300 #2: 48-low 
300 #3: 51-high
300 #4: 52-mid
300 #5: 48-mid 
300 #6: 52-low
300 #7: 52-mid 
300 #8: 47-low

This moderate 300s workout went okay, but I felt a little more sluggish than I would've liked.  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

There is something amiss

Wed, 6/20/18-Went to the YMCA at 6 AM for a workout.

8:30 mile
4:00 lift/stretch
7:30 mile
4:00 lift
.5M at 6:40 pace (3:20)

Tues, 6/21/18-
Worked half-day.
Hung out at home for a couple of hours.
Felt lethargic.
Headed out with V at 3:40 for the first Germantown Academy Meet, temperature above 90 degrees. Had registered for the 100 meters and 200 meters beforehand.
Warmed up pretty good, but still felt in a fog.
Was assigned heat 4, lane 2 against two girls and three other guys.
Ran a catastrophic race with wind at my face: 12.97, a masters worst.
Decided to leave soon afterwards.

As I wrote to Chuck K:

After a catastrophic 100 meter race, I knew it was time to head home.... After now a string of bad races, I am wondering if there is something amiss. Post-concussion symptoms?  I may be just tired, even somewhat burned out right now. Who knows? 

I, too, MAY be finished for the summer. We'll see. It's weird for me to say, but I'm kinda looking ahead to 5K training.  

Monday, June 18, 2018

Mid-Atlantic Championship Meet: This meet was for the birds.

Monday, 6/18/18-took off. Had a massage this afternoon at Hand and Stone. Cool!

Sunday, 6/17/18-recovery run on the "alternative" side of the trail...16:30 down (2.07M), 15:45 back (2.07M)...33:15

Saturday, 6/16/18-Mid-Atlantic Championship Meet. I arrived at Widener University at 12:25; I thought I was late. Given the fact the the meet was a combined on for youth, open, and masters, I wound up being quite early, even if the start time was 10:00. At any rate, not really knowing how slowly the meet was moving, I warmed up and was ready to race by about 1:30. The 400 didn't go off until about 3:00. I was in the masters heat...heat 4, lane 4. John was to my right in lane 5. My race plan was to run the first 50 meters hard as I had done in practice and then float on the backstretch.  I relaxed my arm carry on the backstretch to conserve energy. At precisely the 200 mark (I heard Anthony say 26...), I began to push some. Coming off the turn, I had pulled even with John.  We moved stride-for-stride on the homestretch, John trying not to give much. I could feel myself struggling some, but I knew I was good with about 30 meters to go. 55.54...55.70. The times were not at all what we had hoped for. My goal was not to beat John; it was to beat 54.00. I was disappointed, as was John. We didn't go out hard enough, and we weren't strong enough over the second 200.

And then there was the 100. I waited until 4:45 for this race, which didn't go well at all. The highlight of the race was seeing newcomer Dan Eposito run well...and well ahead of me. His time, 12.10, matched my masters best! My time of 12.59, run from lane 6, is perhaps a masters worst. Was it the false start charged to two of the six in the field? The tired legs from the 400? No. It was because I wasn't fast on this day! At least I got a chance to chat with my former sprinter Dante Coles, there watching his young daughter compete for Hershey Blaze.

Since the meet was dragging, I decided to head out. This meet was for the birds.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

When June 2018 becomes May 2012

Look at May 10, 2012...and go from there.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

hard first 50

Fri, June 15-took off

Thurs, June 14-Went to the track at 6:30 AM for an easy workout of starts: 100m, 200m, and 400m. 3 attempts each. Also did a few drills.

Wed, June 13, 2018-Took off (I think)

Tues, June 12, 2018-easy 6:30 AM workout of...

  • 8x150...hard first 50, float 100: 22-mid, 22-low, 21-high, 21-mid, 21-low, 20-high, 20-mid, 20-low (close to race pace on last one). 3:00 rest.

Mon, June 11, 2018-Went to the Y for:

  • 9 min mile
  • 4 min lift/stretch
  • 8:30 min mile
  • 4 min lift
  • 4:00 half mile

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Ran some

Sun, 6/10-Met up with the crew at GA at 8Am this morning. We wound up getting a late start, however. Thus, instead of running 4x200 and 4x150, we ran just three sets.

The target pace for the 200s were supposed to be slightly slower than 400m race pace; the 150s were supposed to be at race pace.
200s: 28-flat, 27.5, 27.6 (walked a 200m in 4:00)
150s: 19.7, 19.5, 18.9 (walked 250m in 5:00)

Sat, 6/9-Ran part trail with V. Ran mile, walked some, ran mile, walked some, ran half-mile.

Fri, 6/8-took off

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Thurs, 6/5/18-

Leaving home at 5:55 AM and arriving to campus at 6:20 AM, I got a bit of a late start for the Russian intervals planned for this morning. As designed for a high school 2:00 800m runner, Russian intervals consist of 5x(3x300m @ 48 w/jog 100m at 30-sec) with an 800m jog between sets. My plan was to do "modified" Russian intervals: 5x(2x300m @ 48 w/60 sec rest (100m jog)) with an 800m jog between sets. I walked my 100m rests, making them 70 seconds. My 800 meter jogs were between 6:30 and 6:45.
My runs:

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

the first of its kind I've done in some time

Wed, 6/5-Went to the Y. Did a little biking, lifting, and running. Light.

Tues, 6/4-53 degrees this morn.

Had my heart set on doing a modified sit 'n kick workout.  Instead of 5 sets of a 400, followed immediately by a 200, I decided to do a 300, a minute rest, followed immediately by a 150.  My recovery would be 900 meters instead of the customary 1200 (for the 5 x (400, 200)). 

My target pace was sub-48 for the 300s and sub 22 for the 150s.

For the most part, I was off throughout the workout, the first of its kind I've done in some time.

Set 1: 300 in 47-mid; 150 in 22-mid
Set 2: 300 in 48-low; 150 in 22-mid
Set 3: 300 in 48-low; 150 in 22-low
Set 4: 300 in 46-high; 150 in 22-mid
Set 5: 300 in 47-low; 150 in 21-mid

Monday, June 4, 2018

Today was nothing short of crappy!

Mon, June 4-I had planned to do a track workout, but it was raining. I went to the Y instead for 3 x (7:30 mile, 4:00 stretch/lift). Of course the rain stopped as I approached the Y.

Sun, June 3-took off. Alumni Weekend.

Sat, June 2-took off. Alumni Weekend.

Fri, June 1-left work early (almost 2PM) for 25th class reunion. Had signed up to compete at the John Hay Distance Festival at West Chester Henderson. With Bria in tow, I got clogged in traffic. Made my way to hotel and then dashed off to the venue. Had to have teammate Chuck K. register me for the 5:45 PM, as I was headed to arrive at 5:15 or so. On this 90-degree day, I warmed up and stretched nicely. I was groggy but otherwise okay. I bumped into a few EA (Episcopal Academy) folks...

I learned I was in heat 3, lane 7 for the 400. There was one person to my outside in lane 8 and four to my inside. The race was awful. I ran like crap. My back was sore, and I felt it the last 100 meters. I remember seeing the time 40.xx at the top of the homestretch. The last 100 must've taken me 16 or 17 seconds to run! 57.40 is slowest time I've run as a master, excluding the mark at this meet last year when my blocks slipped from under me and I nearly fell. OMG!

Things continue to suck as I took the 40 minutes after the 400 to prepare for the 200. I was assigned lane 1 in heat 3. Thinking I could redeem myself, I tried to get my mind prepared. I felt super sluggish during the race, like I was in a fog. This explains my 26.13, the slowest 200 I've ever posted as a masters runner. I felt so flaccid, out of shape, out of form. Today was nothing short of crappy!

I need an intervention.

Thurs, May 31-took off

Wed, May 30-Brief track workout of 2x150 in 21-mid and 20-mid and 2x100 in 13-mid and 13-low.

Tues, May 29-left hotel at 3AM on shuttle...6AM flight.

Mon, May 28-New Orleans. Ran a mile on treadmill. Stretched. Then did 300m equivalents on treadmill on its highest setting, 5:00 min/mile.

Sun, May 27-New Orleans. Ran a couple of miles, then lifted a little.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

I tried to go under.

Sat, 5/26-In New Orleans. Did a couple of miles at an easy pace and then lifted a little bit.

Fri, 5/25-Went to the track at 6AM for a workout of 8 x 100 with 2:45 rest. My thought was to do 2 in 14.0 sec, 2 in 13.5 sec, 2 in 13.0 sec, and 2 in 12.5.

Efforts: 14.4, 13.9, 13.5, 13.4, 13.0, 12.9, 12.2, 12.0. I tried to go under.

Thurs, 5/24-Went to the Y. 2 x (mile + lift)

Wed, 5/23-Went to the track at 6AM for 8x150: 2@800m pace, 2 with fast middle 50m, 2 with each 50m progressively faster, and 2@ 800m pace. The rest would be 2:30.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Oops: I forgot to run the 50s!

Tues, 5/20-Went to the Y for 1 x (mile + lift)

Mon, 5/21-Decided to work out after work on this sunny and slightly breezy 80-degree day. The workout was 3 x (200, 150, 100, 50) @800, 600, 400, 200 paces w/100m walk rest; 400 m walk between sets. The walk rests hovered between 1:35 and 1:50. The 400 walk rests were 5:45 and 5:40.

set 1: 30-low, 23-low, 13-low
set 2: 28-mid, 22-low, 13-mid
set 3: 29-high, 21-high, 12-mid

Oops: I forgot to run the 50s!

Sun, 5/19-a little lifting

Sat, 5/19-3 x (3x200) @ 600m pace w/1:00 rest. 400 walk between sets.

set 1: 30-mid, 31-low, 31-high
set 2: 30-high, 31-mid, 32-low
set 3: 30-high, 33-low, 31-low

Not a great showing today. I was thinking the pace was 800, not 600. No excuses, though!

Fri, 5/18-took off

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Thurs, 5/17-

Despite the rain, I dragged myself to the track at 6AM to do 8x150. The idea was to do the first four at 600m pace (22-mid), and the second four at 400m pace (19-high/20-low). I'd take 2:45 between the efforts, with a 5:00 rest between sets.


Somewhat sluggish!

Wed, 5/16-

Took off

Tues, 5/15-went to the track at 6AM to do 8x200. The idea was to do the first four at about 800m pace (30/31), and the second four at around the pace of the second 200 of a 400m race (28). I'd take 3:00 between the efforts, with a 4:00 rest between sets.



Wow! I don't remember the last time I was able to run a 26-second 200 at 6:45 AM.

Mon, 5/14-

Lifted at the Y.

Sun, 5/13-

Met up with the crew at Germantown Academy for a modest workout that would take much more out of me than I expected: simple, short ladder of 200, 300, 400, 300, 200, with 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00, 3:00, 2:00 between respective efforts. The idea was to stay at your 800-meter race pace. For me this meant 32, 48, 64, 48, 32. I hit 32-mid, 48-mid, 64-high, 48-mid, 33-mid.

Sat, 5/12-

Went to Hillsborough HS's track, saw there was a Lax game/tourney, and headed back home. Bummer.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

stronger last year, likely more conditioned

Thurs, May 10, 2018

I figured I could do what I did on this day last year: a "pick up reps" workout, even at 6:30AM.  As designed for a 2:00 800m high school runner, the workout is 8x400 with 90 seconds rest.  400 #s 1, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are supposed to be 70 seconds, while 400 #s 2, 5 and 8 are supposed to be in 64.  Since I knew I didn't have the guns to do this workout as designed and time was of the essence, I made an important modification.  I turned the 400s to 300s.  I wanted #s 1,3,4,6, and 7 to be in 52.5 seconds, or 17.5 seconds per 100 meters.  The faster 300s I wanted to be in 48, or 16 seconds per 100.  I'd take two minutes' rest.  (In the past, three minutes wamy standard.)

300: 33/51-mid
300: 31/48-low
300: 33/51-low
300: 33/51-high
300: 32/49-high  
300: 34/52-high
300: 34/52-high
300: 31/46-high

Not bad, but...

Last year, I posted:

300: 34/52-low
300: 30/47-high
300: 34/51-mid
300: 34/51-low
300: 31/47-mid  
300: 34/51-low
300: 34/51-high
300: 31/46-high

I was stronger last year, likely more conditioned. Also, my back was sore today, perhaps because of yesterday's squash game.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Wed, 5/9/18-
Got my butt kicked in a 6AM squash game, after which I did a little lifting.

Tues, 5/8/18-

I arrived on campus at 6 AM for a dozen repeats: 4x200, 4x150, and 4x100.

200s with 3:00 rest: 29-high, 29-mid, 30-low, 29-mid
150s with 3:00 rest: 21-low, 21-low, 21-mid, 20-mid
100s with 3:00 rest: 13-low, 12-high, 12-high, 12-mid

This workout felt lame.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Penn Relays and the Beast

Sun, May 6-

Foiled again. Hillsborough High School's track was swarmed. There was some kind of community event going on, so I headed to the Y for a lackluster workout. I did 2 x (1 mile/stretch/lift).

Sat, May 5-

I arrived at Hillsborough HS track for a workout and noticed the tons of youth there for track practice. The time was 10:00. I warmed up, pleased that they were using the infield. As soon as I finished my first two 200s, they hopped on the track and the rest was history. Foiled! Argh. My plan was to return on Sunday for the workout I should have done today.

Fri, May 4-took off

Thurs, May 3-

Went to Pingry in the early AM for a brief workout, followed by yoga with colleagues. I'd do 5 x 150 in 21-high, 21-med, 21-low, 20-high, 20-med.

Wed, May 2-still sore from Spartan. Took off.

Tues, May 1-still sore from Spartan. Took off.

Mon, April 30-very sore from the Beast. Took off.

Sun, April 29-Spartan Beast. Where do I begin? Even though there is so much to say, I will keep this short and sweet. I let my best man, Rob Henderson, talk me into heading to Vernon, NJ for a Spartan race. This wasn't just any Spartan instance course race; this was The Beast! On this 50-degree day, this meant 14 miles of pain up and down Mountain Creek Ski Resort. There were 33 obstacles, some doable, some downright treacherous.  I started off strong enough, staying within reach of the leader. My goal at first was to finish in the top 10 of our age group. I reconsidered this after the two hours, and again after the third. I finished the course in 4 hours, 17-something minutes. This was the most challenging athletic event I've ever done!

Sat, April 28-Penn Relays. I arrived in Philly at about 2:00 for this time-honored tradition. I got there in time enough to see a couple of USA vs. The World events.

After yesterday's feel-good event, the 4x100, I was ready for some action. On this 70-degree but somewhat cloudy day, I had a good warmup with my teammates, although Rob (Schwartz) remained questionable after injuring his hamstring in yesterday's 4x100.

I got a pretty darn good warmup and was ready to roll. When we got to the paddock area, though, I somehow lost my pop. I felt flat. OMG! When the second runners were brought out to the track, I tried to stride some and get hyped up, but I was blah. In fact, I felt sleepy...more than usual. Post-concussion issues?

And the gun went off. I had to get my ass in gear. I slapped myself in the face, heard someone say "let's get in, Delvin," and then I was all set. John and Mark were jockeying for position as they came down the homestretch. Both Southwest TC teams were ahead, as was 40 is the new 30. Central Park TC was more than 10 meters behind. I think I got the baton in fourth or fifth. (I'll have to renew my membership to USATFTV to see.)

I took the baton and moved easily around the turn. I could see Nate Sickerson and another guy 15-20 meters ahead of me. At the 200 mark, I began to cut into their lead, or so it seemed. The guy right behind Nate (I believe he was from 40 is the new 30) fell to the track right in front of me with 8-0 meters to go. I swung into lane 2 and jumped over his arm. My stride now broken, I tried to continue to pursue Nate. Thinking I had done a few theatrics, I was pleased when Heard the announcer say Nate has just run 54-low, as I felt I had cut into his lead. I'd later learn I ran slower than he did. Chances are, he extended SW's lead over the first 200, and I made up most of it over the second 200, giving me the impression I was "walking him down." Oh well. I should have gone out faster.

Although losing a position, Phil would keep us in there with a 57.01, and Rob would bring us home in 3:45.xx, with a 59.xx. He lost a couple of seconds due to his injury. Another Penn Relays in the book. The sub-54 in master's 4x400 at Penn Relays continues to elude me.

Thurs, April 28

I left work a little early for the 4x100 at Penn Relays. On this 65-degree day, I felt pretty good. I warmed up well.

I was thrilled to see that we broke 49.00, running 48.46. Handoffs were smooth, and we ran well. I was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to seeing Chad (Levitt) get into 100 meter shape, as I think he has wheels.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

the track is marked--Penn Relays, here I come.

April 26, 2018

Arrived on campus at 6:20 for a short workout. Warmed up and stretched pretty well, even did a few drills. Then, I did a couple of 100-meter strides on the first turn, followed by a couple of fast 50-meter takeoffs (6.2 and 6.1). I am glad the track is marked at every 50 meters.

Penn Relays, here I come!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Perhaps more realistically

April 25, 2018-took off

Tues, April 24, 2018-Arrived on campus at 6:15 AM for a short workout.  I warmed up, lubed up with Icy Hot, and then stretched well.  I was ready to go at 6:40 AM. 

I wound up doing 2x100, 2x150, 1x100. 

The 2x100 were supposed to serve as warmup for the 150s.  They were 13-high, 12-mid.  2:00 rest between....

The 2x150 were supposed to be fast but relaxed, not frenetic.  I think I accomplished that with my two 19-mid efforts.  

I finished up with an accidentally effortful 100 (12-high).  The 12-high would ideally be the speed of my third 100 of my 400-meter leg of the 4x4.

first 100: 12.6
second 100: 12.6
third 100: 12.9
fourth 100: 15.0

Perhaps more realistically:
first 100: 12.6
second 100: 12.6 (25.2)
third 100: 13.8
fourth 100: 14.9 (28.7)

Monday, April 23, 2018

in tow for a bit of encouragement

April 22, 2018-

On this sunny, 45-degree morning  I decided to get in a workout at Swarthmore College, there for the weekend with my wife for CPI (Council on Presidential Initiatives).  After a 7:00AM warm up and stretch in the fitness center at The Inn at Swarthmore, I made my way to the track for a workout I did on this day last year: 3x400, with a 10-minute break between runs.  My target pace was 60.  I managed 61-high, 61-low, 60-low.  This is about what I did last year (and the year prior), except Bruce and Rob were in tow for a bit of encouragement. 

April 21, 2018

Did an easy 3.3M run (26:45, 8:06 mile pace) around Swarthmore College campus/town.

Friday, April 20, 2018

thanks mostly to my concussion

It's been almost three weeks since I've posted, thanks mostly to my concussion.

Thurs, 4/19-Snuck in a treadmill workout: naughty.
mile: 8:30
stretch: 4:00
mile: 7:30
lift: 4:00
mile 6:30
lift: 400
stretch: 4:00

Wed, 4/18-took off. Symptomatic!

Tues, 4/17-Snuck in a workout. Cool and windy. Warmed up and stretched at the Y. Then, I went to Hillsborough HS.

The workout was 9x100, 6 on the curve, 3 on the straight. I took 2 minutes (walk 100) between repeats and four minutes between the curve set and straight set. I used the fly and passing zones for the curves, as I was trying to simulate the off curve at Franklin Field.

Mon, 4/16-took off. Symptomatic!

Sun, 4/15- Snuck in a treadmill workout at the Y with V: naughty.
mile: 8:30
stretch: 4:00
mile: 7:30
lift: 4:00
mile 6:30
lift: 400
stretch: 4:00

Sat, 4/14-On this 75-degree day, I walked part of the trail, with V running. I later went to the track for a workout. This hard head could resist. The track was overflowing with youth from a local track club, so I had to wait until the track was nearly cleared. I did manage to warm up while during the goings on.

The workout was 6x150 in sub 20.
19.9, 19.7, 19.7, 19.8, 20.2, 19.6

Fri, 4/13-took off. Symptomatic!

Thurs, 4/12-???

Wed, 4/11-??

Tues, 4/10-

The workout was a strength training and intensive tempo workout of 6x200 at the same pace as the 2nd 200 meter split of your current 400 meter race time, with four minutes' recovery between efforts. It was time to get ready for lactic acid-inspired booty lock (ass-id, stylized).

I hit:


Oh, yeah, went to Somerset Urgent Care and was diagnosed with a concussion.

Mon, 4/9-???

Sun, 4/8-

Was supposed to go to a meet at TCNJ (which had been moved from Saturday to Sunday) for the 100, 200, and 400, but it was cold. Also, I didn't like the published lane assignment I had for the 400: lane 8! So, I  met up with the crew at Germantown Academy for a time trial and baton exchanges instead.

The time trial was missing John Curtis, who had a meet in NC. We did have a full house and then some, with young newcomer Ricky Goettel having to share lane 2 with Phil Reilly. I had lane 1. Rob was in lane 3, and Bruce, Chuck K., and Daryl covering the other lanes. Chuck S. would start us, and Wayne Foulke would yell out the 200 meter splits.

After a decent warm up, I just wanted to get the time trial over with. I got out pretty well, despite the blocks slipping. Even though I caught Phil by the 100-meter mark, I could see early on the Ricky was going to be hard to catch. As we approached the 200, I heard Wayne say 24, which I took to be for Ricky and that 25 or so was for me. As he hit the homestretch, I could tell the wind was a real factor. And then I hit it. OMG! It stood my straight up. The last 100 must have taken 15-16 seconds. Thus, my 56.xx. Ricky managed 52-high. Envious.

After a few minutes, a few of us helped Rob's daughter run a 400-meter time trial herself.

We were then ready for baton exchanges. With Ross unavailable for Penn Relays this year, the team would be Wayne, Rob, Chad Levitt, and me. After some discussion, we decided the order would be Rob (who wanted to start and only hand off the baton), Wayne (who wanted to run a different leg than usual), me (I was open to whatever), and Chad (who, since he hadn't run a 4x100 MR in eons, should simply pass the baton or receive it, but not do both).

We went on our merry way practicing. Unfortunately, on the penultimate handoff from me to Chad, I tripped, perhaps on the back of his heel, and hit the cold ground pretty hard. Like any self-respecting runner, I got up and kept at it, doing another exchange with him and several more with Wayne.

I didn't realize until later than I had been injured. By late-morning, I was lethargic and could barely do yard work. And it is scary to think I had rented a chainsaw, which I could barely carry across the yard and up and down the ladder I was using! OMG! At any rate, by late afternoon I was in a fetal position, thinking perhaps I was suffering from food poising or a nasty stomach bug. By evening, I was vomiting, with nothing in my stomach other than the pastry from the morning and the volumes of liquid I had consumed post workout.

(I returned to work as usual on Monday, and I felt like crap. Same thing on Tues. I suspected a concussion, which was confirmed when I went to an urgent care center Tuesday afternoon.)

I'm still trying to recover and gain my composure for this time next week: Penn Relays!

Sat, 4/7-took off

Fri, 4/6-took off

Thurs, 4/5-3x150 in 22-low, 21-low, 20-low and 3x100 in 14-mid, 13-mid, and 12-mid

Wed, 4/5-

mile: 8:30
stretch: 4:00
mile: 7:30
lift: 4:00
mile 6:30
lift: 400
stretch: 4:00

Tues, 4/4-???

Mon, 4/3-???

Sun, 4/2-???

Sunday, April 1, 2018

strength training and intensive tempo


Saturday-Met up with the crew at Germantown Academy. We have some good numbers today, about 13 or 14, including a few new faces interested in membership: Chad, Dan, and another guy.

The workout was a strength training and intensive tempo workout of 6x200 at the same pace as the 2nd 200 meter split of your current 400 meter race time, with four minutes' recovery between efforts. It was time to get ready for lactic acid-inspired booty lock (ass-id, stylized).

We'd have three groups: 28/29, 30/31, and 32/33. (Midway through the workout, the 32/33 would late break off to do twice as many reps, but at a slower pace with a 200 jog recovery. Andrew said they were moving too slowly on the 200s to justified a 4:00 recovery. Fair enough!)

28/29: John, a younger guy connected with Chuck K. whose name I can't remember but who's come to work out with us before, and me.

30/31: Bruce, Rob, Ray, Kevin Cooke, Dan, Chuck K.

32/33: Andrew, Chad, Chuck S. other guys

I hit:



Very easy mile in 9:00, lift and stretch for four minutes, easy mile in 8:30, lift and stretch for eight minutes

Thursday-Rise and shine.

Went to the track at 6 AM this morning for a medium intensity workout of 300s and 200s. The initial plan was to do 3x300 and 3x200, but I felt sluggish enough to scale things back to two of each.  With the track still partially covered, I ran in lane three and managed 2x300 in 46 and 45 and 2x200 in 30 each. I took three minutes' rest between the 300s and two minutes' rest between the 200s.


Same 'ole: easy mile in 8:30, lift and stretch for four minutes, easy mile in 8:00, lift and stretch for four minutes, easy mile in 7:30, lift and stretch for four minutes.

Tues-Went to the track at 6 AM this morning for a medium intensity workout of 5 x (150, 60sec rest, 100, 60 sec rest). The idea was to maintain the same pace throughout the workout on minimal rest of 60 sec.

22-mid 150
60 sec rest
14-mid 100
60 sec rest
22-mid 150
60 sec rest
14-mid 100
60 sec rest
22-low 150
60 sec rest
14-high 100
60 sec rest
22-mid 150
60 sec rest
15-low 100
60 sec rest
21-mid 150
60 sec rest
13-high 100
60 sec rest


easy mile in 8:30, lift and stretch for four minutes, easy mile in 8:00, lift and stretch for four minutes, easy mile in 7:30, lift and stretch for four minutes.