Friday, June 25, 2010

Today I come clean.

On Monday I sketched out the week's plan. Today I come clean.

I wound up not running Tuesday because I did do a morning workout because of the 5K race at Westtown School, which I assume was cancelled due to the weather.
Thursday--joined up with a 12-member crew in WC Borough for 8 miles or so in 56:30. The route was a new one for me. It seemed like we went for longer than 8 miles, not necessarily because of the challenge of the run but because it seemed like we were at the rim of West Chester area.
Friday--6.6 (3 Rustin loops) in 48:55. My legs felt a little heavy.
.5 mi-4:03
2.0-15:40 (7:35)
2.2-17:15--loop #1
3.2-24:50 (7:30 from 2.2)
4.2-32:05 (7:15 from 3.2)
4.4-33:35--Loop #2 (16:20)
5.4-40:45 (7:10 from 4.4)
6.4-47:35 (6:50 from 5.4)
6.6--48:55--Loop #3 (15:20)

That puts me at 40.7 miles for the week. I didn't reach my goal of 45 miles on account of Tuesday's mishap, but at least this is my second week in a row 40 miles. There's always next week, right?

I am supposed to help a friend move tomorrow morning, but I will try to get in a run beforehand. I'd like to leave something in the tank for a short distance track workout on Sunday. We'll see. I haven't done one in over 5 weeks! Maybe I could do
moderate pick-up reps--8x 400m @ 75 w/2-minute interval and #s 2,5,8 @ 68. My usual would have been 8x 400m @ 70 w/2-minute interval and #s 2,5,8 @ 63. I am a little nervous because I haven't done anything this fast (not that this is fast) and I haven't been stretching as much because I am afraid to get reinjured. There...I came clean.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Now if I can only

I have been so busy lately that not only am I writing far less frequently, I am simply reporting what I did and much less about how I felt and where I am mentally. I am hoping to reignite my blog this summer.

So far this week:

Saturday, 6/19--7.8 Henderson run
Sunday, 6/20-3.2
Monday--7.3 new route (down to Street Road, down to rte 352, uphill to Johnny's Way, across to main entrance to Westtown School, down to Street Road, across to Shiloh, up to Plumly) 55:20; 7:35 pace.

The plan for the rest of this week:
Tuesday--may do a 5K at Westtown School (5, including warm up and cool down)
Thursday--WC Borough run--7.9

I am going for 45 miles this week. If only I could 1) be tougher during track workouts, 2) get some speedwork in, and 3) do my distance runs with more speed and intensity. And what about those stretching habits? If I could only do better with stretching. Hard-headed. My legs are still less flexible, given my pull in my left hamstring and weakness in my right.

Last week, I eclipsed the 40 mile mark...I think for the first time ever!

Saturday, 6/12--7.8 (Henderson out and back)
Sunday, 6/13--7.8 (Henderson out and back)
Monday, 6/14 --1.8 easy
Tuesday, 6/15--workout at Henderson 4.5--run 1200/jog 200/run 400/jog 400. Did 2 of the 3 sets with warm up and cool down. Did not feel strong.
Wednesday, 6/16--Penn Oaks run 6.6
Thursday, 6/17--6.6
Friday, 6/18--5.0


Monday, June 14, 2010

Pushing the mileage some

Last week, I ran 35 miles. This week, I am going for 40.

Saturday--7.8 (Henderson out and back)
Sunday--7.8 (Henderson out and back)
Monday--1.7 easy
Tuesday--Plan: workout 5.0
Wednesday--Plan: Penn Oaks run 6.6
Thursday--Plan: Borough run? 7.9
Friday--Plan: 4.4

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I guess I'm just a fool.

It has been over two weeks since I've blogged and more than three weeks since I pulled my hamstring.

I've tried not to be down and out, but I'm not a happy camper. I've lost all my sharpness (not that I had much) and am not in good racing form. Life goes on, though.

Last week I tried to maintain my mileage (I did about 25-30), but this week I've tried to step up my mileage. My mileage goal for the week is 35. Let's see what that looks like:
Sat 6/5--4.5 (did a 5K--Rustin Run; I took second. 18:00-something)
Sun 6/6--4.4
Mon 6/7--4.0
Tues 6/8--7.8 miles/58:55 (ran to Henderson, went around the block, and back home)
Wed 6/9--3.3/3.3 (6.6) ran to Penn Oaks and lifted and ran back home
Thurs 6/10--took off
Fri 6/11--plan: 7.8

My goal for next week is 40. There is one problem, though: I'm being hard-headed--I am not supposed to be doing much on account of my hamstring and here I am trying to increase my mileage. I guess I'm just a fool.