Sunday, October 26, 2014

Too bad we botched the pace

Sunday, 10/26-Met up with Justin at D'East HS on this windy, 55-degree morning for what turned out to be a moderate workout.  We settled on 400s, but we wound up doing fewer than I had anticipated, and they were at a slower pace. After going back and forth between whether to do a faster version of what we did on 9/13 (10x400 w/ 400m jog rest between each), a slower version with a 200m jog rest, or a combination of the two approaches, we decided on 4x400 in 75 with a 200m jog between each and then 4x400 in 70 with a 400m jog between each.  Too bad we botched the pace throughout.

#1: 78-I led (yuck)
#2-75-Justin led

Saturday, 10/25--Ran an easy 6.5M, three Rustin-plus loops
loop 1-19:00
loop 2-36:30 (17:30)
loop 3-53:30 (16:00)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I cut into his lead and finished alongside him

Tuesday, 10/21-Went to Henderson.
5:50-The workout was 5:00 tempo, a brief break of between 90 seconds and 2 minutes, a hard mile, 400 meter jog, and either 3x800 or 6x400.

5:00 tempo-I covered 1200 meters
Mile-I hung with John Manion and Scott Burns for the first 600.  Burns then pulled well ahead.  I stayed within 3 meters of Manion, but he gapped me at the 1000 meter mark.  Going into the last 400, he was ahead by 20 meters.  I cut into his lead and finished alongside him in 5:20.
#1: a sluggish 1:24 (I was running with the slower group and not pushing myself.)
#2: 83
#3: 82
#4: I joined John Callaghan and another guys whose name I cannot remember. 78
#5: 74
#6: 71

Monday: took off

Sunday, October 19, 2014

not at all inspired by the lack of heroics

Sun, 10/19--At 9:30, I did the 5.7M loop in 40:35, 7:07 pace.  Windy and cool, but a beautiful morning otherwise.
Mile 1: 7:33
corner of Dunning and Shiloh: 12:35
entering into Goose Creek Park: 15:25
end of first loop 18:05
existing Goose Creek 26:10
corner of Dunning and Shiloh: 29:00
With 1 mile o go: 33:50
Finished in 40:35, 6:45 last mile

Sat, 10/18-Justin and I met up at my house for a workout.  Looking back at some of our event workouts, we struggled to choose between 1000s (5), 800s (6-7), 600s (8-9), and 400s (10-12).  We ruled out 400s, but had a silly-hard time with settling in on a workout.  We discussed advantages and disadvantages.

We ultimately decided on a ladder/combo: 1000, 800, 600, 600, 800, 1000.  We would run out, walk back 200m, do the 800, and so forth.  We'd later decide, for convenience sake, that we'd do 1000, 800, 1000, 800, 600, 600.  Rest period: 3:45-4:00

With the wind, tired legs, and the distraction of people setting up the bike course for an event the following day, this workout was not as successful as my most recent ones.  I was more tired than usual, and not at all inspired by the lack of heroics.  For his part, Justin had a couple of runs that were an improvement over some of his previous ones.

1000: 3:28 (2:42 at the real 800 mark)
800: 2:41 (a full 800, not 765m)
1000: 3:19 (2:35 at the real 800 mark)
800: 2:45
600: 155
600: 2:00

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The sixth one saw me drop the hammer (maintain)

Fri, 10/17-took off

Thurs, 10/16-Met up with the crew at the country club.  As usual, we used the same 7.9M route.  The workout was to do 12x1 minute (12x60 sec).  That is, one minute on/one minute off, beginning at North Hills, 1.85M into the run.  The time at that point was 14:40, 7:55 pace.  We finished up at the fire station just before the University Music Building/bball courts just before High Street.  The time was 37:40.  Overall time for the 3.55M fartlek was 23:00, or 6:28 pace.  I headed up High Street and back to my car, on account of my need to head home to get ready for work. 7.1M.

I was very pleased that I hung with Manion and Callaghan, finishing the workout, in fact, ahead of them.  For whatever reason, this workout seemed more doable!

Wednesday, 10/15-Sluggish 4.3M (2 Rustin Loops) in 34:45, or 8:05 pace.

Tuesday, 10/14-The workout was 4 or 6 x 1200 with 200m jog between runs.  I would up doing five.  I ran the first three within the range of the top group, skipped number four, and then finished the fifth and sixth ones.  The sixth one saw me drop the hammer (maintain) over the last 400, running 4:09, a full 5-6 seconds in front of the rest.

Run 1: 4:20
Run 2: 4:18
Run 3: 4:17
Run 4: skipped
Run 5: 4:18
Run 6: 4:09

I hit around 2:52 at the half for most of these.

Incidentally, the top group would start before me, and I'd close the gap over the course of the 1200.  The top guys would plow through the 200 meter rest; I took a bit longer, but made up for it during them run.  Thus, my runs were a bit faster than theirs, as I took a few more seconds of rest.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Michelle's Miles.

Monday, 10/13-did 4.4M in 33:47.

Wednesday, 10/8-Took off the morning with the hope of competing in the mile at Henderson in the 7:22.  Arrived at Henderson at 6:30 after dropping Bria off.  Warmed up well, but felt a little sluggish.  The community mile was situated between the heats of the mile, 3200 meter, middle school races, etc.  The community mile was comprised mainly of HS kids!  Of the 30+ runners, only a few of us were "community" folks!  I got out well, but boy was it crowded.  Stumbled a bit and had to fight for position.  I saw 36 seconds at the 210m mark and 70 at the 400m mark.  I reached the 800m mark in 2:23, but the demons started talking.  As John Manion passed me, I was convinced I shouldn't be in the race.  I pulled out just after 900 meters.  I should have let John lead the race and just kept pace with him.  Flustered and needing to get ready for my trip to Haiti in just 7 short hours, I left the track.

Tuesday, 10/7-Henderson...workout.  4x200, then mile-and-a-half, then 600, then 4x200.
low 40s for the first set of 200s
1.5M in 8:48
did 400...1:20
second se of 200s: 37,36,35,34.
Ran with top group for much of the workout.

Monday, 10/6-4.4M recovery run

Sunday, 10/5-Michelle's Miles.

Arrived in plenty of time to warm up.
Was 38 degrees or so when we arrived.
Warmed up with Bria...probably a bit more than a mile.
Stretched here and there throughout the athletic center, particularly the squash court area.
Went to and from the track area.
Jogged around the field house.
Beautiful day.
Got out well, leading the first 200m.
Guy passed me, moving quickly.  Stayed within 50m of him as we neared the mile.
Reached the mile in 5:30.
Got passed by another younger guy, VanThuyne, at mile mark.
Guy out front made wrong turn as we made our way uphill towards the campus entrance.
Called out to him to no avail.
Hung within 10m of guy number two over the next mile.
Hit mile 2 in 11:17
Lost significant ground on the guy over the next 400m.
Was about 40 meters behind him at the tennis courts.
About 70 meters behind as we entered the stadium.
Cut the distance back down to 50 meters over the final 325 meters.
Ran 17:40.  Announced as much when I got my check for $50.
Results later read 17:50-something.  Something's awry.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

It was a good workout.

Oct 4, 2014.  Went to the Y with V.  Did 1 slower mile, stretched, did some lifting, did another slow mile, and then stretched.

Oct 3, 2014--took off

Oct 2, 2014--Ran with the crew in town.  The workout was 10 x 90 seconds on/90 seconds off.  This went well.  I hung with the Manion and Joe Breslin.  John Callaghan and Scott Purcell were about 30-45 seconds ahead.  We reached the 4M in just over 28:00.  After we finished in front of Fern Hill ES, I headed back to my car.  It was a good workout.

Tuesday, 9/30-Went to Henderson HS.  The workout was 3x1 mile or 5x1 mile for those who are training for  half-marathon....  The rest period was 200 meters.

I took the first three repeats fairly easy: 6:10, 5:58, and 5:54.  I hung back the first mile.  The second mile I cruised past a couple of guys at the 800 meter mark.  I wound up running a 4th mile in 5:38.  I hung behind Manion and passed him at 750 meter mark.  He passed me back with 225 meters to go.  I went with him, and we went stride for stride over the last 100 meters.  I felt good, talking with him over the last portion of the run.

Monday, 9/29-took off