Thursday, February 24, 2011

not as comfortable as I'd like

Thurs, 2/24/11--went to Borough. Got there late. Crew had a healthy head start but I could see them. I felt good enough during the run but not as comfortable as I'd like. Finished up the 7.9 in 55:20. Trying to decide whether I should hit the treadmill tomorrow and whether I should prepare to compete at Widener on Sunday.

Wed, 2/23/11--drove to Penn Oaks. .5 mile warm up, lifted, .5 cool down.

Tues, 2/22/11--snow. 2-hr delay. Went to Penn Oaks. 1 mile warm up. Did 2 x 2:00 (.39) on treadmill set at 4:30. Then did 2 x 1:35 on treadmill set at 4:20. 1 mile cool down.

Mon, 2/21/11--off. Dropped my car off at Stillman and ran to pick up V's car at Scott. Approx 4.5 miles

Monday, February 21, 2011

It was a wrap.

Sunday, 2/20/11--

I did something I haven't done all winter: a fartlek over the rolling hills of the bucolic Rustin HS XC course. As I had done in the past, I jogged to the start (about a half mile or so) and then commenced with my 15sec on/15sec off, 30sec on/30 sec off, 45 sec on/45 sec off, and 60 sec on/60 sec off. I imagine my ons were 6:15 pace and my offs were 8:15 pace--nothing to write home about. I did 3 loops for a fartlek total of 4.65 miles or so. The path was muddy and littled with enough goose poop to make it nearly impossible to run without stepping in it. When I finished, I had to hop into some stale snow in order to get the mud and goose crap off my shoes. Nasty, I say. Nasty. I ended with a 5 minute jog back to my driveway. It was a wrap. 5.75 miles.

Total for the week. 2/14-40.5 miles
This is the most I've done in many moons!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I need my second wind

Sat, 2/19/11--ran to Penn Oaks 4.5 miles; took shorter route on way back--3.3 miles. Too windy--up to 50 mph. Stood me up! 7.8 mi

Fri, 2/18/11--didn't run in the morning. Ran after work b/c I knew it was going to be a rare 65 degrees or so. Went to CHS track with my eye towards 6x600. It wasn't to be. The wind was too great and I couldn't get myself together. I wound up doing 3x400, 3x200 and 2x150 (I couldn't manage the last 150, as my hamstring started to twitch and I didn't want to take any chances.) The 400s were supposed to be faster, but they wound up being a sucky 70, 72, and 70. The 200s were in 30, and the 150s were in 21 and change. Jogged 400 in-between. I was underwhelmed with my workout performance. I need my second wind. 5 mi

Thurs, 2/17/11--Got to the Borough late and found no one. Not even as I made my way down the street did I see one of the comrads. I ran the route alone and felt terrible. I was going at a pedestrian 7:30 pace and wound up doing just 5 miles.

Wed, 2/16/11--Ran about 4.75 miles in 34:00; same route as I did on Monday. I had an evening meeting. Decided to try my luck at some hills on Lizbeth in Berywn. I'd do 2, then run the half mile loop around the block. I just did 6 hills. These were the hills I used to make my athletes do when I was coaching track at 'Stoga. I did not seem or feel as fluid and smooth as they did! My 32-35 paled in comparison to their 20s. I felt demoralized to say the least, not to mention winded and weakened. Admittedly, I did run in the morning but still...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I need to start tracking my miles again

Tuesday, 2/15/11--

I am still trying to get over that horrible run from Sunday. I ran faster two months ago.

Well, yesterday I managed to get in about 4.75 in 34:15.

Today, I made my way into the Borough for some hills. Too bad for me I got a late start. A minute after I got there it was time to rock and roll. I managed 4 hills. I then stretched, as my back and left hamstring were tight. I then finished up the last three pretty hard. The last one was probably around 50 sec. The rest ranged between 55 and 59.

Did cool down. 5.2 miles

I think I need to start tracking my miles again.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I need to get inspired

Sun, 2/13/11--Today's race smelled like rotten eggs. I stunk up the place as far as I am concerned. I arrived at Glen Mills to run a strong 800, not a pedestrian one. I was seeded first in the race at 2:05. The rest of the guys in my heat were youngsters--high schoolers. I took the first lap...but did so far too leisurely in about :32. I heard someone stalking me at the 450m mark and was overtaken at 550 meters. I heard :63 or :64 at the 400. Another guy passed me at about this time. I went with them for about 50 meters and then it happened--I felt myself give up as they continued to push the pace. I wound up third, running a lousy 2:11.9 (2:12.11) behind a 2:06 and 2:08 and just ahead of a 2:12. I cooled down immediately and left with my tail between my legs.

I have a lot of work to do. I need to get inspired. I guess the treadmill was for not.

Friday, February 11, 2011

It has been forever

It has been forever since I have posted. The weather has been a pain. My mileage is very low at this point, but I am trying to hang in there. Here's the short version:

Fri 2/11/11--short run. 2 miles.

Thurs 2/10/11--7.9 in the Borough. Did course in reverse. Got there late. Caught up to just about everyone between miles 3 and 4, except John, Kevin K, Katie and John, whom I learned were doing a 3-mile tempo run from miles 3-6. I later caught up with them at the towers, where they stopped briefly. We took the lasted couple of miles rather easy. I finished up in just about 55:45.

Wed 2/9/11--short run. 2 miles.

Tues 2/8/11--hills. No Kevin. Did not feel as strong. Fell off pace. Hill pace was :55 or better.

Mon 2/7/11--up Shiloh, left onto Oakborne, right onto Concord, right onto Little Shiloh, right onto Hummingbird, left onto Oakborne, right onto Shiloh, left onto Ashley, right onto Stable, right onto Plumly. All done. 4 miles.

Sun 2/6/11--Penn Oaks, lift and back--24:40 en route to PO; 23:15 en route home. 6.6 miles

Sat 2/5/11--decided not to head to MD for a meet. Tread-head instead. Did 6x2:00 on treadmill at following mile paces: 4:44, 4:40, 4:36, 4:32, 4:28, 4:24. The distances were .38, .39, .39, .40, .40, .41. 3:00 minute walk-rest in-between. It was funny how people tried not to stare at me as I pounded the treadmill. A little entertainment, I guess.

Fri 2/4/11--took off

Thurs 2/3/11--7.9 miles in town. 56:00

Wed 2/2/11--short run. 3 miles.

Tues 2/1/11--showed up for hill, but only two were there. Too icy. Drove to Penn Oaks. Did 6x2:00 on treadmill at following mile paces: 5:00, 4:54, 4:50, 4:48, 4:44, 4:40 The distances were .36, .36, .37, .37, .38, .38.