Friday, July 30, 2010


Friday, 7/29--easy 4.4 in 34:40. 71 degrees. Alas!

Thinking of a 35 minute fartlek tomorrow with my son. I have to whip him into some shape!

Thursday, 7/28--7.9 run in 58:15 with WC crew. Very humid!

Wednesday, 7/27--easy 4.4 in 34:00.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have to get there and get a taste of it.

This morning there were a lot of people at Henderson. I guess the 68 degree weather helped somewhat. I did 6x600 with a 200 meter jog. The workout was actually 7x800 but I was still stretching when the crew started the first 600. I hung back off the first group, losing meters during the recovery...but not too many. (I trailed by no more than 50 meters at any one time.) I stuck with 2:06s, running 42 seconds per 200, except for the last one, which I ran in 2:00, or 40 seconds per 200. My 200 jogs were probably 90 seconds. This was essentially the pace of those ahead of me. I'd like to get all the 600s down to 2:00. 5 miles.

16.8 miles since Saturday.

This morning I heard about the outstanding performances of my teammates at Nationals via Bob Rimkis, who did well himself. Shout-outs to you all: Kevin, Bob, Chuck, Nick, Sean, Cheryl and others. You all did a spectacular job. What I've heard--1:56, 2:02, 2:11, 2:13, 2:36, 4:04, 4:14, 15:36, 1:07, record in the 2K steeplechase, etc. I am so envious that I was not healthy enough to [get into sufficient shape to complete the winter season and] join you. Maybe next year. I am so inspired by what you all have accomplished! Your level of intensity is beyond belief. I have to get there and get a taste of it.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I think I could have run faster

Today, I did a recovery run: 6.6, or 3 Rustin loops.

loop 1--17:30 (about 8:00 pace)
loop 2--34:00 (16:30, or 7:30 pace)
loop 3--48:55 (15:25, or 7:00 pace)

The run felt good. I hadn't really planned to run as hard, not that it's THAT hard. I had planned to run 8:30 pace to start, then 8:00 for the first loop, then 7:30 for the third loop. I felt pretty good from the beginning on this 69 degree morning, so I just went with it.

Yesterday, my family and I made the trek to York, PA for the Keystone Games for the masters day of T & F competition. I ran the open 800. Overall, I was disappointed with the turnout. The meet was empty, to say the least. I thought there was a time when the Keystone Games were relatively popular, but perhaps they have fallen out of least the track portion. I cannot speak to the other sponsored sports. The youth race days were fuller but not anything to write home about.

I had a good warm up on this balmy, 93 degree day. After a mile or so, I found shade and stretched pretty well. The meet was running about 40 minutes ahead of schedule on account of there being so few athletes. There was basically a short break after each event! In looking at the competition, I figured my 800 would be a time trial at best. I relaxed at the starting line and told myself to try to run an even race, which is what I did. I took the lead from the get-go. My son called 31-32 at the 200. I just tried to keep that pace and to run smooth...without pressing. At the 600 mark, I heard 1:38, 1:39. Based on how I felt, I think I hit the 400 in 65. I finished at 2:12, really lifting my knees and relaxing during the first 90 meters of the last 100. The last 10 meters, I sort of trailed off. My splits were 31-high, 33-low, 33-mid, 33-high. It was hardly my fastest, but it did feel good. I would consider it an even, pedestrian race, if you can call it a race: I believe I won by 14 seconds. Again, I'd like to think about it as a time trial. If there was a 2:12 runner in the race, I think I could have sipped below 2:10. If there was a 2:00, I think I could have run 2 seconds faster per 200.

Once I finished, I immediately had a brief conversation with the second finished and then I jogged a mile (about 5 laps) on the infield. I knew I felt pretty good because it is unusual for me to finish an 800 and virtually break into a mile jog, especially in 90+ degree heat and humidity. Total for the day: 2.7

Saturday, July 24, 2010

We'll see

Wednesday, 7/21/10--ran 3.5 miles

Thursday, 7/22/10--ran 9.25-9.5 in 71:00 with crew. Went to the preserve. Challenging course.

Friday, 7/23/10--took off.

28 miles for the week.

Saturday, 7/24/10--warmed up and ran 4x200 at race pace (31-32) to get my legs together for tomorrow's 800m race. We'll see. 2.5 miles

Total: Sun-Sat-->30.5

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back home

Tuesday, 7/20-tired legs. 6.6 in 49:10.

Monday, 7/19-4.4 mi recovery run.

Sunday, 7/18-4) Pick-up reps: 8 x 400m @ 70 w/3-min Int and #s 2,5,8 @ 65.
69,67,69,69,65,71,69,64. This workout was rather tough for me. Not a good sign. Total: 4 miles

The week at Disney

Despite being at Disney from 7/10-7/17, I managed to get in a few morning runs, several with my son, for a total of about 38 miles or so. I took advantage of the flat Florida landscape, although the humidity took advantage of me.

Saturday-7/17-took off
Friday-7/16-5.25 recovery run
Thursday-7/15-(6).75 repeats (w/3 min break) on a paved trail with my son: 5:10, 5:05, 4:55, 4:55, 4:50, 4:45. Total--about 6.3 mi.
Wednesday-7/14-a hard, solo 6.6 in 42:50
Tuesday-7/13-6.6 with my son
Monday-7/12-6.75 with my son
Sunday-7/11-6.75 with my son

Friday, July 9, 2010

Disney, the happiest place on Earth

I took off yesterday.

Today I figured I'd try an interval workout. I usually don't like doing interval workouts early in the morning since my legs feel asleep and I feel weaker due to my insufficient energy level and an empty stomach. I feel especially vulnerable when I ask my body to do anything beyond 200 meters at 6 AM under these conditions. Anyway, I wanted to give it a shot since I took off yesterday and will not run tomorrow (My family and I have a 6 AM flight to Florida--Disney--tomorrow morning, which means we need to be up and out early to get to the airport by 4ish). I decided to do 400s and 200s. They were nothing to write home about, especially the first sets, but I am glad I did them since I am thinking about entering the 800 at Keystone Games, which are in a couple of weeks.

mile warm up
Set 1
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

Set 2
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

Set 3
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

Set 4
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

Set 5
600 jog rest
400 jog rest

1200 cool down

6.75 miles

Admittedly, I should have runs sets 1-3 like I ran sets 4 and 5. I hope to be able to do some base work (40-45 miles) in Florida. I really should install a long run (10-12 miles) and/or a fartlek.

Sunday-6 (45 min)
Monday-7 (52)
Tuesday-8 (60)
Wednesday-6 (45)
Thursday-7 (52)
Friday-8 (60)

As my wife has said, anything is possible at Disney, the happiest place on Earth.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Henderson out and back.

Henderson out and back recovery run-->7.8 miles, 58:30. It was a humid 84 degrees, and I felt pretty sluggish. I may take off tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a concept! Anti-head case.

Today I was determined to make it through the workout, even if it wasn't the strongest pace in the world. I decided I was sick of being a head case! The workout was 3x1 mile with a 200 meter jog rest. I let the today's top group go before me, and I ran by myself. First mile: 1:35, 3:07,--, 6:20. Second mile: 1:31, 3:04, --, 6:10. I felt the top two guys within meters of me when I began my third mile. I decided to let them push me. My first lap was in 1:27. I was 2:52 at the 800. I let them pass me on the third lap (their fourth). I wound up running 5:45. I made it through the workout, even if I did so in a pedestrian manner. The good thing is that I was able to handle the short recovery. I didn't stop running. What a concept! Anti-head case. 5.2 miles

Monday, July 5, 2010

Circuitous route

Today I wound up taking a circuitous route of 4.5 miles to Penn Oaks. This took 34:00, or about 7:33 pace. I lifted a bit and then took the same route back home. This took 33:00, or about 7:20 pace. Despite the fact that I ran at 9:15 AM, boy was it blazin'. 9.0 miles.

It's been another week...

Sunday, 7/4--failed attempt at a 5K. Stopped at 1.6 mile mark in 9:00. Didn't have a good warm up. Got to the race late. Mental problem. Altogether-4.5 miles.

Saturday, 7/3--6.5 miles in Phila. up Walnut and then along Schuylkill River

It's been another week since I've written. Let's do a week in review. 44.3 miles
Friday, 7/2--5.5 miles in Phila. up Walnut and then along Schuylkill River

Thursday, 7/1--7.9 miles, then 2.2 miles with wife. 10.1 miles

Wednesday, 6/30--6.6 miles

Tuesday, 6/29--4.5 miles. Dropped off my car. Ran to gym from dealership to lift, then ran home. Had planned to do a 5K. Jogged around 1 mile, then decided Nah.

Monday, 6/28--7.8 miles

Sunday, 6/27--on track. 2x800 in 2:30 with 6 min, 1 lap walk rest. 2x600 in 1:45 with 6 min, 1 lap rest. 2x400 in 65 with 6 min, 1 lap rest. 4.25 miles

Saturday, 6/26--Henderson out and back-->7.8 miles