Sunday, December 30, 2012

Felt refreshed.

December 30, 2012--Went to the Y.  Alternated between running and lifting, including legs.  The lifting took 5 min per session.  6:44 (16 laps/mile track), stretched/lifted arms,  6:32 (treadmill), lifted, 6:09 (track), lifted, 6:02 (treadmill), 5:44 (track).  Home.  Moderate workout.  Felt refreshed.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

So, my man, what will be my priority?

Saturday, 12/29-I went to track on this frigid day with a plan to do pick-up reps: 8x 400m with #s 1,3,4,6,7 in 72 seconds and #s 2,5,8 in 65 seconds.  My rest would be 2:30.  (The workout, as designed for an 2:00 800 meters high school runner is #s 1,3,4,6,7 in 70 seconds and #s 2,5,8 in 63 seconds, with 90 seconds of rest between 400s.)

As I warmed up, I could feel that my hamstring was still rather sore.  I got started w/ the workout and decided to try my best.  Little did I know that my best wouldn't cut it today or that I simply didn't have a best to give.  The first 400 was in 71.  The second one was in 66.  The third and fourth ones were in 72.  The fifth one was in 71; I had fallen way off pace.  I stopped shy of the 300 mark in 50 seconds on the sixth one.  I understaood that the workout as I knew it was no more.  I modified my expectations and offered up an alternative: 300s for the last two repeats.  I'd do #7 at 70-second pace and #8 at 63-second pace.  The 7th run came in at 53 seconds; the 8th run came in at 48 seconds.  Each of these runs was still about a second off the pace of 70 and 63. 

I'll be looking for redemption this coming week. 
Friday, 12/28-I thought about doing an interval workout today, but then decided against...and for a good reason: I don't want to get injured.  I wound up doing 5.7M  (the Rustin/Goose Creek route) at an easy pace, covering the distance in 44:00, or 7:43 per mile.  I can tell by how I felt that running 5.7 miles is no longer a walk in the park, as it had been just a month ago.  Just two months ago twice that distance was the gold standard. So, it's official then: my body is no longer in shape for longer distances.  It's important for me to keep in mind, however, that in order for me to be an effective 800 meter runner I must still be able to handle a 5-6-mile run with a certain measure of confidence.  At the same time, though, I have to develop my speed if I am to be a contender in the 200 and 400.  So, my man, what will be my priority this winter? This coming spring?  Summer?  Do I want to go for the 800 or begin a campaign in the sprint events?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

time to keep myself honest

December 27--even though I arrived home close to midnight, I got up this morning and worked out at the Y.  I did a mile on the donut track (6:45), lifted a bit, a mile on the treadmill (6:42), lifted some more, and did another mile on the track (6:23).  This was a different sort of recovery run.

December 26--Holiday Classic at the Armory--NYC
First meet of the season was upon us: Craig, Bruce and me.  I met up with the two of them at Craig's house at about 2:30.  After hanging out with Craig's warm family for a few, we departed for NYC at close to 3:00.  During a somewhat tentative drive due to the heavy winds and wintry mix, we shot the breeze about everything from track to parenthood and education.  We got turned around a bit once we got to the city, and we arrived at the venue at about 6:15.  The meet was to have begun at 6:00, but lo and behold it was running late.  This worked to our favor, as I figured I'd need all the warm-up time I could use after the 3+ hours' drive.  I was thankful I was able to warm up on the track and not in the second floor corridor.  Our first event, the 400, was called at about 6:45.  It was check-in time.  I continued stretching as we all stood in line waiting for instructions, and my hamstring needed it.  In the end, the crowd of people of all ages was asked to arrange itself by time, after which one of the clerks would assign us to heats and lanes.  I wound up in heat 10, lane 6.  Argh!  I said that if a better lane opened up in heat 9 I'd go for it. I simply don't like being on the far outside with no one to chase.  Silly, I know.  So lane 6 it was; Craig was in my heat but in lane 4, I believe.   When the gun went off, I got out pretty well and ran the curve reasonably well, although I stumbled onto the inner line.  By the 100m mark I could sense that I was doing okay and that I'd likely lead coming into the straightaway.  I looked up at the 200 mark and saw that the clock read 25+.  I am certain my first lap challenged the 26-second barrier.  I tried to relax, but I lost my cadence a bit.  Coming down the homestretch I tried to get my arms going but they were dead.  I heard the announcer say that the winning time was 55.07.  Moments later the official time on display was 55.57 F.A.T. (26/29), a little slower than last year's time.  What a bummer!  I was hoping for a faster time...obviously! I thought I had almost broken the barrier.  I wonder, though, whether I would have run faster had I either gone out a little slower and run a harder second lap or been in a chasing position.  I always run faster when I'm chasing.  Craig Strimel had run 56.07.

UPDATE (12/27): Craig alerted me that our official times, as posted on the Armory's website, are 55.11 and 55.67, respectively.  I'll take it! 

I felt okay afterwards and was able to jog pretty immediately. I prepared myself for the 200.  I tried to stay loose but could sense that my muscles weregetting cold and, as a result, stiffening. I was assigned lane 6 (again) in heat 18 of 20.  Lucky for me Craig offered to switch to lane 6 from lane 2.  (Incidentally, the order of lane preference on the Armory track is: 5,6,4,3,2,1.) I assumed control from the start of the gun.  I made a conscious choice to lift my knees on the backstretch.  This helped me make up some ground.  At the 100 mark, I realized I was leading.  I came off the turn and just tried to coast.  Time: 25.34 F.A.T., winning by a second.  A little more umph and I could have broken the 25-second barrier.   Encouraging.

The season has begun in earnest.  Now it's time to keep myself honest.

It was great hanging out with my teammates.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why must dogs stop, sniff and pee every 5 yards?

Tuesday, December 25--
Merry Christmas. Report: easy 2.2M loop with Bosley the dog and another easy 2.2M (17:05) solo. Why must dogs stop, sniff and pee every 5 yards?
Looking forward to a good race(s) tomorrow at the Armory.

The 400 (goal)

1st 150--19.7 sec
2nd 150--20.3 sec
last 100--14.5 sec =54.5


1st 200--26.5 sec
2nd 200--28 sec = 54.5

Possible reality...

1st 150--20.2 sec
2nd 150--20.6 sec
last 100--14.6 sec =55.4


1st 200--26.7 sec
2nd 200--28.7 sec = 55.4

Monday, December 24, 2012

I seem slighly faster than this time last year

Monday, December 24th--

Since I plan to compete on Wednesday at the Armory (NY), I figured I'd do a lighter workout of 150s and 100s just to get in a little speedwork.  I set out to do some 6x150 and 3x100.  The goal for the 150s was 2@21, 2@20, and 2@19; the goal for the 100s was sub-13 seconds.  I was fairly aggressive from the start, hitting the first 150 in 21.  The others met the mark as well, although I faltered on the last one (20.02 sec-- ht, of course).  I let up too much coming off the turn and into the straightaway.  The 100s were similarly satisfying, though not perfect by any means: 12.6, 12.7 and 12.8.  As my speed increases, I hope to be able to do twice as many 150s and 100s but keep the same pace.  If I keep the number of repetitions that same, I hope to drop the 150s by a second and the 100s by .5 seconds.  (This day last year I bobbled the workout, but rebounded accordingly.)

Based on this workout, I should be able to run in the 55-second range for the 400 on Wednesday.
1st 150--20.00 sec
2nd 150--20.33 sec
last 100--14.67 sec  = 55.00

I seem slighly faster than this time last year...ever so.

We'll see.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lift your knees and go to your arms

Saturday, 12/22--On tap for today was today was: Sit 'n Kick Reps--5x (400m . . . rest 60-sec . . . 200m) with a 1200m jog between sets. (Original design for a 2:00 800m high school runner is 5x (400m @ 64 . . . rest 30-sec . . . 200m @ 28), then jog 1200m between sets.) Since I am not able to run 800 meters in 2:00, I modified the workout accordingly, with my goal at 65 for the 400s and 30 for the 200.  My runs on this 40-degree and very windy day, however, were inconsistent but passable (as impressive as the same workout 2 months ago but not necessarily better):
68,31 (8:45).  I was sluggish. I thought for briefly that the workout was doomed and should be bagged.
66,31 (8:45).  Better.
65,29 (8:45).  Now we're rolling!
64,31 (8:45).  Don't let the 200 discourage you.
64,29.  Lift your knees and go to your arms.

I feel okay about the workout but had hoped that the wind would subside and give me a better shot at doing the workout with greater fidelity.  I'd like to average 65s amd 29s the next time.  I need to be sure to devote one day per week to 800m training and one day per week to 400m training.  

Friday, 12/21--went to Y and just lifted.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am encouraged.

Thursday, 12/20--I figured I'd do a repeat of what I did this day last year--10 200s with a 100m walk plus 100 meter jog (for a 2:00 rest) between 6AM.  My first rep was stunk, but I was good after that: 33,32,32,31,31,31,30,30,30,29.  This is a bit better than last year's 32,34,32,32,31,31,31,30,30,30.

I am encouraged.

Wednesday--12/19--easy 2.2M in 16:25. 

Tuesday--12/18.  Went to Henderson.  Mile time trial at 5:55 AM.  Time: 5:06 (75/2:33).  4th behind a few 20- and 30-somethings.  The 5:06 was faster than last year's time.  I truly believe I could've run under 5:00.  I got out behind Manion and Callaghan and alongside Kevin.  I hung back and made some room for myself.  In the process, the 3 guys out front broke away from the back.  I felt relaxed, passing John Manion at the 600 mark and overtaking Callahan with just over 600 to go. 

Monday--Y.  Lift. slight run.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Like I said, an even pace!

Sat, 12/15/12--I decided to repeat what I did this weekend last year: 500,400,300--2 sets w/ 3:00 jog rest (300 m jog) in between repeats. 1200 jog between sets.

Unlike last year in which I reported feeling slow and sluggish, this year I felt okay, maybe even pretty good.  Last year I posted 1:29 for the 500, 67 for the 400, and 49 for the 300.
This year, however, I was much better for the 500 and a bit better for the 400 and 300:
Set 1: 1:25 (32/67), 66 (32), and 48 (31)
Set 2: 1:24 (33/67), 64 (32), and 47 (31)  I tried to maintain better during the second half of each run.

12/14/12--took day off

December 13, 2012--met up with the crew at 5:40AM for the 7.9M good-old-reliable.  We were at least 20-strong!  Today was supposed to be an easy, steady-state run.  It was fine, although it was clear that I haven't run that distance in a while.  We reached the 4 mile mark in 29:45 and finished up in 58:45: 7:26 pace.  Like I said, an even pace!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I hopped into the workout

Wednesday, 12/12/12--I decided to try my luck at another round of 12x150 at 5:45 AM.  My goal was to better my performance last Thursday by running what I ran last Sunday. This time, however, I would take 2:00, not 2:45, between repeats.  I wound up running 22,23,23,22;21,22,21,21;20,21,21,21.  Better than last Thursday but shy of what I had hoped.   It was colder and earlier, and I was wearing a different pair of spikes. 

I'll keep at it! 

Tuesday, 12/11--the 5:50 AM workout at Henderson was 1 mile (faster than tempo pace), 400 jogrest, followed by 6x300 with 200m rest.  I got there quite late.  I was still warming up when the workout began.  I began stretching while everyone was doing the mile and the first 300.  Still tight, I hopped into the workout at the second 300.  I didn't feel great, but I made it through.  Times were pedestrian: 56,55,54,53,50.
Monday, 12/10--took the day off.  Big plans at EA.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

but otherwise I was okay

Sun, 12/9--I went to the Y and did a run-lift combo: mile on donut track, lifting (5:00), mile on treadmill, lifting, and so on.  My legs were heavy but otherwise I was okay.  Runs were 6:55, 6:53, 6:38, 6:30, 6:07.

Sat, 12/8--I decided to do a repeat of Thursday: 12x150.  This time, however, the time was 3:30 PM, not 5:30 AM.  I again chunked the 150s into 3 sets of 4, each faster than the other by 1 second. I'd take 2:45 between repeats, not 2:00.  I'd walk 150m and jog 100m.  I wanted to run a second faster per repeat than I did on Thurdsay, figuring that working out later in the date and with warmer weather would help.  I wound up running 22,22,22,22,21,21,21,21,20,20,20,20.

Friday, 12/7--I made my way to the Y to do some lifting.  I've been incorprating my leg work into my regimen.

Thursday, 12/6-Instead of going on my 5:30 AM 7.9M run with the crew in the Borough, I decided to try my luck at 12x150s on the track.  My thought was to chunk the 150s into 3 sets of 4, each faster than the other by 1 second. I'd take 2:00 between repeats, jogging 250m.  I wound up running 22,23,23,23,22,22,22,22,21,21,22,20.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Felt good

December 5--arrived at the Y at 5:45.  Alternated between 3/4M (using track and treadmill)-5:00 and 5:00 of lifting (legs and arms).  Felt good.  5 sets.

December 4--5:50 AM workout at Henderson: mile, 800, mile, 800.  Messed up on the first mile, but was a little over 6:00 pace.  800--2:50.  Mile: 5:40. 800--2:33.  Felt pretty good.  Ran by myself for the most part.

Monday, December 3, 2012

80 seconds...too generous

December 3--went to the Y.  Mile, lifted upper and lower (3xs).  Miles were between 6:55 and 6:30.

December 2-I decided to give the modified Russian intervals another try, this time in near 50-degree weather.  I went to Westtown School for this effort.  As has been mentioned, when done with 100% fidelity for a high school 2:00 800 meter runner, Russian intervals consist of 5x (3x300m @ 48 w/jog 100m at 30-sec) with a jog 800m between sets. I planned for 5x (2x300m @ 49 w/jog 100m at 60-sec) with a 800m jog between sets.  My runs were 48,50; 49,49; 48,49; 49,48; and 48,47.  This was about the same as my workout last Thursday evening when it was 35 degrees.  The difference, however, was in the rest.  On December 2nd, I jogged 800, not 900, in-between sets for an average 5:45, not 7:00.  Unfortunately, though, my time of 80 seconds of rest between each 300 was too generous and compares somewhat unfavorable to the 75 seconds I took on Thursday. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wow...It's been a week since I've posted

Saturday, 12/1--Did about 7.1M around Rustin's campus.  The run consisted of making my way to the Rustin Run 5K (new) start (1.5M), doing all but the last .3 of the Rustin Run course (2.8M), making my way to the XC course (.5M), doing 1 loop of the course (1.6M), and doing the first 1000m of the course plus crossing the street to make my way to my driveway (.7M). 7.1M in 52:45, or 7:25 pace.

Friday, 11/30--went to the Y. Used weight machines involving legs and arms, not just arms.

Thursday, 11/29--decided to reserve my workout for the evening since I had an evening meeting, one of 3 or 4 this week alone.  I left my office at just before 5:00 and made my way to Conestoga.  My meeting was scheduled for 7:00, I knew I had only until 6:30 to finish the workout and to shower and return to the office.  I opted for modified Russian intervals, a workout I did this late last year.  Russian intervals, when done with 100% fidelity for a high school 2:00 800 meter runner, consist of 5x (3x300m @ 48 w/jog 100m at 30-sec) with a jog 800m between sets.  I planned for 5x (2x300m @ 49 w/jog 100m at 60-sec) with a 900m jog between sets instead. My runs were 48,51; 49,49; 48,49; 49,48; and 48,48. I was generally pleased, but I wish I had someone to run with me so that I can did lower in the 40s, add more 300s, or cut down the break some. (Incidentally I bumped in to Ross Patton, formerly(?) of GPTC, at the track.  He spent so much time doing drills that I came away thinking that I need to integrate them into my workouts.  The issue is time.)

Wednesday, 11/28--took day off.

Tues, 11/27--The 5:50 AM workout at Henderson was 5x1000 with a 200m jog.  I was sore and tight.  I did 4, skipping #3.  Last two in 3:37 and 3:30.  Nothing special.

Mon, 11/26--easy 3.7M.  And that's it.

Sun, 11/25--easy did 4.7M (1 loop of the 9.4M Goose Creek/Rustin double-loop run) at about 7:25 pace.