Saturday, March 24, 2018


Sat, 3/24/18-

Went for a recovery run on the trail. 4.25M. 17:00 down, 15:55 back for 32:55.

Fri, 3/23/18-

Bruce, Daryl and John picked me up at about 3:30 to head to The Armory for the Front Runners Invitational, the last of the season, Daryl at the wheel. Early in the drive, we stopped by Starbucks for coffee. Bruce needed a fix, as did I. We enjoyed each other's company on the way to NYC, jabbing each other on matters of politics, family, manhood, etc. There was a fair bit of, well, locker room banter.

We sat in the street-parked car for 15 minutes until we were sure the venue was open to us (6:00). I sat thinking about what I had committed to in signing up for this meet. In an email, I declared the meet as an opportunity to break the barriers: 8.00 in the 60, 25.00 in the 200, and 55.00 in the 400. These were my goals!

 I started warming up at about 6:15, in preparation for the 60. Ross was there for the same.

I wound up being assigned heat 4, lane 8. Ross was in line lane 1. Even though I had practiced a couple of starts, I did not feel explosive when the gun when off. I felt a little off kilter and sloppy. I still managed 7.97. Check! Age-group silver.

I walked and jogged around, trying to stay loose for the 400. Of course, my piriformis muscle was after me, but I had to trek onward.

When it was time to check in for the 400, I had broken a decent sweat again and was ready. We'd have a full heat, with Mark Williams in lane 1, John Curtis in lane 4, me in lane 5, and the remaining lanes taken by youngsters. I was pleased to see there'd be someone on my outside. I understood that I needed to get out a bit harder than I did last week at Nationals. I figured John would pull even with me by the 100 meter mark, but that I'd then go with him. And that's exactly what happened. Once we reached the cones (150m), I moved quickly towards lane 1, so that no one could claim my rightful position. I was within a few meters of John. I looked at the clock and surmised I hit the 200 in a respectable 25-high. I was how I was going to get around him as we hit the backstretch. I noticed he was swinging into the outer rim of lane 1, and I thought I could exploit this. However, I didn't have enough strength and acceleration to make that happen. Coming up the homestretch I told myself to relax and not press too much. I determined there was no use in going wide to try to pass John, as I would run out of "real estate." However, I got passed at the line, making me think that going wide may have prevented this. That being said, going wide may have also affected my time, 54.73, negatively. Check. Age group gold! First 200: 25.411 Second 200: 29.313

I walked around after the 400 and did some jogging, again trying to stay loose for the 200. Once all was said and done, I'd be in heat 8, lane 5. Unfortunately for me, many competitors bagged the 200. My heat was hit especially hard: there were just two of us remaining, someone in lane 2 and me in lane 5 (again). In order to accomplish the trifecta, I needed to get out hard and run the backstretch aggressively, particularly since there was no one to my outside or immediate inside. And that's what I did, although my homestretch helped. I believe my 24.96 could have been a bit faster with more competitors in the race. Check. Are group gold.

I am thinking that I may reassess my plans for outdoor track and focus on sprints: 100, 200, and 400. Perhaps I'll break more barriers: 12.00, 24.00, and 54.00. We'll see.

Thurs, 3/22/18-took off

Wednesday, March 21, 2018 window of opportunity...move over!

Wed, 3/21-

Went to the Y in this storm to do mile/lift & stretch/mile/lift & stretch/mile/lift & stretch. Treadmill miles were in 8:00, 7:45, and 7:30. I took 4:00 between each.

Tues, 3/20-

With the megastore approaching, I took the liberty of getting in a quick workout outside in the cold (30-degrees). Well, actually, I began inside at the Y with a mile warmup an stretch. I then headed to Hillsborough HS (even though school was in session) for 2x100, 3x150, and 2x100, a repeat of what I did on this day after 2014 nationals in Boston. Goals for the first set of 100s: 14-mid, 13-mid; goals for the 150s: 21-mid, 20-mid, and 19-mid; goals for the second set of 100s: 13-low, 12-mid.

Actuals: 14-high, 13-mid; 20-mid, 20-high, 19-mid; 13-flat, 12-low

Mon, 3/19-

Went for a recovery run on the trail. 4.25M. 17:30 down, 16:05 back for 33:35.

Sunday, 3/18-Today was my "tough" day. I had a pretty good warmup, but my piriformis was bothering me. With about 12 in my, we would do an alley start; I was up top with three other guys, including Mark Williams.  Mark exploded at the gun. I was relaxed and far too tentative, having convinced myself the nest I could so was third.  I hit 31-low at the 200.  As I hit the 400-meter mark, I saw 62/63.  Mark crossed in 56.xx seconds.  Crazy! I saw 1:36/1:37 at the 600. I was dragging, but I figured I had third in the bag. Someone flew by me on the last turn. He wound up having a 30-second last lap. I could feel myself tire and dropped a 2:11.67, a disappointment.  I just can't get that damn last lap.  A nearly 34-second last lap will not get the job done.  31-low/63-low(32-low)/1:37-low (33-high)/2:11.67(34-mid). Mark hit the wall big time and collapsed across the finish. 2:07 should be within my reach. I psyched myself out!

2018 Nationals Landover 800 meters


Mark Williams
45 - Garmin Runners
Brian Shadrick
45 - Bullseye Running
Sherman Lau
46 - Central Park Track Club (CPTC)
Delvin Dinkins Sr
46 - Greater Philadelphia TC
Darryl Walker
45 - Unattached
Sean Nyhan
49 - Unattached
Kevin Cooke
48 - Greater Philadelphia TC
Brent Fields
46 - Atlanta Track Club
James Cooper
48 - Potomac Valley Track Club
William Martin
46 - Unattached
Tim Stewart
48 - Fork Union Track Club
Kyle Lanier
45 - TNT International Racing Club
I got over the 800 and made my way, mentally, to the 4x400. The lineup was Phil, Kevin Cooke, Chuck Kruelle, and me. I was going to run leadoff, that is, until we saw the other teams' lineups and I suggested changes in the order. It would be Phil, Kevin, me, and Chuck. With five teams in the race, I knew it would be a fun one.  Phil (58) powered the first lap of his leg and tried to keep it close when he handed off right behind Michael Jackson of TNT.  Kevin took the baton in 2nd place, seven meters back. He held steady, right behind Kareem Lanier of TNT.  I got the baton in second place, seven meters behind Kyle Lanier. I was fairly aggressive over the first 100, cutting significantly into his lead. At the 150 mark, I was right on his tail. I was relaxed. Kyle picked up his pace some, so it seemed. I knew I needed to make a move and soon. Coming off the turn and onto the backstretch, I went for it. I pulled even and then pushed hard to pass him before the turn, which I did. Kyle came back at me over the final 25 meters. We handed off in the virtual tie. I posted 54-high. Chuck ran a smart 400, running strategically, but he came up a little short at the end.

2018 Nationals Landover 4x400MR

2018 Nationals Landover 4x400MR (From Raine, John's wife)

After a tough weekend, I was ready to go home.  Given that this championship meet was a lot less competitive than the one I attended in Boston in 2014, I could've done better: I could've won an event! But, I goofed. I hope I haven't missed my window of opportunity. While I was slightly disappointed, I was happy to have had the time to spend doing what I love with some of my favorite guys!

Saturday, 3/15-Today was more of a relaxed day.  After stopping by to see some 60m dash action (Wayne did very well, and Ross improved in the finals), I headed back to the hotel room to hang out.

I was excited for the 4x200. John would lead off, I'd run second, Wayne third, and Ross fourth. We were in a two-team race, as we were bumped from the stacked M40 race and placed in the M45 race, which was down to two teams because of scratches. John handed me the baton in first, posting 25.1. I ran the same, with Wayne and Ross running 26.5 and 26.4 respectively. To bad the officials made us stand at the top of the fly zone rather than at the actual exchange zone.

2018 Nationals Landover 4x200 MR

We were pleased overall, having with 1:43.25 (FAT), much slower than expected. We didn't race until after 9:00, as the relay registration and such became disorganized. The 4x800s took much longer as well. Speaking of which, the 4x800 teams had good runs.

Friday, 3/14--I had a nice breakfast.

During this busy weekend, I was Mr. Organizer, in Chuck's absence. I traded in my Executioner title for the weekend.

Today was my 400 day. I had lane 3, the one I wanted. To my right were Mark and the two other competitors. I figured I'd catch Mark and take the straightaway. However, he got out hard and I got out too slow. I found myself in third at the 150 mark. I knew I was behind at the 75m mark. I just tried to keep it close. Coming up the homestretch I closed the gap and tried to pass Mark on the inside. Nope. I had to settle for third in 55.63, not too far from what I ran the last time I was in Landover. The winner ran 55.02; Mark ran 55.52. I could've, and should've, won the race!

2018 Nationals Landover 400 meters

Winston Chambers
49 - 2nd.MD Racing
Mark Williams
45 - Garmin Runners
Delvin Dinkins Sr
46 - Greater Philadelphia TC
Kevin Bowen
46 - TNT International Racing Club
Edward Carr
45 - Mass Velocity Track Club
Andre Baynes
47 - Mass Velocity Track Club
William Martin
46 - Unattached

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I reckon

Wed, 3/14-

Back at home 
At about 9:30 AM, went to the Y with V and did 2 x (mile, 4:00 stretch/lift). Miles were an easy 7:30. 

Tues, 3/13-

Warmed up 9:00/mile pace 1M on treadmill in the fitness center at The Salamander Resort & Spa in Middleburg, VA.

It was time for a moderate treadmill workout of 6x300 (.186) at the highest speed (14.0) with 90' rest. Each repeat was 53-54 seconds. By the time the treadmill reached the desire speed (about 35 seconds after the start), there were only about 18-19 seconds, or 115-125 meters, of the run remaining. I reckon I ran 23-24 seconds for the first 100 meters and 30 seconds for the remaining 200 meters.

Monday, March 12, 2018

the desired speed

Mon, 3/12-

Enjoying Salamander...
At about 8:30 AM, did 3 x (mile, 4:00 stretch/lift). Miles were an easy 8:49, 8:25, 8:00.

Sun, 3/11-

Warmed up 9:00 1.1M outside. 
Hit the fitness center at The Salamander Resort & Spa for a moderate treadmill workout of 6x300 (.186) at the highest speed (14.0) with 90' rest. Each repeat was 53-54 seconds. By the time the treadmill reached the desire speed (about 35 seconds after the start), there were only about 18-19 seconds, or 115-125 meters, of the run remaining.

Sat, 3/10

Thought I'd get a treadmill workout in at the Y before we head to The Salamander Resort & Spa in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, I was booted off the treadmill before I could begin because there was some kind of indoor triathlon the Y was sponsoring. Even though two treadmills were available, they were evidently reserved. So, I bagged my workout.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Ouch! This 2x(3x500) treadmill workout was pretty damn tough.

Fri, 3/9/18

6 MPH for 7:30 (.75M), lift/stretch for 4:00, 7 MPH for 7:30 (.84M), lift/stretch, and 8 MPH for 7:30 (1M).

Thurs, 3/8/18-

I took my cue from none other than Mark Williams for today's workout. He reported doing 2x(3x600) in 1:45, with 90 seconds' rest between repeats and four minutes' rest between sets.

On this wintry day with snowfall in the teens, I went to the Y for this bastard of a workout. Initially I wasn't sure about this one, since I had shoveled yesterday and some today. However, I got myself in gear and decided to see what I could do. After a sluggish mile warmup north of nine minutes, I stretched and lubed up with Icy Hot.

I figured a 1:45 600-meter run would be at about 13.0 MPH setting, or about 4:30 pace, after taking into consideration that the first 30 seconds are used to get up to speed. I hit .33M, just over 500 meters, in 1:30, and I tried this and realized I'd better do 500s instead of 600s! I told myself that maybe I'd do 90 on and 90 secs off, except it didn't work out that way since I wound up turning up the dial to 14.0 (max), or 4:00 mile pace.

So...I wound up doing the rest at max pace. I'd cover .31M, or 500m, in 1:23-1:24. I took 90 seconds' rest between repeats and four minutes between sets. It's interesting to think that I hit the 400m mark at about 69-70 seconds, even with the time the machine took to get up to top speed. My last 100 was predictably in about 15 seconds. Another way of looking at this is the first 30-35 seconds were used to get up to speed, and the last 50-55 seconds were at 60-second 400m pace.

Ouch! This 2x(3x500) treadmill workout was pretty damn tough.

For perspective, three years ago I went to the Y, warmed up a mile, stretched quite a bit, then made my way to the treadmill for 6x600 with 3:00 recovery between repeats.  My target pace was 1:50/1:55

Run 1: setting on 12.8 (4:44 pace)--1:58
Run 1: setting on 13.1 (4:38 pace)--1:57
Run 2: setting on 13.3 (4:34 pace)--1:55
Run 3: setting on 13.4 (4:32 pace)--1:54
Run 4: setting on 13.5 (4:28 pace)--1:52
Run 5: setting on 13.8 (4:20 pace)--1:49
Run 6: setting on 13.9 (4:16 pace)-1:47

Even though each repeat was 100m shorter, I believe my workout today was more impressive. The faster pace and shorter rest made up for the shorter distance.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I'll be

Tues, 3/6-Went to the track for a pretty brief but intense workout at 6:15AM: 8x200 with 90 sec rest. The idea was to hit 30.xx. If I hit 29, I'd give myself 2 minutes' rest. This would be a moot point.

30-low, 30-mid, 30-mid, 30-high, 30-mid, 30-low, 30-mid, 30-low

Probably on tap for Thursday: 2(3x600) with 90 seconds rest and 4 minutes between sets at 70-73 sec 400m pace (1:45 or 1:50). The track will surely be covered with snow, so I'll be on the treadmill.

Mon, 3/5-Went to the Y at 6AM for 3 x (mile, lift).

Sunday, March 4, 2018

From the heart of a true track geek!

March 4, 2018

Met up with my track fellows at Germantown Academy this morning: Anthony Pugliese, Bruce Rash, John Curtis, Chuck Kruelle, and another, younger guy from Bucks Co. Chuck invited. His name escapes me, but he has wheels. He made me feel, well, pedestrian!

On this 40-degree day, we took on some 150s. Per my post yesterday, we'd do three (3) sets of 150s with three minutes' rest between each effort, each set one second faster than the former. 

Because my legs were a bit tight and I didn't stretch especially well, I abandoned the idea that I'd be light and fast today. I figured I'd be looking at 22s, 21s, and 20s. I ultimately decided to play things by ear.

Set 1: 21-mid, 22-low, 21-high ("Ok," I thought after the first 150, "maybe a 19 is within reach today.")
Set 2: 20-low, 20-mid, 20-high
Set 3: 20-flat, 19-mid, 19-high

I sent the following email to my teammates just a little while ago.

Great work this morning, men!

Here's a technical sheet for all you track heads, in case you care. This is in follow up to the "where-is-the-150-mark" conversation this morning.

Instead of relying on goal posts and approximations, try this:

-If you're doing a 150m that ends on the far side of the track (opposite the finish line), use the first 400m hurdle event mark, if there is one. Because the 400m hurdle mark in lane 1 is only 45 meters from the start line, use the 400m hurdle mark in lane 2 as your start. Using the mark in lane 1 would lead you to run 155 meters. The mark in lane 2 gives you the 150m you deserve.

-If you're doing a 150m that ends at the actual finish line, there may be two hurdle marks, one for 300m hurdles and one 400m hurdles.  Use what is the fourth 300m hurdle marking in lane 1. This'll give you the 150m you crave. Appearing five meters beyond the fourth 300m hurdle mark is the seventh 400m hurdle mark. Using this line would lead you to run only about 145m...and you don't want that!

From the heart of a true track geek!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

this wasn't it

Sat, 3/3-

Went to the Y in the afternoon for an easy 3 x (mile + lifting). Treadmill miles were in the 7:40/7:45 neighborhood.

I plan to join some of the guys tomorrow. I'm planning for:

A. 3x23, 3x22, 3x21, and 3x20


B. 3x21, 3x20, and 3x19.

Fri, 3/2-

Was in NYC for hiring conference. Sore after yesterday's workout, I did 3 x mile on treadmill. Inclement weather.

Thurs, 3/1

Arrived on campus at 6:00 AM for my staple sit 'n kick workout of 5 x (400 in 65, 60 sec rest, 150 in 22, 1000m jog/8:00 rest)

65-mid, 23-mid
65-high, 22-mid
65-mid, 22-high
65-mid, 22-mid
64-mid, 22-mid

I was glad to make it through this workout, although I was disappointed that I was off by a second on each repeat. I need a confidence boost, and this wasn't it. This workout makes me think 2:09, not 2:05.
<65 1000="" 150="" 60="" in="" jog="" meter="" p="" rest="" sec="">