Sunday, October 14, 2018


Sun, 10-14-18-

Hills at Colonial Park. I tried a different slop this time, since the one I usually used was swarmed with people and dogs. Some kind of dog convention?

The slope (from the huge oak on the left of the tennis courts up to the pavilion) was .19/.20M. The first couple took me close to 70 seconds. After that, I was able to reach the distance (.19M) in between 60 and 62. My rest was 3:30 back down to the start.

Sat, 10-13-18-

Took off. Too busy. Board meeting.

Fri, 10-12-18-


Thurs, 10-11-18

On this humid day, I did a tempo run using the extended route from the Y. Used the first two miles as warmup (15:20). Miles 3 (6:24), 4 (6:21), and 5 (6:00) were tough. 18:47.

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